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  1. I’ve been posting images to Alamy for a couple months now and I’m trying to make sense of how to optimize my keywording for improved views, zooms and hopefully sales. So far I’ve kept my keywords focused and fairly sparse to avoid coming up in searches that don’t fit the image. I’ve been perhaps a bit too successful since I’m also not getting loads of views and zooms…or sales. I’ve been reviewing My Alamy and find that with few exceptions the majority of searches are simple one, two or three word searches that result in thousands of views. Common words like “race”, “white cat”, “jellyfi
  2. No, mags are not part of the newspaper scheme. Allow up to three months waiting time also for these sales to be reported.
  3. I have several pictures with a agency that supplies alamy.I have never been informed of any sales.Is there any way that I can check for sales using the alamy picture reference codes.
  4. Can anyone please tell me if magazines are part of the newspaper scheme. I know they take around 3 months to report sales, Is it the same for magazines as I had a magazine sale last month that has yet to be reported.
  5. From my experience i would have to agree, edited collections are more important for sales over quality, most quality issues are very small and with a little work can easily be corrected by the lithographs when proofing the images. I supply a couple of archives who edit my material are less fussy with QC and sell a great deal of my images on a regular basis. Cheers, Paul. Yes, my experience is similar. I've never had an image rejected by an edited collection for technical quality issues. However, given Alamy's "open door" policy, I guess they have to be extra careful. They ne
  6. From my experience i would have to agree, edited collections are more important for sales over quality, most quality issues are very small and with a little work can easily be corrected by the lithographs when proofing the images. I supply a couple of archives who edit my material are less fussy with QC and sell a great deal of my images on a regular basis. Cheers, Paul.
  7. Thanks everyone for your responses. "Welcome to the world of stock photography along with the other millions of photographers." Actually I've been doing this for a bit of time I think the reality is that places like Alamy have followed Chicken Little believing the sky is falling Back when Tony Stone was around very few companies were needing images compared to today were not only does a Mom n Pop company need to have a dynamic website ,companies need to have energetic blogs etc all requiring colorful art to attract viewers. The need for photography in the commercial world has never
  8. Paulette this has happened to me a couple of times recently. Once, I was using net review to check on sales and a new sale had appeared. As you can't tell at that point what the image is and being curious, I copied and pasted the Alamy reference number into the main search and strangely the system showed there was no image with that reference number. Thinking it may be because it was a cut and paste job, I tried manually inserting it and still no image. I tried all the usual things, logged out and in again, double checked the number one was a 1 and not a capital 'I' - all to no avail. As my en
  9. Does anyone know where to find a good comprehensive list of upcoming newsworthy events (marches, protests, demos, memorial services, etc) in London? I know of several different places for film premières, and the Met Police have a site listing upcoming demos, but only those which are likely to cause traffic disruption. Bits and pieces can be got from various newspapers and local TV news, but it's a bit hit and miss. I have been up to several events recently and got some good pictures (and, more importantly, sales) but I have equally been frustrated by only hearing about such things afterwards
  10. Well done But were those direct sales or did you loose -70%, like I did? Cheers, Philippe Direct . . . and no refund involved :-) dd
  11. Drum scanners were designed for the repro industry and often introduce unwanted hidden processes, similar to using sharpness and NR controls in raw conversion. 5 x 4 is actually over 12X the size of 35mm even allowing for a crop to 2:3 ratio. A typical drum scan would be at the resolution you indicate but with a view to reducing by at least 0.6X for reproduction to accommodate rosette pattern CMYK - it did not matter if it was sharp at 100% because a full size repro called for a degree of oversampling (in size terms) to get a clean result (e.g. 300dpi image for 150 line screen). Alamy has to c
  12. Well, I'm hoping to continue improving my sales year on year but getting more and more subjects shot. The one thing that I do find wearing is the getting to and from places. On Thursday, the train went at 0545 from Tours to then arrive in Lyon at 0940. I know it's more comfortable than a plane but it's still as boring as heck. Just try to get in some sleep when I can. And you mentioned trying more handheld stuff. This is one of mine through another agency but here on Alamy. It's a local bakers and in 2 minutes I think I did around 20 shots. I found the speed at which the guy was worki
  13. Looking back over my 2013 sales, I see now that I have two other German leases that were non-distributor, so it looks as if it's a mixed bag. Consequently, I'm going to stay signed up for the German distributors. It's a tangled Web we've woven.
