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  1. Also a loss of sales in past few months while CTR % and zooms are sky high. Something has gone badly awry
  2. Whilst I am still receiving sales, I know of more than 10 newspaper sales, 3 being 'Alamy Live news' sales from mid March which have not shown up in my account yet. I emailed Alamy when the 3 months were up and was asked to contact them again in July should they still not be in my account by then! The ones from March are newspapers sales :Telegraph and Daily Mail both print and online. Anyway, this isnt a rant just trying to make the point that you may still have several sales in the pipeline and hopefully they'll drop in your account soon. Lynne
  3. Have not seen it yet but I'm really looking forward to unleash the potential of this concept. Finally the photographer is in control of pricing and sales and will even be supported by the network members. Now we only need to get more (macrostock) people to join.
  4. It is fairly quiet at the moment, with one smallish sale in June, but so far this year I am where I was in September last year, so things are picking up generally. Zooms and CTR are ok, but then again over half of my sales this year have not come from zooms anyway. I am also seeing quite a few zooms/views by Alamy reference, which is usually a good sign of things to come.
  5. I think it is the inevitable fluctiations with a small portfolio. I sometimes experience the same. In June I have so far had 4 decent sales, so I am not seeing the same picture at present. I have stopped worrying much about my CTR unless my keywords turn out to be totally stupid.
  6. Gervais: My zoom ratio does not indicate a keywording problem to me and I have not changed anything from what I would normally do. It could well be a general downturn in travel imagery combined with the vast amount images now online. If my views and zooms were down I would assign the problem to that but my stat activity suggests different. Hopefully it might be a backlog in the system and I have hundreds of sales to appear (or not!). The stats just do not add up. Andy
  7. I have a very similar number of images as you and have sold the following since Feb; Feb: 6 sales Mar: 0 sales Apr: 4 sales May: 2 sales Jun: 1 sale (so far) And I know of another 3 sales waiting to be reported. Over the last year, 27 sales, averaging approx. 2 a month. My CTR has bounced between 0 and 1 over the last year. Not sure how hopefully that is but it gives you some figures to compare against. Over recent months, my collection is very heavily biased towards news rather than stock. Andrew
  8. Over the last year or so I have had regular sales of 3-4 per month but all of a sudden......zilch. Since the 22nd of Feb I have had no sales except for a refund and subsequent resale for a lesser amount after I reported that the use was for print only and I found it on the web (yes, another story). This is not a whinge but a genuine question to see if I am on my own. Since Feb my CTR is well above average and often creeping over 1.00, I have had over 50 zooms with 5 being unique reference number and constant relevent views on searches. Also, I have found several of my images onlin
  9. Hey I work in IT too, as my main job and as you'll know it takes up most of your time. Getting out in the mornings, lunchtimes and weekends is great for taking pics, however thats all it lends itself too. Once you've edited your pics and uploaded them, there's not a lot of time to do much else. Imagine being at an IT conference and the head speaker asks if there's anyone who can put Microsoft System Centre Configuration Manager in from scratch. You can do it, but you just don't tell them you can. How are they going to know? This is how I see keywords. I think keywording is
  10. Ah, yet another Belgian here :-) I have the same issue as you, about the same nr of views as the nr of images online. And a lot less sales unfortunately :-) I've also started building up portfolio on Alamy now, and training myself a bit in keywording, which is sometimes not as easy not being a native English speaker.
  11. Jeff, I've made from video sales over the past year than I have here on Alamy. The stuff I've done is up on Pond 5 and although it is royalty free you can at least set your own price. They give you 50% of sales. In addition, I've also had some footage sales through Shutterstock. Personally, I think if your DSLR has the capability of HD Video and you're not using it then you are losing a potential income stream.
