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  1. The last month I had an abnormal number of views passing the 20.000. It doubled the average of the first three months, when in previous years (recorded data from 2009/2012) April is in fact a weaker month than the first quarter, thus under the average. Yet, the number of zooms are in line with the average of the three first months and not far from the 2012 overall average. Anyone experiencing a huge surge in the number of views? Or can this be a kind of "curse" of the Creative collection when we get the images counted when viewed in it, and then recounted when the client selects t
  2. My best month - 7 sales for a gross $331 from about 1,700 images. Not a get rich quick scheme but added to other sources it is a useful contribution.
  3. Absolutely HORRID! The worst month since March 2009. Only 5 sales that when I subtract the alamy and distributor's share leave me image commissions smaller than my "Single Downloads" and Extended Licenses programs at Shutterstock. So, at this point I'm having sales with a higher price in microstock than with alamy.
  4. April 2013 - Best month ever on Alamy; zooms up a massive amount - but they do not always covert to sales - in fact few sales are zoomed! Only two sales but high, total sales = the best month ever Will it be the same in May?
  5. Mine was a mixed bag - only 1 sale ($51) after 7 in March and a BME 8 in February. But i've had the most views i've ever had in a month since I started and zooms are holding up. I also went up a couple of pages on BHZ to page 2 and I got a payout, so not all bad news. I'll just have to keep uploading! John.
  6. Well said losdemas. I have no intention to share my images online too. I think pinterest is ok for promotion of your products in sites like zazzle. Few days back i got 2 sales (custom messnger bags) for 80$ each (to me) and the buyer came to know about my products from pinterest. Flickr.. yeah i have also deleted all of my images except some which are in getty. Most of my images were stolen from my flickr gallery only
  7. No matter whether its RM or RF.. i am getting same low price for my sales irrespective of their license types.. yesterday i got 2 RM and one RF ( Indian distributors) for same price.
  8. First, congratulations for your first sale! Anyway, I hope the second one and all the others to come will be much more interesting in terms of earnings! Unfortunately, this is the current real world of stock photography. I was involved with Getty Images' flickr collection and after having realized how ridicolous sales were, I decided to quit it and same did lots of pro photogrpahers. Just to give you an example, I got 14 USD for a 1-page size photo published on a Lonely Planet guide of Italy!! Sad but true!
  9. The problems in the UK for stock photographers with falling sales values are small compared to long term stock photographers in the suffering section of the Euro zone. I have heard from a friend in Portugal of the crisis there. Tax increases, cuts in benefits and falling income - these are not people who were fiddling and involved in corruption - the financial dealings in the major banks seem more and more to have a lot to answer for. To Jose I would say, do not make your images available for free download - those who would steal your content will continue to do so, and those who pay would
  10. I had one refund from a sales for almost a year ago. When you play in someone's backyard so have to follow their (unwritten) rules. Such is life and there is really not much you can do other than suck it up.
  11. get used to it; prices will keep falling as will sales as the stock houses get diluted with more and more similar photos. Too many photos chasing falling prices. Not much incentive to keep shooting. Just about everything has been shot. You now have to have the best shot of that particular need. Quite difficult. Try selling your shot of the Eiffel tower?? Gotta deal with the buyers perception of what he/she thinks is the best one.
