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  1. I have had 4 iQ sales to date, 2 at $37 and 2 at $40. I am not complaining at this level. dov
  2. For those who have had sales refunded, did you see them as a search on the files reference number before it happened? I had a sale on a file but strangely, about two weeks later I have had 2 more zooms on the same file reference..... might be just getting paranoid Cheers
  3. Since December last year I have had 9 iQ sales, lowest price $10, highest $85 average $45. Over the same period total sales number about 40 with average $38 each, the low average being thanks mainly to a glut of $6 sales from editorial websites (You know who they are). So for me iQ sales are better than average....
  4. July is also turning into a good month for me. Sales have been hit and miss since January. $5.95!!! another one of these finally made me hit the NO for the newspaper scheme. $44.65 German magazine use $52.06 IQ Sale $450.00 Retail Book $44.62 IQ Sale Regards Craig
  5. Definitely Silly Season. It's already the 19th and only 2 sales. If it's the UK heatwave that's a factor, it may be the wrong kind of heat. Richard.
  6. Normally, the sales reported this month were made one or two months ago, at least, if not earlier. So, I don't think you can ascribe your poor sales to summer holidays. For me this July is marking the best month ever in terms of sales made since I am on Alamy and we are only at day 19th. Curiously, for me (and more photographers) last May was a real bad one. Why? Don't know. Simply, maybe, there is no answer.
  7. Yep, definitely holiday season. No sales in July yet and zooms a lot lower than usual. As to the image uploads my weekend uploads cleared QC Wednesday noon - and I have a few waiting now since Wednesday - but all processed awaiting QC. You may be facing an upload or processing problem, perhaps a partial failure... PS I was too quick - had a lousy 22.31 dollars sale this afternoon .... And my images from Wednesday was QCed.
  8. Uploaded a batch overnight on 17th July - still annotated no of images N/A - Arrived awaiting processing. QC are usually so quick off the mark. Also on the sales front - one on 1st, one on 3rd and one on the 5th. Since then nothing!!!!! Have a wonderful holiday one and all - the weather is great for it. dov
  9. How long do members give the sales team to notify them of sales they are already aware of before chasing them up?
  10. That's a good point that I hadn't considered. Perhaps contributors should be given the opportunity to opt out of those sales. We are given that opportunity. Annually during the month of April (1-30th) we can deselect any or all distributors. So if this bothers anyone, that's the answer: http://www.alamy.com/distribution-terms.asp J
  11. I am the photographer running this workshop at my studio in London on the 20th and every month - which Alamy have kindly mentioned. I have been with Alamy for 10 years and my 1800 picture sales have made $180,000. While the average price of a photo sale has gone down over the years across the whole industry I am still doing well and making money from stock photography. To prove that, what i do at the workshop is open my Alamy account completely. You can see exactly what i have sold, for how much and to whom in the areas of travel, lifestyle, studio conceptual. If you feel you would like to lea
  12. That's a good point that I hadn't considered. Perhaps contributors should be given the opportunity to opt out of those sales.
  13. I photographed a flooded road on Christmas Day. The Telegraph used the image in their online edition on 29th Dec 2012 The image has never shown up on any sales so one can only assume that the Telegraph has not reported the usage. I have sent the screen grab to MS on two separate occasions and asked them to make some enquiries. I have been assured they will chase it up. Today is July 17th. Still no payment. Still no notification of usage. Nothing. The image was probably sold for peanuts anyway - I assume that is MS cannot be bothered to chase it up. I give up. Gordon
  14. Another aspect of making Alamy Googlable is that many of their distributors already are, notably those in India, Canada, Israel and Japan. Alamy images DO show up via those sites, which means any Google-generated sales will come through distributors, meaning less money for the photographer.
  15. I checked my sales since 2005. Appears I have only sold 7 images specifically in France via Alamy, 5 of these were of subject matters shot in France (and 3 of these sold this month). None of the sales show as newspaper, all are Editorial, books. None of my Tour de France sales have sold in France. Different story with one of my other libraries where I have multiple sales in France, including newspapers and news websites. I can only surmise that Alamy is possibly not as well represented in the French market as the other company.
  16. My first sale came about 6months in with Alamy near 150 images at the time. Occasional sales since then and now up to 232 images and slowly adding more over time.
  17. Hi Nick Actually, "stock" is not my primary source of income these days. If it were, I would take up basket weaving. And as I have said many times, I don't consider myself a "stock" photographer. It's a good point regarding not having all your work on your own website and hence having a link, but as I started uploading to my website many years before I joined Alamy et al, most of my work is not on Alamy. I have close to 5,000 images on my website (and 11 million hits in 11 years) and a fairly high Google ranking. I have approx 1,300 on Photodeck which I joined about 18 months ago when it w
  18. Too colourful? You mean they are overcooked or that there is just way too much colour in the image with all the gear the cyclists are wearing? I like your photos, no question about that - and am aware that the gear is giving an extra colour lift - also that there are many opinions on how colourful images should be. But looking at the skin tones a few of the images may look a little bit overcooked on my monitor, anyway. Only thinking whether it could reduce sales in worst case. But more a question than a critisism.
  19. Ed, I didn't expect things to move at the speed of light - as I'm sure you know IR make an initial contact with a request for information regarding the origin of the image, the replies are rarely quick, and sometimes non-existent - they then suggest a billing figure through their debt collectors, and you have to supply an invoice to support that, often that is ignored or passed from department to department before IR get a progress report from the debt collectors - then, and only then do they introduce the weasels - having tried to deal with these things myself in the USA I know that it all ta
  20. "I don't understand quite why one would direct sales away from your own website where you have complete control over the pricing and use, to your Alamy site where you have neither and risk single figure licenses. " because i have a few hundred images on my site...and 22,000 on Alamy km
  21. I agree with John. I don't understand quite why one would direct sales away from your own website where you have complete control over the pricing and use, to your Alamy site where you have neither and risk single figure licenses. Sheila
  22. Best of luck then Ed, it's just not been my experience. I have pointed them to a large number of infringers by sending them a copy of my file image, a screengrab and the URL. They have assessed the site and the likelihood of securing a reasonable settlement - they have forwarded to me copies of letters from legal reps and the debt collectors where the collection would simply not be financially viable - and when I have bothered to have a look at the ones which they simply say are not worth pursuing I have to agree - mostly blogs and never a commercial company site. Regarding the direct
  23. If I was anywhere near Glasgow next week, I'd definitely apply for accreditation to the UK Space Conference - if only to get some grin and grabs and heads of Tim Peake, our first Astronaut to the ISS - but much more besides. Space sales are guaranteed, Jim. Rgds, Richard.
  24. With the help of Jon I was able to find out that although the blog post announcing the removal of the pseudonym field was dated 12 June the change didn't happen until around the 18th. That explains why I got the Warren Buffet result. I still think we would get a lot more sales if Alamy's database was searchable by Google. Thanks for your interest and your posts. :-)
  25. Thank you! Stefano You're welcome! Had you noticed SShep found your pizza 4 weeks ago? wim Yes! Still not in my sales report but was glad to see it here in the forum as sold image :-)
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