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  1. Nice to see sales keep going, another two today mid and low mid $$
  2. To help the people more expert than I, you may have to clarify your definition of 'very low sales'
  3. That's near impossible. Zooms are easy, because they show up the next day here, if you click on your pseudonym and then sort on zooms - highest first. You can do this for the whole of the current/rolling year. Sales are a lot harder because not all sales are made by the client using one of the keywords. One way clients used to do it was by the Alamy ID#. However those results are not shown anymore. Clients do zoom images this way too. Also filtered out. Which is why lots of sales happen without zooms. Visible zooms that is. Years ago these did show up, that's how we know. Too much us
  4. Hello, It's something I don't understand here about the Commission/charges. I have total sales of $764. But the total payments for me were $122. This means commission / charges: -627.71 USD! Because no one at Alamy answers this question/perplexity, I ask you what do you think about this? Anyway, that means over 80% REAL commission/charges here! Why?
  5. I have had no new zooms for about 15 days now. Very unsual, as my zooms have been fairly consistent for years as has my ranking. Three images sold in the same period (not zoomed, or at least zooms not registered). Anybody else experiencing the same crash in zooms numbers?
  6. The positive news for me in 2020 is its my best ever year for number of sales , and some 15% more sales than the previous best year for sales
  7. Does anyone know if it's possible to check through the dashboard if an individual image has been sold, at any time, by Alamy. I've one or two oldish pix appearing on websites and before chasing the user, it would be helpful to exclude Alamy as a scource. Many thanks.
  8. I don't mean to start another dreaded "complaining" thread, but I am curious to know if I'm all alone. Surprisingly, my CTR has held up well during this very strange year. However, it has been falling like a stone since September. December could also be my worst month ever for zooms. CTR from my dashboard graph: September -- 0.63 (average for me) October -- 0.47 November -- 0.41 December -- 0.25 Anyone else seeing a similar drop in CTR? Curiously, this fall from grace hasn't affected my sales that much -- nine so far this month, wh
  9. Quite the opposite for me, ten sales so far this month, none of them zoomed as far as I can tell. Only nine zooms for the month. I've had more than that in one day. CTR evaporating. No rhyme or reason, but could be a lot worse... 🙄 Happy holidays to everyone. ✨
  10. The first month in many, many years with zero sales! 😐 I have found uses waiting to be reported, and the year as a whole exceeded last years sales. Heres to a healthy 2021. Webby
  11. As Paulette says, you don't need a release for anyone or anything as long as you say you don't have one. The images will still be able to be sold for editorial use. I do not have a single release. All my sales are editorial.
  12. I uploaded 1600+ images on the site , on here from January and not one sale? got images elsewhere andI made sales , about 100 a month but the same shots with 20+downloads have made nothing on here , I find this a bit strange. if the shots were no good they would not sell somewhere else? I am not making mega bucks , so far about $300 this year but it helps paying for equipment / insurance etc... any tips how to proceed here or would it be better just to give up and delete all my shots on here. thanks Andre
  13. My tests have shown that caption has most weight, then supertags, then tags. Caption plus supertag gives the best results. I do think the sales record of an individual image makes a difference. Paulette
  14. The "extra time" taken to caption and keyword every image accurately is what makes the difference between making regular sales... and seeing your pix fall to the bottom of the barrel...
  15. I had an uptick in sales after getting the numbers up to close to 900 and haven't had a sale since late June and not many zooms. I've deleted some photos, replaced some with better edited versions. Any that should be deleted or re-edited. Any thing missing in captions.
  16. 2020 - 16 sales for $581 gross 2019 - 8 sales for $339 Definitely moving in the right direction. Hoping to upload many more images in 2021.
  17. Only a high $ distributor license (editorial website), but it's good to see some end-of-the-year activity. Only four sales to go, and I'll hit my monthly average despite sagging zooms and CTR. 😉 Mexican Day of the Dead altar.
  18. Well, you seem to be one of the few people with simliar amount of pics on sale. I have only very recently started going through most in order to 'optimize' them, as I almost exclusively uplaoded to Live News in the past, and hence none were optimized. Lets see if it makes much difference: TBH, I see most my sales from the China pics I shoot mainly. They fit into categories often used by editorial clients, and hence often get used over (smog, housing bubble, construction...). I think this might actually be key to getting more regular sales, shoot subjects that are repeately in the news, have
  19. 35 sales for $576 gross. Double my 2019 sales! But it gets me walking about and talking to people.
  20. I must admit to multiple checks during a normal day. More than multiple. Many! Too many. I think it would be better to resist and check maybe only a few times a week but can never manage that. Or perhaps just once a day. Not sure of the psychology of it. Seeing a good sale obviously gives a good boost. Seeing a pathetic sale often is worse than nothing. Almost. Nothing is worse than nothing. 🤔
  21. Nowadays, because the majority (perhaps vast majority) of sales are for web usage, there is much less of a need for large images and upscaling would be pointless given that the uncropped images are already large enough. I have never heard that about lowMP cameras. Not saying it is wrong, just that I have never heard it. Back in those days of minimum 48MB images, there was no sharpening at all permitted so I think maybe Alamy QC took that into account. Images did not necessarily have to look pin sharp - they just had to look like they could be properly sharpened. As
  22. Not a bad year for me in the end, although December was rubbish due to a sizeable refund 😞 2020 - 84 sales for $2,088 gross ($996 net) from an average of about 5,200 images on Alamy 2019 - 67 sales for $2,041 gross from an average of 4,500 images on Alamy CTR% has been climbing steadily for last 5 months and is now above 1, so I'm feeling optimistic about 2021. Happy New Year to all. Mark
  23. Very slow month, only 15 sales for $457. 1 x $$$ and CTR of .5. Given the Coronavirus pandemic, I'm surprised that there were even 15 sales! Here is to a more optimal 2021! 🍺 : -)
  24. My average for the 661 sales in 2020 was $28. (and that included one sale for $2200 !!) Kumar
  25. Sales up 86% Revenue up 80% Av sell price $24.18 (boosted by a couple of $$$ sales Uploaded 2145 images this year. This is not my day job but it is my passion and the reason I pick up my camera. Being out shooting is my happy place and I get such a thrill when I land a sale. Happy NY to all and the the Alamy Crew. Hopefully the introduction of the vaccines will improve life globally for all. Stephen
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