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  1. Breaking News. Bleakness breakthrough - two newspaper sales for the princely sum of not very much at all. ( Might buy a bag of chips).
  2. This is my first December on Alamy so I haven't got experiences of other years. But until now, this is my first good month because my first "good" sales are popping up I say good sales because the others were "peanuts" like you say sometimes here We'll keep working! (Sorry for my english! )
  3. Pardon? This doesn't make sense. Looks like a Babelfish translation. Google Translate. My acceptance ratio is 85%. Member service responded that I have to wait 28 days In Spanish contributor is a contribuyente which is taxpayer in English. The radio may have been a typo or a freak translation: I get ratio either way. (Lauria has a lot of images from BA. The Argentinians speak Spanish - although some think they are in fact Italians that speak Spanish ;-) wim
  4. FIVE sales in the last half-an-hour !!!! Best $3.23 and worst $3.20 - now about that "Best Turkey in the Shop".............more a case of who's the turkey......
  5. Hi Chuck Despite my meanderings in the world of cameras I came back to the original premise. A tiny camera that is capable of passing QC. It will come with me when walking the dog,canoeing, bushcrafting and in the mountains. It can also live in the car so it is almost always with me. This is all part of a plan to shoot more for alamy in my quiet times. The cost of the Nex 5a is covered by may last two Alamy sales. Time will tell how much I like small cameras :-) ATB Mark
  6. December was my joint best month for sales last year, it doesn't look like it will be this year, just the one so far on the 5th. Zooms have disappeared. I haven't had a zoom for nearly a fortnight, the worst run since September last year. Views holding up though. John.
  7. Best month in a long time for me, fear not though, last month was a total shocker! Start of this month had three sales in a day and one of them was for an ok amount (or would have been in the 60/40 days!). Zooms are really low though so am expecting a lean few months ahead.
  8. So far, been a busy one. 5 sales in the first 10 days and zooms stretching over 50 (rolling 30days) for the first time with CTR well over Alamy avg for 3 pseudonyms, one avg and a couple below. $ are a little down to last month but plenty of time to correct that. Rather active elsewhere as well. Rapidly approaching last months totals with over half the month to go..... dam.... saying that was probably a kiss of death.... should have kept quiet
  9. If you have an image which sells well with Alamy (say) then I just don't get the logic of competing in a particular territory against yourself with another agency sublicencing that same image - it will drive down the price - and of that lowered price you will get less via the local agency. If you have lots of generic stuff competing with many similar images from other shooters then maybe there more of a case but it will still drive down the prevailing market prices for other stock AND you will still get paid a lot less money for what you do sell. I also had the experience of a Slovak repub
  10. I have had mixed results with distribution. My worst experience is from 2010 for a Greek? magazine front cover that I have never been paid for. Alamy do seem to have tried but don't seem to be able to do anything about it. "waiting for the distributor to get back to us" On the whole I have had a number of sales from the likes of Japan, Brazil, South Korea, Russia etc, but at 30% they don't amount to much so last April I had a major cull of territories/countries I deem to be too much of a risk payment, or usage wise (eg usage wise - paying for cheapest spot use and using for another use).
  11. Zooms seem to have plummeted but sales broadly on track - early days yet - always the optimist! .dov
  12. Got one sale last month for 6,83$, so after all commissions had gone off there was 2$ left in my pocket. That'll get me a sugar cube in my cappuccino... But also one for 130$, so... That's slightly better. (although the "client" had entered a printrun of 25,000 and print only, when -being subscribed to said client- I happen to know that they have a printrun of 335,000 and that the image was also in the online edition. Alamy didn't seem to be too bothered by it and basically (not in those literal words, but between the lines) told me I should be happy with the sales, because these are markets
  13. Does the Government get a tax form at the end of the year for photo sales from agencies and who do they pay taxes to or what government fund does it go into? Does the Gov even have a tax ID as a business? Never thought about these things before. Just curious. L
  14. Did anyone else get an e-mail from Alamy like this one? "You have restrictions applied to 63 of your images. Our customers find images with restrictions scary and confusing and tend not to buy them. To increase your chances of making sales, check your restrictions are still needed and if they're not, remove them." I've always wondered about this. The restrictions that I have are to ensure editorial use. Is it better to remove the restrictions and just write "for editorial use only" in the description field? Alamy's system for setting restrictions does seem a bit intimidating.I wonder w
  15. December 'tis the cruelest month. No sales yet here either. The weather in Vancouver is bleak as well.
  16. I just had a shot of the Akeavit I keep in my freezer. I feel much better, although I've had no sales, no zooms and few views so far in December. Jolly Old *7$@!!!
  17. Photography darkroom kit sales ‘largest in five years’ You could be part of a trend!
  18. I had a sneaky suspicion that December would be slow by looking at last year's views/zooms. I guess that everything slows down esp. after the first couple of weeks of the month? I did have a sale on day 5 (my griping thread on the subject was promptly removed by the supreme being here), but I'm now quite pleased to have got it (in a grumbly, humbug kind of way - bah!), as it seems that my zooms have come to a grinding halt, too. Not expecting any more sales this year - time to get the Easter bunnies and daffodils out! I too may well get out the Gluhwein: nothing like some cheap hot win
  19. Don't know what it is but I don't seem to be able to record any sales in the month of December. Normally average one per week, but nothing so far, and I seem to recall last year was equally depressing. Possibly too much bah humbug on my behalf and not enough joviality........ Maybe a Xmas drink or too might get me into the spirit of things, when the sales will come rolling in?
  20. Sounds like your lens was defective.This is one of the few lenses long range zooms I could actually shoot wide open on the long end. L
  21. "what is a customer looking for in an editorial image of this sort and more likely to buy or expect to see..." You state that as if there's one customer with one set of tastes and values. Surely that's not the case. In anything that has art as an intrinsic element, you must present things as you like them and accept the cheers or the boos . . . or the sales.
  22. Hiya > You shouldn't complain though. 400 thumbs means 400 sales - looks good from just over 2000 images. Good point, I am now wishing it was 800 cut and pastes. Mark
  23. As far as I remember you can copy and paste the summary of items sold web page including thumbnails into an Excel spreadsheet. I can't test it right now as I did a clean install with Mavericks and have not reinstalled Excel yet but I'm pretty sure it works. My preferred solution to this though is to use Lightroom and embed keyword phrases such as Alamy Submitted, Alamy Sold etc. Much easier in the long run. This sort of works, it has brought the data across. I will have to move all the photos with cut and paste using right click as Iget an error on left clicking. So 400+ cut an
  24. As far as I remember you can copy and paste the summary of items sold web page including thumbnails into an Excel spreadsheet. I can't test it right now as I did a clean install with Mavericks and have not reinstalled Excel yet but I'm pretty sure it works. EDIT: Just checked this on my laptop and it works more or less (MacOS 10.8, Excel 2008) except the images are not bound to cells so need to be dragged around manually after the paste (Paste Special - paste as HTML). They do sit beside the relevant records though so, depending on how many sales you've had, could be a small or very big j
  25. Sorry, it doesn't have that option. I was going with your comment about doing a screen grab and printing it off. As someone mentioned in the other thread, you can download your sales to a spreadsheet and organise them on there without a thumbnail (I'm not sure if you can have a thumbnail in a spreadsheet anyway?). You can then sort on the ref number or prices to give you some idea of your best sales.
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