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  1. You can get regular sales from far fewer images than is being suggested above. I get 2 -3 per month on average from around 1000 images (although this month is a little worrying so far ). There are many people who are doing far better than that. You need the right images. Compare your Ark Royal or Milennium bridge/wheel pictures with the competition. Ask yourself which you would pick? That is the best way to judge how you are doing. ... yes I know I don't follow my own advice.
  2. I was very active on it for a while but lost interest when I started submitting regularly to Alamy. I have had a fair number of images stolen, some of which ended up to be quite lucrative in damages, and started to watermark about 15 months ago, which largely stopped it. I have made a couple of sales through it but nothing for a few years. The Getty link seems to be a dead duck, for me at least. The new changes mean that everyone gets 1Tb (my 1100 images take up about 35% of this) and I revoked my pro account and am expecting a pro rata refund in the next few days. I only renewed it a mont
  3. I put a watermark of my name right across the centre of the images so it is for viewing only. I have had a couple of requests for print sales but otherwise people just want them for nothing or a credit in which case I send them a link to the image on Alamy. Pearl
  4. Many thanks for all the interesting replies. This post came about because of a discussion on another thread. I tend to keyword by what I see in an image, and do not add in lots of what might be construed to be "inappropriate" words. Rarely do I utilse fully the 350 character space allowed in the Esskey and Main keyword boxes. I don't really know why the Comprehensive keyword box is there. Could only see it being used if there were masses of detail/interest within an image, but then it would be difficult to see as a thumbnail. However, from your replies, it may appear that I need to tr
  5. Dear Southpole Thank you for asking for comments - Firstly, most people dont make any sales till they have many hundred images available - I am afraid you need to increase numbers! Secondly although you have 142 images you have a lot of similars - eg. 33 images of statues in salisbury cathedral grounds and many images of big cats which further reduces your chances of sales You have however, got an average CTR on Alamy (0.53) so people are seeing your images, and within your collection you have some very nice ones I think - the one of the New Forest pony suckling its foal, and the
  6. You have a lot of wildlife images so are up against some very tough competition. There are also quite a few similars but in all honesty, 142 images is nothing. You need to get into the 1000s with a lot more variety before you can expect regular sales. Sorry if that sounds rather negative but stock is tough and getting tougher. Just upload more variety and keep an eye on what others are selling. Pearl
  7. Interesting topic Allan - have gone over my my pseudos and find following averages per month over a sample of last 12 months. Have not adjusted for uploads during this period so figures understated. Main pseudo RM 117% sales 0.10 CTR 0.50 Main pseudo RF 174% sales 0.14 CTR 0.49 Secondary pseudo 166% sales 0.12 CTR 0.46 Rubbish pseudo 62% sales 0.05 CTR 0.40 I tend to keyword a lot where I think it would be helpful. dov
  8. Hi I am relatively new to Alamy I have 142 images 139 views 1 zoom and a CTR 0.53 and no sales. Could i be doing something wrong ? my home page is below i would appreciate any comments and help. http://www.alamy.com/stock-photography/20159DAE-C0A0-496B-8633-67A32D478325/1/Paul%20Chambers.html
  9. +1 I have never seen the point. 'Travel' could apply to any picture taken of any place, because unless you live there, you have to travel to see it. I use it for pictures of transport, people who are clearly traveling, but wonder if there's any point with over 5 million images using the same keyword. Having said that, I've just checked 'customer search activity' and it does get used, in conjunction with other words. (9 searches for just 'travel' got 39,240 views and 56 zooms!) I occasionally use 'tourism' for images including obvious tourists (groups with cameras, getting out of a coach
  10. I do the same small amount of sharpening. I have made occasional sales with both FAA and ARTFLAKES. The people who answer the mail are not techies, and the techies do not answer mail. Glad to hear you're making some print sales, Ed. I've made a few this year thru FAA. Never had any luck at all with ARTFLAKES. You would think that the non-techies at FAA could ask the techies to put together some decent submission guidelines that the non-techies could then share with the rest of us. This never seems to happen though. I guess the non-techies like to keep not-answering the same que
  11. I do the same small amount of sharpening. I have made occasional sales with both FAA and ARTFLAKES. The people who answer the mail are not techies, and the techies do not answer mail.
