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  1. I've made some good distributor sales over the years, in markets I would otherwise not be selling in. Worth doing, as long as you accept that other people will get paid, as well as you.
  2. If you're one of those people who worries about making the minimum payout each month, then yes, even a $5 (net) distributor sale may push you over the threshold. If you already meet the minimum for payment each month these distributor sales may be less attractive.
  3. The 30% cut and low prices can be hard to take, but it does all add up to a decent sum after a while. Also, distributor sales do sometimes come in batches, which can help dull the pain.
  4. A few Japanese sales can help your income quite a bit. However much I dislike losing 70%, my income would be down considerably if I opted out. The good thing is you can do it by region. I would certainly recommend Japan. Though I have many happy memories of and links with the Czech Republic, their distributors fees are a lot less popular than their beer.
  5. Perhaps it was a little presumptuous of me to announce the sales so soon.
  6. My highest sale of this year was in June: $ 957.81. (gross) It was a distributor sale. My lowest distributor sale was $ 6.24 My lowest regular sale was $ 5.92 In total I had 11 sales for a lower net value than the highest NU sale, of those 11, 7 were distributor sales. If I had had only these I would have been quite upset. You can always opt out for certain countries where you are already well distributed, like one's home country or a country where one does speak the language better than a distributor does. And are able to show your images to clients when they are looking for it, meani
  7. Re Google image search and Tineye, I'm increasingly finding that they turn up less and less results. Including for images that are reported as web use sales, and even some that I've seen on the web myself. Anyone got any idea why this should be?
  8. Mine range from $125-$16 gross. So $37-$5 net. At the end of the days they are sales to markets you might not otherwise get at. As losdemas says, not the lowest, that dubious distinction belongs to the newspaper scheme.
  9. Thank you Ed, Maybe it will give my sales a boost when I re-keyword them. Thanks for the support! Nick
  10. If images on the site are already better than mine I won't put mine up. No need to add dross to the library. I may consider another sales outlet that could use my image. If my images are equal or better in some way (obviously my opinion), I will certainly shoot and upload a scene that has a thousand images already.
  11. Who knows? That's totally down to Adobe! They have already changed their sales model with PS, and anyhow, who knows what will happen in the future re: software (and hardware/the economy etc.etc.) However, presuming that things remain similar: I purchased LR1; skipped LR2; upgraded to LR3; skipped LR4 and upgraded to LR5. No reason at the moment to presume that they will not permit you to skip versions in the upgrade cycle. But as I said - who knows?
  12. I never delete any images any more. I have a separate pseudo for non performing images. Even though it has a very bad ranking I still get sales which is a strong argument for not deleting. dov
  13. Hi All, just a quick question. I have had around 4 sales appear within the last couple of months and they all appear to have been sold to newspapers or magazines but I have never come across them. Being new to the business I rely a lot on my cuttings and my portfolio to get my work and that is impossible if I don't know were it is going. I wonder if anyone has come across them? Country: United Kingdom Usage: Editorial Media: Newspaper - national Print run: up to 2 million Placement: Inside and online Image Size: 1/4 page Start: 01 October 2013 End: 02 October 2013
  14. Barbara, It depends what you ask. Do you ask if a commercial people image (with release) sells better then a editorial one without? Or Editorial with release versus Editorial without? I am not long on Alamy but i have to say that on other agency for example i have more commercial images then editorial but anyway i sell more editorial ones. On the next is the other way. It just depends wich clients the agency have. I hear that Alamy has a big group of editorial costumers. Also many big earners here are editorial photographers. In fact a image with MR you can sell commercial and edi
  15. Final thought on the subject of beer? I don't think so, Paul! And, Mark, I lived in the UK remember. I know about lager and bitter and cellar temperature. I used to drink larger in summer and bitter the rest of the year. Unfortunately, Forster's was the larger found in too many pubs. I for one am comforted that in case (no pun intended) of a world shortage, John has been stacking up for us all. John, could this have anything to do with you having trouble budgeting for that NEX-6? Ed No, unfortunately it's an all-round budgeting problem these days. But the cervezas do help. H
  16. It's been a while, but I've had multiple sales like that Liam. The image could be used to illustrate the topic, used again in the table of contents, the teacher's edition, and in the on-line version. Consider yourself lucky that it sold separately four times. Lately, many of my textbook sales have been all-inclusive use, licensed for 25 years, and for far less than you received separately (see below), Country: Worldwide Usage: Editorial Media: Textbook - print and e-book Print run: Unlimited Placement: Inside Image Size: 2 page spread Start: 01 January 2014 End: 01 January 2039 Re-clearing
  17. +1. Figures around £1200/3yrs for NY on 5 vans. An advance against royalty for the print sales, perhaps.
  18. Dunno, to be honest, those with similar sales will be able to help. Could be translations or same licence conditions for different books? If they are all sales of the same image to the same buyer, then well done!
  19. Hi all Just checked my Alamy sales I'm sure it is not April fools day, please tell me if i am wrong. 4 sales same image all going to the same company totaling $456 92 image C13F9P Country: Hungary Usage: Editorial Media: Textbook - print only Print run: up to 5,000 Placement: Inside Image Size: 1 page Start: 15 January 2014 End: 15 January 2017 Liam
  20. CATNBR by ParryGrab 11/18/2013 - by MSN Money Partner: - "Wal-Mart says Obamacare may hurt sales" http://money.msn.com/top-stocks/wal-mart-says-obamacare-may-hurt-sales when you right-click on image for Image Info: Walmart plastic shopping bags in shopping cart © ParryGrab-Alamy - Ann
  21. I've found that most zooms (all?) do not function well at the extreme points, long or short. I always try to remember to pull back a little.
  22. Hi all I recently purchased the RX100 as its reviews were very favorable, and there was quite a few posts about it here. having now been out with it and taken a few trial images when viewed at 100% i have found them to be quite grainy, as the user guide is very limited i am not sure of the settings amd the images taken were on auto iso was 150, aspect ratio 3:2, file format AVCHD, image size L:17M. I have been onto amazon and a full guide is on its way but can anyone advise in the meantime. Liam
  23. Last time I checked, I found that I had moved down, and this was after sales and zooms; so was not sure what to figure (other than trying to upload more photos). However, I did notice that there were several people above me who had marked more than 1 photo with BHZ, so this added another complication.
  24. I have never understood the reluctance of Alamy to chase up unreported sales as it must be in their interests. Firstly because they are losing their percentage; secondly we use agencies so that we don't have to get involved in promotion and collection activities, and if we do we may as well go down the Symbiostock route; and if end users start to believe that the images are free then it is a downward spiral. Perhaps we would not have suffered a percentage drop if these fees had been identified and collected.
  25. I have only ever offered one HDR image for sale, anywhere and it has sold through Alamy, but then this image represent 30% of my total sales with Alamy so perhaps I should do more. I agree with Dustydingo, that if you can tell its HDR then its overdone. Where needed I usually manually blend multiple exposures using luminosity masks and adjustment layers, a lot of work but then I enjoy it and usually prefer the end result.
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