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  1. I am having a wonderful month. More sales than I usually make and two of them are three figure sales so this is definitely my best month ever. So lovely. Paulette
  2. Notice in the window of Manchester Metropolitan University's Cambridge Hall, Manchester, uk. On 25th September the media reported that Manchester Metropolitan University, Manchester City Council, and Public Health England had instructed students at Manchester Metropolitan University’s Birley Hall and Cambridge Hall to self isolate for 14 days. This followed a surge of Covid 19 cases there. Country: Worldwide Usage: Editorial Media: Editorial website Industry sector: Media, design & publishing Image Size: Any size. Just $ but all sales welcome. Signs do sell.
  3. 2 sales just dropped in on the 1st which is unusual for me. ROW Magazine - $$
  4. None for me... Very dull month, although had a few zooms come in so may end up with sales.
  5. You cannot compare RM agencies (even if RM/RF) with the vending machine that is microstock. At traditional/'macro' agencies, the actual useage needed to be factored in to the price for a licence. You wouldn't have been happy years ago to see your image used for a cover shot when initially the publisher was going to use it for an 1/8th of a page interior but changed their mind during the comping process. Now with micro you would get paid the same for a dl, not in what was the world of stock. So publishers paid on publication, not on download....download of course didn't exist....they scanned s
  6. Poor so far, a couple of low $$ sales - below average, but the month is yet young. Zooms not bad though, indeed positively stratospheric, compared to my normally desperately mediocre standard.
  7. I like wildlife and to be honest could not think of coping without the 1.4. It's a god send. In wildlife you can never have enough length. The 2 for me is something I can only use if I am attempting to photograph something within say 15 meters (small birds) and on a tripod, handheld it makes everything slow down and affects quality IMHO (I use Nikon BTW). As you are starting out at 200 mm I would just say go and use it a few trips and then come to your own conclusion whether you need it for the type of photograph you are wanting to take. If you do then the 1.4 is good with most lens but kee
  8. Not sure what's happening, but my last sale was in 05 Aug 2020. After that, radio silence....... Anyone?
  9. 3 sales for $158 (all exclusive). One $$$ among them. In Q1 of 2021 I reached and slightly exceeded the revenue of the whole 2020. Also my best month ever as for revenue.
  10. Hi Photographers, I have joined Alamy in September 2019 and made 2 sales within December while having only 4 images in portfolio with average optimization. After a dormant 8 months I started uploading more images from August 2020 and have tried to optimize each including the old 4. But I don't see any sales happening. Are my expectations too early or the optimizations have gone overboard? It will be great if you can visit https://www.alamy.com/portfolio/soumyajitphotography and share your valuable feedback. Thanks, Soumyajit
  11. Worse year ever to date...7 sales, max $21 and min $3....no reason at all to be positive!
  12. Things holding up ok here, zooms significantly better than late last year with CTR at a level I am more comfortable with now, one sale in the bag and hopefully a few more from some of this months/last month's zooms. Up until this month sales through Oct, Nov and Dec were higher than the amount of zooms I was getting. Views currently high as lots of searches going on for subjects I've covered heavily in the run up to the new year - covid-19/anti lockdown protests. To get an "average" month I'll need one or two more sales before Jan ends so fingers crossed. Interestingly
  13. I have had no new zooms for about 15 days now. Very unsual, as my zooms have been fairly consistent for years as has my ranking. Three images sold in the same period (not zoomed, or at least zooms not registered). Anybody else experiencing the same crash in zooms numbers?
  14. Hi Kostiantyn, Welcome! You have some very nice pictures, bright and colourful, simple themes. 1. Captions are searchable on Alamy and if you hover over a photo, you can see the caption without actually zooming the photo. I'm sure clients do this, so if you have short or incorrect captions on a photo, they will move swiftly on after hovering over the photo. https://www.alamy.com/contributor/how-to-sell-images/captions-and-keywords-for-images/?section=8" "Before you start, think about the potential use of the image and what it’s likely to be sold for, the more accurat
  15. 52 sales - an highest ever monthly total for me - but poor average prices yielding $725 gross / $362 nett. CTR of 0.97 with a total of 69 zooms. No $$$ sales, the highest being $49.99, with most clustering around high $ and low $$. Above average as a month - thanks Alamy - but that low average price per sale is a little disappointing.
  16. I got one of the newspaper sales the same as Gen (first post in this thread). Smallish $$. First licence of this image. Country: AustraliaUsage: NewspaperEditorial print and digital use. Any size.Any Placement.One time use only.Industry sector: Media, design & publishingStart: 01 April 2021End: 01 April 2022
  17. 56 for $1883 gross; better than recent average for income; 6 sales for $$$, best $250; three best sales were all for TV use so seems this may be a new thing, judging from this and other photographers' experiences? 138 zooms; CTR average to poor at 0.60 Hopefully onwards and upwards! Kumar
  18. I can't believe it. Another 2 sales dropped in, making it a total of 9 for the 1st April! This is my daily record. There probably won't be any for weeks now. Magazine to EU for mid-$$ Also a multiple seller. Presentation to the US - Low $
  19. OK for the current climate - $142 gross for 3 license sales. Consistent good zooms, only 1 of the 3 sales had been zoomed.
  20. Almost idential to December, January and February. However, sales volume is up, but revenue has virtually stayed the same. Only one $$$ sale.
  21. Bad month 3 sales, two being distribution, and one refund from decent sale prior month meaning a total Net gain of $3 worse CTR in months also.
  22. Definitely a WOW month for me - 5 for $364. 2 sales were low $$$ and 2 mid $$. Best month on Alamy so far.
  23. Poor month with 15 sales for $415 gross. Just one $$$ sale.
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