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  1. It really depends on how you calculate it. While some of us have reported an increase in sales as well as net income, many of us also have more images online than we did a year ago. The number of images I have online increased by approximately 1.59 during 2013 but my net incoming during the first six months of the this year only increased by 1.145 over last year. If we were to base this survey on $ per image I'm sure the figures would be quite different.
  2. When you look at you sales via the pseudonym summary, the total sales and zooms are shown, but the stats do not take account of refunds. If an image has been sold, then refunded and resold with a change, it shows up as two sales. Could the refunds not be included?
  3. If you don't mind some counting, you could use Track submissions (http://www.alamy.com/royalty-free-images-my-submissions.asp). ( -royalty-free-images ? - must be a very old part of the system ) wim Didn't think of that... So a quick calculation shows a 12% increase in images from Jun to Jun. So am I right in saying that I should expect a 12% increase in sales by number of images? Or is there a different calculation I should use?, maybe somehow factoring in the fact that the images were added gradually? Any statistics experts care to comment? Phil
  4. Sales in number of sales Jan-Jun 2012 exactly equals 2013; however number of images increased...Don't know by how many as I can't find a way to see how many I had up a year ago???? Nett fees - 35%. So allowing for loss due to commission cuts actually down about 18%. So overall worse off. However, things are better at other places, and on commissioned work, so overall business is heading in the right direction for me. Phil
  5. Numbers of sales over three times more this year than last. Yet the gross income is significantly less and the net more so.
  6. # regular sales 1.8 x higher # novel use sales 3.6 higher (some NU sales are higher than reg sales) $$ 1.5 x higher gross. 1.2 x higher net. (because of distributor sales not 1.25) wim
  7. The value of my sales are significantly down, the volume is slightly down added to the change in commission its stating to just not be worth it. I am now seriously thinking of giving up Alamy altogether. My last sale which I had to inform Alamy about (i.e. not reported from last may) was a grand total of $9, what is the point ?
  8. I didn't vote as I've only really started working on my portfolio since January. Two sales this week have cheered me up a bit and given me the boost I needed to keep going. Stats are interesting but comparisons are hard due to the major changes to the site that have happened since last year.
  9. Poll is a good conversation starter & I voted, but Number of Sales seems rather out of context - Net Amount Earned? # of files?
  10. I don't want to vote on the basis of number of sales as the prices last year were so much better, so gross one third down.
  11. The problem with statistics is they are subject to interpretation. Take a look at the number of images licensed compared to the prior year. It doubled...along with the number of images online. One of those licenses was novel use (for $1). That is actually worse in that even though I doubled my collection, my sales only increased by 1.5 times. The positive is that if I exclude the novel use sale the average revenue per image downloaded has increased (from a gross sale perspective). My response on the poll was "about the same"...but I am leaning more towards worse because of all the fac
  12. @Ed Endicott: You may find those statistics to be meaningless, but they actually show the importance of being precise about the poll: By total number of sales, you should click "better" for the poll. By number of sales per number of images on sale, you should click "about the same" (twice as many sales on roughly twice as many images). By income (not covered in this poll, but I think that's a poll Reimar and others would like to see), you should click "about the same." By income per number of images on sale, you should click "worse." Most of us are probably familiar with th
  13. The first 6 months of 2013 earned me only 45% of what I've earned in the first 6 months of 2012. The number of sales of 2013 is only 42% of what I had in 2012, meaning that there was a slight increase in the average sale price. At least, a small good news. Yet, the number of zooms only had a drop of 10% comparing the same periods of time. As I've mentioned in another thread this is the bit confusing me. Almost the same zooms but a huge drop in sales.
  14. Here are some statistis that mean absolutely nothing. End of June 2012 - I had 1675 images available for licensing End of June 2013 - I have 3134 images available for licensing First 6 months of 2012, I had licensed 2 images for an average of $76.09 gross First 6 months of 2013, I have licensed 4 images for an average of $73.25 gross (one of those licenses is a novel use which will bring the average down) First 6 months of 2012, if I take total images available for licensing and divide it by gross sales, I get to .0908 per image First 6 months of 2013, if I take total images ava
  15. Firstly thanks for the feedback as you can appreciate coming into a new environment is always a tricky one. I feel the only way is to ask the basic questions to give yourself a feel of the forum and the way in which things work. I had the same feelings as Mike Hesp after looking through the Alamy sales page there didn't seem to be many sales at all going on so that seemed like a reality check as to what this is all about. To John's point regarding keywords I fully take on board your views and do see that the most important criteria of the whole process is making images accessible to po
  16. Hmmm...I'm not sure a straight-out comparison of total number of sales is the best way to look at this. Most of us have had more images on sale in 2013 than we had in 2012. I clicked "better," and that's true for me even on a per-image basis, but I think a more meaningful comparison would be sales-per-[total # of images on sale], rather than just total sales.
  17. The "All of Alamy" section of "My Alamy" is full of all sorts of info, including hints as to "what sells." Be aware, though, that sales can take a long time to register in All of Alamy. Looking only at sales in the past month or two will grossly underrepresent what sells eventually. The vast majority of sales never show up in All of Alamy, but if you're just looking for some sense of what sells in general, you're better off going back a few months at least. Note also that you can export data from AoA to Excel if the results of your search aren't too large. The default search (the one that
  18. almost anything can sell. Only with some photos can you possibly predict sales, such as if you are the first photographer to get photos of a newly built landmark building for example.
  19. Hi I'm another newby, looking through my Alamy at the sales page, it list 8443 pages, some of these pages show no sales whilst others show the occasional sale, I haven't gone through them all just a random sample. Do members sell many images? also am I looking in the correct place to see what type of image are being sold. Mike
  20. I wanted to ask about this. I put some of my zooms into Google image search and came up with a lot of relevant images, none of which were mine and first few pages weren't Alamy. Then I added Alamy to the search terms and got all Alamy images, but the first page were not relevant.
  21. I, too, have seen zero licence sales in May and June, after a three month period where licence sales were very good. Zooms are holding up well, mainly because searches leading to these zooms have returned only a dozen or so "Creative" images before the "Relevant" listing starts (where fortunately my images have appeared near the top).
  22. What sells best? what people want to buy. No rhyme or reason, but if you can see through John Jones eyes, you can see what John Jones buys Looking through the thread of reported sales might give you some idea
  23. Fairly new to alamy i have a CTR of 0.67% with 390 images and 4 zooms is this good or bad . No sales
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