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  1. November 2021 shows me that I'll have my most sales in a year. Just one away with a month to go. But . . . fees are way down. I've had just three $$$ sales in this past year. If I were doing this principally for money, I'd have to drop in at an NHS mental health clinic.
  2. I once had a suspiciously low price for a book cover. It turned out to be a scholarly book. I assume the author paid for it herself and couldn't expect to make much money on sales. Paulette
  3. 26 sales for $562 so underperfroming at $21 average. Had 3 refunded and rebought at about the same price, probably buyer changed budget.
  4. 5893 views. 21 zooms. Average CTR 0.36. 19 sales for a gross total of $672.69. Highest $159.99. Lowest $1.67. Average $36.73.
  5. 11 sales for $70.11 gross and $20.73 net. Oh yes, that's $6.37 / $1.88 average. $9.96 from DACS.
  6. Above average, helped by 11 calendar sales on the 29th. 28 sales in total for $706.36 gross. Average - $25.23.
  7. Second best month for Volume and Gross for my 2021. 9 sales for gross $188.52 (Net $87) + $14 DACS . Where is the average $30/pic coming from if none of us have any close to the claims πŸ™‚
  8. 13 Sales grossing $372 plus a DACSs payment totaling $244. So pretty good really!
  9. 18 sales for $466 gross plus $160 DACS made it a decent month. 5 calendar sales at $$ helped. Highest sale $75, lowest $1.67. Nick
  10. Gross 3 for $48 (one was for Β£44) Dacs $59 Years sales average approx $16
  11. I had 30 sales for $534 gross/$213 net. Also had about $70 DACS from Alamy. Happy with that after 2 refunds at the start of the month left me owing Alamy for about a week. Most sales came in on the last 2 days, including 5 mid$$ calendar sales. No $$$ sales again.
  12. Not too bad! 18 sales for $420 gross ($146 net) including $50 for DACS, only an average of $20 though. At 175 sales for the year, that's the best ever yearly sales, and also beaten last years income - with still a month to go! Highest $75.48, lowest $0.18!!!! Breakdown of sales: <$1 1 $ 6 Low $$ 9 High $$ 2 John.
  13. During the end-of-the-month surge I passed 2020's figures for both sales and revenue. Small signs for optimism, perhaps? And I've just noticed that I've passed another milestone: my 2,000th all-time pic sale. All three on the same day! 😎
  14. This was my second best month of the year and a vast improvement on the previous month which had been the second worst month of the year. 35 sales for $889 gross. Highest: $125 gross Lowest : 21 cents gross!
  15. Slightly below average for me this month but as reported last month 2021 is still my best year ever for volume and value of sales so I can't really complain
  16. I'm quite happy with 8 sales for $253 gross which averages out at just over $31 per item plus a $40 from DACS. Zooms and views maintain their levels with a small increase in CTR.
  17. Glad tidings of great joy regarding the number of sales, a personal best of 35. Not quite so joyous regarding gross income at $690, and a rather sad net gain of $276 or $7.9 per lease. A welcome $328 from DACs brought a little extra pre Xmas cheer.
  18. Not bad. Highest ever monthly sales at 17 (6 of the same image!) Weird license for tv that was refunded and resold 3 times for ever dwindling amounts (apparently the license details were revised each time). Gross income $300. So average price at $18 is normal for me. $50 DACS was welcome!
  19. Lousy. 9 sales for $242, a reality check from last month's yearly high. But, $300+ DACS payment made up some.
  20. Average-ish month with 17 sales for $446 gross ($186 net) I thought this breakdown of no. of sales in each price category might be interesting: Price No. of sales in Nov. $ 6 low$$ 7 mid$$ 2 upper$$ 1 $$$ 1 Bad news: average price $26, so under-performing for me as well πŸ™ Good news: second highest monthly payout of the year ☺️
  21. Two end of month sales just dropped in, low $$, probably the same customer as Gen above as same price. Country: WorldwideUsage: EditorialMedia: Book, print and/or e-bookPrint run: up to 5,000Placement: InsideImage Size: 1 pageStart: 30 November 2021End: 30 November 2031Duration: 7 years
  22. November turned into a decent month, 21 sales for a gross of $824 ($329 net) (2x$$$). "Other Income" brought in a net of $727. So pretty happy all in all. Average $/sale is $39
  23. Vastly underperforming as well, 18 sales for $267 = $14.81 gross average.
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