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  1. Plenty of Scots, or Scott-ish, in the US. If you haven't got a pic of their ancestral home, no-one has. There is also ARTFLAKES, which is more UK/Europe-centric. I've never managed to make any sales through them, but some people do. Their website is much clunkier than FAA's, however.
  2. I checked out your FAA website, Sheila. Lovely images. I can see why you are doing so well on FAA. Just wondering, have you been able to trace any of your sales directly to Facebook or Twitter posts? I don't particularly like inundating "friends" and "followers" with advertising, but I do occasionally post announcements. These usually bring a flurry of visitors that soon peters out. Also, none of the images that I've "announced" have ever sold. My FAA sales literally seem to come out of the blue.
  3. I have now asked them a number of times in last few days to look at this issue also. Absolutely - maybe thats why sales are so hard to come by - the images are invisible!
  4. Interesting - I had the same problem yesterday and was told that the technical team were looking into it. Nevertheless today still the same and many of my images not showing as you have described. Have informed member services again! May make it hard to get sales if clients can't see the images!
  5. None of mine do. Why? Is this because the IQ pricing structure does not take these into account?
  6. No sales at all for me in May...Did have two nice ones in the beginning of this year, and will try to get that back. So, working quite hard now in adding pictures.
  7. I've had several sales this month. Unfortunately all but one are the $29 HuffPost special. The remainder wasn't for much more and was a distributer sale and so netted less than the HP sales.
  8. David, on FAA you set your own prices, which depend on print sizes. I have mine set from $15 to $150 profit (i.e. my share). Some photographers have set their prices much higher than this, though. You also make 10% on accessories -- frames, fancy paper, etc. Sales for me are sporadic but still worthwhile. My last sale made me about $100. You might have a point about obscure towns in Scotland.
  9. 7 so far this month, 26 this year so far. Last year 74 total. I am interested to hear that many have sales reported early in the month. This candoes happen for me now and again, but normally they all turn up in the last week or ten days of the month. Of my total 206 sales so far, 93 or 45% have been reported in the last week or so of the month. This month first sale on the 23rd, five on 24th and one on 29th... Does anyone else have this pattern?
  10. Thanks for asking the question. I'd never bothered to work it out. It turns out that outdoor ('travel') shots are mostly vertical (just over half) but studio shots are mostly horizontal (c70%) I am taking even more vertical outdoor shots now since I bought battery packs with vertical shutter release buttons. (see photo, left!) Of my last 60 sales, 39 here horizontal, 3 square and 18 vertical.
  11. Looking back at my recent Web use sales, they are almost all horizontals. Thanks, David, for pointing this out. However, yesterday a vertical $168 postcard company sale popped up, while most of my Web use sales are for peanuts. So I'll definitely keep shooting both formats when possible.
  12. Web and on-line edition sales count a lot today. Very few web sales are verticals as they just take too much space, or prevent text from being visible when a page opens. Same for email marketing shots - horizontals rule. Check any coupon, offer page, Achica, Groupon, travel deals from anyone - all use horizontal images. For publications, the reverse applies. Half-page wide horizontals are 1/8th page and can just be too small, where half-page wide verticals are a 1/4 page and one image on a page can be enough to balance the written content; and they also make covers and full pages. Using ho
  13. Congratulations on your first sale! Good feeling isn't it? It was the custom on the old forum to buy the other forum members a drink....Mine's a pint!... The most likely place for your image from those sales figures is the Daily Mail - if so, bad luck - you may well gross only $7-8 You are right - it will have been used about 3mths ago if you let us know which image it was someone may have seen it Congrats again Kumar Sriskandan
  14. I have only been on a few months no sales as yet, so you don't get email as soon as a sale is made
  15. http://fineartamerica.com/saleannouncement.html?id=99ccbd49a30f19c2fe5cbc03ecc680b7 Now if I could do this several times a month, I'd be a happy camper.
  16. I'm in step with you, Ann, and most people here have pointed toward horizontals. When I look at my sales, less than 20% are verticals (but that could be partly due to the fact that I shoot more horizontals. Back in the day, when magazines were king, vertical full-page images were more important---more important than they are now I mean. Horizontals, to me, have always had a more pleasing, artistic look to them. By the way, I wear a baseball cap much of the time, and so I trip the shutter with my thumb so I don't need to reach up with my arm above my head. This way of working also makes me
  17. Couldn't say what my overall totals are, but verticals account for about 20% of sales. I would be surprised if I only have 20% verticals in there, but hard to tell from the thumbnails.
  18. Hasselblad formerly. Collection, about 2:1 landscape. Sales, mostly web uses, 5:1. That says it all, really. I'd never checked before today.
  19. I'm wondering whether anybody is doing much composite work at the moment (ie two or more images combined to create a new image). I'm experimenting at the moment particularly with image within a word, but others as well. I am aware that this is not difficult for any designer to do, but I'm working on an assumption that many are busy people and if you can save a few minutes of their time to provide a readily finished image then there may be sales. It's only an experiment at the moment as it does take some post processing time (for simple things an extra 5-10 minutes). But time is money
  20. The majority of my shots are vertical, although I do both where appropriate. In terms of sales over the years, I would say there has been a pretty equal split.
  21. Great sales guys. I was approved 12/4/12. Have 76 pics online (very small i know) Have some pend with others ready to go. Maybe one day a sale will come along -- but i still have a ways to go.
  22. This desire to go down the Royalty Free route again. I made a modest selection and offered them as RF a couple of years ago. There have been a few sales, but not a lot. It seems a somewhat spent business model here. Perhaps different in the (hated) micro-stock arena
  23. From Alamy list of distributors: Turkey Dijital Imaj +90 (212) 258 70 58 sales@dijitalimaj.com
  24. All my sales -- such as they are -- have been in the US. The big challenge on FAA, I find, is getting your work noticed -- i.e. attracting visitors who actually might buy a print. I've yet to figure that one out. The FAA search engine is pretty basic, so I assume that most potential customers arrive via Google image searches. But who knows?
  25. Abstract and mono also are quite popular with buyers. Geographically, over the past years, 66% of my sales are to the US and the rest are spread between UK, Canada, Australia and Bahrain. Sheila
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