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  1. For the past couple of years, I've been putting together calendars of recent travel shots using Lulu.com. I don't make many sales, but I find calendars useful for promotion. I'm fairly happy with Lulu. However, I'm wondering if anyone can recommend any other do-it-yourself calendar sites worth checking out. Merci beaucoup
  2. Be prepared for happy monday, miserable tuesday....................etc. There is NO consistent sales pattern so you're mind set should be in it for the long haul. Good luck. Nick
  3. I have taken in to account all the advice handed to me and i have also been doing other research. Photographs with people in them seem to be a good option for me as i do a lot of engineering inspection too and get in to some very good locations around the country. Some of the images i have just recently uploaded are similar i agree, especially the giraffes maybe i should delete some, The tigers i thought were ok as they do show different stages of him eating. I do have thousands of images on my pc but a lot have been taken with a different approach to stock, ie they were intended to sell as p
  4. Echo what Nick has said. With regard image count, there is the general consensus of having at least 1000 images of a good variety before you'll see sales. In addition, I would say to upload around 50 - 100 images a week if you want to get something.
  5. Hello Steven, Welcome to Alamy. I also joined short time ago and i am also waiting for first sale . I learned from Microstock sites that you need to have patience and keep uploading then suddenly the sales will come. Just keep going and dont loose will. I also am enjoying the extra freedom that a mirrorless camera can give you. It is also always with me so i will not miss quality moments. GOOD LUCK!
  6. Hi Colin - has the performance of your Churches and Monochrome images improved since you integrated them in your main pseudos? Are there enough of them to hold back your ranking in your main pseudos? How much competition is there for these pixs ie are there a lot of other pixs of the same churches? I have a non performing pseudo which is on the last page of BHZ on which I get regular hits and occasional sales. Food for thought. dov
  7. Not really sure why Alamy does not have the clout in news given its event coverage, I see very few images in Papers given that every event usually has an Alamy photographer in attendance. ???????????????
  8. What is all the fuss about? I bought a similar lens over 25 years ago, it then cost an arm and a leg, but it was a work horse and used almost daily; hell knows how may images it helped me with and bottom line it paid for its self over and over again. Early this year I looked at an upgrade - same lens 70 - 200 2.8 in Nikon - I could not believe how things had moved on; the optics were unbelievably better, the focus much quick, slicker and quieter and for me it is much better balanced in the hand. Do I regret the cost? Not one bit, if I again get 15-20 years of service out of this
  9. I for one don't claim it will increase sales - I staunchly believe that you increase sales by adding more images (more choice) and tightening up on keywords. BUT, if it helps me manage my portfolio (by telling me much more quickly that my coastal work is my best seller for example) then I am better placed to know what subjects to submit. I do NOT claim this to be an exact science - too many variables by far - BUT if it helps me refine and concentrate what I do, then it can't possibly do anything but help? It MAY help lift some shots for a while by middle ranking against the new pseudos? nj
  10. OK, now I'm really confused. It sounds as if having a bunch of pseudonyms is useful for organizing images and keeping track of CTR, etc. However, there doesn't seem to be much evidence that having pseudos leads to more sales. But I'm probably missing something here.
  11. I used to have about 6 or 7 pseudonyms but found them to be counter productive. The problem I found was that a subject specific pseudo can have a very low rank and slip so far down in the searches as to be effectively non existent. So my churches and monochrome pseudos were completely lost to view. I now have just two pseudos, one for travel and the other non-travel. That way my poorer selling subjects like churches will not be relegated to the very bottom of searches and will be buoyed up a bit by my better selling subjects such as city centres. How this has affected my sales I can't say but
  12. Check with MS for sales activity on that image. If none, see if you can find a cached version of the site. Would you care to share the image reference so we can have a look? Edit- nothing on the waybackmachine since june 12.
  13. I make a note of all zooms and sales for each images. I often find that in a set of similars one outperforms the other. I then keep that one in my main pseudo and the others in my nonperforming pseudo. I am not capable of determining what the buyer is looking for but respond to what is happening. dov
  14. If it is 20% off the list price I think that is a great idea. Most of my sales are discounted by a lot more than 20%. Good one Alamy - this should get prices back up. Good to hear that Alamy are doing promos on our behalf. dov
  15. "Let's hope things turn around sooner rather than later." Hate to sound pessimistic, but I don't think that image prices will ever turn around. If they were based on the price of gas/petrol it might be a different mater. It seems to go up and down like a yo-yo (at least where I live). All we can do IMO is soldier on and hope that the quantity of sales steadily increases and helps make up for falling prices and lower commissions. I'm approaching official "retirement" (it'll never happen) age, so I will soon be depending on my Alamy, etc. revenue mainly for extra -- but much-needed -- income
  16. Hello everybody, My name is Mirco Vacca and just started to send to Alamy. I have many RF images also on microstock agencies but since i am doing more street photography i think Alamy is a better place for me. I see people making not much sales here but aslo others with 1600 photos selling 20 licences per month. Off course it depends on the quality of your images. I want to give it a try. Feel free to check my portfolio. I am happy to get opinion about it. For sure i can learn something from you. Thank you very much . Mirco
  17. I sympathise Sheila. I would have made the same decision. You cannot be asked to agree to an unconditional sale without knowing the price. I think there are some very interesting views in this topic that raise related issues too. I am pretty new to stock photography but even I can see the industry is under extreme pressure because of an oversupply of images and I sometimes wonder how Alamy maintains sales in this super competitive market, but I hope they continue. I have a small number or images on Shutterstock & iStockphoto that I put there to test whether I could indeed make
  18. I have 13 pseudos, all of different sizes and subjects. I find it useful and it's interesting to monitor their sale/zooms/CTR and subsequent BHZ placement. Doe's it make any difference to sales? Who knows, maybe, maybe not.
  19. To be honest Ed, I only did this last week (following some very helpful advice from Alamy MS) so it's a bit early to tell if sales will improve. I have also revisited my keywords, which, I guess would have MORE impact on sales. Sure I could have not done the 're-pseudonym'ing' and just done a visual check on my sales but this just gives me a discipline to follow and keeps me on track. I bash stuff in but up til now haven't really managed the collection as carefully as I might/should.
  20. I'm wondering, Nick: has using pseudos improved your overall sales? Of course, maybe you can't accurately make that determination.
  21. Thanks Maurice!! I am seeking to increase my Alamy sales turnover and am running a spreadsheet with sales details against each of my pseudos. I'll trial this for a while and see where it goes. nj
  22. There have been numerous posts on this topic and, having read them, I now use pseudonyms as follows: Each of my shots gets categorised into: FreespiritCoast FreespiritCityscapes FreespiritNature FreespiritTownsVillages etc etc This enables me to very easily run through all my sold work, identifying strong/weak sales areas. So far, FreespiritCoast has sold the best, and FreespiritLandscapes the worst. So, I will put greater emphasis on Coast (and TownsVillages) and less on Landscapes, Cityscapes and Transport, for example. To many of you this may be a no brainer but it certainly helps me f
  23. If it's 20% off at the checkout then we could assume that we will get the split after the discount. I am personally happy that they are doing some sort of marketing incentive it could stimulate everyone's sales minus 20% of course. Regards Craig
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