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  1. I had to do a on-site search to find "recently sold," but I'm glad i did, because the over-all image profile is much more varied than it was just a few years ago. There's a whole lot more than just landscapes and animals. I hate most of this newer stuff, but I'm happy to see the various ideas of "art" being on offer on FAA. Another surprise was to find that I've been paying $30 a year for my membership. (My fault of course for not tracking my automatic credit card charges.) I guess I'll put some more images up . . . but I will not be involving myself in that odious, totally insincere quid
  2. Most sales ever in a month by number but not nearly by value. My average halved last year- on March's figures it's trying to halve again.
  3. 6 sales $500.00 gross. I hope it gets better for all of us!
  4. Four for a gross of $170.00, mostly low value. but something is always better than nothing! I still have a couple of sales yet to clear from January, so no March payout for me, grumble grumble! I'm off on holiday tomorrow and could do with the money!
  5. Top 500 here too! The Alamy's email came along with 4 sales in one single day. Encouraging thing I must admit!
  6. Just 3 sales for me, but one of them was $318 gross, my best sale ever, maybe things are not so bad after all !
  7. I have just over 300 images with FAA, have been there for almost 2 years now, with only 1 sale and that was a greeting card. (Ideal for scanning!) Have had better sales on RB, but not really worth the effort! Must admit that my work is not "arty" enough, and I am not into promoting on Facebook, Twitter etc. Also, I find it difficult to comment on some of the work shown, and refuse to praise some of the dreadful captures! That said, there is also some very good work on FA and RB.
  8. Good to hear some of you get sales - I haven't yet but I am aware that my stuff is not as well suited to the fine art market as some. What I would be interested in from those who do sell is how many views you get. I look at some contributors who get thousands of views for one image - is that the kind of level that's needed? I've had about 700 views in total and although they are beginning to increase lately, I doubt I'm getting enough exposure to sell much.
  9. No sales through FAA yet but three through Artflakes, all of the same but not often photographed Berlin building.
  10. Congrats to all of you making sales with FAA! That's good to know something is happening here This year I joined FAA and still waiting for the first sale with about 200 files. Site is very friendly and I love option to set my own price. How does it look in A.flakes? Who decides about commission? Sheila, when I click on this small image under big one it gets me to site with: "The page you have requested can not be found." and link to FAA front page below. Today I got invitating email: "I’m pleased to extend an invitation to you to join TheArtOfBusinessCards.com. These are exciting t
  11. I don't have much work on these fine art sites and I don't spend a lot of time with them but I have made some good sales on FAA including a 24x36 on plexi, which had a nice profit. I’ve been with Red Bubble since 2009 and never had a sale or inquirery. I have sold some small prints and postcards on “Art Flakes” out of Germany but no big profits yet. The best site "I think" for fine art is Saatchi out of the UK. I haven't sold anything thru them yet but they have promoted my work. Another important note about fine art sites online is key wording is much more lenient! There is no rank or ctr to
  12. Just one of the $180 textbook sales for me. Very poor month.
  13. I've invested much time into Redbubble, with a large portfolio. and over 200000 views, but this does not translate into sales. Yes I have sold, but it is one of the worst performing sites I am on.
  14. You're welcome Lucky man.... They released C1 just as my camera was heading off to Fuji repairs to sort out the light leak. It wasn't causing any problems for me but thought I would let them repair it and clean the sensor etc. It took them a whole day to send out the package to return it to them..... a WHOLE day! It came that quickly I was expecting it and when I opened the parcel to find an empty box with foam inserts... I though it was an early April Fools joke! I am running out of excuses not to buy an X-T1 Mind you my March sales don't help the justification (along
  15. How about RedBubble? I signed up about 2 months ago, almost 200 photos online but no sales...plenty of views, though! I only sell prints and canvases there, maybe that is the problem...
  16. I find FAA worthwhile. $30/year is a bargain for a website IMO (Sorry, Ed). I've had three sales so far this year and a payment coming this month. It's another iron in the fire.
  17. Not as good as Jan and Feb but still a healthy month with nine RM sales for $810.39 gross. Only one distributor sale in the bunch. Thanks, Alamy. Now if you would only let me out of the Sin Bin a bit earlier than usual, I would be really happy.
  18. That sounds encouraging even if sales tailed off after day 3 (but there was a week end remember). I have just taken a break from keywording to read the replies here, but I guess I will have to keyword images put on FAA.....
  19. I joined FAA last week and sold a photo within 3 days so I've already covered my annual fee. No more sales since, but I live in hope. Its a fun site with lots of groups and contests (makes a break from keywording all day)
  20. Got the email but I am in the Sin Bin !!! However most sales this month for images (scanned ) up to 24 years old... so does it matter ? Highest sale for ages & $1540.00 gross so THAT might have helped !!!
  21. March came in at my new average. 16 sales for $992 gross. Highest $180 and lowest $13.53 for an average sale price of $62. I do miss the days when the average sale price was north of $100.
  22. Ed, and CandyAppleRed, Thanks for the comments. As I do not, as yet, have any web presence (no Website, no Blog, no Flickr, no Facebook, no Twitter) it seemed like a possible way to get a website/blog and maybe add another revenue stream from my images. Certainly I understand they would need to be pictures that people would want to hang on a wall. After 8 years with Alamy my pictures are more likely to be hung in a newspaper or magazine, but I can probably muster 30 or 40 that might do. If that worked out, I could always try to shoot something appropriate. That would be a
  23. Peter, I'm under the impression that people who do pretty landscapes and pretty animals can do well on FAA. The main target is regular folks who want to put something on a hallway wall. I've made some sales there, but my stuff is not what most people would hang on a wall, even my best stuff. http://fineartamerica.com/profiles/ed-rooney.html Also, they have a very odd ritual that goes on there where contributors compliment your images and you in turn must compliment theirs. Too strange for me. Good luck if you do submit. Artflakes in Berlin is another similar operation.
  24. I was pleasantly surprised this morning to find an additional sale (after checking before going to bed last night). That makes 3 images licensed for the month at $130 gross. That's not the best in value, but last year at this time I was about 3 months into a no sales drought that continued to last through most of the summer here at Alamy. That makes me pleased given the alternative.
  25. 19 sales this month. Some images had been on Alamy for 10 years and not sold or been zoomed so very surprised at these. Must be due to the top 500! Kathy Kathy deWitt/Alamy: http://tinyurl.com/n9djvmr
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