  14. Most recent: Country: German Speaking Countries Usage: Editorial Media: Textbook - print only Industry sector: Non Profit/ Education Sub-Industry: School/College Print run: up to 10,000 then 3 months later, exact same photograph: Country: Germany Usage: Editorial Media: Textbook - print only Industry sector: Non Profit/ Education Sub-Industry: School/College Print run: up to 10,000 similar amounts both times, three-figure sum. I like German sales. dd
  15. I had 4 German sales pop up in the past two days ($45.21, $45.21, $77.51, $47.84) all were distributor sales and none were of old library. One says Media: Television. That's a new industry for me.
  16. Yes, I un-ticked Germany for distributor sales a long time ago (and more recently I un-ticked every other country - too many poor fees). Chris
  17. I'm not sure what you mean. I look under Summary of Images Sold. An image that sold to a newspaper was not showing up at all for many months. I knew it had sold because I found it by Googling My Name/Alamy. I eventually emailed member services. From what they said it would have eventually shown up even if I hadn't contacted them -- but who knows. I recently had a couple of nice sales for books and they seemed to be reported promptly and were in my Summary of Images Sold but it took a while for the money to appear in my Balance of Account. So I knew I had the sales before the money actually cam
  18. Thank you everybody for your answers. Zooms are not a guaranty for sales, it is reassuring
  19. I agree with Charly. $700 sounds quite low to me since I've had a number of one-time non-exclusive editorial sales that exceeded that amount. Back in the last century ASMP would recommend 3x the licensing fee or the amount you might expect the image to earn over a lifetime. Granted some images earn more than others but I'd think a buy-out fee somewhere between $3000 and $10,000 per image is fair amount. Of course most clients won't pay that much which is why it's Better if they simply choose the images they're likely to use than buy-out the entire take.
  20. My apols, Paulette is correct - they do report before they pay, but there is a variable duration wait before the sale is reported (in my case from no delay to 3 months). Looking at my last 4 sales the date of invoice is the same as the date reported under the Summary of images sold.
  21. I was mostly an agent for about thirty years, but have pretty much reverted to being a photographer these days. Put together a quite a few deals over the years; every one was different, but the format remained similar. Actual buy-outs were rare, extended rights over a longish period more likely. Perhaps I might have been a little hasty in suggesting any figures; might be too high, might be too low, only you and your client have any idea about the potential earnings of the photos. Do lots of other photographers have coverage? Non-mainstream historic buildings can make sales, but the pix do
  22. Thanks, Bryan. I actually found another zoomed one on a Brazilian webpage.... The thing is there is no way about when and from which agency were downloaded the photos...both of them were already downloaded in the past from other websites. Another thing, the client has 3 months in which to pay, but shouldn't sales be reported under Net Revenue>Date of Invoice? Please advise, if you know more...thanks!
  23. Thanks! Today I checked my views and zooms and found there were a couple of fresh ones. Tried to google the thumbnails and one of them led me to a website, and here you go my photo! Now the questions are: - How do I know if it was dowloaded from Alamy in the past 1-2 days and is not coming from another website? - If is an Alamy unreported sale, should I contact Service and let them know? Nothing is showing under Net Revenue... please advise! Ciao, V.
  24. Hello Everybody, I find it useful that people post their sales here, so thought I should share mine! August was modestly good. I had four sales grossing $719.86 - which is a net of about $340 or so. This is with just over 3,000 images. I rejoined Alamy last year and I am not overtly impressed with the sales performance and find that certain image sets appear so buried in the results that there is very little chance of them being licensed. As it is a hugely time-consuming site to work with, I will not abandon uploading new work, though with a return of roughly £0.40 per image/pe
  25. I think it's a major revenue stream for Alamy but not for individual photographers. A few $6 sales a month isn't a major revenue stream.
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