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  1. John .... i think something went wrong during uploading from Alaskadude. I can not imagine this is in purpose...... i hope so. Alaskadude i would really follow Johns advice. This will be bad for sales but also Alamy will not be happy to see that i guess . You must be correct. Something probably went wrong with the uploads. Some of alaskadude's images appear to be identical.
  2. I only had about 40 sales in the second quarter to make the top 500. I had 85 in that period and didn't make the magic 500 (unless my email is delayed). Maybe it's done on a $ basis.
  3. Q2 - around 50 for me. Sorry don't have my detailed stats here. Could it be collection divided by sales? Is it $$ or number? NU? Are refunds counted twice like in Summary? ;-) wim
  4. Well! looking at my sales this month I think I might have made the bottom 500. On a more serious note just how many sales did it take to make the top 500? I'm sure it would be interesting and informative without giving away too many secrets.
  5. I also have a 6:1 zoom to sale ratio, but they seem mostly unrelated. A search for a specific image ref is usually a good indicator of a sale coming up. I think a zoom is just an indicator that an image stands out enough to be noticed.
  6. If that's the same for me, then I've had my fair share of sales! Shucks. The two sales I have had both had zooms. Funny thing is, the zoom for the first licence came after I reported it appearing in a mag. Almost as if they were trying to justify the (later) licensing period!
  7. <gulp>Don't know if I'll last that long!</gulp> 6:1 should give me a few more sales, then. Fingers x'd.
  8. I've had that feeling, too! Specially when I see my zooms on a keyword, then multiple other combinations of the keywords with multiple other zooms. Keep on plugging!
  9. I think that's precisely the point: a heap of views with no zooms (or more to the point, no sales) should suggest that people perhaps want to see a different beard than the one you have! Therefore you would get some other beards up there with varying lengths, colours, maybe frame them a little differently, put a smile or a frown on the face behind the beard, etc. etc.
  10. As I've said before, I get sales and I get zooms, but (mostly) they are not connected.
  11. All zooms are recorded, I hope, but not all zooms can be linked to sales. The connection has to be quite direct.
  12. Must try harder….. Today, I too had had the encouraging news that I am among the top 500 photographers in Alamy for the last quarter ! (Seems to be number of sales) Not sure how many there are of us contributing – and I’m not sure how encouraging this really is – because if I’m in the top 500 there must be some pretty dismal results for others down the line. …..and it is nothing to do with photographic talent – I’ve looked at a number of portfolios in the past few months – many of which knock my eclectic mix of just over 4,800 images into a cocked hat. To put it in context th
  13. Had one of those too. Which quarter is this I wonder? I wasn't too happy with last months sales figures, I'm assuming last quarter is april to june.
  14. 'Top' as in what (pretty meaningless term on its own)? In terms of sales (quantity/$$$); most uploaded; best QC result; most return to them through distribution?! Actual numbers of contributors has been mentioned by Alamy before as far as those joining each month, but I can't recall just now without hunting down the answer. Doubtless someone else will know. "Your sales have been stacking up and you've made it into our top 500 photographers in the last Quarter"
  15. 'Top' as in what (pretty meaningless term on its own)? In terms of sales (quantity/$$$); most uploaded; best QC result; most return to them through distribution?! Actual numbers of contributors has been mentioned by Alamy before as far as those joining each month, but I can't recall just now without hunting down the answer. Doubtless someone else will know.
  16. I'm relatively new on Alamy but I thought zooms are only recorded for Alamy's list of preferred clients. If so then zooms by other contributors shouldn't show.
  17. I had 15 zooms in Aug, one pic zoomed three times. One pic used by the express but nothing showing for anything else. It might be other alamy folk looking at profiles to see portfolios?
  18. About 5% of my zooms, turn into sales. Most of my sales do not appear to come from zooms at all!
  19. Unfortunatly it is like this . Coming from microstock and being used to see sales directly i also have to understand this system. I have 6 zooms. On of them i found on the Thelegraph but i guess the sale i will see withing 3 months .
  20. Ratio about 6:1 but like Alex many sales are never zoomed. The time lag from search/zoom to sale is often months. A fair few take the best part of a year. Longer than that of course and you can't find out.
  21. Very few of my zooms have turned into sales and most sales haven't been zoomed (well, they probably have but don't show up in the stats). I had a dozen zooms about a month ago, each on a different image from the same set. I haven't sold any yet and my feeling is someone was searching for something else and my set were shown due to keywords having two different meanings. I think they just got interested and had a look at mine before going on with what they were really looking for. I've also had my first zoom on reference number so I'm hopeful that will result in a sale down the line.
  22. A bit of Friday navel-gazing before heading out to actually act on recent searches and get some more pictures up. Looking at my figures for Zooms/Sales in AlamyMeasures, I have had ~40 zooms in the last 5 months (of which, 6 were zoomed and/or viewed by reference # - some more than once), yet I have only had 2 sales. The zooms are spread fairly evenly across each of the last 5 moths, BTW. I know that many say that most of their sales come from images which haven't been zoomed, but I would have thought that he ratio would have been a little better? So... How does your zooms:sales ra
  23. Mirco, The reports in this thread a heavily skewed towards the UK because that's where most of the people reporting the sales live. We don't see many Polish newspapers or magazines over here! I used to get a few sales from Poland, mainly textbooks, before I opted out of the distribution scheme. Chris
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