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  1. I'm too hovering around the 4000 mark- hec it's taken a long time to get here Hoping for more regular sales- aren't we all!
  2. Good philosophy. Perhaps this line should be quoted in the submission guidelines. I wonder how many of those 60 would have sold? Just because you couldn't find a reason to buy them, doesn't mean to say that other people wouldn't. I've said it before, and I'll say it again, its always the one I don't think will sell that sells. One of mine, that I didn't expect to sell sold 6 times in one year and grossed near on $500. Go figure. I have had 4 pictures sell this year for fairly good money that surprised me. I sold a picture of my condensing boiler. That surprised me. It wa
  3. That's OK. I've spent time in numerous doghouses. Woof! Woof! I still haven't dropped out of the newspaper scheme, but I don't think I've ever sold an image thru it either. At least I've never had a $5.95 sale. Tried NU for a year. That was enough for me. I opted in last year after I read my photos wouldn't be seen by the newspaper publishers unless I opt in Newspaper Scheme (confirmed recently). Subsequently, I had handful of sales to UK newspaper with fees ranging from $8.xx to $6.xx, posted 3 months or so from the day shows up on their website. I opted out earlier this year, but those
  4. I would think that when this agency started it was made up mostly of full time professional photographers . They knew what to take and they knew what would sell... so most of them are still around making money. Many of the other wingers on this site are amateurs who do not make their main income from photography yet they expect to make regular sales.
  5. I feel that people blame the new digital revolution too easily. Yes it has opened the market to huge numbers of new photos and Photography has probably become far less elitist than it ever deserved to be anyway. However that should not have had the negative effect it has had on prices. At the end of the day If we were paid an hourly rate for the work done just processing raw files, keywording uploading chasing Alamy for un-recorded sales etc, even with a reasonable sale the actual pay rate overall would probably be well below minimum wage. It is about exploitation in the long run, people will
  6. Does *anyone* actually pay the alamy calculator price? Not had any sales, but it seems everyone has been discussing how prices are always well below the calculator prices.
  7. Hi, Could anyone tell me how long it is before sales show on your account, I've seen my images in magazines but no sales have shown yet, is this normal? I think it's been a couple of weeks since I've seen them. Cheers, Carl.
  8. As Alamy approaches the 40 Million mark, I was wondering if others had noticed the abundance of sub standard work being submitted by people who seem to have very little knowledge of photography, or the stock business. I might be getting on a bit, and my images are average rather than spectacular, but I would not dream of submitting some of the new work to be seen on Alamy recently. Sorry, just having this little "rant" because my sales are down, my computer is going on the blink and the weather forecast for the week-end is dreadful! Never the less, have a good one.
  9. Thanks Steve . I wish you good luck! I've added about 750 images to Alamy in the last 3-4 months. I've given my process a little re-think and feel that just snapping anything wasn't working for me. Not many of my images tell many stories, and I think this is where the key to alamy sales lies. Paul you are also not so long on Alamy. I experienced for expample (dont ask me why) that on some microstock sites my sales started to come after few months. I had there 1000 images online from the beginning. First month nothing, second nothing and suddenly the start to come and then
  10. I've added about 750 images to Alamy in the last 3-4 months. I've given my process a little re-think and feel that just snapping anything wasn't working for me. Not many of my images tell many stories, and I think this is where the key to alamy sales lies.
  11. I had three sales with exactly the same rights and $$: "Country: Worldwide Usage: Non-Editorial Electronic and web uses Media: Corporate website, single design Industry sector: General business services Image Size: Any size Start: 01 August 2013 End: 01 August 2016 5 years multiple web use incl. personal screensaver use" Two were the same file, and one was different. I'm expecting a refund too, although they might need two licences if they wanted to use the same image on two different web pages. Also, a bit concerned about 'non-editorial', as both files are marked (I checked!) 'need pro
  12. I managed a couple of sales through Getty Contributor last month and the sales info was fully available. It would be nice if Alamy did the same as it would save a lot of querying the Sales Team for possible infringements.
  13. I had an agency that showed online stats in real time showing the client name,when they viewed,downloaded,then when and where it was published,amt paid, date invoiced and date paid. So saying agencies don't do it,is not always correct. I have two other agencies that have comprehensive sales reports that show the client,sometimes the issue and the amt paid. L
  14. At least one agency out there reports who the client is (for direct sales) but not rights granted. However, they'd tell you the latter if you ask your editor nicely. GI
  15. Dov, Maybe I'm mistaken but I was under the impression that CTR was based on a set number of Alamy clients who are logged into the Alamy server when they search and view photos. Searches by non Alamy clients on other servers wouldn't factor into Alamy stats. Either way, it's something I'm trying this year to see if there's a difference. My CTR tends to run below average as it is but I haven't noticed any significant drops. I have noticed an increase in Alamy sales in North America this year but that may be due to increased efforts on Alamy's part. If I later decide it wasn't the best d
  16. Double sales are often for academic textbooks, one for the student version and one for the tutors. Andy
  17. Expect to start out at a middle ranking until you have some sales. Paulette
  18. What really matters to me is how high I'm ranked where I'm making the most sales. I usually just search for images I know that have a strong showing here on Alamy and use that as a feel for how I'm ranked.
  19. Well done Mirco that must be a nice feeling... I stopped uploading to micro in about feb I think, and started to upload to Alamy ( although I did my first 4 images in the beginning of 2012) and started shooting new stuff have just about reached a 1000 images on Alamy...I am pleased with my 1000 so 3000 must be a really good feeling.. good luck with sales....
  20. I wonder does anyone know why alamy does not include publication details and usage dates in their sales information?
  21. Hi fotodogue - have you considered that some researchers have favourite sites and these may be distributor sites. Alamy content is not searchable on the internet, only on the Alamy site itself. Have you also considered whether this may reduce your CTR and, even without sales, effect your ranking as a consequence. I visited a small paper called The Guardian recently and was told that they receive something like 35,000 unsolicited pix on a quiet day, nearer double if anything is going on. Unclear why you want to reduce your visibility in the market place, but you no doubt have a reason.
  22. Well done Mirco and Lynne. It is nice to hit those milestones. Congratulations and best of luck with sales.
  23. First thing I would say is that unless you are rock steady and the subject is motionless or you have a good tripod? You are not going to get a sharp image with that lens and a shutter speed of 125. Did you use a good lens shade? I do not use zooms without a shade, I even have several hand made shades for my 80-200 and 35-70 that are tighter than the factory ones. I also never use filters over the front element.
  24. Say wha' fotoDogue Think they be speakin' da English on picture desks all over the world. I've sold images to Japan, for example, via Alamy as direct and distributor sales. Best RW
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