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  1. An above average CTR has to be a good thing. You are obviously doing something right. Hopefully sales will follow but bear in mind that you do not yet have many images in your portfolio. Good luck anyway dov
  2. Nice one Nick. Thanks for sharing. How do the $8.30 gross Alamy sales compare. With 500 of these I may be able to afford a lens!! dov
  3. Yep! i kid you not, don't know where i am going wrong with Alamy my sales are low and slow, compared elsewhere, my downfall might be that i have only marked a few areas in the distributor scheme. I admit that i do get envious when i read the how was your month threads, some people do very well with Alamy! Have a good one everybody. Cheers, Paul.
  4. With a good CTR, it's nice to know that buyers are taking an closer interest in some of my images, but whether that translates into sales is another thing. Most of my sales are not from clicked zooms. Dave
  5. Activity registers but isn't reported over the weekend (look for the 'last updated' date and time, top right). You have to wait for Monday (usually morning) to see the weekend's views and zooms. As for 'ready' images, there has been a recent change - they now go on sale 24hrs after being made ready, whereas before weekends didn't count.
  6. I have not read the entire thread, however i am sure that many have said you have to get more on Alamy, it is a numbers game the more you have the better the chances of a sale, as you can see i have over 7,000 with Alamy and i battle to sell 10 images per year, i am not having a go at Alamy, it is todays market with so many images and archives out there it will always be tough to make a lot of sales, unless you have the numbers, so get very busy start shooting and uploading. Good luck! Cheers, Paul.
  7. I realize I'm pretty new myself, but I would suggest you slow down and rethink your tactics.... This morning over coffee I looked over some of your images. Did you know that any image that has even a persons finger in it and doesn't have a model release needs to be under RM license? You have images with people as RF and in fact the majority of your images are under RF. Curious as to why that is exactly and why you didn't opt for RM? And if there are people in it w/o a model release they should be considered Editorial. Now I realize many don't follow this rule, but it's in place for a reaso
  8. I have sales but my CTR is only 0.16 and it's not really going up much. So honestly I no longer know what it all means. I have the same amount of sales as I had before when my CTR was above Alamy's average. The only thing that I am noticing different is that my views went way up in the past few months or so that's why my CTR is so low but he amount of sales is the same. I get more sales than zooms.
  9. Be optimistic but it doesn't necessarily mean sales will come out of it. It probably means that at least your work has been viewed, along with others, so there is an increased potential, but in and of itself, it doesn't mean a sale - or sales! Good luck anyway nj
  10. though no sales my CTR jumped to 0.86% and 6 zooms is 0.86% good or bad ??
  11. Mirco One other point following my rant above - true stock photography is about the 'long game' that is images that can sit be search and sell for years to come; just this week I have had two zooms on images taken over 20 years ago. If you are looking to build a quick collection to make a quick buck (to use our American friend phrase) you are in the wrong business!
  12. I recently found one of my photos on a foreign magazine website - multiple monthly uses. Seeing that the image only sold once and the usage was for placement in print media, thinking this might be a second separate sale, I reported this to member services who thanked me and investigated. So what was the outcome? They refunded my original sale and re-posted it with a new usage description at a lower sales price, gee thanks for the kick in the ass Alamy. This was a distributor sale, the difference a few bucks. You would think that since the error was the distributor's fault, they would bear
  13. I have 4 sales, 13 Zooms, and 6402 views (only been on ALamy for 9 months). I would reckon half my pics are strictly editorial. I've started limiting the amount of similars I'm putting up because I see views as the devil, zooms interesting and sales even better. If I have a category of picture or loads of the same I avoid taking anymore, unless I can better it, usually adding people, emotion or a story to be told. It's a lot harder than it sounds but its a lot of fun and very challenging. Got to take my hat off to those living off Alamy funds.
  14. With the newspapers and there wesites consider yourself lucky if they are reported as sales at all, unless you find them yourself.
  15. I have often read stock is a numbers game and while I do agree to some extent, not sure that is the "end all, be all". If one has up 10K images of things not wanted by buyers than what good is it having that many? I think figuring out what is a good sellable stock image is and having it uniquely different for all the rest is more important. Then again I'm very new to all of this and could be all wet. At one of the microstocks I recently left, I averaged about 7 sales per month with less than 200 images up. Too bad I got peanuts for them, let me rephrase that I got grains of sand, but now
  16. Yes, I know how newspapers sales are reported as I got many of them so far. I had a few doubts about Sunday Times. Standing to Google Images they published my photo which is available only through Alamy. Well, better I ask Alamy.
  17. Hello everyone, Since i am new here i have still one question of curiousity. When a client downloads a image from me does the sale will be reported inmidiately?
  18. A sale was reported in my account with these infos today: Country: Worldwide Usage: Internal print & electronic communications - single design, 1 year Industry sector: Media, design & publishing Start: 23 August 2013 End: 23 August 2014 I uploaded the photo and Google Images found it published on Sunday Times edition last July though the details of the sale do not mention any newspaper scheme. Are sales for Sunday Times reported in that way standing to your experiences? Stefano
  19. Hello everyone, After checking many portfolios and reported sales of the photographers the way to be succesful here in Alamy is having a huge portfolio. And i dont mean 5000 images. My goal is for now reach the first 10.000 in half year combined with quality of course. I am qurious if somebody follows the same workflow like me. Since 1 year i am almost not touching anymore Adobe Lightroom or Photoshop. Only in cases when it is nescessary. My images are anyway like for in average 75% accepted by microstock agencies. It saves me a lot of time to not spend time with Photoshop or Lightroom
  20. Thanks Pearl, but all of the newspapers already know what the rates are and it refers only to the Newspaper Scheme.......it is the general sales which are commercially sensitive.
  21. I'm thinking of diversifying into a new line of cast iron underpants for the likes of your good self Mike ! Yes this is in line with what has been negotiated for us by the downward spiraling sales teams - just feel happy that yours was printed - if it had been ONline only you would be celebrating a sale worth just under $4 !!!! Had your image been sold when it was in the Live News section you might have got more, but once it reaches 'Stock' then you get a pittance under the "Scheming Newspapers Rates" - I was a night picture editor on a Fleet Street biggie and the then managing edito
  22. Any feedback from other contributors selling into newspapers would be appreciated.... Just had a sale reported for the following: Country: United Kingdom Usage: Editorial Media: Newspaper - national Print run: up to 750,000 Placement: Inside and online Image Size: 1/4 page Start: 01 June 2013 End: 02 June 2013 One use in a single editorial or advertorial article used within print and /or web versions, with re-use of the article in other titles or web versions within the same newspaper group. Digital use includes archive rights for the lifetime of the article. $XXX (gros
  23. If you are claiming for alamy sales you do not need the numbers Under ISSN / ISBN / Bar code enter '00000 00000' Under Title enter 'Alamy' Under Issue number / cover date enter (for this year's claim) '2012'. then send them a sales spreadsheet by e mail Kevin
  24. I'm in the process of submitting a DACs claim but need some ISSN/ISBN or Barcode numbers for some of the publications (I've got tearstrips or limited sales info for each, but unfortunately they don't include the ISSN or Barcode no.). These are for sales that weren't via Alamy. Does anyone have ISSN or ISBN or Barcode nos for the following UK publications? (I've searched on-line and these are the only ones I've failed to track down). Gardening Which Magazine Your Garden Magazine Ideal Home Magazine Thanks in advance. Mark
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