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  1. Barbara, It depends what you ask. Do you ask if a commercial people image (with release) sells better then a editorial one without? Or Editorial with release versus Editorial without? I am not long on Alamy but i have to say that on other agency for example i have more commercial images then editorial but anyway i sell more editorial ones. On the next is the other way. It just depends wich clients the agency have. I hear that Alamy has a big group of editorial costumers. Also many big earners here are editorial photographers. In fact a image with MR you can sell commercial and edi
  2. Final thought on the subject of beer? I don't think so, Paul! And, Mark, I lived in the UK remember. I know about lager and bitter and cellar temperature. I used to drink larger in summer and bitter the rest of the year. Unfortunately, Forster's was the larger found in too many pubs. I for one am comforted that in case (no pun intended) of a world shortage, John has been stacking up for us all. John, could this have anything to do with you having trouble budgeting for that NEX-6? Ed No, unfortunately it's an all-round budgeting problem these days. But the cervezas do help. H
  3. +1. Figures around £1200/3yrs for NY on 5 vans. An advance against royalty for the print sales, perhaps.
  4. I have never understood the reluctance of Alamy to chase up unreported sales as it must be in their interests. Firstly because they are losing their percentage; secondly we use agencies so that we don't have to get involved in promotion and collection activities, and if we do we may as well go down the Symbiostock route; and if end users start to believe that the images are free then it is a downward spiral. Perhaps we would not have suffered a percentage drop if these fees had been identified and collected.
  5. I have only ever offered one HDR image for sale, anywhere and it has sold through Alamy, but then this image represent 30% of my total sales with Alamy so perhaps I should do more. I agree with Dustydingo, that if you can tell its HDR then its overdone. Where needed I usually manually blend multiple exposures using luminosity masks and adjustment layers, a lot of work but then I enjoy it and usually prefer the end result.
  6. I found one of my images in a Swedish newspaper last May. A month ago, a send an email to Alamy asking why this sale is not appear in my summary of items sold yet. They answer me that: "Distributors take longer to report usage than direct sales as there are more people involved in the process (us, them and their customer). The use of your image will appear on your Summary of items sold page before the end of next month." I'm still waiting, hope to see this sale in few days...
  7. Thanks! My point is that i dont have time and feel to isolate images. Some people like to do it but it is not really my thing. Even if the sales changes are maybe less i prefer to shoot them on wooden tables or outdoor. I see many photographers shooting on wooden backgrounds or whatever.... but i have to admit they have far better context then mine here. Maybe this example has to flat background with nothing adding. Maybe some real fruit around the product would make it better. But Craig.... Do you isolate your images? Mirco
  8. +1 Mirco, All my product image sales have had a white background. I use a piece of A1 white board that you can get from any art shop. Regards Craig
  9. In theory up to three months for reporting but longer still to get paid. That said I have an image via Alamy live news that was used by the Times on the 22nd March 2013 this year and I am still waiting for it to appear in my sales never mind get paid. Alamy confirm the download but say I have to wait until the paper confirm usage. I have had others from various sources where I have had to do the work for Alamy and identify and prove the image was used before anything was done. This could turn into a rant so I will stop there with that one. That said this is nothing compared to a magazine fro
  10. Can vary a lot although 3 to 6 months seems to be the norm. If I find one of my images in a paper I advise MS by email. Have had a few unreported sales in the past. dov
  11. That's good..... the last time you posted "just got another sale" I ended up getting one the next day.......... Now waiting patiently for another 2 to appear in my sales bucket
  12. I've had a couple more sales materialize since I started this thread, so the slow month is slowly picking up, which is encouraging.
  13. Well, I 've had the most sales from Margate on the north kent coast - so please don't go there...!!! Seriously though, Dungeness is interesting & somewhat unique. ann
  14. I would assume you know, Jools. But we're all able to talk ourselves into things, no? Maybe you can talk the sun into showing itself early. I just reviewed all my sales and there is not one of a scene with an overcast sky. Not a single one. Of course there are subjects other than landscapes or cityscapes.
  15. I keep clicking on Summary of items sold, but no more sales are coming up. Is there a fault at Alamy's end? (Sorry..)
  16. Dont forget to mention the LECH logo on the glass ..... and the fact that i started drinking allready before. So it was an ugly looking glass of beer. The most real glass of beer i could make. But it is indeed true what you say. I can not take example (yet) from my Alamy portfolio but on other agencies i see most sales from things that are so straight forward to produce. Actually most of the things that we consume or use can sell. I got rejections on one agency of a single chair in a empty room .... reason "no commercial value". On other agency it is one of my bestsellers. But off course subj
  17. BHZs are just markers. A low placement says nothing about the sales or ranking of that particular image. It appears in searches in the usual way. My BHZ image is at the top of the page on a search for the town in which it is located. In fact, it's the only 'creative' image for that search.
  18. i wonder the same as you. for what its worth i have 6 sales from nov 2011 ---- oct 2013. im just now waiting for a payout, broke the $100 barrier. oh yea, i had abt 80 or so pics (less actually) at the time. hope this it helps. BTW: keywors, keywords, keywords! they are just as important then your pics. could be more, caues you could have the best pic out there of a worm at sunset... but in no one can find it, it wont sell.
  19. Still 0 sales.... A couple of images were diuble zoomed and searched by code, so I am hopeful they will bebought....
  20. When the 7D first came out, I considered it as well as the 1DIII, a friend considered it it too. I previously had a 1Ds MK II that I had liked but had to sell for various reasons. I bought the 7D and hated it, she bought a used 1D MK III and she loves it...still shoots horse events and weddings with it. I shoot stock and portraits and 99% of the time don't print my work - she shoots horse events and weddings with it and has prints on display around town. Our images are looked at from different standards and at different sizes (she doesn't need to make sure the image is in focus at 100% bec
  21. You know the answer guys, upload more images. It seems to be the only answer to slow sales.
  22. I'm agree with you Richard. This month I haven't sales yet, but who knows what could happen tomorrow? We'll keep working.
  23. No idea. But I'd say that 285 images is the kind of number you should be posting every 4-6 weeks, if you really want to make regular sales here...
  24. I'm not sure there is any advice apart from the obvious. For example, there are only a few pix from a trip to the UAE. I have 500 (about 80 per day) and have made sales from them. Unless you were only there for a few hours you could have covered it in much more breadth. Your port is quite varied, if a little heavy on scenics which don't do that well.
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