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  1. I have roughly the same amount of images, I started uploading one year ago I had 9 sales for gross $868.06 since then. Netting me $392
  2. CTR is dropping and dropping, but I have 1 or 2 sales per month between net 50 cent and 76 dollar total. Its just enough to keep me here. I think I made 392 dollar in one year.
  3. Stab at reasons for lo/no sales (only for those affected by this phenomenon): 1. Recession 2. Too much choice 3. Alamy Rank - I have almost 1,300 pics on here - a drop in the ocean! 4. Subject matter/material - is it landscapes, urban, architecture, news, natural history etc etc? This is apples and pears territory. 5. Depressing prices to virtually zilch to secure business 6. too many pics - 36? Million? 7. No specialisms all any or none of the above - in other words, across such a MASSIVE supply and so many photographers, split across the many photographic disciplines when added
  4. All I can say is that in my little corner of the Alamy universe, monthly sales this year have definitely been less consistent than during the past couple of years. Why, I don't know. But it does seem that a significant number of other contributors are noticing a similar trend. Is it worth creating a poll? In Jeff's case, he has so many images on Alamy that I imagine nothing could rock his boat. Good for him. Not moanin', just observin'.
  5. I think people are always more willing to talk about poor sales than good. Perhaps those selling well are too busy out there taking photos to contribute to the discussion......
  6. With regard to paying to be in the creative section the answer is NO you don't. The images are selected by Alamy or through client activity. But you are quite right IMO, many creative images have been left out. The problem as I see it is that editorial buyers are looking at the creative section, not just the advertising clients that Alamy is wanting to attract. This means that the benefit of a high Alamy Rank has been largely lost and, rightly or wrongly, I believe that is a significant cause of my own drop in sales. Pearl
  7. Interesting. October was when my sales started going from consistent to inconsistent. I'm now thinking that it's best to upload small batches of different subjects and locales -- rather than large submissions of similar images -- as often as possible in order to take advantage of the "New" button and other changes that seem to have been implemented. Any thoughts on this strategy?
  8. What appeared to be a sudden drop from the end of April - only 3 low-value sales in May and none at all in June, from 3026 images. I opted out of the UK newspaper scheme on the 25th of April, so this slump is perhaps not entirely coincidental.
  9. Is it creeping off topic - is it ? Or could there be an element of cause and effect coming in here - with two of my images topping a thousand 'misuses' each, the effect is geometric with each use spawning more 'misuses' ? Don't get me wrong, no-one is going to achieve redress from the vast majority of blogs and far eastern web uses, but Getty have a reputation for going after image thieves - just try a few forums with the repeated bleating about the 'cruel' activities of their weasels. It has certainly concentrated some minds and educated many more. Anything that has a bearing on s
  10. With less than a week to end of month 50% down on numbers and well over 50% down on sales totals - so it does look like a dry old time. At the same time copyright infringement chasing has been more successful - with Settlement Release Agreements (SRA's) signed and waiting payment at a healthy level, and invoices out to infringers with a good chance of recovery numbering over 20. But heck I am a photographer not an accountant with weaseling tendecies - I really wish Alamy would get it, and make an effort themselves - every © theft from the images in their library is a potential 50% loss of
  11. Thanks for all of your replies. I understand the downturn due to the sheer volume on Alamy and if I had the odd sale then it would not bother me. It's the big fat '0' that is strange considering the considerable statistical activity, but, it probably is what it is. This thread is not meant to be a moan about "why are my pictures not selling" but a serious request to see if anybody else out there is suffering the same problem. No sales for 4 months!??!!! For those that do news feed....how long do you find it takes to show as a sale? I had one in the Telegraph taken early April that is not sh
  12. OK. This is coming from someone who does not shoot "stock"! I generally shoot what I like and if buyers like it, then that's good. We both win. With respect to all those who do shoot stock (and after all, this is what Alamy is all about) then do what you like doing and continue to do it well - no worries. Personally, I would find shooting "stock images" mind numbingly boring! But that's just me! I did a quick breakdown of my sales and 40% are landscapes (including buildings), 40% are animals and 20% are people. I have particular images which sell more than once - beach huts at South
  13. Within the last year, according to 'All of Alamy' stats: "Landscape" as an individual search term was searched for 45 times. "Car" as an individual search term was searched for 467 times. That's a ten-fold demand for something you can find outside your front door. Stock is not art, it's not even regular "photography". It's about the production of images that are useful to sell things, or in the case of editorial, to illustrate a point of view or concept. By all means shoot misty landscapes and arty scenes, but don't expect to make many sales. J
  14. June not too bad for me with 6 sales for $270. Jan - 4 Feb - 8 (best ever) March - 7 April - 1 May - 3 Andy, it could just be the usual ups and downs. John.
  15. I noticed a change beginning in late 2012. My average monthly averages definitely seem to be declining. This month is especially bad with only one sale reported ($180) so far in June compared to 12 sales in June 2012. Perhaps this is to expected as the Alamy collection continues to grow. I don't know.
  16. Have not seen it yet but I'm really looking forward to unleash the potential of this concept. Finally the photographer is in control of pricing and sales and will even be supported by the network members. Now we only need to get more (macrostock) people to join.
  17. I think it is the inevitable fluctiations with a small portfolio. I sometimes experience the same. In June I have so far had 4 decent sales, so I am not seeing the same picture at present. I have stopped worrying much about my CTR unless my keywords turn out to be totally stupid.
  18. Ah, yet another Belgian here :-) I have the same issue as you, about the same nr of views as the nr of images online. And a lot less sales unfortunately :-) I've also started building up portfolio on Alamy now, and training myself a bit in keywording, which is sometimes not as easy not being a native English speaker.
  19. "Video has been slightly disappointing… " James Allsworth I suspect that the reason video sales have been disappointing, i.e. nonexistent, on Alamy is because the video here is hopelessly overpriced. Similar, or in fact identical, clips are available on multiple other sites for a fraction of what they cost here. Even in relation to the pricing for Alamy's existing catalogue of still images, the video pricing seems to make no sense at all. For example, I can get a lovely still of Princess Diana for $149-, but a 13 sec. clip of a mallard doing nothing in particular on a pond tops out
  20. I'm not a microstock contributor but I have just set up my own Symbiostock website. I actually think it's a brilliant concept and most certainly worth a try. In any case much than complaining about low earnings or decreasing sales at any stock agency. I hope many more, especially traditional stock shooters, will join the network.
  21. Also, Measures includes only a subset of regular customers. Very few of my sales ever show up as zoomed in Measures. Louise
  22. Thank you Niels. I can see it now. I'm puzzled that only one of my sales over the years shows on the list though. Can this mean that all the others were somehow found and purchased without using the search function?
  23. Thanks James for taking the time to answer my question about US business. If I heard it right, US contributes 60% total revenue. That is pretty amazing in short period of time. Maybe it's just me, but I feel US sales are generally higher priced, more prompt in payment. No chicken sh!t $7 newspaper scheme. It's the land of law afterall. . Keep them coming!
  24. I too was disapointed that there is no prospect of video submissions being opened up. I also think that there is probably a critical mass required in terms of the library size which will make buyers realise that Alamy is serious about video and worth visiting to see what is available. That critical mass is probably a library numbered in millions rather than a couple of hundred thousand, so success in video sales seems to me unlikely to happen here unless a significant change takes place in Alamy's approach. However I do want to thank James for opening up to us, even if the answer is often
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