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  1. Guys, that's exactly the problem. As a new contributor I can only look at recent sales and at the portfolios of established members for guidance. However there are a number of posts in a couple threads urging a tiered system and implementation of reviews for content. I don't support a tiered system but I do support self-policing for two many similars, poor framing, etc. IF there is a problem with with the size of the Alamy collection and IF it is due to too many images that will never sell as some suggest, it appears to me to be a problem for most contributors both new and old. I've received
  2. If you are in the newspaper scheme then you could pull out of it. Which could result in less sales. Regards Craig
  3. I've rejoined novel use because these sales now look quite healthy in comparison
  4. This is by no means a rhetorical question... but how could you know which pictures won't sell (or, conversely, which pix will)? I take note of my sales, in choosing which subjects might be worth shooting. But, even after amassing 7,000+ pix here, I really can't guess which of my pix will sell next. A lot of my favourite pix haven't sold at all, while a few pix have sold many times. In short, if I was to cull my Alamy collection, I might be deleting pix which could sell next week. I wouldn't know where to start... The only, and best qualified people to know what will sell out there
  5. This is by no means a rhetorical question... but how could you know which pictures won't sell (or, conversely, which pix will)? I take note of my sales, in choosing which subjects might be worth shooting. But, even after amassing 7,000+ pix here, I really can't guess which of my pix will sell next. A lot of my favourite pix haven't sold at all, while a few pix have sold many times. In short, if I was to cull my Alamy collection, I might be deleting pix which could sell next week. I wouldn't know where to start...
  6. I agree in principle with culling out the images that have no chance of selling but fear the tiered ranking system will serve only to keep newer contributors at the bottom of searches and off the sales page. This has been the result on another site where I contribute that favors contributors with more sales over those with none. I know I don't want to waste time and effort uploading images that have no chance of selling and I doubt anyone else enjoys it either. To avoid uploading unsuitable images I checked out established sellers first to see what kinds of images they are uploading. A
  7. Thanks for the replies, everyone. John, in what way a longer caption could help sales? I do not see the connection, but maybe you are right...
  8. For analytical purposes comparing one month is not really that useful, unless the analysis is how well you do for that month each and every year. It's too small a sample and can be significantly effected by peaks and troughs for that year. For instance, last month was terrible for me but this month has been extremely good. The net result if you add the two months together is a steady increase. If analysis is carried out across the full year you will not only be able to confirm if the year overall is poor but also spot trends in purchasing. I'm in the process of building an analysi
  9. Are you not concerned that repeatedly discussing your lack of success with Alamy on a public forum might be detrimental to your other business activities? Having read about your lack of Alamy sales and past struggles to get through QC, I would need quite a lot of persuading to commission work from you or pay to attend one of your workshops. Sorry to be so blunt.
  10. Last month I randomly looked back at April 2008. It wasn't a particularly unusual month at the time and I sold 11 images. In June 2013 I sold three times as many images but made $200 (gross) less than April 2008. It was pretty depressing when I think of all the hours of shooting and keywording that has gone on since - yes I have increased the number of sales but I feel I am pedalling backwards. Pearl
  11. I've uploaded only 750 images in the past year and, largely thanks to one good, and unknown, client who has made more than 30 licenses, my sales year on year remain constant. Notably, the average price has fallen somewhat, from $88 in 2012 to $81 this year. However, I'm thinking of trading my remaining old Nikon D300 camera for an artist's smock, an easel and packed of Gauloises to go with the French beret I already have. My painting output now makes me more money than photography (a painting I sold 50 years ago even popped-up on Facebook recently). And interestingly, for me at least, thre
  12. My sales numbers and income are also down from 2012. BTW, I think that expanding your captions might help. Many of them look too brief to me. I always try to use up all of the 128 characters.
  13. My collection may have grown by about 1000 since a year ago but my income stays roughly the same due to the lowering value of the sales.
  14. Hi, I have just checked my stats for the period of June-July 2012 and found out that zooms and sales are down. In the past year, I almost doubled my port in size and I am receiving tons of views, 200 are normal for a working day... In the past months I had an average of 2 sales per month. Really little, I was expecting a growth at least. Please, tell me that it's just me, that Alamy is still growing and there is hope for the future!
  15. Nick, nice talkin to ya - glad you have other outlets for your creativity. The last few months here have been very dry on sales; i find if i don't upload i don't get sales reports or $; kind of a curiosity? They probably think i died or something.
