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  1. I have found BHZ useful for checking the relative weight of captions, tags and supertags. My position hasn't changed. Some of my images with good sales show up at the top of results. Paulette
  2. Okay, this had me laughing this morning. Last night my daughter posted this photo on Facebook of her 17 years ago holding this molting cicada. I loved it of course and wondered how she got such a nice clean version of it....but thought maybe she had a copy in her folder of photos. Well this morning, I wake up and look at my Alamy sales and there it is, sold as a Personal Use!!! She bought the photo!! Either she is trying to help me out financially or figures it is way easier than just asking me for it 😅
  3. It may also be that the customer has ceased to trade or ceased to pay suppliers. Also some businesses have an accounting policy that if a debt is not paid within a period of time then it is written off. In a business that has very small value sales it is not economically viable to go chasing bad debts.
  4. a couple of low value sales this morning including recycling centre low ££ Country: WorldwideUsage: Presentation or newsletters, Use in a presentation/talk (eg,Powerpoint and Keynote) or in a newsletter.Start: 08 April 2021End: 08 April 2026
  5. Thought I had a couple of sales today until I looked closer--refunds of sales from May and July of 2020. Both were cleared about a month after sale, and subsequently paid to me. As with the last time this happened, this has thrown me into a negative cleared balance. Oddly, the Usage detail in the sales history names the buyer company, which is the same for both sales/refunds and still seems to be in business.
  6. From your post it seems that maybe you are only looking at the dashboard page? in which case I can see why it would be confusing. If you click on the grey 'Download sales report' button which is to the right of your 'Current Cleared Balance' you will be able to see all your sales and which of them have cleared which should make things clearer
  7. Sales do not necessarily clear in the same order they are made. They only clear when the client settles their credit account with Alamy. If a sale occurs near the end of a credit cycle it will clear quickly, but if it is at the beginning of a cycle it will take months to clear. If a client goes into administration, Alamy becomes a creditor and has to negotiate for part of the debt according to bankruptcy regulations, which can take a year or more.
  8. Yesterday, if Alamy had received a payment from the client that bought your image, then your cleared balance would go up. If you sold an image for $10, that would show on the sales column as $10. The client yesterday paid Alamy $10. Alamy would take their 50% commission (if image exclusive to Alamy) and they would pay you 50%, so your cleared balance would go up by $5. That is why you don't recognise the amount shown on your cleared balance because you didn't sell an image for $5.
  9. Thanks for the answer but I really struggle to understand how your system works. I am in the recent sales column on the right which indicates amounts while the Current Cleared Balance always remains stationary. Only yesterday, after months that it was still, it increased by an amount that I do not understand, different from those indicated in the recent sales. My fault is that I do not understand.
  10. A couple of low-mid $$ calendar sales have also just dropped. Country: United Kingdom ; Usage: Consumer goods ; Media: Calendar ; Print run: up to 20,000 ; Placement: Inside ; Start: 01-January-2022 ; End: 01-January-2023 ; Additional Details: Includes thumbnail use on the back page
  11. Chocolate covered insects, or fried...me either. If I were starving, who knows. I think whatever you are fed as a child is just normal food and you don’t think it’s repugnant. You could never get me to eat brains or mountain oysters, but others do. I grew up eating fried chicken livers and gizzards. Some would never let a gizzard cross their lips, including my kids! I used to see them offered at the store delis, but no longer. I nearly burned down my kitchen once because I was out of oil. I put shortening in the pan to heat up and melt to fry chicken livers, then went to get the mail. I
  12. Fujitsu office building in Bracknell, Berkshire, UK Presentation - one of two sales of office buildings in the same town. Actually looks like it might be a genuine presentation for once! 😂
  13. Hi, You seem to be missing that stock photo agencies take a cut of any sales - to pay for hosting the website, taking and processing payments, advertising to clients etc. Your total sales value is the gross value that Alamy has charged clients, before Alamy takes its cut. Note also that Alamy reports what it has invoiced clients, not the money it has actually received - if the client subsequently doesn't pay, you don't get paid. And clients don't pay straight away. So your current cleared balance will always lag behind the declared due amount to you. If you go on your Alamy Da
  14. It occurs to me that people may not know where to look for detailed information. On the Dashboard click on Account Balance. Then set the date for a reasonably long period of time. On top is the summary but as you scroll down you see each individual sale, the Alamy commission, the commission to any distributors and whether or not the amount has been paid to you, or cleared, or uncleared. It's a good idea to try everything on the Dashboard so you can see all the information available to us. I suspect Mrrrky may be with other agencies that don't report sales until AFTER they have clea
  15. Two P.U. in the sales basket this morning. May be the local farmer wants a poster in their barn.
  16. I have never heard of an incorrect cleared balance. You can see the details of each sale in the 'Balance of Accounts' tab of your dashboard. It shows which have cleared and which have not. I'm also not sure what you mean by 'the count is not updated by three sales'. Which count? Do you mean you are aware of 3 sales which have not been reported in 'Sales History'?
  17. Cleared Balance only change when the payment has cleared. Are you saying you have sales that show as "cleared" in your sales report but have not been reflected in your Cleared Balance?
  18. Thanks for the repost. I would like to know precisely why the count is not updated by three sales. Who should I write to?
  19. https://www.theguardian.com/business/2021/apr/06/uk-electric-car-sales-covid-lockdown David Rawcliffe https://www.theguardian.com/technology/2021/apr/06/britons-aged-75-and-over-using-internet-nearly-double-in-seven-years Veryan Dale https://www.theguardian.com/environment/2021/apr/06/uk-coastal-waters-valued-at-200bn-by-ons Rob Arnold https://www.theguardian.com/books/2021/apr/07/i-tried-to-quit-the-catholic-church-but-the-catholic-church-wouldnt-quit-me-now-what Artit Fongfung https://www.theguardian.com/society/2021/apr/06/
  20. It might help if you look at all the individual sales to see what the price was and what the Alamy commission was and which sales were cleared and which are waiting for payment from the client. Just looking at the summary can be confusing. Paulette
  21. ah yes I understand better me in total I have this: Total sales: $ 34.08, but for the moment I only have $ 17.20 the rest I will have when the customer has paid Alamy.
  22. Hello, I am new to Alamy. I only made a few sales, I don't quite understand the count of these sales: Balance carried forward: $ 5.54 Total sales: $ 34.08 Commission / fees: - $ 21.38 Total payments to you: 0.00 USD Balance carried forward: $ 18.24 Cleared balance: $ 17.20 Next payment date: Not due in the end what do i earn above because when I go to the main page of my account it marks me: Current cleared balance: $ 17 when I am told that I have sold 5 photos for $ 45 that worries me. Thank you for your answers
  23. I agree with Chuck, sales for me were through the roof (six) but the royalties are low enough that my cut won't be enough for a payout this month, in fact it will only net me about half of what I need. Four were $, one barely $$ and the other mid $$ it's nice to be paid for a hobby, but god help those who rely on it for income, particularly with the value of currency ever declining.
  24. Is your current cleared balance under $50? If so, you won't get paid until it is $50 or above. If you have made sales, the customers might not have paid Alamy and they have to pay them before we get our share. John.
  25. I have a problem. My Current Cleared Balance: has been on hold since last year, not updated despite making some sales. You can check because from my calculations I should receive the payment having exceeded the minimum threshold. Luca Ponti
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