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  1. i contacted a will writer and they said that its part of your estate so does not necessarily have to be mentioned in isolation although its not a bad idea. I contacted the tax man and its not a business you are leaving as the business is the taking / uploading etc etc of the photos so no tax there. Obviously any sales would be subject to tax My wife and kids have the password to my alamy account to change the details (banking etc) and a copy of probate would suffice should alamy make any enquiries with the benefactors Kevin
  2. Danny, with respect, as you understand the operation of IR's business and its shortcomings so well, and you would seem to be well up on the interwebnetthingy there seems to be a great opportunity for you here. I was unable to find a suitable company operating in the UK - the most promising was a dedicated IP lawyer who quoted £300 per hour but clearly told me that because of the prices which agencies offered to license images there would be no chance of any sort of "No Win No Fee" arrangement. There would seem to be an opening here. I am not being flippant about this - if you can get s
  3. lefthand image failed QC - sample returned by alamy. slightly larger greener image passed QC and sold several times over. part of my response to alamy: "Thx for the feedback - the following is not an attempt to get you to change your mind about this particular image but just to share my thoughts as a professional photographer with some $5000 of successful sales(after commission) of similar northern lights images in my alamy collection. Because of the nature of the image I applied some luminance/colour noise reduction which results in some loss of detail but as we are only talking abou
  4. There doesn't seem to be anything in my licence details for similar sales that purports to allow syndication, just use within a group.
  5. Appreciate the clearer indication on how to use Image rights for the times where it's a solid infringement, and the ways in which to go about it. Cheers for that. I'm calm now, I had a mint penguin. I made the decision a couple of weeks ago to just stop uploading to the news feeds. If this is the sort of things you need to put up with, then it's not worth it to me. I'm going down the stock route with particular concentration paid to certain genres that I feel are not as well represented currently. More scope for control I think with pure stock. Newspaper scheme might still bite my behind
  6. Danny, you are referring to their "Discovery" service which simply tries to do what you can do yourself - the major flaw in IR doing it for you is that they are in danger of turning up sales which you would know to be legit through Alamy or whoever else you use. When I tested it most of the discovered uses were in fact legit and I decided that this was a waste of everyone's time and effort. As explained above I use the "Recovery" aspect of their work - sending them the details and letting them get on with it - some of the cases which are eventually settled take months and some from last ye
  7. Thanks, Geoff, for your prompt response. I had already read that information, but still think it is ambiguous and burdensome to the photographer. My other agencies have just a single box selection labeled "Editorial Use Only" which takes care of the situation with a single check. I also got that Alamy message and took the restrictions off 21 images, which I now regret. I shoot primarily travel, but that's a broad field. All too often, there's something in the image field that conceivably could require a property or model release. I always try to get the releases -- have binders fu
  8. Yes, they do. I have made regular sales of Christmas market photos, but not just lights on their own. Christmas shopping sells as well, so would (if you can do them) family at Christmas shots indoors with trees etc. I've also sold wrapped presents - in one case, I spent about £80 or some bath/beauty products for my wife, had them gift wrapped beautifully, did a studio still life while they were perfect and got a $300 fee the next gift-giving season. I also photograph certain seasonal gifts and foods and these have sold well enough. I never care at all about when in the year I put them on line
  9. This fits in with my experience. I have videos on other sites and the USA is a significant source of sales. There was a healthy rush before Thanksgiving and absolutely nothing since. I was coming to the conclusion that the USA had gone home for Thanksgiving and forgotten to go back to work, and that Europe was winding down early for Christmas. This is a significant change from previous years as December is usually quite busy for the first few weeks before dying down until mid January. A poor December for retail is also being reported in the UK press. Recovery. What recovery?
  10. Thanks Phil. In the case in point, it seems Alamy accidentally double charged a sale and to me that is not a sale nor should it show in sales column.... but it does.