  12. Few zooms end up as sales and I have many sales that never were zoomed as far as I know.
  13. Another sale this morning - No Zoom .................. over 12 Zooms in the last month none selling ... Yet!
  14. It all hinges on 'diligent' as a term. My feeling would be that if nearly all your images are on Alamy, you are pretty safe - or would be once Alamy makes the image database more readily indexed by at least one of the picture-comparison utilities (whether it's Google Images, or Picscout, or Tineye, or some future image-matcher). The government's agency should, perhaps, fund the research and creation of a new one, intended just to find any match to an image and flag up copies which include metadata or a watermark (harder) and throw up a copyright not orphan warning. People are saying that F
  15. Agree. This would be a very useful feature in getting a handle on the kinds of images that are successful on Alamy (without having to keep manual records of zooms etc). It would also be useful to be able an image's search history and find out (a.) which search strings it had appeared under, and (b.) which of those in a had resulted in a sale or a zoom. This would help in culling unproductive keywords - which would help to keep searches in Alamy relevant. David
  16. Mongoose - Congratulations on your sales - You haven't said what your images actually sold for but I would expect they would be much less than the price calculator would suggest - this has been the case for a long time and reflects many things including particularly the abundance of images available worldwide, and bulk deals which Alamy has made in order (I presume) to keep business. In addition the Czech rep. sale is likely to have been through a distributor so you will get 30% rather than %0% net value. I am afraid that would seem to be the way it is at the moment Kumar Sriskan
  17. This was covered a couple of days ago in another topic regarding disappointing sales - probably not forum etiquette but I'll copy my response.... Welcome to the world as it is ! The price calculator is there to give you a warm feeling - there are now so many 'deals' and 'arrangements' and 'special clients' that I have not seen a sale that matches the 'calculator' - ever! This is a sale to a UK newspaper and the rates still seem to be dropping slowly - I suggest that you e-mail MS and ask specifically for the information in this case - it actually does us all no good to splash price sensit
  18. Hello people! I 've had some RM sales in April, 2013. But prices seem to me very low. I've checked a couple of sold images what should they cost if I buy them. This can be made on specific image page on the tab 'Custom pricing'. Here are the results: 1. Country: United Kingdom Usage: Editorial Media: Magazine - Print only Print run: up to 100,000 Placement: Inside Image Size: 1 page Start: 01 April 2013 End: 01 May 2013 Placement Inside print, includes online;Any size up to DPS flat rate Should be sold for US $ 345.00 Actually was sold for several times less! 2. Country: Czech Rep
  19. Also not working for me with Chrome again, I get the endless 'loading' thumbs. The sales page also does not show the thumbnail image now.
  20. I was in a similar situation some time ago. There is no quick fix but I created a new pseudo with just a few images then added any images that received zooms in measures. After about 6 months the new pseudo had a few sales, quite a lot for the number of images, so it jumped up to page one in the ranking. I was then able to transfer images into it which I am doing gradually. Pearl
  21. Mmmm, interesting read, I don't pretend to follow all of it but we are certainly not powerless. Our collective decisions are important. These para stood out for me: The duplication of collections accounts for 82 per cent of the total increase of 49.8 million images Only 18 per cent of image growth can be attributed to original material The growth of image stocks is driven generally by non-original content from sales partners rather than by original content. So if we duplicate our own images are we not competing against ourselves in a bidding war? If we supply same (non-exclusive) imag
  22. Could you, within "Alamy Measures">"Your Images", tell us our Alamy Rank as well as our CTR, or tell us how to work it out ourselves. I do recall the simplified formula being in the guidelines as Views/( Zooms + Sales ) over a 300 day period, but many forum entries suggest that there's much more to it than that.
  23. Sometimes I hesitate to give advice because I consider myself one of the less experienced photographers here but I have had sales on fewer images than you have and I am in a difficult specialty so I am going to tell you what I would do. I suspect you are not doing your keywording thoroughly -- with plurals and ideas like "family" or "father". I sometimes go on sites like Getty to look at the keywords they use for subjects I have. I like your images and I suspect they are more saleable than mine are. If you look in Measures for "All of Alamy" you can get an idea of what kinds of search words pe
  24. Danny, your eye works fine, and your technique is mostly good (I do see some pointlessly underexposed images, but not that many). No sales at all? That is a shocker. Try asking yourself (aloud at first) what is the subject and the point of this picture? And try to come up with a second subject other than walking around your town. Do you have any landmarks near you? Shoot them, for godsakes! I think too many present-day stock shooters favor backstreets over obvious cliché subjects because they feel they have been totally covered by others. Get in the mix—go shoulder to shoulder with those
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