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  1. 7 sales from 2000 which is good but gross just over $200 which is not so good.
  2. June 2013 19 images licensed Gross: $877.39 Net: $423.98 For the next two months, I'm planning on going a shooting and scanning binge. We'll see if it helps goose these sales.
  3. I can't speak for specialist sites, but in my experience nature shots do not do all that well on Alamy. I revamped my portfolio into four psuedonyms at the start of May, and put my nature/wildlife shots into one of them. Since then, the other 3 psuedos have a ratio of around 1.5 views per image. My wildlife pseudo has a ratio of 0.3 views per image.
  4. A bit like Michael: 20 for $1487.96 $ 74 average -but the average is skewed for 1 substantial distributor's sale. If I discard that and the 3 Novel Use sales the average is $33. That can mean sales prices are falling; it can also mean there are more sales (to new clients?) but those are for lower fees. wim
  5. June had a slight up tick in sales but the price per image continues to drop so my gross is average. 19 sales for $1664 Average price per image $88
  6. June saw a massive increase in my views, zooms and sales. I guess anything more then zero was going to be good lol Adding 400 images in June did help, 1 sale, an increase of 900 views, and 3 zooms. It's a step in the right direction. I'm only really starting out.
  7. Hi Andrew, I'm interested to know if those Live News images were from June submissions and they were reported straight away or were they older ones just getting reported? I had two sales late in the month similar to losdemas so a slow and steady increase on the previous months No, one took a year to report and the other six months. Andrew
  8. 279 gross from 2 sales so quite pleased... Lots of zooms too
  9. Alamy's cut drops to 30% but the distributor gets 40%, leaving us 30%. I've had three such sales for about $15 net.
  10. Hi Andrew, I'm interested to know if those Live News images were from June submissions and they were reported straight away or were they older ones just getting reported? I had two sales late in the month similar to losdemas so a slow and steady increase on the previous months
  11. My first two sales brought in $126.10 gross. Not in NU or UK newspaper scheme. Very pleased at a good start: now I've just got to keep it up!
  12. I'll start - not too bad. 6 sales for $270.85 gross. 1 distributor but that was my second highest grossing image even after the decuctions. John.
  13. "Twas brillig and the slithy toves Did gyre and gimble in the Wabe..." Thanks so much for taking the time to give the keywords the once over. Comments noted and acted on. So, pending further observations, off to continue research into other reasons why my sales are so cruddy (home made word). nj
  14. I know the importance of this area having contributed my thoughts in the past.But...do I really?? I have just spent several gleeful hours revising them after a helpful article in the latest Freelance News courtesy of Alamy. Maybe I AM doing it all horribly wrong and MAYBE (ha!) that is why my sales are so, well, not really! Has anyone got the inclination to give JNJ a very quick once over? If not, I do so understand. But if you do you'll have a new welsh friend.
  15. Welcome, Marc. I hope you enjoy being a part of Alamy and sales eventually come to you. Don't expect sales immediately. With millions of images on Alamy, your few will be lost until you build up a healthy portfolio. Just keep plugging away, do your best work, and celebrate when your first sale comes in!
  16. As has been repeated many times - anything can sell - but I do feel that a reality check is sometimes needed for people who are new to the stock industry - and that is the odds factor. You really have to add this little thought - Alamy has 36 MILLION images in its catalogue - the subject range is massive, if you have a few hundred, or even thousand images available it is rare indeed that you will be the only image covered by a search term. Have a look at what you are up against, and while I do not say that you should not add to oversubscribed subjects - just be aware of the odds that are
  17. yes correct, I clicked more sales but I have about double the images, so in real terms I'd say about the same or slightly less
  18. It really depends on how you calculate it. While some of us have reported an increase in sales as well as net income, many of us also have more images online than we did a year ago. The number of images I have online increased by approximately 1.59 during 2013 but my net incoming during the first six months of the this year only increased by 1.145 over last year. If we were to base this survey on $ per image I'm sure the figures would be quite different.
  19. When you look at you sales via the pseudonym summary, the total sales and zooms are shown, but the stats do not take account of refunds. If an image has been sold, then refunded and resold with a change, it shows up as two sales. Could the refunds not be included?
  20. If you don't mind some counting, you could use Track submissions (http://www.alamy.com/royalty-free-images-my-submissions.asp). ( -royalty-free-images ? - must be a very old part of the system ) wim Didn't think of that... So a quick calculation shows a 12% increase in images from Jun to Jun. So am I right in saying that I should expect a 12% increase in sales by number of images? Or is there a different calculation I should use?, maybe somehow factoring in the fact that the images were added gradually? Any statistics experts care to comment? Phil
  21. Sales in number of sales Jan-Jun 2012 exactly equals 2013; however number of images increased...Don't know by how many as I can't find a way to see how many I had up a year ago???? Nett fees - 35%. So allowing for loss due to commission cuts actually down about 18%. So overall worse off. However, things are better at other places, and on commissioned work, so overall business is heading in the right direction for me. Phil
  22. Numbers of sales over three times more this year than last. Yet the gross income is significantly less and the net more so.
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