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  1. PA OWN Alamy. They are the same company. As long as Alamy continues to have a live news feed - and I certainly hope that continues - and has staff dedicated to running that news feed, it is in nobody's interest that they don't do a good job so as not to compete with another part of the same company. As long as Alamy continue in the business of news it is in everyone's interest that they do it as well as possible. When we turn up in Westminster and see that Stefan Rousseau is there we know we all know a) we're in the right place and b) he's probably going to get the sales. But he isn
  2. I got the Roomba i3 that empties itself, but if you can afford it or get a good deal, the i6 or is it i7?? Might be even better. Although I sure couldn’t see anything wrong with the way mine cleaned today. It normally was $600 and I got it for $400. I got mine from Walmart, but Kohl’s, Amazon and other places have been having deals also. I do the same thing, Michael. I got my air fryer and Roomba for myself since I no longer can hint to a spouse. These sales are a good time to do it.
  3. 2005 - $126 (4 sales) 2006 - $127 2007 - $200 2008 - $189 2009 - $114 2010 - $111 2011 - $74 2012 - $59 2013 - $72 2014 - $52 2015 - $37 2016 - $31 2017 - $37 2018 - $36 2019 - $36 2020 - $32 (onwards and downwards)
  4. What's interesting about this snap of a modern landmark building in Tribeca, NYC, is it was a PU sale for the full price . . . and that was the best fee I've had so far of the 9 sales I've had in November 2021.
  5. Simple* average result from those who have provided numbers so far (thanks). *This isn't a weighted average as it ignores the number of sales from each contributor. i.e. those with the most sales have the same influence on the average result as those with the least. (I did this because not everyone has provided the number of sales in each year). Mark
  6. Rare Saturday sale not being a PU. Amsterdam Schiphol Airport. Worldwide ; Usage: Editorial ; Media: Website, app and social media. Duration: Unlimited - low $ net: ¢¢. Fortunately not all sales are as low as this: the month's gross average is now $27.33. wim
  7. Given the recent teaming up with the Press Association, would it be possible for regular contributors to the news feed to be provided with information about upcoming news events? Other agencies do this as a matter of course and as a result those of us contributing to Alamy miss out on a lot of events that are covered by those contributing to rivals. I admit I am speaking from a very London-centric viewpoint - Westminster, and visits of foreign heads of state and so on - but such information would be in the interests of all news photographers as well as Alamy's sales and reputation for new
  8. my average gross per image from the good old days to this year so far 2006 257.00 2007 180.00 2008 187.50 2009 63.91 2010 57.67 2011 52.09 2012 49.11 2013 58.30 2014 35.83 2015 30.42 2016 29.04 1017 25.23 2018 23.13 2019 23.27 2020 29.55 2
  9. My average gross $ per sale is a bit below average, and peaked last year when I had the most $$$ sales. Most of my sales are to the UK, and I'm not in Live News. Year Sales Gross Gross/Sale 2016 8 74 9 2017 24 512 21 2018 50 1181 24 2019 123 2411 20 2020 142 4066 29 2021 235 499
  10. Anyway, if we take $30, call it £25, @ 40% = £10. How many sales a day would you need to have a decent income?? If you were a Newbie starting from scratch what chance would you have?
  11. It could be that Alamy ignore Novel Use /Photo Pack 'sales' in their calculations. Otherwise, if the low priced scheme was having an impact the mean image price would have reduced significantly. If it is not having much effect it does make you wonder if it is worth all the grief that 5c 'sales' bring and the consequent loss of goodwill. What I think it would be telling to look at, though it would be depressing, is the month on month figure paid into my bank account and how that has changed through the years. That would show not only the reduction in average fees, the r
  12. Our one-day-late Thanksgiving dinner was today, and everything was wonderful. I was up at 6:15, had my coffee, read the paper and had my two pumpkin pies in the oven by 8. Took them and the rest of my dishes to my daughter’s. By the time I came home at 4 pm, I felt a vampire had been draining my blood. Hopefully a good night’s sleep will renew me. A nice thing is that I’m having a decent sales month, better than usual. Never fear…usually when that happens, it’s followed by a rotten month. I used to think that sales would just steadily get better, but this is a fickle business, and no
  13. Yr Av sales 2005 - $195 6 2006 - $179 8 2007 - $458 26 2008 - $143 54 2009 - $ 73 60 2010 - $ 69 74 2011 - $ 65 92 2012 - $ 54 134 2013 - $ 52 202 2014 - $ 55 185 2015 - $ 59 219 2016 - $ 48 351 2017 - $ 46 315 2018 - $ 44 330 2019 - $ 37 322 2020 - $ 35 254 2021 - $ 30 275 no comment wim
  14. If the mean sale fee is being maintained at $30 over the last few years then I can't see any point in offering bulk sales for 18 cents.
