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  1. Sales volume has been steady for a couple of months now and revenue has gone up since November last year. Average just over $32. Highest sale was $103.28, lowest $1.29 (before commission). My zooms have tanked.
  2. Very slow first half of the month then things picked up - finished with 16 sales for $443.84 gross.
  3. A bit below average. 19 sales for $459 gross / $214 nett. Zooms holding up well but won't know the final figures till Monday.
  4. 14 sales $301 gross $120 nett Quantity wise a bit of an improvement 🤔 value wise meh 😑 Too many PU's and presentations and now too many sub $ sales 🤨
  5. Zooms well down, CTR well down 3 for $57 but got my first Covid jab. Far more important thing to be concerned about than image sales. Well done those who had a great month.
  6. 9 sales for $84 gross. More sales, but much lower fees than previous months this year. Swings and roundabouts, guess it all balances out over the year!
  7. 6 sales dropped in last night 142 $ each Nice one Alamy, happy 👍
  8. Good month, best ever in sales and one of the best in revenue. 32 and $815. It could be that next month I will reach my 2020 gross revenue, my best year so far.
  9. 22 sales for $914 gross - a good month, helped by a couple of three-figure sales Alex
  10. I had my average month, a few more sales than the thought-of-normal, one sale a month per 1,000 images in your port. No $$$.
  11. my month seems to follow the same pattern as most of those that have already commented. Reasonable sales volume ( 18) but prices down a bit, but overall after 4 months heading for a record year. The lower prices does seem to be compensated by higher volumes. Another factor is that with covid reducing, and travel starting to open again there seems to be an increase in both searches and sales for travel images , something I have a lot of. So I am still smiling at the moment
  12. 18 for $192.50 gross. Plenty of sales eventually, though none until the 12th April, then a string of disappointingly low price licences came in. Best was a calendar for $39.
  13. Best month so far, 2 sales for what in the great scheme of things is only a small portfolio although amazing the time and effort required.... if only they knew eh...
  14. 2FK7XT0 "Security police in military vehicle control the movement of Uighur (Uyghur) people in their very own land - were anyone who is disliked or flagged by computers may be imprisoned in a detention camp or prison for unspecified crimes or duration." And the image shows a street intersection with one (what looks to be) police vehicle, stopped in the traffic? Your caption reads like propaganda, not a description of what is in the image. Not sure if that would help or hurt sales on Alamy. GI
  15. Below average month for me with 10 sales for $424 gross. In the batch were two $$$ licenses (one direct and one distributor), which helped improve my mood somewhat. Otherwise, a curious mix of subjects, including three images from my tiny archival/historical collection. Zooms mediocre.
  16. April was a bit of an odd month. Most sales came in the first two weeks and usually it is the other way around. 18 sales for $683 gross (one over $$$). This includes the one PU sale that my daughter bought of mine....more as a joke. Also had a $270 refund from a sale from last year....that stung a bit.
  17. I'm a few hundred K's up the coast from you, so also May here. As far as April - it was my worst month for many years. Just one sale $17.98 on 1 April, then zilch, zip, nada. CTR was over 2 earlier in the month, then zooms totally stopped, leaving me with a total CTR of just 0.87. I've fallen off that proverbial cliff!!!!
  18. Well already May in Sydney- not sure where this year has gone 18 sales for me for just over $1000 Fairly consistent with other months so far in 2021 Martin
  19. One for -$11.04, from a sale in March. Looking at the details of the Sales History for that sale, I don't see any way to tell which are affiliate sales. Only in the downloaded balance entry.
  20. That’s a difficult one Nigel as the pro quality 24-70 zooms from Nikon are very heavy but top quality lenses are essential with the large sensor. I did have a Tamron 24-70 (not the current one) but the quality was not good enough across the frame on the D850. I don’t know what the current ones are like or the Sigmas but I expect there would not be a huge weight advantage. I have used primes but there is the hassle of changing lenses which she may not want. The weight problem is why I got a Z7 a couple of years ago which is now my main carry round camera, with the 24-70 f4 so-calle
  21. Two for me, download says: Affiliate commission for IY01768534 Image C4YGF9 Affiliate commission for IY01799077 Image FCB70A Both invoiced in March, one was a PU sale from the US the other was Editorial ; Media: Website, app and social media from the UK Prior to this I've had 4 affiliate sales in 10 years, now 2 in one month! Alan
  22. Oh, that's a bigger one. It's affiliate sales commission that they presumably forgot to charge at the time. Not welcome. If you click download on that report page you get more info, including the image ID, though not the sale date (mine were Feb/March)
  23. I've had three. They are listed on the downloadable sales report as "Affiliate commission"
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