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  1. It works for me although the prices are generally too low. Many contributors, however, have opted out and I understand that it is scheduled to be phased out. Major downside is that it doesn't count towards your rating. I guess this means that Alamy don't rate NU sales either. A further issue is that your images are out there, potentially for reuse, at a knock down price. At the end of the day I see NU as incremental sales - no big deal - but something is better than nothing. dov
  2. My novel use sales from the past year amount to $78.86. Lowest NU fee I have had is $1, highest $6.66, which is higher than some regular sales. Most popular types of NU sales for me are food images.
  3. Of course, bearing in mind Alamys post, my main pseud moved from page 8 to mid page 5. Important bits. CTR for 3 of my pseudonyms sits between .6 - 1.1 while one lingers around average and a couple of others sit lower down at 0.1 - 0.3. Zooms increased to about 30 for the last couple of months (for a rolling 30 days) touching 36 on occasions. Couple of nice size sales this month so all in all, quite happy with the progress of my first 12 months. Started out with less than 100 images may/june 2012 so it was a little slow to begin with but since Nov sales have been coming through wit
  4. We posted this up a while back but you should still find this useful if you missed it. Addresses lots of questions about the ranking system and (*insert overly dramatic music here* 'dum dum durrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrm') BHZ. -------------------- Apologies for the confusion / mystery surrounding 'AlamyRank' - truth is, it's a very complex algorithm and not a simple forumla - also, because we need to make tweaks and improvements to the search functionality as time goes on, there is a certain amount of fluidity to the precise workings of it all. CTR, Sales history, Keyword placement (essential,
  5. Up from Page 3 to middle of page 2, Good. Number of sales Good. CTR well below normal, Bad.
  6. There is a thread about novel use here: http://discussion.alamy.com/index.php?/topic/718-i-rejoined-novel-use/ It's supposedly being phased out. I found both number of sales and prices to be insignificant compared to "normal" sales.
  7. I am thinking about joining 'Novel Use' on Alamy and wondered what types of sales members have experienced with this aspect of Alamy and whether members consider it a worthwhile additional option. Thanks
  8. One is too small a sample size. Mine is about 6 this year, but most of my sales are never zoomed.
  9. Or the time to focus so much on the general BHZ rank has gone. I stopped worrying and checking sincerely after a drop about a year ago. However, searching on test keywords I see a number of individual photos being in the top end - and a number of photos in the creative selection (not searching on the pseudonym, however - but I am a lot more editorial). Sales is/are my only focus - unfortunately been down this month. But generally you are right - the profession is doomed.
  10. Well! One pseudonym with no sales and a ctr of 0.00 moves up from page 22 to 18. My proper pseudonym with an average over the last 3 months with 10 sales 49 zooms and an above average of .65 that often went over 1.00 moves from page 4 to page 22. Now that makes good sense not to bother. I have re keyworded and worked hard to increase rank and BANG a kick in the teeth.....that's me done. I have about 2000 images to edit and upload from recent trips, there is no point. I have even contributed to live news that was published about four months ago with not a mention in stats to date. It is not
  11. I can't say successful with only 6 sales, but two were from Pond5, three from Fotolia and one from Shutterstock. I also have video with Revostock and Istock. Still too few clips to gauge much.
  12. Based on how well my Alamy sales are going compared to all my other platforms I could only offer $100. If they were on a different platform I'd be open to negotiation
  13. True! I already do it for a long time, and still learn new tricks now and then. Not only about adding, but also about eliminating keywords AND words in the caption. Seems like an ongoing learning process Always nice to see better sales after making major alterations. Cheers, Philippe Nice photos Phillippe! Respect.
  14. True! I already do it for a long time, and still learn new tricks now and then. Not only about adding, but also about eliminating keywords AND words in the caption. Seems like an ongoing learning process Always nice to see better sales after making major alterations. Cheers, Philippe Does captioning really help?
