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  1. Thanks James. I opted out of Chinese distribution when Alamy opened the opt out with the contract change, so I guess this confirms that a significant number of these sales happened in the first half of the year, and that I guess Alamy is fine with distributor taking over 6 months to report them, and why wouldn't they since they pocketed 20% more in doing so. This will be even more so this year, where potentially an estimated half the contributors would get 50% drop in what they were owed with timely reporting.
  2. I opted out of NU in 2012 and had three of these sales. The images were taken in 2016 and 2018, so no way they were connected to NU.
  3. I too have been opted out of Novel use (in 2008, I am pretty sure that all nearly all of the images bought under this price were uploaded after that) and got plenty of these 4 cent sales. also, as far as "Future growth opportunities" are concerned, please don't pursue any that result in sales for pennies.
  4. "The images were sourced from the pool of images opted into Chinese distribution and Novel Use." -- I have NEVER been in Novel Use, but still got 15 of those sales!
  5. Hi... I'm not in the Novel Use scheme yet I had more than 80 of these sales. Could you explain how my images are available in the Novel Use pool when they've never been part of the Novel Use scheme since April 2013?!? Edit. Also, I'm quite sure the majority of the sales we're of images that were submitted after April 2013 so would never of been part of it.
  6. Happens sometimes, "keep original aspect ratio" doesn't work.
  7. Sales have went up because PA gives them away for buttons.
  8. If so, good for you, Gary. For most of us (and me), sales are up prices/fees down.
  9. One of my earliest sales was made when someone used the same misspelling I had for the name of a lighthouse. Ed, you are definitely not alone. Edit: PS that particular image (taken in 2009) has earned me $$$$ net here and elsewhere - for years it was my top-grossing image for license fees and it is still close. (@Bryan - nice when that happens, isn't it?)
  10. I'm not a psychic when it comes to selling other people's work, but if you want to sell on Alamy, you have to keep shooting, keep editing and honing your editing skills, and keep uploading. I am always surprised by what buyers purchase from my portfolio - not always the prettiest or nicest images, and often times just point and shoots that I took randomly. The more you upload, the more opportunity you will have for sales.
  11. Two U.K. Sales, both for near mid $$. Top one for a TV use and the other for "Examination Papers" (not sure what those are).
  12. To give you some hop I have had a $155, and two $40 sales this month plus a few sub $10 sales. Keep working on your keywording, captions and content and the rewards are there.
  13. Stockimo’s web site claims that for news all that’s required is that uploads are approved by the Live News team. For a company that is supposed to have nothing to do with Alamy there are many obvious links. I think I’ll pass on any aspect of of S. As they pay out when cleared funds are $10 and Alamy when $50, it’s pretty obvious S licences sales must be a lot less, even taking account of their contributor commission only 20% for newcomers.
  14. ah yes the six months harshness of the Canadian winter. 5C yesterday, riding my bike... 😉 (sorry the "6 months winter" has been a major anti bike-infrastructure rallying call from the car culture crowd....) . upcoming week is a wild ride. Morning temp forecast of next 3 days: -16, 4, -10.... as for winter subject, Alamy claims that "Weather is always in the news" (of course if you are in place where your News doesn't really use Alamy that doesn't help much, but i still have fun shooting, and it does have stock side appeal) )....
  15. The leaves are off the trees, it's cold and there's a breeze. Winter has settled in, and. we take it on the chine. Besides this awful rhyme, what's up in winter time? I've been shooting a lot of signs. Signs outside of restaurants and shops. Sale signs. Street signs. Do they sell? They do! I've had 47 sign snaps licenced in the past year. And some have sold for $$$. I shoot a lot of tabletop food, too. But I've only had 12 sales on those.
  16. Keep in mind AoA only tracks are portion of Alamy sales that they can attribute to a keyword search. I sell almost exclusively travel imagery and have found AoA has tracked many of my sales
  17. Steve, I thought $1.67, was low, then $0.95, but $0.17 is the lowest. A few low licenses thrown in with high value isn't ideal, but may end up being acceptable. My worry, and others who haven't had really low sales yet should also worry, is that as more ridiculous sales are being reported, so how long will it be before most, if not all licenses go for silly prices. Do Alamy only want to make bulk sales from the bigger agencies with no concern re the smaller contributors? Something is really wrong and illogical.
  18. I've had cleared licenses refunded months later. Re: PU sales - I get letting established clients pay net 60 days for periodicals, and longer for books and calendars, as that has traditionally been how the industry works, but with PU sales from unknown entities, not requiring immediate payment seems like a poor business practice. ... As does allowing refunds after several months, let alone years.
  19. Now that we're over halfway through Jan., sales of various shapes and sizes as well as zooms have started trickling in, so all is not lost (except the fair 50/50 split of course). 😁🙁
  20. i looks like Alamy decided to do a full write off of outstanding sales, still weird to have so many Personal Use that didn't use immediate pay, You would think Alamy would have communicated ahead if this is what was happening.
  21. Hi Grace: I would just echo what has been said about the cost effectiveness of outsourcing scanning your film. Because of the low percentage of sales vs number of submitted images, you would probably never recoup your costs. I don't shoot much new material now so most of my images are on film...thousands of 35mm, 120mm and 4x5 transparencies and negatives from 40+ years. I have used several scanners in the past and now use a Plustek 8200. They are fairly inexpensive as far as film scanners go...$350-$400. The Plusteks come with a trial version of software which is useful and worth purchas
  22. Oh my. I like to use B&H because they have my sales tax exemption and it can make a big difference. Although I'm not sure it works for a computer. We'll see. They are generally good to deal with for fast shipping, etc. So I will just devote myself to getting everything I need onto an external drive so it is ready to go on the new machine. Paulette
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