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  1. I often see sales of images that have never been zoomed, and the trend seems to be increasing for some reason.
  2. Primark store in Market Street spells its name in rainbow letters. Manchester, uk, city centre goes rainbow themed to celebrate LGBT Pride 2019. As businesses recognise the spending power of lesbians and gay men more of them are decorating their facades and shop windows with rainbow displays for the annual Pride period. Country: Slovenia Usage: Editorial Media: Editorial website Industry sector: General business services $ but all sales welcome.
  3. 3 sales of the same location this morning. This must have to do with the relaxation of restrictions in Victoria. Australia - Magazine - $$
  4. My October was the best October I've ever had with 6 images being licensed. In the past most of my sales (probably about 80%) come in the spring so this really surprised me. Rick
  5. 3 distributor sales for Mid $$ gross. Plus low $$ DACS payback through Alamy, enough for my pay out in November. CTR in my average. Waiting for 4 found uses.
  6. We haven't had November yet.🤨 Allan October? Did we have that? It seems to have passed me by, sales wise. ITMA
  7. After my best month of the year last month for sales, this month is the worst! 16 sales in September and a paltry 6 sales in October for $140. Highest $55.99, lowest $3.11. Unless I get another 43(!) sales in November and December, average sales this year 9.5 per month, I will not reach the amount of sales for 2019. I did get a good £276 payout from DACS (claimed direct) and a $28 DACS TV payout via Alamy. John.
  8. I've just had a PU come in, which is understandable given the subject, hoping it sticks. After my 2 October sales it would be nice to continue the positive note.
  9. The net revenue sales report section is set to "date paid" in general You must switch to "date of invoice" every time when you're in and when I'm "in" it stays on "date of invoice" all the time...No issues there The Internet connection is vital for that, too ...
  10. Hi Colin Thank you for your kind words. I have in fact been with Alamy since August 2000 and made my first sale in February 2001.Since then I have sold close to 1,000 images. The best years in terms of prices and sales was from 2004 to 2008, since then there has been a steady and consistent decline in sales, and of course revenue. Most contributors I suspect could tell the same story. Alamy has changed so much over the period and despite some complaints I have remained loyal. I could spend all day talking about my experiences on Alamy but I must go and shoot some of the spectacular
  11. In spite of a promising start with a $330 gross sale and a further 38 sales I still just failed to get into $$$$ gross overall. Far too many tiny sales including two at $7 for magazine use! It is certainly becoming an uphill struggle to make a decent income. Pearl
  12. Yup! Also in the sales we used to click on "date of invoice" to see the latest licences but it only shows paid licences. In fact you get the same result in any of the three selections. USELESS. That is also waiting for 10 minutes for it to show. Allan Things seem to have deteriorated since the sellout. ITMA
  13. My best repeat seller has sold 30 times, nearly all to a travel company for a brochure. For almost a year I had 2 or 3 sales from them every month. The next best is 20, for a common generic sign, mostly used in newspapers and I've also had a few sales in the 10s. (funny how they are exactly 30, 20 and 10!) John.
  14. More or less follows October of last year with just 4 licences for $$ gross. Views and zooms both down - onward and upward! Jim
  15. Slight improvement over the past few months, though October often a good month for me. 60 licences fo $1650 gross, 4 in the $$$ range, best was $145. The month started off quite slowly but picked up in the final 10 days. Zooms not bad given the current state. October 2020: 25900 views, October 2019: 38,600 views; zooms: 181 to 245; income (gross):, $1650 to $2340, and sale numbers: 60 to 70 Kumar
  16. Usual low value single figure fees 8 sales $29.53 net Only DACS made up for a poor month with £211.74 thankfully I submit to DACs direct otherwise Alamy would have taken 50%
  17. Quite a good month - 15 for $200 gross. . . One record breaking sale with the lowest ever price $2.20 to Italy distributor sale. On my dashboard I have total sales 994, could make it 1000 this month. . .
  18. Three for me as well. Two were distributor sales, including a decent calendar sale.
  19. 2 sales for $145 gross, $58 net. Alamy claimed DACS $15.62, about half of last years payment. Better than most months - Thanks Alamy.
  20. A 'better month': 8 sales, $77.16 net. Views and zooms very low.
  21. 14 for $338, well below average. No $$$ sales for the second month in a row. DACS of $167 made a nice payout for the month.
  22. Surprisingly good $379 gross for 3 images, two of the sales were of the same image so hopefully not a future refund.
  23. Good month for me. In fact, it was 100% up from August both in terms of volume of sales and revenue (August had been the low point of the year so far). 3 $$$ which is good. Zooms are also on the up. Good average of sales at $34.
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