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  1. I'm definitely seeing more sales in the $20-$35 range. Although I also had three good ones (over $100) in August, which helped bring the average price up.
  2. Ed, do you think that removing some of the similars (e.g. the car shots and Lake Powell) might improve matters? Just a casual observation from someone who knows b-all about CTR. Cheers. Both the car shots and the Lake Powell images are newly uploaded...so they should be mid-ranked for the next 6 months and should not be a factor in CTR yet. My other observation (especially with the car shots) is that "similiars" are based on keywords....not on the appearance of images. If one does a search on SCCA Car Race, then yes, I have multiple similars with 428 results out of a pool of 483 images.
  3. Lisa, if SONY RX-100's small size helped you capture your photos, especially after earliest page, that's a definite plus - strikes me mainly as a good example of how a photographer who gets to STRONG (news) situations, and uses STRONG skills to effectively capture the scenes, can make STRONG sales - even when using a basically adequate camera.
  4. Excellent sales this month averaging out at $100 each. Sold one pic three times same day for $700. V. pleased. Kathy deWitt/Alamy: http://tinyurl.com/n9djvmr
  5. August started off poorly for me with four refunds (discussed in "Loadsa Refunds" thread). However, things picked up nicely and I ended up with 13 new sales ranging from $21 to $225. Only one distributor sale in the batch. So all's well that ends well. Thanks, Alamy.
  6. Long ago when Alamy still published quarterly or yearly numbers of sales, they gave a breakdown of editorial vs commercial. You may be able to find it in the blog. (I can't) wim
  7. Interesting to say the least. Guess I wrongly thought little sales for newspapers and magazines, but prolly the case for me anyway since I'm not with schemes/distributions. Thanks y'all
  8. Average for me - 39 licences for $2200 - average $56, some refunds and then sales of same image at a lower price at the beginning of the month which I think several people noticed Kumar
  9. 12 sales, best yet. Average slightly below $20 net which is the worst ever. Kind of like micro pricing for editorial or getting close to it. I'll have to try something different to try and get a bigger sale.
  10. Number of sales, close to average, 14 (after four refunds!)for total gross of $656. The average price has really dropped, now down to $47/sale...an all time low for me.
  11. Early in the month sales were pathetic, but the month ended by being one of my best for many a moon. Very pleased.
  12. 17 sales....Very good $669... That's £12.64 per sale net...very poor Leaving me feeling...
  13. Thanks Bryan, Contrast should have been OK even though I was using a longish (400mm) lens but fairly close. It was essentially a bright clear day (1/1000 @ f8-11 on ISO400). I have just had a thought that if I have the highlight protection setting thingy on that might be doing it. I must find the manual! I wasn't so much worried as wanting the in-camera jpgs to be usable without having to post process - I need to reduce time (and effort) from shot to submission as time oi of the essence if I am going to maximise sales opportunity through Alamy News et al. For instance at sports events
  14. Hello everyone, After checking many portfolios and reported sales of the photographers the way to be succesful here in Alamy is having a huge portfolio. And i dont mean 5000 images. My goal is for now reach the first 10.000 in half year combined with quality of course. I am qurious if somebody follows the same workflow like me. Since 1 year i am almost not touching anymore Adobe Lightroom or Photoshop. Only in cases when it is nescessary. My images are anyway like for in average 75% accepted by microstock agencies. It saves me a lot of time to not spend time with Photoshop or Lightroom
  15. I'm not really sure what you are asking but don't hold your breath waiting for poster, decor, calendar and book cover sales. And that is not a reflection on you images BTW. Pearl
  16. In five years on Flickr, have sold one pic direct as the researcher couldn't find the subject on Alamy. It was a good sale and I made more than I could have done through Alamy. I have over 1,200 pics on there and have 7 licensed to Getty and made my first sale through them this week, also for a better amount than I'd have received from Alamy. BUT... in the same timeframe I have made far more money from Alamy and made infinitely more sales, so I know where I'd rather be.
  17. Anybody out there who have some experience with online art sites, e.g, RedBubble / Saatchi, i am with both and not much is happening in regard to sales or inquiry's, thinking of trying elsewhere. Thank's in advance to those who can offer advice. Cheers, Paul.
  18. I'm a longtime user of Photoshop, starting with CS through the latest, CS6. Until recently, I had never bought, used, or downloaded a trail copy of LR. In fact, my 27" iMac is maybe 6 months old, so if I had installed a version of LR previously, it would have been on the old iMac, not this one. That's beside the point. I did keep hearing people swearing by Lightroom and finally got a bit interested in it. In March, B&H sent the weekly offering of sales and products via email. One of the things was LR4 for $79. LR5 had just recently been released, so I figured they wanted to clear
  19. I bet that its a great feeling. Hope it translates into sales. dov
  20. I have a free membership on FAA, with 25 images up. No sales yet (just a few months). I was surprised to find out how expensive their shipping was for non U.S. addresses. I fancied some artwork on the site and was going to order a small print for myself, for $22. However the cost of shipping to Canada was $23.50. I changed it to a U.S. address to check for a difference and the cost dropped to $4.95. I think that high shipping cost will make it harder to sell here.
  21. If your system works micro and you are happy with sales n stuff then no reason to change. We just prefer working raw all the time. Sure I might build my portfolio slower but each to their own
  22. Hi all - interesting stuff - I am waiting for notification of sales to the Times in January 2013, the Independent in July 2013 and the RSPB Magazine in July 2013. It is only through the posting of the great members on this site that I even know about the pictures being published at all. Well done and thanks to all.
  23. I have sales through Redbubble but not a huge amount but seem to do well around Christmas time. The trick with Redbubble is to get people to view your work to move up the rankings and the main way to do that is to view everyone elses work and comment to get them to view yours If that makes sense Regards Paul Link to my Redbubble below (should get a few more views)
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