  11. Paul, you never go in with all guns blazing - the first approach is along the lines of a polite request to ask if they have a license for the use of the image as you have been unable to locate one - then, in my case I no longer handle the 'messy' bit myself - having found it is far more effective to use an established license compliance company - and far less stressful. Don't knock the Getty guy because experience had told him that a high viewpoint was needed and he had the kit to do the job - that is what it is all about I'm afraid. ....and yes, it IS a time consuming job trying to ke
  12. I think this highlights why holding off till its reported is probably and sometimes the only option. Going in all guns blazing to a company that has licensed an image might end up putting that company off using the agency again, thus meaning a drop in sales for many others. It's a very messy business. On a more general point I for one have literally just stopped uploading to the news. I covered the Clutha tragedy in Glasgow for the couple of days and that was enough for me. I worked quite hard to get different angles, a different perspective and all the media were interested in was th
  13. Not the best qualified to comment here, relative newcomer, but here goes. I like your style, and, without wishing to start a war, would continue to upload black and white, I've sold a few. Not sure where you are going with all of those recent similars of frozen trees though; suggest you pick a few of the best and kill the rest. You probably need more people shots to get regular sales. Persuade your Uni mates to model for you. Nothing special, just natural looking photos of students around campus, in the bar, lecture hall etc. I would also suggest that you take some boringly str
  14. > You shouldn't complain though. 400 thumbs means 400 sales - looks good from just over 2000 images. I should add, that is over a few years, an average of a sale a week so not an income but a welcome top up to my commisioned work.
  15. Does anyone use keywords that suggest possible uses, as well as just content? A search for 'book cover' brings up a lot of images of existing books, of course, but also some images suitable for that use. Likewise for 'greetings card'. Does anyone have any evidence that this helps customers? Has anyone had any sales traceable to similar searches?
  16. I made a will a few months ago and other than my mother who would not know what to do with it and can't operate a computer anyway,I appointed an executor to my estate and leaving a percentage of sales to various friends. My friend that I named the executor and main beneficiary is very financially saavy and I hope she can turn it over in any way that works and make a fortune. Some best friends deserve your kindness long after you're gone! I'm divorced with no kids so no real options to leave it to relatives. L
  17. Well, it´s depends, in 60 years for sure nothing Thanks for the typo. Now that really was a Freudian slip! Seriously, it is worth thinking about will happen to one's masterpieces after one has moved on to that big stock agency in the sky. Hopefully, someone will be able to continue benefiting from all those lucrative distributor sales.
  18. Eight sales so far for a little over $500 total, a couple of lowball newspaper uses balanced by $149 and $175 uses. Pleased to see that the effort of recovering images from pre-2003 from a selection of DAT tape backups was worthwhile, some shot as early as 1997 on Leaf Lumina, etc, submitted as archive images as the size/sharpness actually doesn't stand up against modern digital methods (they made perfectly good full page repros though). First one now sold.
  19. Breaking News. Bleakness breakthrough - two newspaper sales for the princely sum of not very much at all. ( Might buy a bag of chips).
  20. FIVE sales in the last half-an-hour !!!! Best $3.23 and worst $3.20 - now about that "Best Turkey in the Shop".............more a case of who's the turkey......
  21. Hi Chuck Despite my meanderings in the world of cameras I came back to the original premise. A tiny camera that is capable of passing QC. It will come with me when walking the dog,canoeing, bushcrafting and in the mountains. It can also live in the car so it is almost always with me. This is all part of a plan to shoot more for alamy in my quiet times. The cost of the Nex 5a is covered by may last two Alamy sales. Time will tell how much I like small cameras :-) ATB Mark
  22. Got one sale last month for 6,83$, so after all commissions had gone off there was 2$ left in my pocket. That'll get me a sugar cube in my cappuccino... But also one for 130$, so... That's slightly better. (although the "client" had entered a printrun of 25,000 and print only, when -being subscribed to said client- I happen to know that they have a printrun of 335,000 and that the image was also in the online edition. Alamy didn't seem to be too bothered by it and basically (not in those literal words, but between the lines) told me I should be happy with the sales, because these are markets
  23. Does the Government get a tax form at the end of the year for photo sales from agencies and who do they pay taxes to or what government fund does it go into? Does the Gov even have a tax ID as a business? Never thought about these things before. Just curious. L
  24. December 'tis the cruelest month. No sales yet here either. The weather in Vancouver is bleak as well.
  25. Photography darkroom kit sales ‘largest in five years’ You could be part of a trend!
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