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  1. My second best month ever with 19 licenses for $723 gross. Very happy with that especially as February has always been a poor month for me. Zooms a bit low though, so the good results might not last.
  2. Cr@p!!!😬 7 sales... 6 Direct, 1 Affiliate. Fees still way too low... Phil
  3. A strong month for me. 21 sales for $944 gross. I had 3 $$$ sales with the highest value being $284 gross.
  4. I'll get the ball rolling because I'm not expecting any sales on a Sunday and it's been a great month so I'm stoked! 7 sales for $301, all direct, best month ever for revenue. Thanks Alamy! Steve edit: Whoops, spoke to soon, another sale just popped in today. Cleaning products in a supermarket - must be personal (???) or presentation use.
  5. I've made a general list of things I can photograph in various places, and have made local trips to take photos of things I knew would be in other towns, and arranged to photograph things in Jinotega, but right now, I think I'm going to sit down and shoot book covers as a lot of what Alamy search showed for "Leaves of Grass" book wasn't a photo of Walt Whitman's "Leaves of Grass." Two zooms, one of mine. Probably go with book on a table (choice of glass pebbled top or the wooden table), and one cropped just of the cover. My lists aren't that precise. The list for Sebaco:
  6. I like wildlife and to be honest could not think of coping without the 1.4. It's a god send. In wildlife you can never have enough length. The 2 for me is something I can only use if I am attempting to photograph something within say 15 meters (small birds) and on a tripod, handheld it makes everything slow down and affects quality IMHO (I use Nikon BTW). As you are starting out at 200 mm I would just say go and use it a few trips and then come to your own conclusion whether you need it for the type of photograph you are wanting to take. If you do then the 1.4 is good with most lens but kee
  7. I used to make a list if I was going away somewhere, and would make a list of what to shoot, usually after referring to Alamy Measures info. I found that often when I found whatever it was that was on my list, I didn't photograph it, as it was either rubbish light, looked unphotographic, wasn't accessible, didn't look worthy enough, etc. etc. Now I don't make lists, or bother too much with what Alamy's customers have been searching for. Just shoot what interests me/captures my eye. The above method is probably why I'm not getting rich from my sales here !
  8. Probably the last of what has been a good month for sales - though less so for average prices. Country: Worldwide ; Usage: iQ sale: Magazine, Editorial print and digital use. Any size. Any Placement. Repeat use permitted ; Industry Sector: Media, design & publishing ; Start: 26-February-2021 ; End: 26-February-2026 Reasonable lower $$
  9. Two sales for mid-$$ under the same license terms. Country: Worldwide Usage: Ad and designMarketing Package Use. Any size. Any placement. Missing Industry sector: OTHER - Comms Start: 03 February 2021 End: 03 February 2031
  10. It's not a "legal disclaimer". It's a contract term that you agreed to years ago. If an image licences under NU it says so on your sales summary, but I haven't had one for many years so the details may have changed.
  11. Yes, of course customers will push for whatever they can get at our expense. But I see no way to license images for unlimited, multiple use through the Alamy website, so who agrees to these sales on our behalf? I have not consented to these terms so where are they documented? Transparency is also essential here. If Alamy chooses to make exceptions to the publicly stated licensing terms they should tell us who they're giving them to, so that we can decide for ourselves whether that was a profitable decision.
  12. Hey Dominic, Yes, I got a $125 unlimited duration sale this month. Clients seem to want flexibility with licenses - many sales these days seem to be some sort of RM / RF hybrid. Companies need to supply what clients want in order to thrive. And if you're rigid about not doing it, there are plenty of competitors that will offer hybrid licenses. Sorry, I don't think you're going to like my answer. The market doesn't care about being fair or what images used to sell for. The question is whether you think Alamy is getting the best price it can for your images, in the current marke
  13. Anyone else started seeing licence sales for both 'multiple' usage AND 'unlimited' duration? This effectively means my image will never be sold to that customer ever again. If that customer is a large publisher this could be highly detrimental to my future income. It also has the effect of devaluing this image for all my other clients. I have deliberately opted IN to 'rights-managed' and OUT of 'royalty free', but this makes a mockery of that distinction. What is a fair price to charge a client for such usage terms in your opinion? (50% of $125 is not what I had in mind perso
  14. That's it in a nutshell. Of my 37 sales this month, all but 2 are news.
  15. It's increasingly obvious which photos sell. Four sales of one photo. Six zooms and a sale on another photo. It tells me you don't have to have a huge portfolio, you just have to follow and photograph key news events, and it helps to photograph groups who traditionally get less representation. And the other photos that get traction have to do with travel. Fortunately, these sectors fit my interests as well. 👍
  16. a couple of high $ newspaper sales today, every little helps this sign has sold quite a few times Noss Mayo in south Devon
  17. I have four TV usages for 2020. The only licensing info is; 'worldwide, editorial, television' for three of them and 'Missing television broadcast' for the other one. Anyone had any luck tracking down TV sales for DACS claim? One of the images was a Wetherspoons pub, a few other contributors reported a similar sale. UK TV? Thanks Joe
  18. 7 sales dropped in yesterday, it has to be my record in one day (I don't do live news). 6 were Presentations (ROW and US)... 5 were of beaches in Australia. 2 were flowers. Here's one of each.
  19. I suppose that your sale could be to TI Media mentioned in another thread. I had four sales of the same image to them this month. All of them have stuck.
  20. immortality; space; philosophy; philosophical; choice; afterlife: I'd certainly upload it. If I stopped uploading all the pictures that I thought probably won't sell, I'd lose a third of my sales.
  21. Coincidentally, I was thinking about this question when I saw your post. The following sale came through a couple of days ago: Country: Worldwide Usage: Personal use, Personal prints, cards and gifts. Non-commercial use only, not for resale. Media: Non-commercial, one time, personal/home use Start: 23 February 2021 End: 23 February 2026 $ 15.99 23 February 2021 alamy Commission 2E2RP88 43.50% 6.96 23 February 2021 Affiliate Commission 2E2RP88 13% 2.08 ...which leaves 6.95 for me, as opposed to eight bucks if there were no affiliate. I
  22. Presentation use. Took this thru the window of a helicopter. Slowly recouping the hire cost of the chopper from picture sales ! View of Chew Valley Lake, a large reservoir in Somerset, that provides the Bristol area with much of its drinking water. Somerset, UK.
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