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  1. tarsierspectral in My Alamy, go to Sales Information then Net Revenue.
  2. Tarsierspectral, I went to Sales Information and accessed Summary of Items Sold and printed it off. I then scanned the pages for 2012 and filed them and then attach the files to email for DACS. This may appear rather long winded but its my way round it. I'm afraid my expertise is not as great as some with PC work!! Jim.
  3. I am not first time claimant. So do I only send them 2012? How did you generate the "Alamy sales report"?
  4. I too have to agree with majority. I accept. Have I any choice? But what problem it would be to make it possible the "Payment on Demand"? Anyway, it is great news that we do not need to pay to be payd. Thanks Alamy. John, I feel your pain. SEK 50 comparing to the blackmail your bank is demanding.... Do not know how about PP but there too is fee and then fee to transfer to the bank again... where is the end of the mess???? But as I had some patty sales with Faa and Artflakes I will have to open the account anyway. Niels, I did a stop at Ven when sailing by (1993). It was still Danish
  5. A decent October for me. $675 gross, two sales total- one editorial and one advertising.
  6. It works very well for my bank. Fee SEK 50 for every transaction no matter the amount. I guess, if payout continue to be lower and lower than, one day I would have to pay 50 to get my 40..... But then.... if it works for most of you... good for you. I wish you all many good sales. Ladi
  7. Thanks Marc and Ed, Im used to trying to make everything generic as always thought that would increase sales but now see I have to do the opposite and be more precise. On a side note I don't know why my last post is underlined, new to the forums, Thanks again
  8. I would also suggest appropriately capitalising and punctuating your captions. I've no proof that this helps sales but it looks a lot more professional and that should inspire a bit more confidence in your image.
  9. Nope - never on a Sunday. Mind you, my grand total of sales makes that of no statistical significance whatsoever! I did have a pleasant surprise of a a sale in the first hour of the month though!
  10. Hello everyone, I have almost 5.000 images online for 3 months and also 0 sales. I was also thinking if this could be normal or not. I know some of you dont like microstock but i have on some sites half the amount like i have on Alamy but get far more revenue. I am not even talking about the site with 4900 images. My plan is to test out Alamy if it will fit me. Sometimes i assume it is because i have most images made in Poland or because it needs more time until it starts to run. I can not go out from that i have bad images since my photography are doing very well at other agencies. I
  11. Thank you!! I haven't had many sales on any day just lately nevermind on a Sunday! Cheers, John.
  12. They certainly look like the sort of images that would sell. I would say you should expect a couple of sales per month for that number of saleable pictures. Obviously you have not had all that number of images forthe full eleven months and you do need to take into account that it can take a few months for a sale to go through - often even longer for books. Maybe you need to do some work on keywording. For example you have a load of images labelled: "cars on display at the syracuse nationals in syracuse, new york". I'm thinking you need to be rather more precise with your keywording -
  13. Total masacra ....... 0 sales I will just ban this month from my life and drink less wine to compensate. Mirco
  14. 4 RM sales; $77.16 net, CTR down to 0.33. Jeff, I also wonder why you don't report your below average months?
  15. The biggest increase I have ever had for a resale was $60 that went to $65. I would say Sales Dept. have done very well there! Hope it doesn't change again, unless for even better
  16. Blimey... i made more sales than Greenberg.... that's a first km
  17. I did an advanced search for my images and noticed for the first time that there was a "Chat now" invitation on the right of the screen. Interesting. Wonder if it will help sales. Paulette
  18. I've spent a lot of time photographing in Mexico and make quite a few sales there. It's a rapidly growing market. Unfortunately, however, the prices tend to be on par with Brazil and through distributors to boot.
  19. Despite being locked up in the sin bin for most of October, I had a very good month with 12 RM sales for $1005 gross. This is the first time in a while that I've edged into four-figures territory, so I'm a happy Halloweener.
  20. 12 for $1150 # sales slightly below average # $ above average total $ above average lowest $ 23.70 (UK newspaper) highest: $ 250.00 (US client) remarkable: 1 for $ 25.63 to Mexico wim
  21. 15 sales, 4 around the $170/180 mark which was a pleasant surprise. Don't seem to get many of these nowadays.....
  22. 4 item(s) totalling $82.78 - in reality only 2 items as 3 of those were sale / refund / sale to adjust the dates. Currently sitting on 18 unreported sales (that I know of).
  23. It happened a few times to me that my photos appearing in the Saturday Times but no sales are reported. According to MS, it could take up to 3 months for The Times to report the sale to Alamy (I don't know the other papers). The thing you can do is to keep the copy of the picture and wait to see if the sale is reported in the meantime. After 3 months, if not reported, you can contact MS with the proof (photo of the picture with the date of the paper showing). Sometimes the sale will be reported before 3 month's lapse. In this case, you can ask to MS if the sale of the picture
  24. If my memory serves my correctly October is usually a good month, perhaps because distributors report quarterly or other account holders, I don't really know. But I do know that my October was at the low end of average with 34 sales and only 2 above £100 in spite of an ever increasing portfolio. The last 3-4 months have been on the low side with September being the worst for several years so I'm not encouraged. Not in NU but in newspaper scheme. At least November has started with a sale before breakfast. Pearl
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