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  1. February was about average sales, 16. The gross was $1102 with an average sale price was $69. So kind of an okay month.
  2. We could all try to guess how many sales we are going to make in March and see how close we are at the end of the month......?
  3. Yes, one more about Stockimo... Surprising even myself as I have been quite content to quietly watch from the sideline thus far, and do not really plan to participate in Alamy's mobile offering (mostly because I have another outlet for this type of work which I feel is more promising). Still I have been watching with interest as to how this will develop, as I believe there is a certain amount of potential in the technological aspects of Alamy's implementation. I was browsing through the Stockimo collection and noticed that almost all of the images are placed as Royalty Free. (Okay, that's
  4. We tend to get your American weather over here about a week later, John. Lets hope it works with American sales as well.
  5. Congratulations on the new family member, Mirco. You've sold two beers now? Thanks for the kind words. Now that I think about it, "surge" was perhaps not the best word to use. I'm not exactly talking about a flood of sales here, but it's encouraging to see more textbook leases in the $180+ range. They looked as if they might have joined the endangered species list for awhile.
  6. They have free access to Alamy library and report sales like students downloading science articles from international article databases.
  7. No sales reported, but I did find one of mine in a grade school textbook published January 1, 2014. I sent the information to Member Services and received this in reply: “Some of our editorial customers report usages to us over a period of time. If you don’t see the sale appear in your account within 3 months then please send us proof of the usage…” Would a book publisher have a self-reporting deal? I can understand payment on publication, but I would think it should be reported by Alamy when downloaded. Jerome Wilson
  8. "But what makes a likely textbook shot? That might be a more useful area for investigation", Read the books. As you do so, draw up a list of visual ideas. ________________________________________________ I do this for an agency whose bread and butter is textbook sales.
  9. I was overwhelmed by that same surge...... there's a little more time left but as it stands, Feb = 2x sales at low value.
  10. "Surge" and "sales" in the same sentence is actually funny in a sad sort of way. Don`t think I have ever seen that before. Good for you John.
  11. An interesting note. I had a batch fail over a month ago. When I emerged from the sin bin, I uploaded a new batch. Again, I had a fail. Turned out to be the tiniest bit of CA in the upper far left of the image, a few fronds of a palm tree that supposedly had it. My old eyes couldn't really see it, I just assume if the reviewer saw some, it must be there. All the rest of the image the fronts were large enough I could see they had no CA, so the offense had to be that corner. I was NOT placed in the sin bin for that tiny oversight. I cropped out the offending corner, re-uploaded the bat
  12. No surge, but two textbook sales this month. Apparently $113 buys 10 years and $180 25.
  13. Have you tried 'Net revenue' to see if that's working? - you may find that you have so many sales it has overloaded the system.
  14. I am UK based but took the view that it was better for me to be paid in USD as this is the sales base currency. I have recently moved onto the Skrill USD card and suffer no more bank charges. It works for me. dov
  15. Perhaps if you have no sales within date range then that would show a blank, change it to a longer period. If not try another browser. Andy
  16. Congratulations Maria!! It is exciting to get a sale here. I was over the moon as well when I saw a sale. Hope we all get loads more sales here. Very nice image too!! Don
  17. First Stockimo sales? http://www.fltrlive.com/2014/02/stock-agency-alamy-enters-smartphone-photography-market/ No Parking sign © Naff_Nuder/Stockimo/Alamy, taken on an iPhone 4 S000AP Hand knocker © Naff_Nuder/Stockimo/Alamy, taken on an iPhone 4 S000BD Opus one vineyard, Napa valley, California © Emily/Stockimo/Alamy, taken on an iPhone 4 S000DH Times Square, New York City, USA © Jamaway/Stockimo/Alamy, taken on an iPhone 5 S0002G Girl sitting in big stripy deck chair © AliO/Stockimo/Alamy Taken on an iPhone 5 S0004W Brooklyn Diner, Manhattan, New York © Glorialeicesterfan/Stock
  18. If some decent Stockimo sales start being reported on the forum, I might consider getting a used iPhone. Right now, I'm maintaining a holding pattern.
  19. Just noticed that Measures has been updated today (Saturday at 0445 GMT). While I've noticed sales being reported on a Saturday, I can't recall Measures being updated at the weekend before. Anyone know if this is a one-off or a new regime? Cheers John
  20. Hey Johnnie, This results like approx 55 sales per day. Minus Jeff Greenberg and Philippe and other top sellers and there will be not much left anymore .
  21. Congratulations Maria. You have great variety and plenty more sales to come. cheers Bill
  22. The Alamy Measures video indicates that not all sales are easily reportable against a search term. Have a watch from about 2.00 onwards:- http://www.alamy.com/Blog/contributor/archive/2008/08/20/3456.aspx
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