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  1. 0 sales this month. Haven't had 0 sales month in 3 years! Views are way up, zooms are average. I am SHOCKED
  2. I'm sure this is true. I used to get quite a few zooms where someone had just looked at 12 or so images. Now my images tend to be at the bottom of a page of 100 below a load of "creative" images. I'm beginning to wonder if the old stategy of keywording closely for rank is still relevant and perhaps a more expansive keywording ploy would actually be of benefit.
  3. With regard to paying to be in the creative section the answer is NO you don't. The images are selected by Alamy or through client activity. But you are quite right IMO, many creative images have been left out. The problem as I see it is that editorial buyers are looking at the creative section, not just the advertising clients that Alamy is wanting to attract. This means that the benefit of a high Alamy Rank has been largely lost and, rightly or wrongly, I believe that is a significant cause of my own drop in sales. Pearl
  4. I also see a drop in zooms. The question is that the drop in zooms is small, while the drop in sales is HUGE. I cannot see a correspondence between both. Average zooms per month in first six months of the year: 2011 - 85 2012 - 56 2013 - 50 (June hasn't finished) The views trend is similar to the zooms. How a small percentage drop in the views and zooms stats can lead to a 60% drop in the sale is something that puzzles me. That's why, unless there's a better explanation, I'm suspecting that many self-billing clients are not reporting the uses, and unfortunately I have no pos
  5. Am not finding the same trend, thankfully Sales Jan 4 Feb 4 Mar 7 Apr 6 May 5 Jun 7 Zooms also increasing Jan 34 Feb 30 Mar 30 Apr 52 (includes one large batch) May 49 Jun 49 I make few sales to the papers. Could this be the key? dov
  6. It is not a general trend that zooms are up. There has been a drop in CTR over all of Alamy since the changes. My own zooms have dropped considerably. My zooms are definitely on the way up but I have also increased my port significantly over the last couple of months. Getting about 10 zooms per 1000 images a month at the moment (not sure if that's normal or not). That said, I would rather see sales!
  7. It is not a general trend that zooms are up. There has been a drop in CTR over all of Alamy since the changes. My own zooms have dropped considerably.
  8. Difficult to analyse with any scientific certainty, but my thoughts are: 1. the drop/lack of sales - maybe not so with ALL contributors, is influenced by the Alamy policy of accumulating a VAST library? 2. we ARE, in the UK anyway, suffering from a significant economic downturn which is BOUND to influence sales here, to whatever degree 3. so many publishers are going for the 'we'll credit you' line rather than buying repro rights through e.g. Alamy - and wannabees are 'falling for it'. Ironically many photo mags do this!! 4. Alamy doesn't specialise - I think some libraries are latching
  9. A couple of points. Do we have to pay or apply to get images into the creative section? In many given searches there often appears to be more images of a creative nature left in the relevent section. Now that the search images are displayed larger could it be that zooms are now being used more to gain illegal screen captures. The quality is more than acceptable for web use and the Alamy watermark is very easily removed in most images. This might be the reason that zooms are up without corresponding increases in sales. If this is the case then perhaps Alamy might consider using a be
  10. Interesting. October was when my sales started going from consistent to inconsistent. I'm now thinking that it's best to upload small batches of different subjects and locales -- rather than large submissions of similar images -- as often as possible in order to take advantage of the "New" button and other changes that seem to have been implemented. Any thoughts on this strategy?
  11. I am a creature of habit...I log into Alamy and go to my account. I check for sales, check for views, etc. and from my account, I go to the member forum. The problem is, I don't see a way to go from the discussion forum back to My Account on Alamy...instead, I have to click the back button on my browser (and if I've been browsine topics, it can take a while). Can Alamy please add a link or an icon up at the top of the page that links us back to our accounts? Thank you.
  12. Average number of sales per month from January to June: 2011 - 18 2012 - 21 2013 - 8 Now, this is a drop! The income also reflects a +60% drop. I have absolutely no explanation for this, but the fact is that the number of zooms have only declined slightly which is very strange. I also believe that there are possibly a huge amount of unreported uses. And if UK residents have at least the possibility to checkout the newspapers and magazines, being in Portugal or any other country outside UK makes it impossible to police those newspaper deals. The self-reporting deal is ou
  13. Sorry to see drops in everyones sales. Is there maybe a trend pattern developing where you'll see peaks and dips? I watched the CEO's Q&A part 2 session earlier and he said that in some sectors its dropping however, others are booming. He also said that the 'New' button sales only accounted for something like 5% of total sales. Pretty sure that's what he said. I'm not overly confident in the stats as stats can be bent to suit anyone, but I guess its the sales at ground level that count and this is where you hear it most.