  15. Going back to 2006, here is my average gross price per sale. 2006 -- $246 (only three sales that year) 2007 -- $163 2008 -- $146 2009 -- $158 2010 -- $109 2011 -- $98 2012 -- $93 2013 -- $82 2014 -- $73 2015 -- $64 2016 -- $66 2017 -- $58 2018 -- $57 2019 -- $55 2020 -- $51 2021 -- $44 I just added averages going back to when I started with Alamy.
  16. A downward trend for me but still over the average of $30: Average Gross Sale Per Image (rounded up as Alamy tends to do) 2012 -- $91 2013 -- $79 2014 -- $81 2015 -- $69 2016 -- $58 2017 -- $50 2018 -- $48 2019 -- $48 2020 -- $44 2021-- $38* *due mainly to more tiddlers and fewer high$$ and $$$ sales
  17. Alamy "Our average price across the board remains pretty static at around $30 across all licences and this has been the case for the last few years". See https://discussion.alamy.com/topic/15060-018-sale/?do=findComment&comment=304682 So I thought I'd see how my gross revenue / sale compares with this $30 "benchmark". Above data was compiled by hovering the mouse over each data point in the Revenue and Sales graphs on my dashboard and writing down the numbers. Obviously in early years my sales were so low that the data isn't statistically significa
  18. Refreshing this thread….a surprisingly good month for newspaper sales which came in today. Seven $$$ and a rash of small ones. Over $1000 in total it will be a good month with other sales too, probably second highest all year.
  19. Despite Almay's increased commission, (50% to 60%), I have still managed to have a record breaking year, both in terms of sales volume and income earned. and I still have over a month to go! So, after a poor year in 2020, I feel that Festive Cheer is in order. I have kept up quite a high work rate, in terms of uploading new images through both years. I do like to hear the experiences of other contributors though.
  20. You don't need to be. I haven't had an NU since 2011 and am still in. Alamy said in the closed thread that the 18c sales were NU, but I've had non-NU sales at 26c. My thread pointing this out was deleted.
  21. I've had some really good sales this year - and then I get this today! Worldwide RM in perpetuity any size image editorial website and social medai $0.21 That's the worst ever!
  22. Could this explain the very sudden, worrying and (to me) inexplicable plummet in my CTR? Over the past couple of weeks I have had days with no zooms or views which was pretty well unheard of before and I was always slightly above the Alamy CTR average. I have uploaded fresh images over the past month, so it's not as if I have been 'inactive'. Sales seem to be pretty average, however, though for an average of $10 an image before everyone else gets their cut - though that trend has been happening for a long time now.
  23. Yikes! Factor in possible "other fees," and your net could end up in negative territory.😧 I haven't seen any of these super-low sales. It seems that it's mostly UK contributors who are reporting them. Fortunately, UK newspapers don't like my images. I've had three editorial website tiddlers this month, but otherwise prices have been OK by current standards, including a $$$ TV use.
  24. Hi all, I realise stock prices on here have gone through the floor, but I didn't know Alamy were allowed to give them away. I had a sale appear the other day showing as RM $0. I looked in my sales history and it is actually a newspaper sale for $0.18. As this is in effect too small an amount to pay me for Alamy have effectively given my image away. Has anyone else had such a low price?
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