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  1. Congrats Mirco and mickfly, I'll have to upload much more photos before see some sales
  2. I travel to do stock photography. My approach is to book things in advance and get the prices down. Starting with this year, I started targeting cities more and filling out my work with more and more varied subjects. The net result is that I have started to see more and more sales. Personally, Alamy is lagging way behind some of my other agencies that I am with. Yes, there are low prices being paid but on the other decent prices are still being paid out. My Getty statement last month nearly made me fall of of my chair!!! Had one very nice sale to a Japanese advertising agency for a TV
  3. Everything normal here, Doc. Sales from the past couple of days are showing. Joe
  4. Having had two sales on the trot within walking (well, cycling) distance, one of which would have paid for the curry and not just the beer, I'm having another think too. I've just got the studio flash out of the garage as well.
  5. Thanks guys.. I know I need 100s more images before I believe I would even get zooms let alone views.. I will have a good look at all my captions/keywords .. see what I can do to improve them.. Not knowing the pro n cons of how things work I was under the impression that everyone was getting plenty of views a week except me so thanks Mark for putting my mind at ease...Thanks Joe/Mark for pointing me in the right direction on how to word my images... Cheers guys thanks for taking the time... Barbara
  6. Hello Barbara, You'll probably get tons of advice on this topic, but I'l kick off with a few words. The greatest emphasis in the search engine is given to the essential keywords. The main keyword box is also searched as a secondary source. The caption box is also featured in the search, though Alamy say this is not so significant - however I know some images of mine have been returned in searches on the strength of a word or two in the caption. I have had a very quick look at a couple of your images I would say you need to be more specific in your kewording. Your crowd is outside the
  7. Third sale came just now. So my next was allready quick. It looks like a nice day . The interesting thing is that it are exactly the first two zooms i had. The second zoom i had 5 days later but anyway on the same day invoiced.
  8. Yeah, it'll be interesting, Mirco. I hope that the ranking is positively affected, (it should be), but don't rely on the BHZ game to give you reliable results there - my BHZ 'rank' went down after my first two sales - figure that out!
  9. Many congrats, Mirco! However, I wouldn't count on two sales in rapid succession as being the regular return until you have had a few sales...and a little more time. Let's hope I'm just being pessimistic! FWIW: my first sale (in June) was quickly followed by another 10 days later - then nothing until 30th September. Another wait 'till 1st November and then my best sale to date 4 days later. But nothing since then (well, one unreported on 7th November). So consistency for us new sellers is not something we can expect. I know that Philippe has said that for regular sales we should h
  10. I just had my second sale . So two sales this month. It looks like i only needed patience. The next will come for sure soon also. Thanks for your nice words and advices. But dont worry i will not put a new message for every sale. It is just for the firsts. This image i sold today:
  11. Be aware that Alamy sometimes has 'special deals' with special customers - and your Images Sold record may register a single license sale to a single client, who, because of the terms of the deal are allowed to use the image on any number of their client websites with no additional fee to Alamy - or you. The initial deal is rubbish as well, with a tiny license fee - so ALWAYS check with MS first that the sale is not subject to this strange arrangement otherwise you will be upsetting all manner of folk by chasing up 'legit' license holders - it is not their fault - they are just taking adva
  12. I photograph the Brandenburg Gate a lot in Berlin. It has been done to death but it sells frequently. This sold through Alamy last month And two sales also last month (not through Alamy)
  13. From experience I would always expect refunds when there are multiple sales especially if the license description is the same. Only occassionally it works out well. Back in the day there were often 2 sales for the same image in a text book with one half the price of the other but I haven't even seen that for a long time. Pearl
  14. So we've got the back story behind this one now. The client purchased the image via the website multiple times as they weren't familiar with downloading and purchasing online. They ended up repeating the purchase a few times and then got in touch with us asking us to cancel the duplicate sales, which we did. Hope this clears things up. Cheers Alamy
  15. DAILY FINANCE 27 NOV 2013 CEBDFG Photographer: Sam Dao http://www.dailyfinance.com/on/retailers-expecting-big-holiday-sales/
  16. Sorry to hear that three of the sales were refunded. Look at the good side of things, one image was licensed. Better luck next time, Liam. Dave
  17. Yes I shoot. If it has been done to death then I try to find a different angle, lighting, feature,processing to differentiate. A friend has taken a shot of a very famous landmark and has regular sales. I took the same pic from the same position with a better camera a month later and have never had a single sale. Dov
  18. Yeah sorry, I did come across them images on the Mail Online but they have still not appeared in my sales report.
  19. I have super limited experience with distributor sales (2), but one had quite modest and one has good size commission, so it all evened out.
  20. I've made some good distributor sales over the years, in markets I would otherwise not be selling in. Worth doing, as long as you accept that other people will get paid, as well as you.
  21. If you're one of those people who worries about making the minimum payout each month, then yes, even a $5 (net) distributor sale may push you over the threshold. If you already meet the minimum for payment each month these distributor sales may be less attractive.
  22. The 30% cut and low prices can be hard to take, but it does all add up to a decent sum after a while. Also, distributor sales do sometimes come in batches, which can help dull the pain.
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