  14. What appeared to be a sudden drop from the end of April - only 3 low-value sales in May and none at all in June, from 3026 images. I opted out of the UK newspaper scheme on the 25th of April, so this slump is perhaps not entirely coincidental.
  15. For what its worth June has been a lot better month with 10 sales but May was the poorest for a while with just 3 sales Swings and roundabouts
  16. Is it creeping off topic - is it ? Or could there be an element of cause and effect coming in here - with two of my images topping a thousand 'misuses' each, the effect is geometric with each use spawning more 'misuses' ? Don't get me wrong, no-one is going to achieve redress from the vast majority of blogs and far eastern web uses, but Getty have a reputation for going after image thieves - just try a few forums with the repeated bleating about the 'cruel' activities of their weasels. It has certainly concentrated some minds and educated many more. Anything that has a bearing on s
  17. With less than a week to end of month 50% down on numbers and well over 50% down on sales totals - so it does look like a dry old time. At the same time copyright infringement chasing has been more successful - with Settlement Release Agreements (SRA's) signed and waiting payment at a healthy level, and invoices out to infringers with a good chance of recovery numbering over 20. But heck I am a photographer not an accountant with weaseling tendecies - I really wish Alamy would get it, and make an effort themselves - every © theft from the images in their library is a potential 50% loss of
  18. Thanks for all of your replies. I understand the downturn due to the sheer volume on Alamy and if I had the odd sale then it would not bother me. It's the big fat '0' that is strange considering the considerable statistical activity, but, it probably is what it is. This thread is not meant to be a moan about "why are my pictures not selling" but a serious request to see if anybody else out there is suffering the same problem. No sales for 4 months!??!!! For those that do news feed....how long do you find it takes to show as a sale? I had one in the Telegraph taken early April that is not sh
  19. OK. This is coming from someone who does not shoot "stock"! I generally shoot what I like and if buyers like it, then that's good. We both win. With respect to all those who do shoot stock (and after all, this is what Alamy is all about) then do what you like doing and continue to do it well - no worries. Personally, I would find shooting "stock images" mind numbingly boring! But that's just me! I did a quick breakdown of my sales and 40% are landscapes (including buildings), 40% are animals and 20% are people. I have particular images which sell more than once - beach huts at South
  20. Within the last year, according to 'All of Alamy' stats: "Landscape" as an individual search term was searched for 45 times. "Car" as an individual search term was searched for 467 times. That's a ten-fold demand for something you can find outside your front door. Stock is not art, it's not even regular "photography". It's about the production of images that are useful to sell things, or in the case of editorial, to illustrate a point of view or concept. By all means shoot misty landscapes and arty scenes, but don't expect to make many sales. J
  21. June not too bad for me with 6 sales for $270. Jan - 4 Feb - 8 (best ever) March - 7 April - 1 May - 3 Andy, it could just be the usual ups and downs. John.
  22. I noticed a change beginning in late 2012. My average monthly averages definitely seem to be declining. This month is especially bad with only one sale reported ($180) so far in June compared to 12 sales in June 2012. Perhaps this is to expected as the Alamy collection continues to grow. I don't know.
  23. Glad it's not just me.My sales so far this year have declined since December. Zooms have dropped since May. Plus 4 known sales outstanding. DEC 11 JAN 7 FEB 7 MARCH 4 APRIL 2 MAY 3 JUNE 3 It's as if Alamy have lost some key buyers on top of huffington post. I had a conspiracy theory that my sales were being given to someone else in error. Regards Craig
  24. Not good.... nothing this month so far. I've rolling zooms of about 28 so I hope they are all just waiting to convert Now, if only I had the same ration of income here as I do with my microstock stuff. 70 Files with SS and more often than not I get a dollar per file each month. Maybe I should spend more time on shooting stuff for them The $28 downloads are nice
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