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  1. 2 sales just dropped in on the 1st which is unusual for me. ROW Magazine - $$
  2. 2 for $57 with consistent views but a lack of zooms. Good to see what looks like a rebound in volumes for all you regulars on here though.
  3. 5 sales for $157 gross net $68 a poor month and an appalling month across all stock sales I had to go back to August 2014 to see returns as bad as these and back then I had less than 500 images on sale 😒 But at least the CTR picked up after a 3 month slide
  4. 24 sales for $773 gross - on the good side of average for me Alex
  5. Pretty fair with eight sales up to Friday 26th Feb. Mixed bag in terms of amounts earned, ranging from micro stock prices up to mid range amounts.
  6. My best monthly quantity to date at 9 sales. Revenue was $291 gross. Views consistent but zooms down around 30%.
  7. 10 sales for $627, including 3 $$$ sales. Can't complain.
  8. I think it is thanks to Alamy that negotiated good prices for a set of 7 images. The curios is that those 7 sales, it seems for a TV series, were refunded twice in February and sold again at the sale price instantaneously at the same day of the refund. I got another TV sale for the normal $150 at the end of the month but this time it was only refunded once and sold it again the same day. Very strange situations with refunds this month.
  9. Four that came in at the end of the month. Two were live news uses from last month. CTR absolutely unbelievably bad - but I can't really do anything about it because I have a well covered subject that is getting a lot of searches but no bites for the particular angles I covered (some did sell for LN). If I remove the KWs, I might improve my CTR but will hamper future sales ops, which seems like a very backwards way to go about things so I won't. Sales numbers are steadily increasing but the fees are getting lower. My sample size is still small yet so I hope that isn't a trend.
  10. Rather a good month here with 39 sales for $1,340 gross, $670 net. Of those sales, 6 were for $$$. Onwards!
  11. TV sales must be high earners. An average of $120 per sale across your 27 sales is impressive.
  12. The full-figured lady is still singing here, but it looks as if February will go down in the books as a fairly average month with lucky 13 sales for $443 gross. Low prices overall, though, except for a healthy $$$ museum display license. Zooms and CTR have rebounded after an alarming slump during the latter part of 2020. One oddity this month was the same image licensing four times to the same UK magazine(s) publisher for the same low fee. That was a first for me.
  13. a poor month for me with just 7 sales but good to see lots of others having good months, perhaps March will be back to normal for me
  14. Two for $27.05 gross. The personal use one hasn't been refunded so far. Both January and February I had two sales a month.
  15. Why would someone with no photos published on Alamy need to contact a contributor (member)? If you have a question about a photo on Alamy, ask Alamy: sales@alamy.com
  16. Like Steve, I had 6 sales. That's fewer than normal but one was a strong $$$. What I found most encouraging is that 3 were of NYC, my best-selling location, but the others were Montreal, Sligo, and Liverpool.
  17. Very unusual for me to get any sales on a Sunday but three dropped in today at $39.66 each..😀 So, best month for quite a while - 24 sales, total $1049.24 Two distributors sales but fortunately these were at the lowest fees.
  18. Really good, despite of most of all were non exclusive and distributors sales. 27 sales at $3233. The most important due to TV sales.
  19. Assuming no P.U. sales come in today, February was about average. 19 sales for $799 gross. Two sales +$100.
  20. One for $25 gross (direct). First of the year; also three zooms, but I don't expect any of them to convert.
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