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  1. The broader question is why are distributors that have been deleted as marked territories still allowed to sell my images? I have asked MS about recent sales to the Czech Republic but have yet to receive a reply.
  2. Hi Allan It's actually an optical zoom rather than a digital zoom. Digital zooms are normally rubbish whereas this optical zoom is excellent. Here is an shot I took on the first day of testing this P&S. This is Manly Aquarium on normal and the second taken from the same spot, using the optical zoom Not a bad outcome for such a little camera! Sheila
  3. Well I have made a decision. After reading the sales-reports from my other RF/RM agency ( been there since 1993), 27 sales mixed sales with my cut being, close to, 8K.Euro, Its no doubt in my mind that the Alamy traffic for my type of shots are pretty non existent or rather, my type of buyers do not come here. As I said before, my probable mistake was to try and work with two RM/RF agencies. That doesnt work
  4. Great suggestion Ed. Still the small specks do give a good sense of scale. The all important question nowadays is: can this one make it into the Creative section? Because I'm pretty sure that will boost sales a lot. And having to declare there are people in this shot - but no releases may well make that impossible. So here's the catch: better picture or better sales. I guess that's probably democracy at work there too ;-) wim
  5. A happy conclusion and nice to hear of good after sales service. Have a great trip.
  6. I think it would be wonderful to be able to click on the number of zooms for a search term in All of Alamy and see the images zoomed. It would help me when I am shooting as well as when I choose images to upload. I see which of my own images are zoomed but never know what was zoomed when mine weren't chosen. Paulette
  7. Photography is a second career for me, as, prior to 2004, I spent many years working as a research scientist, where repetition and accuracy were paramount. So, as a complete contrast, I was drawn to the more artistic/ creative side of photography. This may not be the best plan for shooting/ stock images, but I mainly, but not exclusively, shoot subjects that inspire me, or at least, interest me, in some way. This can include social and political issues, the rapidly changing/ evolving urban environment that I see around me in London, or just a beautiful landscape of some sort! I
  8. After four years, I still find it very hard to know what to shoot that will sell. My sales are not up there with the big boys, but what I have sold is very diverse in subject matter, from staged studio shots to stuff I thought at the time would sell, to stuff I thought wouldn't have a chance due to subject/light etc. Therefore it is quite hard for me to concentrate on a particular subject matter, not that it is in my nature to specialise. Just over 50% of my Alamy sales are London-based, so I suppose I'll keep on concentrating my efforts there but I really do need to try and make more use
  9. What do we like to shoot and what sells best? Those are the two big questions. As important, more important, is what we can shot. I might want to shoot Paris at dusk . . . but I'm not in Paris, and I will not be buying a ticket to go there. I'm in NYC now, so whatever subjects I choose will be in this city. Half of my Alamy sales have to do with food, food that's ready to be eaten, restaurants, produce and so on. The best images are the ones that sell more than once. In the past, I have not always taken the time to do the best shot I can. I work too fast. I plan to do better with that.
  10. Good to hear. Now all I have to do is make about 60 more HuffPo sales so that I can afford to buy a NEX-6 body. I too have been successfully submitting images from my NEX-6 since I first got it at the beginning of the year. I tend to use it more than my NEX-7 because the noise control is better. Ed, I seem to remember that you also have the original NEX-3. Have you noticed any increase in the amount of noise at ISO 400 (and sometimes even sky noise ISO 200) with this camera as it gets older? My NEX-3 seems to be either deteriorating or acting up in the noise department.
  11. Yes, these are definitely "hybrid" sales. Traditional RM is going the way of the Dodo by the looks of it.
  12. I asked the forum to look at my site and tell me if I should continue with stock or not on the old website..One gentleman even sent me a message stating he would answer questions but I lost him when they changed this site...Anyway, I just sold another picture and it is definitely because of him and each of you that answered me. All of you told me to change my keywords. I did and my views are more each day. I get more zooms and I just made another sale...So thanks to all of you for your help...
  13. I face the same size, and especially the weight struggle. I love my EOS-1Ds3 but is now juust too heavy for me as a travel camera and have been planning to get a 6D for travel. However I am wondering whether I am putting of the inevitable and should bite the bullet of a much smaller/ lighter system. But I have a major investment in EOS kit built up over many years. I could go back to the old 35mm days and justr carry three primes, 24 or 28/50/135 - need to check whether that would be lighter than my usual pair of zooms. I have toyed with the idea of an OM-D (and like the feel of it) or eve
  14. I also agree with the above however the end result could be fewer sales but higher fees or in the worst case scenario no sales and no fees as the newspapers could just switch to other agencies. I would like Alamy to broker a deal that achieves a balance for all parties, and still give us the option to opt in or out. Regards Craig
  15. I hope nobody gets the impression that if they aren't in the newspaper scheme they won't get any newspaper sales. I have never joined but still sell to the papers. How the numbers and fees would differ if I did.........?
  16. Nope, it is a $29 sale. It is my first Huff Post sale. I recognised the sales information from other posts.
  17. I do too - well sleuthed, Iosdemas. It's a bit too late to track back through my sales and view them on a phone but I will do so in the future. Huff sales can be around $29 (?) but I wonder if this sale is lower, reflected in the fact that it's only viewable at a small res/size? Rgds, Richard.
  18. Yes, I had a rare Saturday sale for ITV use this past weekend. Country: United Kingdom Usage: Editorial Media: Television (editorial) Print run: up to 2 transmissions Placement: Use within body of show Start: 11 May 2013 End: 11 May 2018 In my experience sales are lower in April May picking up in June. Maybe due to end of tax year? Kathy Kathy de Witt/Alamy: http://tinyurl.com/btjds2o
  19. Good to hear. Now all I have to do is make about 60 more HuffPo sales so that I can afford to buy a NEX-6 body. I too have been successfully submitting images from my NEX-6 since I first got it at the beginning of the year. I tend to use it more than my NEX-7 because the noise control is better.
  20. Good to hear. Now all I have to do is make about 60 more HuffPo sales so that I can afford to buy a NEX-6 body.
  21. I had four of these $29 specials pop up yesterday. The "multiple placement" designation probably means that the HuffPo (I assume) can use these images on several different pages of their own websites only. At least these sales come in batches and aren't distributor sales. They usually clear quite quickly as well, I find.
  22. I had thought this month was being slow until 3 sales popped up this morning. But I wouldn't say it is because sales are picking up, just the usual way things go - there are always quiet times and busier times, at least for me there are.
  23. This month is better than last month, with three so far, two of them being RM sales comanding good prices. But it is my personal experience, that monthly sales totals can vairy quite a bit!
  24. I have just had my fourth sale this month pop up today, and we are not half way through. Just as I was loosing faith in ALAMY, stock photography and life in general, .....sob sob, this came as a boost to my moral, as well as a small boost to my dwindling funds! That said, I shall probably have no more sales this month! Has anyone else noticed that sales are increasing?
  25. Interesting thing about those low priced sales to the Czech Republic and their Slovac twin is that I meet Czech photographers here in Stockholm at the Ice Hockey World Championship. They carry the same Nikon D4 and Nikon 200-400 4.0 zoom lens as everybody else. Just that combo is 10000 GBP on the hoof. Can their papers afford that becouse they pay us peanuts or what?
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