  16. There is a subject category that I've found is being ignored by many but should not be: cliché landmarks and icons. In June I went up to Fifth Avenue and 42nd Street to photograph the main library with the twin lions in front. I did it for a writer's Web site. I put some of those shots on Alamy, and low and behold, I've had two sales of them. Again, I wouldn't think to waste my time shooting the Empire State Building, yet from the one time I did, Alamy has made sales. Jools was complaining about not being about to find subjects in his city of Tours. Why not shoot some food? He's in France
  17. Nick, I just wanted to add this. I was almost 2 years with Fotolibra - particularly liked their "picture calls" and I was often chosen for light boxes - but had no sales from around 1500+ images. My image for whatever reason did not go well there. Few months ago I closed my account and moved some to Alamy. Of course, it can always be better but I do sell with Alamy - most recently an entire page in Guardian supplement - probably terrible money but a great motivator! Whatever you decide good luck.
  18. Nick, we've had the discussion many times. You know my opinion as to how to get those sales. A week or so ago you sent out on of your workshop emails and there was an amazing images on there. If I was you, would I put in Alamy? NO! That place we have talked about on many occasions has just produced another amazing quarter. One sale in there of £333! Come on Nick. You are savvy enough to see what it is you need to do...or do I need to come over from France to Cardiff to kick you up the bum to do it
  19. Hi Nick, I also have shots with FotoLibra, just short of 1400. I hardly ever sell anything with them, but regard FL primarily as a safe storage with the added bonus of possible sales. This I believe was the reason why Gwyn started FL. I also find it handy to download images, as my archive system is rather chaotic! Why don't you leave the shots with them, as they are not exclusive, even skip the quarterly fee and accept the 20% (or is it 25%?) cut! As for Alamy, I agree with "Addict"
  20. I've been at the crossroads for a while but the lights are still at red I'm still a newbie with stock so can't really give advice to Nick but it is soul destroying when you spend a lot of time loading images and keywording while your zooms go through the floor. I'm making an effort when covering news type stories of making sure I get some shots that can be used in a generic way as stock so hopefully that will help me get some sales. As DavidC, Addict and others have pointed out though, you will struggle to make a living on stock alone due to the crappy prices.
  21. Hi Nick.... I know my Pure landscape work does not sell as stock very often, even when I misguidedly placed them with micros. Since then I have change a few things to increase sales and to allow me to continue taking the shots I love. 1. Added people to my landscapes while out and about in the hills, seems to sell well in outdoor magazines, got the cover of Lakeland Walker for July / Aug. Images with people in the distance look nice printed as well 2. Decided not to go out quite as much.... by that I mean work on studio shots / concepts. I have split this between RM and RF. The RF is a
  22. Thanks so much everyone - you have all been really helpful. Lots of practical advice there! I do find stock hard (I never thought it would be easy) and it does get me down sometimes but those of you who know me know I will bounce back - just with a differing approach. I will read through your comments (twenty paces?!!) and reformat my approach/attitude. More shots->more variety @David - I was with fotoLibra from the beginning - it never REALLY did it for me. 43 sales in the last four years! Nick
  23. Here you go Nick - this is the secret to the whole stock conundrum - I realise that by revealing this I will lay myself open to abuse and plagiarism. Make sure that your collection is either specialized - or eclectic. Targeted or scattergun - corner the market in a subject if you can, or read the news, and create images to suit the consumers. Have a look at the crazy variety in my images - everything on the latest page from a courgette flower to toads via a few wild birds - taken within twenty paces of my back-door - plus a number of opportunistic shots. Here is the rub, the © of the vast
  24. Nick, fotoLibra despite Gwen's efforts just does not work for casual sales. I was impressed when he grabbed the Ordnance Survey map cover deal off other agencies and fed it to his photographers, and made lots of sales (OS used to buy from Alamy). But Gwen is not finding new deals every week and I for one seem to have dropped off his circular with 'image requirements' (perhaps because it's part of a kind of pay-to-play scheme?). He also found a lucrative channel for book covers at one point. I'm seeing a recovery if anything in values right now, so I am optimistic. But I do not sell many, i
  25. Ah! Understand now Chrissie! I would genuinely LOVE 5 to 10 sales a month and this is why I NEED to know what is possibly going wrong so I can attempt to fix it. I could try asking MS for a quick opinion but to be fiar they have better things to do. nick
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