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  1. Hi I'm another newby, looking through my Alamy at the sales page, it list 8443 pages, some of these pages show no sales whilst others show the occasional sale, I haven't gone through them all just a random sample. Do members sell many images? also am I looking in the correct place to see what type of image are being sold. Mike
  2. I wanted to ask about this. I put some of my zooms into Google image search and came up with a lot of relevant images, none of which were mine and first few pages weren't Alamy. Then I added Alamy to the search terms and got all Alamy images, but the first page were not relevant.
  3. I, too, have seen zero licence sales in May and June, after a three month period where licence sales were very good. Zooms are holding up well, mainly because searches leading to these zooms have returned only a dozen or so "Creative" images before the "Relevant" listing starts (where fortunately my images have appeared near the top).
  4. What sells best? what people want to buy. No rhyme or reason, but if you can see through John Jones eyes, you can see what John Jones buys Looking through the thread of reported sales might give you some idea
  5. Fairly new to alamy i have a CTR of 0.67% with 390 images and 4 zooms is this good or bad . No sales
  6. Hi Marc and welcome. What sells? Your guess is as good as other contributors. It seems anything and everything, as others will tell you, can and does sell through Alamy. The general consensus of opinion on this forum is that you need quantity, as well as quality, in your portfolio. Around 3000 images before regular sales appear. Although one or two may dispute that statement. Allan
  7. Hi, Im new to the world of stock, so still finding my feet so to speak. I dont tend (read never so far) to get model releases or property releases so my pics have to be rights managed in the main, for editorial use. When I list them, I note you can add restrictions, and it lists what you need to do restriction wise for editorial use - however, looking around alamy it seems MANY people who odnt have releases do not add restrictions? Am I wasting my time adding restrictions? Should I bother? Will it get me into trouble if I dont? I fear that adding the restrictions is going to pu
  8. Thanks for the answers guys, interesting, Its wasnt about stock in general by the way but for Alamy only. @ Ed, not sure if I understand your reply. I have 396 images and made net 392 in one year. So its correct in what I am saying. I had 9 sales from 50 cent to 219 netto. Seeing all the replies, its around the dollar mark per image year.
  9. Because we've been on Alamy for a decade and gradually increased file presence, it's hard to judge how it works for a new contributor. But we can look at exactly one year ago and see what had been added. In the year we sold 160 or so times - but many were multiple or repeat sales, only around 100 images out of 16000 (for the last year - now over 18000) actually sold, but some just sell again and again. Total around $8000. However, if you consider only the work loaded up just before a year ago (from various locations including Adriatic coast) we'd be fairly happy with the dozen or so sales
  10. This morning I had an additional 2 zooms compared to the day before but when I searched on yesterdays date only to see what had been searched/viewed etc, they didn't show..... they've appeared by magic! Zooms have been quite consistent so far this month, 1-3 a day, no big batches of them. CTR on my main pseudonyms is 1.1% & 0.76% with the others around the Alamy average.
  11. ...and suddenly, overnight, I have 12 zooms. More than I've had in the last year. Something is strange indeed.
  12. My 3 sales till now were RF pics. Gross earnings were 70.80$ and 36.01$ net I will try to reach 1000 pics in my port with more RM pics (and better keywording) and then I will do a recount.
  13. Nick, with respect, these factors have been around for the last 2-3 years at least. They may explain why it is getting harder to sell but not why there has been such a sudden change for a number of contributors. My sales have been increasing steadily over the last few years, in spite of the above, but suddenly the trend is going backwards just in the last two months. Pearl
  14. I have roughly the same amount of images, I started uploading one year ago I had 9 sales for gross $868.06 since then. Netting me $392
  15. CTR is dropping and dropping, but I have 1 or 2 sales per month between net 50 cent and 76 dollar total. Its just enough to keep me here. I think I made 392 dollar in one year.
  16. Stab at reasons for lo/no sales (only for those affected by this phenomenon): 1. Recession 2. Too much choice 3. Alamy Rank - I have almost 1,300 pics on here - a drop in the ocean! 4. Subject matter/material - is it landscapes, urban, architecture, news, natural history etc etc? This is apples and pears territory. 5. Depressing prices to virtually zilch to secure business 6. too many pics - 36? Million? 7. No specialisms all any or none of the above - in other words, across such a MASSIVE supply and so many photographers, split across the many photographic disciplines when added
  17. One possible explanation why Jeff is having increasing sales is that he his US based, particularly in one very popular area like Miami if I'm not mistaken, and in the words of alamy's CEO there's a very, very strong growth of alamy in the US market. So, with almost 100.000 images with themes from the market that is growing it's natural that he may be seeing better sales. On the other hand, apart my RF images, all my RM photos are more focused in the European market since all of them are from Portugal which is a tourist destination mainly for Europeans. And as it's common knowledge Europe i
  18. All I can say is that in my little corner of the Alamy universe, monthly sales this year have definitely been less consistent than during the past couple of years. Why, I don't know. But it does seem that a significant number of other contributors are noticing a similar trend. Is it worth creating a poll? In Jeff's case, he has so many images on Alamy that I imagine nothing could rock his boat. Good for him. Not moanin', just observin'.
  19. I have to weigh in on the side of sales being better than normal these past few months (in quantity, not in quality, but price-per-license is off topic for this thread). But I have a small and somewhat specialized collection, so I've learned not to read too much into the ups and downs of my zooms and sales. I suspect only a handful of buyers regularly search for and license my images, so a change in projects, or a maternity leave, or some such for just a couple buyers can make a big difference in the activity I see. When someone like Jose Elias, with upwards of 11,000 images, sees a sudden dro
  20. I'm sure this is true. I used to get quite a few zooms where someone had just looked at 12 or so images. Now my images tend to be at the bottom of a page of 100 below a load of "creative" images. I'm beginning to wonder if the old stategy of keywording closely for rank is still relevant and perhaps a more expansive keywording ploy would actually be of benefit. Not seeing this here. June has been quieter than normal but average $ fees are up on earlier in the year. Rank is still hugely important. Despite the search now defaulting to 120 per page there are many searches that'll not go p
  21. Relative to last year I'm actually doing much better in terms of sales and zooms, it's just the fees I'm getting that make it feel like I'm not selling anything.
  22. That's the human nature... But the fact is that starting in January 2013 something clearly changed, at least for me. It's like a line was drawn and there's a Before and an After. Everything that has happened since contradicts years of data and it's not a seasonal fluctuation, as I know them. Yet, only in the sales part as I've shown. The views and zooms only had a slight decrease. Something doesn't make sense. I believe some people are having better sales now than before, but that's normal. The problem is the ratio between zooms and sales, and even if alamy changed the clients th
  23. I think people are always more willing to talk about poor sales than good. Perhaps those selling well are too busy out there taking photos to contribute to the discussion......
  24. So on the one hand Alamy is reporting promising growth and optimism while the replies on this topic seem to point towards diminishing sales. Personally, my image numbers have gone up and my sales down.
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