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  1. What I was hoping for was that these services provided some sort of a license checking mechanism. As a contributor, I don't get the details of where a specific photo sold by, say, Shutterstock or Adobe Stock is approved to be used. While I do track my sales and know how many times each image has been sold and for how much, I don't have a way of cross referencing that with the destination those sales went to. The best I've been able to do is mark the matches on the legitimate stock agencies I'm contributing to directly as Approved. But that's about all I'm finding I'm able to do...
  2. I just discovered that there have been 4 of this $0.15 sales of the same picture to China (oddly - phases of the moon during an eclipse). Perhaps their space program needs to know how to find the moon and they are not sure what it looks like? 🙂 https://www.alamy.com/image-details-popup.asp?Imageid=284BED40-D4B2-4849-9BA6-102EC99F46F2
  3. If you don’t have a good record of sales and legitimate uses, I think this would be incredibly time consuming and probably not worth it. As I have all my eggs mostly in one basket ie Alamy and almost all images are RM it’s relatively easy to keep track of things. I have a system within Lightroom to record which photos I have sent to a couple of other agencies. I imagine that, unless you start out with some kind of system to track which photos you have sent where, it would be nigh on impossible to use Pixsy or Copytrack. I do use the latter and have had a number of decent payouts from them.
  4. Lots of 15 cent sales in recent days. I would like to get an explanation from the administration under which license these sales are
  5. I'll probably do much the same. Shall also be pursuing my personal interests more. With the occasional spikes and dips, my gross income has actually remained fairly consistent, although the 20% drop in 2021 was worrying, especially since it was a good year for sales. It's more the steadily declining net income that fills me with doom and gloom. I can't see things ever returning to anything approaching a fair deal for photographers, quite the opposite in fact. 😧
  6. The beauty of using Alamy Lightroom Bridge is that you can spend endless time working out what sells from your portfolio. I’ve found that one particular annual event is my most profitable, with one photo within that clocking up 153 sales and over $1300, but even without it it is still the best thing for me to go to as much as I can. And one of the farms in East Lothian that I frequent is also a good earner. Edinburgh festivals get a lot of sales, but generally for pretty low amounts and a lot of time attending photocalls etc. Helps to know what to focus on.
  7. The only positive I can take from my statistics is that increased sales mean that the rate of decline in gross income appears to be levelling off. Motivation low, but I still quite enjoy messing about in PS and researching and keywording, so I'll continue to carry a (small ) camera and and pick the low hanging fruit. No more putting myself out, taking risks, or making special trips for stock photography.
  8. I found it interesting that one of two previous best years for number of sales was 2018. Total gross was $9425. Payout was $4776. 2021 beat all years decently for number of sales. Gross was $2629. Payout was $1176. Interesting that payout for 2018 was more than 4 X than gross for 2021 with more images. And payout is more the important figures than gross, since our percentage cut. I’m listing payout instead of net, because that’s what landed in my pocket for each year, including DACS.
  9. Tied with 2020 for second best year for total sales (153), but gross income was down 20% from 2020 and 34% from 2019. 🙁 All things considered, 2021 was my worst year ever for income since I started making regular sales. I made $1400 gross more (and I kept 60%) in 2009 with only 55 sales and probably less than 2000 images. Can't see myself devoting a lot of time to stock photography in 2022. I'm not Rocky and don't want to be. 🥊
  10. Off to a poor start on the 2nd when I had a sale of $1.67 gross. The lowest value licence I have ever had, followed by two more at the same price! Total for the month was 7 sales for $60 gross. Looking on the bright side my total number of sales 139, best year ever, In 2020 I had 127 sales. Total gross revenue this was 34% higher than for 2020. Reckon I will keep on doing this. . . . Peter
  11. I've just discovered I've got one of these infamous $ 0.15 Chinese sales too. I also got one of the other versions, the $ 8.82 sale. Both were dated December 31. There is clearly a Chinese publisher or reseller who has collected a gazillion low-res images for a few thousand dollars from Alamy. I guess Alamy's guys could know why. Just a curiosity, what the difference in price (0.15 vs 8.82) could be due to? In my case, both images are RF and low-res, both purchases were from China on the same day, but one reports "China, Magazine - print, digital and electronic" while the other reports jus
  12. Sales equalled my best previous year but gross income almost 40% down - far too many $ sales and only one $$$ the whole year. Not good.
  13. 8 sales for $154 gross so average revenue less thatn $20 per image.
  14. For the year, total 140 sales (NOT including those pathetic $0.15/0.04), my second best ever. Gross total $6715, better than 2020, but far short of my best year (2017). Average of ~ $48 per sale. 18 $$$ licenses. Highest $299.
  15. 28 sales for $1,133 gross - both numbers nearly double 2020. Average sale just over $40 gross. I'm happy with these results with my small port. 287 new images added in 2021. Hoping to add considerably more in 2022. Happy New Year to all!
  16. I was actually glad to see this post already started. My teeth just about dropped out last night when I saw 3 sales for the total of $0.45. Yes three sales at 15 cents each. They were all very small file sizes (sold) but that is just not acceptable.
  17. Sales volume at Alamy had been holding steady for me, but this year showed a substantial uptick, with 283 sales. Revenue continues on a downward trend, with $2279 net. Better than some (AS $1623 or SS $1195). I won't be leaving Alamy because of 0.04 cent sales yet.
  18. I had 103 sales in December for $532/190. 83 of those netted me 4 cents. Lets hope we've seen the last of those prices.
  19. Yes, without those Chinese sales, my month's gross average would have been $34/sale Had three +$$$
  20. Well, yes, but do we know that Alamy discounts these images when they claim the average is still around $35 (gross)? Do they have any right to do that? Including these pisspoor sales (for those who have them, China seems not to like my images, which at that price is fine by me!) gives a true average of sales.
  21. I think we should not count the Chinese images. If not, I licensed 11 for basically the same net. Up to you. All the China sales do is falsely inflate our numbers but trash our average profit. I only had 1 of those, so it didn’t change my numbers greatly. But it did change a lot of yours. Just mention whether you leave them out. After all, what does it mean to count 6-15 images in your sales total other than ego stroking for numbers, yet less than $1 amount? That whole “giving away our images” thing makes me angry. Not so much because of my one image, but for you.
  22. Sales increased by 16% on 2020, gross revenue by 11%: not too shabby…
  23. Increased my Alamy sales by $304 net year-on-year, which means I'm probably even on inflation Full yearly earnings report for all agencies.
  24. A decent year, with December bringing in the highest monthly total revenue since I started with Alamy in 2017. I added over 6,000 images in 2021. I've seen a 43% increase in total sale numbers with a corresponding 38% increase in total revenue. The increase in net revenue is however only 26% and because I was getting 50% for just over half the year whereas now the contributor's percentage is 40%, I expect to see that drop next year. Nevertheless, the sales bring in a decent income (largely due to live news uses), though I do spend a huge amount of time on it. Edited to
  25. This was my 3rd year here. Number of sales was twice as much as 2020, but revenue was 4 times (!) as much as 2020. So I am quite hopeful as for the future.
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