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  1. Double sales are often for academic textbooks, one for the student version and one for the tutors. Andy
  2. Expect to start out at a middle ranking until you have some sales. Paulette
  3. What really matters to me is how high I'm ranked where I'm making the most sales. I usually just search for images I know that have a strong showing here on Alamy and use that as a feel for how I'm ranked.
  4. Well done Mirco that must be a nice feeling... I stopped uploading to micro in about feb I think, and started to upload to Alamy ( although I did my first 4 images in the beginning of 2012) and started shooting new stuff have just about reached a 1000 images on Alamy...I am pleased with my 1000 so 3000 must be a really good feeling.. good luck with sales....
  5. I wonder does anyone know why alamy does not include publication details and usage dates in their sales information?
  6. Hi fotodogue - have you considered that some researchers have favourite sites and these may be distributor sites. Alamy content is not searchable on the internet, only on the Alamy site itself. Have you also considered whether this may reduce your CTR and, even without sales, effect your ranking as a consequence. I visited a small paper called The Guardian recently and was told that they receive something like 35,000 unsolicited pix on a quiet day, nearer double if anything is going on. Unclear why you want to reduce your visibility in the market place, but you no doubt have a reason.
  7. Well done Mirco and Lynne. It is nice to hit those milestones. Congratulations and best of luck with sales.
  8. First thing I would say is that unless you are rock steady and the subject is motionless or you have a good tripod? You are not going to get a sharp image with that lens and a shutter speed of 125. Did you use a good lens shade? I do not use zooms without a shade, I even have several hand made shades for my 80-200 and 35-70 that are tighter than the factory ones. I also never use filters over the front element.
  9. Say wha' fotoDogue Think they be speakin' da English on picture desks all over the world. I've sold images to Japan, for example, via Alamy as direct and distributor sales. Best RW
  10. Maybe you misread my post. I opted out of English Language distributors. I presume if they can read English on, say, a Canadian site then they can read English on Alamy. After several years with Alamy I've had 0 sales through North American distributors so I'm probably not missing much either way.
  11. As others in this thread have said (and I notice a few I have emailed/phoned/skyped and vice versa) we do share tips and a lot of information, but primarily between people we regard as our peers. Like any other industry its useful to keep in touch with your 'competitors' as a small piece of information that is useless to them might be the key for you and vice versa. I was in Nashville a couple of years ago having dinner with a few music industry professionals (I was there to photograph an album creation). They mentioned a lot the 10,000 hours rule. Its a sort of unwritted rule that for anyon
  12. Hi fotoDogue, I think you miss the point. By opting out you miss sales............. end of story. I understand that some clients may look at images that are not available to them via distributors but it is important to understand that with Alamy your images are not viewable to clients if you are not on distributor scheme in their particular country. Unless they go direct to Alamy - which many will not do. This is due to language/loyalty issues. It's easy to be too precious about our images - I know that and used to subscribe to the view that my images were somehow sacrosanct. Well, so
  13. I opted out of English Language distributers since I've never had any sales through their sites though they still have some of my images on their sites. I also wonder about the reasoning behind North American distributors now that Alamy has a New York office. Im still sticking with non-English language distributors since some of my distribution sales are higher than newspaper sales in the UK. Just because you opt out of some doesn't mean you have drop them all.
  14. If it was purely the low fees, I may have stayed in, however the poor reporting is the last straw - only about 30% of the sales credited without my intervention. One of the sales was over a year old and I lost out more because it was used when we got paid 60% of the fee, by the time I found it and told Alamy they had changed to the 50% model. After spending all the extra time contacting Alamy etc. the fee was just not worth the effort.($x.x) I would not mind the low fees so much if I had got more sales, the irony may be that I was getting more sales but I would not know because of the bad re
  15. If you buy a lotto ticket you may win £10 or thousands. If you don't buy a ticket you are guaranteed not to win. I've yet to meet anyone who sends back the £10 prizes. What I struggle to understand is why be on alamy and then opt out of sales categories if they are not performing for the moment. dov
  16. At this point I'm not interested in assignments or in online identity, but I did set up my own "stock" website with e-commerce through PhotoShelter a few ago. It gives me the opportunity to occasionally lease my work at decent prices and not have to pay big commissions. Last year I did quite well with fairly regular print sales and downloads, including a direct one for $650. However, this year has been something of a letdown as I've had only a handful of sales. There is no doubt that selling images on one's own is getting increasingly more difficult. Still, my PS site only costs about $20/mont
  17. My best chance of sales are via live news as once they go into the stock pile I'm sure they drop to the bottom page due to a crap AR I opted in to a couple of territories the other day to see if I get anything from them but stayed out of the UK newspaper scheme as I just don't see the point of a sale at $6 or less. I'll give it 6 months as an experiment to see if they earn more abroad, if at all. I've had quite a few zooms recently and one of my psuedonyms has a CTR of 2.33 against the Alamy average of 0.51 but still not a whiff of a sale. Alamy Rank is a dark art and I've no idea ho
  18. I opted out march this year due to the peanuts being paid but find distribution sales are still showing up on my account. Last one in august for $14 !! I have complained to alamy but am still awaiting their removal from my sales activity and feedback from the distributor(S) concerned. Its 6 months since I opted out - how much longer till I am PROPERLY opted out ?
  19. Actually most of my sales has come from the weather needs of Alamy. It's a very small edge of a very big wedge though.
  20. I don't know about that. I think the annoyance about the scheme is simply that the rates are significantly lower than non-scheme rates. As an individual you might not see a massive uplift in *your* images being used - therefore one sale at "normal" rates makes more than several at newspaper scheme rates. Alamy however either see an increase in usage or spend from papers in the scheme - or at least prevent or delay a move away from Alamy to other agencies who do offer subscription. The potential upside is that - Live News images get picked up at full rates because the paper is used
  21. In the "How was your August" thread I said "Average month with 36 sales but generally poor prices so not very encouraging. Hoping sales will pickup when summer hols are over." My first sale in September was a nice 4 figure sum - extremely encouraging. Never give up. Pearl
  22. The papers are spoiled for choice of images and opting out will not be noticed by them, only by you. The only solution would be if we ALL opted out. Even then I suspect that they could buy all that they need from other agencies. What bugs me even more than the prices is that one has to chase to get the sales billed. dov
  23. Today had a NU sale for $1 - ugh!! Average sales value, including the NU, for this month above average overall. Frustrating, funny old business isn't it. This was going to be my retirement businress too. At this rate I will need to start saving. dov
  24. Had some problems last night when searching for images and I have had the same difficulty in the past. When trying to identify the shooter for a particular photo you occasionally see the same model used in a different context, with an indication there are more similar images by the same shooter. Clicking on the number of images link should show that person's relevant collection, but last night it just flicked back to the start of the search. Further, the new page command was not working properly, only the turn page button at the top of the screen was working, that at the bottom would no
  25. I've never been a big fan of the RF model, so 99% of my images on Alamy are RM. However, I'm thinking of adding more RF images since the pricing seems much better, and RM licenses are starting to look more and more like RF anyway. Just wondering, is the price calculator more closely adhered to with RF sales? Are the average returns really any better than RM? Thnx a million, -John M
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