  15. Sorry Philippe, I'm in agreement with Jeff here. Is stock shooting + an income still attainable? Yes, it is but what folks don't appreciate is that you have to keep going all the time. Of course, with the plethora of people shooting now it is harder but not impossible. Since I started throwing myself into this properly and thinking logically about what it is that I should be doing I have seen sales start to come in more and more. In addition, the argument that you see every so often that "don't bother going here as there's already loads of coverage" is rubbish. Places and people c
  16. Hi Nikolas, I took a quick glance. You are sure good at grabbing news photos of people and political action in Greece. Quite impressed. Some studio / tabletop photos are underexposed, though (Fava beans, books, etc). You may be able to correct the white balance. Overall I think you should sell more - especially of the first mentioned category. You mention one sale of 29 zooms, but I more than sense that it has something to do with your captions/descriptions and keywords. Some images lack the essential keywords - others have rather unimportant ones. I cannot see your main and co
  17. Hi Tarsier, Thanks for the apples-to-apples comparison. The difference between this July and last July for you clearly has nothing to do with summer vacations, number of images, keywording, or anything else that is unchanged between these two months, and even without knowing what a normal amount of monthly variation is for you, I'm willing to bet that the increase in views and decrease in zooms you've seen are not due to random fluctuations. Although your sales are (roughly) normal now, I think you're right to be concerned about future sales. The big question is What has changed betwee
  18. Hi All, I would very much appreciate some feedback on my portfolio. So far I am with Alamy for one year, sold 1 pic out of 29 zooms. I recall on the old forum someone mentioning roughly one sale for every 4 zooms. Thanks Nikolas
  19. I would include "Vancouver" in the main keywords of all the types of images that you mentioned. Personally, I've always thought that sales are more important than CTR, and the two (i.e. sales and CTR) often don't appear much related to each other IME. Having travel-related images come up in generic searches seems unavoidable to me.
  20. First time I have been on here for a while. I used to check my Alamy daily, and up to them introducing the BO buttons used to get regular monthly sales. Think I have had 1 or 2 zooms in months (can't be arsed to look) no sales for months either. I have not bothered to upload anything for ages, I have around 70 images that need keywording for around 6 months, I can't be bothered doing them. The images I have with Alamy will stay. I just cannot justify time spent uploading, keywording, for the minuscule returns. Terry.
  21. Hi I'd like to sell my alamy archive of over 400 images which since 2008 has produced over $5000 in sales. I would be willing to discuss how much.
  22. We should be able to have discussions among contributors about matters that concern us without them being open to the public. With the lack of information provided about some sales, it is valuable to compare notes or get information from more experienced contributors and use that as an information reference for new members. It would benefit MS too because there'd be fewer enquiries about the sales that don't appear to fit the calculator or other schemes. I only joined this forum in April and have seen contributors openly talking about sales ever since. I can see the concerns expressed here a
  23. If I can't figure out the number of people, miscellaneous body parts, fuzzy reflections, etc., even at 100%, I just click "more than four people." Recognizable people are what really counts IMO. It seems doubtful that someone will be able to recognize his or her elbow in a picture. But almost all of my sales are editorial, so it's not a big deal. I also don't bother with model releases for the same reason.
  24. Hi Ray - Well, though I'm more familiar with "Found A photographs in Month-X?" threads, I have seen what you wrote about. Considering everything, I'd opt for contacting A (or PM'ing one of the many fellow contributors likely to know more than I), rather than post about it. Also related to searchable forums - I recently tweaked my signature. If someone ggg's my name, I want my site/work coming up, not posts that are generally as exciting as what I'm writing now All the best, Ann So you haven't seen the monthly discussion threads talking specifically about sales? I find it very usef
  25. Yup, I had a similar start with Alamy, with a few early sales for good money, then nothing for a long while. Perhaps the sales team attempt to encourage newbies by trying a bit harder with their first submissions, I don't know. It has been stated in the past on the Alamy forums that you need to have around 3000 decent images uploaded before you start to make regular monthly sales, and that has been my experience. I have as yet to see regular monthly payouts, however Some people do much better with far fewer images, perhaps they are just very good at this business, or maybe they targ
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