  12. On a monthly basis, my views/image ratio has varied recently from 44% to 115%. It's important to note that there are a lot of variables that contribute to this statistic besides keywording, though, making it difficult to find meaningful comparisons across different contributors. One variable is the popularity of the subjects you shoot: If your collection consists entirely of hundreds of photos of a single species of parasitic wasp, you probably won't see nearly the same activity as someone shooting much more popular subjects. Alamy rank also plays a role: The higher your rank, the more views y
  13. Huffington Post - US Edition May 21, 2013 Coffee Health Benefits slide show http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/05/20/primary-sclerosing-cholangitis-coffee-liver-disease-risk_n_3308893.html?utm_hp_ref=healthy-living B7K3XD, Elena Elisseeva - Royalty Free Office worker reviewing generic presentation charts and reports AKJRYB, Big Cheese Photo LLC - Royalty Free Depressed woman in pajamas on couch B2TP5B, latham & holmes - Royalty Free model of a human brain C576T0, Dave & Les Jacobs/Cultura Creative - Royalty Free Doctor talking to older man AYKWFE, Cn Boon - Roya
  14. John, I've sent a Report to Alamy regarding someone giving your post a red negative. It's time that Alamy stopped this nonsense! Sheila Thanks, Sheila. Yes, it's nonsense. But look how popular I am... Guardian Online, May 18, woman looking depressed (maybe somone's pressed the red button), CC2EA9, Adam G. Gregor /Alamy I am only concerned how popular I am in the real world - not on here, unless it were in increase sales
  15. https://plus.google.com/photos/+TravelzooUK/albums/5849615683624774961?sort=5 After searching my previous zooms with Google. I found one of my images on Travelzoo, link above. Has anyone else found their images used on this site and were they legitimately licensed? Regards Craig
  16. Just counted all my Alamy sales images and then counted the images that involved sunshine and blue skies. Less than 25% involve sunny days.
  17. Frankly I don't see the deduction of any of this since the numbers are changing all the time. I think I have doubled my collection in the past six months or so. I get views and zooms and sales. I use the minimalist approach to key wording.
  18. 916% over the last 5 months when I started uploading and keywording properly. 336% in the last month. Not had many sales yet though.
  19. My views are going up markedly (I gather that this is the case with many since the changes a few months back), and it was getting quite scary as the zooms weren't keeping pace! Zooms are starting to catch up now, I'm pleased to say, with a best ever ctr. Current 'rolling month' views/imgs online*100 = 115% with a ctr of 1.00. I started out keywording extensively, but have now trimmed that back markedly unless it's really warranted. With my minimal portfolio, there's far too little to get any useful statistical info. and (in my case, at least) the Alamy changes make it even more impossib
  20. About 1/image/month. Half what it was before a year's tighter keywording and deletion of most comps. CTR up but no effect on sales. One still gets quite a few results of a couple of images which are irrelevant because of chance combinations of words. I'm not sure what to do about them; they're over half the searches and about 20% of the image results.
  21. Last month 175% over last twelve months averaging about 120% (views/size of collwction) X100 My keywordingh is fairly minimal. I was actually thinking of expanding it a little as some of the more successful here seem to be using a lot more. I'm wondering if the old advice about keeping CTR high is still relevant with the reduced number of zooms.
  22. Working again in the UK. Lets hope they/we have lost too many sales in the meantime. Pearl
  23. The broader question is why are distributors that have been deleted as marked territories still allowed to sell my images? I have asked MS about recent sales to the Czech Republic but have yet to receive a reply.
  24. Hi Allan It's actually an optical zoom rather than a digital zoom. Digital zooms are normally rubbish whereas this optical zoom is excellent. Here is an shot I took on the first day of testing this P&S. This is Manly Aquarium on normal and the second taken from the same spot, using the optical zoom Not a bad outcome for such a little camera! Sheila
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