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  1. I was away for a few weeks getting more images and doing a pre-shoot for a non-profit event coming up that I'm the photog for. Today I noticed 1 of my images has sold, but not sure if I get the $30 or less. Might someone enlighten me please on how it works? Thanks! Country: United States Usage: Editorial Media: Editorial website Placement: Single Placement Image Size: up to full area Start: 01 July 2013 End: 01 July 2014 $30 Must say, I might have to think about taking down my microstock accounts. It took a whole lot more sales and 6 mo. to reach $30 on one of them, which saddens m
  2. In my experience, refunds are usually re-sold immediately at a slightly lower price. I put this down to a price negotiation with buyer asking for a discount after a number of sales had been agreed. I had an unusal one recently, a sale on 26 June for $44-64: Country: United States Usage: Editorial Media: Textbook - print and e-book Print run: up to 10,000 Placement: Inside Image Size: 1/2 page Start: 01 May 2013 End: 01 May 2014 The sale was refunded and re-sold on 15 July for $37-94 The odd thing was that the details were the same except that the country was now Brazil instea
  3. My two largest sales at Alamy are for the same image, same use, presumably the same buyer, but a few years apart: 2008: $695 2012: $620
  4. So should I expect a refund coming? Tonight I had two sales with same specs, terms and fee but they are of two different images that are super similar RM, just a slight difference in a woman's posture who is fairly small in the frame. Why would a client use two nearly identical shots?
  5. Well half (and then one-third) of quite a few download licenses (depending upon size & quality-level) may still be almost equal to what one gets for a $30.74 sale (not talking of 'novel use' still) reported in this thread. Besides the alleged $30.74, I have had sales of (gross) $8.89, $12.35, $10, $12.14, $12.35, $23.79 etc. And, when one get 5-10 sales a day at iStock even during such 'sales promotion', the overall ROI may not be that bad. Add to that a few video clip licenses every week or two, and the score doesn't look all that pathetic. In terms of licensing, talking of RF there (at
  6. John, do you mean you reduce the percentage by 55% on the Photoshelter pricing profiles? I've reduced mine a little but not by that much - and not that it's made any difference either. Rgds, Richard. No, I set the pricing at 55% (i.e. a 45% reduction). This seems to result in reasonable (to me) editorial fees. I have commercial prices set at 60% (40% reduction). Last year I did quite well on PS, with consistent print and download sales. This year has been a different story, though. I made a few print sales at the beginning of the year but nothing since than. I've had very few new cus
  7. OK, I'm not an expert here by any stretch of the imagination, but I'd add things like: young, juvenile, wildlife, animal, portrait, mammal, grass also add plurals (elephants, etc.) and to broaden the sales area: active, activity, adventure, holiday, vacation, etc. Try to think laterally about all the various markets where it might sell. Then type in 'african elephant' into the search engine and let it give you some suggestions. Try to get your image returned on more extensive search terms as well as buried at the bottom of a huge heap for a simple search term. A search f
  8. Another positive vote for the appearance of your photos, but you are limiting yourself with all of those lovely scenic views devoid of people. As has been suggested, do a search for what sells in your (also my!) area and target your photography so that it is more commercially attractive. As John pointed out, mundane, but of interest to the general public will generally do better than beautiful and artistic. if you start to get some zooms and sales from editorial use in the newspapers your rating will increase and give you a better chance of selling some of your more attractive photos for m
  9. I use Fotoquote regularly- As to weather or not the prices given in the application are 'valid' is largely a question of what you shoot, who your clients are, and how much you value your own images. I regularly submit quotes using nearly 100% of given rates (sometimes higher!). There are of course some clients who walk away. Many more who accept the prices I ask. The big benefit of licensing direct is just that: You make the calls. You value your own images, and you decide how much each individual sale is worth for you. If the client doesn't like it, they may walk away. So you have to
  10. My first sale took 14 months in April 2010 after starting in Feb 2009, and I reckon I had about 130 images at that time. Despite thinking I had made the big breakthrough, things still went slowly after that (only another 2 in 2010 on 350 images) but picked up when I got to around the 1,000 mark and since then I have made 2/3rds of my overall sales. I now average one a month and while I had hoped for better at the outset, I now realise from the advice and experience of others on this forum that it is a pretty decent return on a relatively small portfolio of around 1,500. Keep submitting
  11. Images with variety, not similars, well processed, but often without any obvious editorial or commercial intent - that is, pictures for photographers, not for other users (photo magazine stuff). I have pictures with the same or similar subjects and they have sold, and generally they are not in such good conditions and do not use such obvious photographic technique. You have for example done a very catchy graphic effect from a Canon camera, but what's it for? And you do need to be more informative on captions - having just 'the sage' pop up as a title for a building which the entire world does
  12. 113 pix in "a couple of years"? Try uploading this number every week or two, for a year or two... and you'll make plenty of sales. Some terrific pix (Saltburn surfer, Malham Cove, etc), though, from my own experience, the pix that sell best can be quite prosaic... rather than the beautifully-lit landscapes...