  12. "Video has been slightly disappointing… " James Allsworth I suspect that the reason video sales have been disappointing, i.e. nonexistent, on Alamy is because the video here is hopelessly overpriced. Similar, or in fact identical, clips are available on multiple other sites for a fraction of what they cost here. Even in relation to the pricing for Alamy's existing catalogue of still images, the video pricing seems to make no sense at all. For example, I can get a lovely still of Princess Diana for $149-, but a 13 sec. clip of a mallard doing nothing in particular on a pond tops out
  13. I'm not a microstock contributor but I have just set up my own Symbiostock website. I actually think it's a brilliant concept and most certainly worth a try. In any case much than complaining about low earnings or decreasing sales at any stock agency. I hope many more, especially traditional stock shooters, will join the network.
  14. First of all it seems to me you are producing some very nice images and are deserving of some success on that score. I'm not so sure that keywords alone are the issue as your essential keywords seem pertinent for the most part. If you have lots of less relevant kewords in the 'main' keywords box then it could damage your Alamy rank as you will get views but no zooms or sales to go with them, the result of which is your images appear further down the results of any given search. Having said that, I don't think that's the main problem either. I think there are two principle issues for you, a
  15. Easy to find the search terms for zoomed ones: Alamy Measures -> Your images -> click on the pseudonym of the zoom in the list to the left -> click on "Your Zooms" on the black top line -> find the search term in the list to the left You should to be able to click on "Your sales" in Alamy Measures and do the same - but you cannot unfortunately, it doesn't work. Thank you for the lesson. I somehow missed being able to click on the black line. I would just look down the list of zooms to check the search terms. Paulette
  16. Also, Measures includes only a subset of regular customers. Very few of my sales ever show up as zoomed in Measures. Louise
  17. I restarted photography as a very old hobby of mine, entered the digital age and joined Alamy two years back. By now my portfolio on Alamy is around 400+ pics so still a long way to go. Last year I got one sale and in 2013 I had an increase in turnover by 200%, 2 sales. Obviously there is no market for my submitted pictures. Would much appreciate it to receive any advice how to get on track. I'm living in Belgium and full time employed.in IT so my shooting is mainly during weekends and holidays. Still 10 years to go before retirement so al the time to learn and getting better in this. Di
  18. I don't think the reporting of sales in Alamy Measures is working at all. I think the function has been on/off - and now off. (The old forum had information about this). Use "Sales information" instead. Many of my sales have not been zoomed. Perhaps they have been searched and enlarged by mouse hovering - but I also have a number of distributor sales - which may not count in the viewed images.
  19. Thank you Niels. I can see it now. I'm puzzled that only one of my sales over the years shows on the list though. Can this mean that all the others were somehow found and purchased without using the search function?
  20. Easy to find the search terms for zoomed ones: Alamy Measures -> Your images -> click on the pseudonym of the zoom in the list to the left -> click on "Your Zooms" on the black top line -> find the search term in the list to the left You should to be able to click on "Your sales" in Alamy Measures and do the same - but you cannot unfortunately, it doesn't work.
  21. Thanks James for taking the time to answer my question about US business. If I heard it right, US contributes 60% total revenue. That is pretty amazing in short period of time. Maybe it's just me, but I feel US sales are generally higher priced, more prompt in payment. No chicken sh!t $7 newspaper scheme. It's the land of law afterall. . Keep them coming!
  22. I too was disapointed that there is no prospect of video submissions being opened up. I also think that there is probably a critical mass required in terms of the library size which will make buyers realise that Alamy is serious about video and worth visiting to see what is available. That critical mass is probably a library numbered in millions rather than a couple of hundred thousand, so success in video sales seems to me unlikely to happen here unless a significant change takes place in Alamy's approach. However I do want to thank James for opening up to us, even if the answer is often
  23. Country: United Kingdom Usage: Editorial Media: Magazine - Print only Industry sector: Media Industry Sub-Industry: Publishing Print run: up to 100,000 Placement: Inside Image Size: 1/8 page Start: 18 July 2007 End: 25 July 2007 $142.97 Total gross sales since July 2007: $2,812
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