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  1. I had a record number of sales, but none over $100. My sales this month were all nu or newspapers, with just two magazines slightly higher, average just $16 gross. Although the Huff Post sales weren't generous, they would have lifted my average for July. I do think Alamy should turn down deals if the customer demands too big a discount, as at current prices I'm losing money when you look at the cost of running a car.
  2. 5 sales - two of which popped up this morning. Highest - $102.26, lowest $7.44, total = $264.86.
  3. In addition to the complex algorithms (and don't they love those) James quote "The search engine will also mix some results around to give everyone a fair chance, particularly if you are just starting out and have the median rank." so how do you guys compensate for a weird extra allowance for new contributors with median ranking given in the interest of fairness ? I genuinely accept that the best way of improving your ranking is give them good sellable images and keyword them tightly - quoting to yourself what the buyer would key in - in just two or three words - to find their image - th
  4. 5 sales, about average for me. One sale of $221 was refunded and later appeared as $72 sale. Patrick
  5. 39 licences, highest $210, lowest $5.95. Best month ever for zooms In newspaper scheme, not in NU. Shame about the lack of Huffs Kumar
  6. Above average sales at above average prices and above average zooms. I bet this month will be rubbish. Well done Philippe, most impressive. dov
  7. I had 3 sales by the 5th July and thought it was going to be a record month, but only 1 sale subsequently means that it was a lower than average month after all with 4 in total. Only $110 gross (lowest $5.95 highest $52.06) so that is below average too. Record number of rolling views for the month (4689) but below average zooms (16-24). All in all, could do better. John.
  8. Awful until last 2 days, was looking like 2 sales for $14 Ended up 8 sales for $268.80 including 5 @ $5.95
  9. Spooky! Same here, 2 decent sales in June and nothing in July . . . . . . must upload more Alan
  10. 3 Sales so not the best in terms of volume but returned $300 so better than average value. Good zooms and quite a few on reference numbers that are yet to convert.... Not bad, overall a steady improvement. Hopefully this will continue!
  11. 4 sales 135.60 gross 6000 photos = rock bottom. My worst performing platform. My July return per image for the month Alamy 0.0083 Getty 0.29 Shutterstock 0.4 I made almost as much from shutterstock from 100 photos as I did with 6000 in Alamy.
  12. 5 licences $174 gross, but including two distributor sales, so not much in the kitty for me.
  13. Four last-minute sales popped up making July a good month with nine RM sales ranging from $22 to $175. Only two distributor sales (Brazil of course) in the bunch. Gross: $606. No July payout by the looks of it, though. Bummer. Guess it's back to Kraft Dinner.
  14. I made 7 sales for a gross of $700 all on the 10th of July. The views and zooms have plummeted since. cheers Bill
  15. After my first two sales in June, zilch this month. Can't really complain as I've hardly been hugely active. Zooms look promising - onward and upward...the thread can only get more positive !
  16. Sadly. the big ticket sales are few and far between these days. I had a look at the last year's list and it topped out at $634 for a German book cover. That was an archival shot of George Adamson. Three years back there was that whopper for an exclusive in the banking sector which would be welcome to come 'round again but I'm not holding my breath. There are a few drop my way in the $200 area, but getting getting more rare.
  17. Just thinking about how all the big sales do not get reported on the forum because that person would then be breaking their cover and have people copying their style, topic, or whatever reason people think the sale arose. Perhaps Alamy could divulge the top ten monetary sales each month? Just the monetary amount. Would that be an encouragement? Give balance to the low pricing topics? Make people despair, as they are not earning the same? Simon
  18. I have spoken/posted about this, directly to Alamy and on the forum. My opinion is that it shoud be lowered to reflect the lower prices being obtained and/or consideration given to a quarterly/annual account clear out.I can see NO moral reason to hang onto our money indefinately (if our sales fall or vanish) or until we end the contract. Those who have several thousand pics up and regular sales may, predictably, have a differing view. End of... (no, I didn't get an answer).
  19. I had four HuffPo sales and what appears to be an unreported sale for a Canadian edition for June. Maybe they've fallen behind in reporting?
  20. I've decided to abandon my Nikon digital system entirely in favor of the smaller, lighter Sony NEX system. NEX is what I bought into a few years ago now, and so I've stopped looking at the other small systems that are now available. As you all know, everybody is producing smaller pro systems now. Until last week I had planned to hold onto my D700 and D90 and my 20 f/2.8 AF, 60 f/2.8 and 24-120 f/4 VRII. I have not been happy with the way Sony has been dragging their feet with a selection of good lenses for NEX, but I feel I've dealt with that issue now and perhaps the future will be bright
  21. I haven't had any of those infamous HuffPost $27/$29 sales for quite some time. Hate to admit it, but I almost miss them. Are they gone for good?
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