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  1. I've got 58% landscape and 39% portrait with 3% square ones but sales over the last 12 months are 71% landscape and 20% portrait with 9% square. The low figure for portrait surprises me. I'd never thought about it before. John.
  2. Grim - nothing at all until the last week, then two insulting $6 sales and a final $85 sale on the 31st.
  3. Quite a good month for me with 5 sales very evenly spread, totalling just under $300.
  4. Not really a recommendation, since I have a D700, not a D800, but, even though I could find no good reviews and almost no reviews at all on the Nikon 24-120 f/4 with VRII, I bought it. The sales person at Adorama had a refurbished sample on offer at a savings of $200. I bought it, then tested it, and found out two things. 1.) The 24-120 turned out to be very good indeed. And 2.) I thought to myself: always ask about a refurbished model, because that sample has been hand-tooled by Nikon technicians and not just off the assembly line.
  5. Hi guys! I think this thread is duplicated in the thread entitled "May sales" which started first .... Kumar Sriskandan
  6. Only been on Alamy 2 months no sales , still building stock. $81 every little helps
  7. For me, not a bad month, five sales, fairly evenly spread, totaling just under $400.00!
  8. 5 sales for $507.87 However, one sale of $330 was the same image that sold the month before for the same fee and same usage (except for the dates) so I wouldn't be at all surprised if one of them is refunded.
  9. Poorest month for a while 10 sales with very low returns
  10. Six sales bringing in just over $350. Can't complain too bitterly. Similar pattern as reported above, everything in first half of the month.
  11. May was close to average for me. But like Reimar, the first half of the month was much stronger than the second half. Had 19 sales for a gross of $1,269. Highest sale, $180 and lowest $10. About an average of $66 per sale.
  12. Same for me. Till the 13th regular sales and then nothing. Worst month for me since April of last year!
  13. 5 sales on the last day of May for total of $500 so happy days. All of them for use by Channel 4 television. Marc
  14. I'm not with Getty. However, from what I've heard from another photographer, Getty ends up paying their contributors a pittance for sales made through FAA. Better keep an eye on them.
  15. Me neither. I've tried the 'if you vote for mine I'll vote for yours' games and apart from now not being last in searches (as I was when I first uploaded images), it hasn't done me any good in the three months or so I've been there - not a very productive use of time. But maybe I just haven't been there for long enough or uploaded the right kind of photos (mostly I've just uploaded straight stock, but I'd probably be better off giving photos a more arty treatment; HDR seems to do well there). The other thing to consider is that there's no upside. I've had a four figure sale and a good numb
  16. May was very disappointing for me. Down from 4-7 monthly sales which I'd been managing for a while now right down to 2, and one of these was $6.05 gross: "Digital usage includes archive rights for the lifetime of the article."
  17. Yes, as Ed says. It is relatively unusual to get requests for unique use of your image, but it's more money if you get one. If you submit the same/similars elsewhere, it's up to you to keep track of where each has sold. RM sales may not be reported for weeks or months, e.g. here on Alamy, so if you were ever asked for an exclusive use of an image, you'd have to contact the agency concerned in case there's a sale you didn't know about.
  18. The one I had this week: Country: Worldwide Usage: iQ sale: Magazine, editorial print and digital use, repeat use within a single issue Industry sector: Media, design & publishing Start: 30 May 2013 End: 30 May 2018 gives no clues whatsoever as to where it might be published. It's a magazine. ..seems a little odd that when Alamy are promising contributers more info on usage that IQ sales seem to come with less.
  19. Plenty of Scots, or Scott-ish, in the US. If you haven't got a pic of their ancestral home, no-one has. There is also ARTFLAKES, which is more UK/Europe-centric. I've never managed to make any sales through them, but some people do. Their website is much clunkier than FAA's, however.
  20. I have now asked them a number of times in last few days to look at this issue also. Absolutely - maybe thats why sales are so hard to come by - the images are invisible!
  21. Interesting - I had the same problem yesterday and was told that the technical team were looking into it. Nevertheless today still the same and many of my images not showing as you have described. Have informed member services again! May make it hard to get sales if clients can't see the images!
  22. No sales at all for me in May...Did have two nice ones in the beginning of this year, and will try to get that back. So, working quite hard now in adding pictures.
  23. David, on FAA you set your own prices, which depend on print sizes. I have mine set from $15 to $150 profit (i.e. my share). Some photographers have set their prices much higher than this, though. You also make 10% on accessories -- frames, fancy paper, etc. Sales for me are sporadic but still worthwhile. My last sale made me about $100. You might have a point about obscure towns in Scotland.
  24. Thanks for asking the question. I'd never bothered to work it out. It turns out that outdoor ('travel') shots are mostly vertical (just over half) but studio shots are mostly horizontal (c70%) I am taking even more vertical outdoor shots now since I bought battery packs with vertical shutter release buttons. (see photo, left!) Of my last 60 sales, 39 here horizontal, 3 square and 18 vertical.
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