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  1. Not bad at $699 total, 7 sales, several more over the last month or two not yet reported including the usual newspaper uses which don't turn up for a quarter.
  2. 21 sales total with the highest sale grossing $450. Best month since September 2011! I'm off to the Ferrari showroom.................. (I wish!)
  3. I too have sold nothing through them, but it is free hosting, and given that I only made two small sales on Clikpic in four years, at least I am not shelling out for nothing. It does not have the look and flexibility of Clikpic, but then again it is not £55 per year! There is a bit of a Flickr culture of adding to groups, liking and commenting, which I do not go in for. It is no real effort to set it all up, but I cannot see me adding much to it in the future.
  4. Personally I have not sold anything through FAA. If no sales by time of renewal I may finish with them. Allan
  5. I am running out of excuses not to buy an X-T1 Mind you my March sales don't help the justification (along with oct, Nov, Dec, Jan, Feb... ) I am kind of hoping once it is a stock item there will be some sort of deals on offer.
  6. 3 sales $205. Still an under-performer... could do better. The rest of the class had a good month.
  7. POO r 5 sales for $279. Bryan "Disappointed at a $25 fee for a printed image used in two editions of a national paper" I had the same disappointment as Bryan Country: United Kingdom Usage: Editorial Media: Newspaper - national Print run: up to 750,000 Placement: Inside and online Image Size: 1/4 page Start: 01 January 2014 End: 02 January 2014 Regards Craig
  8. Mine was exceptionally good too. 19 licenses, previous monthly best was 12. Total sales 2nd best ever at just over $1000 gross Well done Alamy! Hope it is the start of a trend....
  9. Maybe they are including the huge number of sales we have in the pipeline that haven't been officially reported yet......
  10. I got another email too having had the first one last September. I had a much better Q4 2013 but never got an email then so perhaps there is no logic to it. 2014 has been disappointing thus far so I would find a few good sales and a bit more inclusion in Creative more motivating than a vague email. Pearl
  11. Top 500 here too. Would of course like more sales. Who wouldn't?
  12. I have also had about 4 sales from Alamy chasing up newspaper audits . Thanks Alamy very pleased keep up the good work... Also pleased to see reasonable prices on recent textbook slaes. Thanks.
  13. Metro 21 March 2014 http://metro.co.uk/2014/03/21/crossrail-boosts-house-sales-4672150/ Crossrail, Jeffrey Blackler Lynne
  14. I got it for tabletop work Betty, it is a Hama Power 42 LED Light model number 00060187. I see Hama have it priced at £119 but it was reduced to £79 in the store. Had a lot of dust on it so I suggested as they have had it for a long time maybe they would want to get rid of it for £25. Wish I could charm the birds out of the trees, or at least some sales out of Alamy. Allan PS I tied to put a picture on here for you but failed. Try googling it.
  15. I had a nice high three-figure sum for a French magazine cover this month. Distributor, unfortunately, but still 3 figures left after commission. The decent sales are out there, though not as many as any of us would like.
  16. If your monthly sales are good, why not just leave your images on Alamy and let them generate income while you "step back"? What's the point of selling all your hard work to someone else?
  17. hmmm, well I use the Fuji X-E1 and they are a great carry about camera, I often go in the mountains and wild camp to take pictures. I have stopped taking the D800 for this. But I disagree that the bell tolls for the DSLR, not yet anyway. Personally I prefer the ergonomics of a DSLR for normal use and the mirrorless have a long way to go with fps, AF tracking and resolution in many cases. I think they will probably get there but when you (or they) say obsolete for professional use I think they are forgetting about sports and wildlife photography and probably studio work. Mirrorless sales a
  18. I've had 3 sales this month of the same image all for $73.53 each, i'm expecting a refund - but none so far! Country: United Kingdom Usage: Direct mail/Brochures Media: Travel brochures Industry sector: Travel & tourism Print run: up to 500,000 Placement: Inside Image Size: Full area Start: 07 March 2014 End: 07 March 2015 Country: United Kingdom Usage: Direct mail/Brochures Media: Travel brochures Industry sector: Travel & tourism Print run: up to 500,000 Placement: Inside Image Size: Full area Start: 24 March 2014 End: 24 March 2015 Country: United Kingdom Usage: Direct m
  19. Well, it's all the same customer and I still have sold the image once. Three sales, two refunds. It has happened before that a sale gets duplicated then refunded - but twice in as many weeks is new to me. Anyone else?
  20. I submitted 1 image and it was rejected. It's really the only iPhone marketable photo I have. I've made a lot of sales from it on my own site;mainly prints. No reason given. Don't know if I am going to invest time into this. I'm in the midst of negotiating a six figure ad buyout sale...a nationwide exhibit and some other mighty fun photo biz ventures so...maybe if I just happen to see something Stockimo like I'll pull out my iPhone but to be honest...in my big city sometimes that can be pretty dangerous. Saw a woman get her phone snatched out of her hand the other day in broad d
  21. Hi Wanted any bodies thoughts on using key wording companies . I have approx 300 images on Alamy but have limited time to add back log of images and future images due to commissioned work. Currently I caption all images myself using the Alamy guide lines but I am considering using one of the companies recommended in Alamy resources. My questions are to anybody who has used these services. 1. Did it result in a noticeable increase in ctr and or sales ? 2. What was the approximate cost per image and was this justified in returns. ? 3. How easy was the process with regards to exis
  22. This has been my experience as well. If you can find a good niche or two, it is possible to make regular sales on Alamy. The images don't have to be spectacular either, they just have to be what a particular group of clients is looking for.
  23. It is not what it seems alaskadude. My biggest sale last month (not Alamy) was for $550. Subject: a nondescript urban park late at night back in October, 40 minutes from where I live, so obscure it doesn't feature in any guides. Nothing much to see except a few lights and shadows. My biggest sale of the last two years on Alamy: drizzle, a worn sign, some dirty looking tanks, 1 hours drive ($1064: AFW904). At another UK agency I have a picture of a drainage ditch in Kent filled with algal scum. Sold 51 times. Recent brochure usage (same agency) of a full frontal of a liquid nitrogen ta
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