  13. A good question, one can say yes and no. Its all changing a lot these days, and not for the better, when we started with Alamy, we had a good chance of making sales with good strong images for sensible prices, these days with the "pond" getting so huge with an unedited 38 million images. Alamy are now putting the onus on to the photographer to be more responsible for the marketing of their own images with more keyword requirements and various other keyword refinements. Correct me otherwise, but in my world my "Agent or Library' should be doing this as part of their 50% oh uhm 60% We photograp
  14. Exactly the same thing happened with a friend on mine. Even the sales/refund figures are exactly similar. Just see : 31st July Rights Managed Country: Worldwide Usage: Non-Editorial Electronic and web uses Media: Corporate website, single design Industry sector: General business services Image Size: Any size Start: 01 July 2013 End: 01 July 2016 5 years multiple web use incl. personal screensaver use $75.73 5th August Sale Refunded -$75.73 5th August Rights Managed Country: Worldwide Usage: Non-Editorial Electronic and web uses Media: Corporate website, single desig
  15. I use 55% of FQ on my PhotoShelter website, but sales have almost completely dried up this year. Last year I made a $650 -- of which I got to keep 90% -- corporate website sale directly through my PS site. Chances are pretty slim of that ever happening again, I'm sure. P.S. 100% FQ would have been accurate in the 1990's.
  16. John, I agree the whole publishing thing has gone downhill. I still write but I was looking at syndication as a means of getting multiple sales from essentially the one story (sell it in UK, US, Australia ...). That said with so much online that may not work either. I have frequent contact with professional writers internationally and those that have adapted still make a respectable living; those that haven't are struggling. Any one else have any comments, ideas?
  17. I guess this has been asked many many times. Am i doing something wrong or are my images just not up to scratch. I have been uploading images on and off for what must be a couple of years now. Not sure when i joined though. I still want to keep uploading images in the hope that i get a sale eventually but its a bit disappointing when i have had no sales in all this time. Should i be looking at having thousands of images available ,Should i be filling in the "main keywords" "comprehensive keywords" as well as the "essential keywords sections. Should i be filling in a description, location and
  18. What is the criteria for happines? Rights Managed = Yes Charity activities = Yes Opportunity = Yes Actual sales = No Policy on image credits = No Sales not converted into my local currency upon sale = No (Means I need to do additional calculations at tax year end) 3 and 3 to sit on the fence.
  19. I would hazard a guess its much more likely that the *vast* majority of images on alamy are not getting sales, or will rarely sell again, and the small percentage that does sell is what gives them the turnover. It would be interesting to know what percentages of images are selling
  20. We've posted a response in the 'Ask the Forum' thread but will copy it here for reference: ------------- Hello everyone! It seems a good time to step in here having read all the comments so far Having a ‘closed’ or ‘private’ forum (or forum section) pretty much goes against everything we want to achieve here. We recently re-launched the forum and the format you see it in now represents how we believe it to be at its most valuable – open and transparent. Communities and social media in the modern era are a wonderful thing. The emphasis lies in openness and sharing. Excluding peopl
  21. Hello everyone! It seems a good time to step in here having read all the comments so far Having a ‘closed’ or ‘private’ forum (or forum section) pretty much goes against everything we want to achieve here. We recently re-launched the forum and the format you see it in now represents how we believe it to be at its most valuable – open and transparent. Communities and social media in the modern era are a wonderful thing. The emphasis lies in openness and sharing. Excluding people from the conversation based on how ‘experienced’ they are or whether or not they have a certain amount of imag
  22. I use LR4 and shoot in RAW. On initial processing I flag images as accepted or rejected. On transmission to Alamy I transfer the jpegs into a separate file and use colour purple. After keywording I remove the accepted flag and purple and transfer back to the project file. I also delete the rejected images totally at this stage. On zooms and sales I add a star each time. Zooms are coloured yellow and sales red. I duplicate/triplicate etc images when I run out of stars ie every 6th and for yellow and red. I can access any of these scenarios through Smart Collection to get an overview. Its
  23. I had a sale last week for the low price of $75.73 for a world wide license for 5 years. The sale was refunded today and the same buyer purchased the same photo for $30.74 for a world wide 5 year license. How can the buyer obtain a refund an than buy the same photo with the same conditions for a lower price of $30.74? Is this the price we can expect to be payed for a world wide 5 year license? Alamy ref Your ref Pseudonym Date purchased / refunded Licence Details Amount CXJM2G IMG1136 Aruba (05 August 2013) Rights Managed Sale Refunded $ -75.73 CXJM2G IMG1136 Aruba 05 Au
  24. I used to be happy but I am not any longer. I want my agent (alamy) to stop giving my work away for peanuts. I want to be able to set a minimum selling price for editorial print sales of $50. I would like to do this with other agencies as well, and until photographers are given this option then we will all gradually go out of business. There may be plenty of images that are available for less than 50$ but I should have the right to set a minimum selling price for my own work. If you sell things on Pond5 you can set your own prices.. some people sell complex videos for almost nothing but I pri
  25. I'd say rather important. Firstly because the news images are searchable in the news section nearly right after your upload and keywording... Secondly because sales may not occur the first 48 hours - but a lot later - in articles or for use in books, etc. - when the images have been transferred to your normal portfolio. But the extensive keywording can be done a little later.... Most of my news sales occur later, if you pardon the contradiction...
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