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  1. Summary for statement period 01 November 2013 to 03 December 2013 (4 item(s) totalling $220.96) 2 Live News Sales and 2 Stock Sales - good prices. I still have a lot of images overdue for reporting. Hopefully they will all come through in December.
  2. 3 sales for $110. No improvement in prices as far as I'm concerned
  3. I suspect that if you tie in an unusual angle/take on an iconic spot/site with carefully thought out keywording and some unusual light you stand a very good chance of a sale. May be a bit of a buggeration factor if your previous zooms/sales history is not too good and has forced you down the ranking - always a downside - and forced your gem onto page 93 but always worth a go. Not to will guarantee no sale nj
  4. Does the RX10 have a power zoom? If so, it probably needs a more powerful battery than the NEX cameras. Hence the long charging time. That's the price of progress, I guess. Speaking of which, I keep hoping that some smart person at Sony would reinvent the mechanical cable release. I really miss them. Never could understand the attraction/necessity of power zooms either.
  5. 6 sales for $364. And one of them was less than $10. Prices generally seem to be improving compared with recent months.
  6. I think these days agencies and suppliers are networking images all over the place, i am sure some agencies have duplicated images from different sources it would be to difficult to control 100%, i am sure it would not be a problem. Dose anybody know if Alamy actually send all images to the distributors, or do the distributors have a key to access Alamy files. Meanwhile i have ticked the all distributors box, now i will wait and see if there is any increase in sales. Thanks everybody! Paul.
  7. I also was tempted to drop Italy as sales were all below $10 but recently they have been more like 4x that so I'm glad I stayed in. Pearl
  8. I am signed up to everything. Had 2 distributor sales last month. A little is better than nothing IMO and it helps the rankings too. .dov
  9. 3 sales for $163. Meh! Zooms have been up lately with a few specific image code searches in the mix. Sign of better days ahead? Marc
  10. It's definitely worth it unless it conflicts with agencies you supply in other countries (which I don't). I've always been signed up to every territory except Italy* and it can make a substantial difference to one's monthly income. Last month, I only had 9 out of 118 sales that were through distributors but, back in January, that figure was 27 out of 90. Ian D * I dropped Italy after I was only seeing a lot of tiny $4 sales (to Viaggia???) but I've actually just signed back up after Kumar (Doc) mentioned that he'd started getting some reasonable licenses from there.
  11. My understanding is that Alamy Rank takes account of average sale price as well as other factors so too many low sales could actually be detrimental. Pearl
  12. Yesterday I marked all. Just in case. Agreed what Mirco said. Additionally, more sales, even are few cents, at the end will increase your Alamy ranking. I hope so.
  13. I have signed up to all of them but only 6 of my 34 sales this month were through distributors. That still leaves 28 non distributor sales but I do have more images of course. Pearl
  14. I would mark them all without doubt. Better 1 sale for 7 dollars then no sale for 0 dollars. Anyway i see many photographers having also large sales from distributors. Maybe good idea to try it out.... i really dont see any disadvantage. Mirco
  15. I have been looking at the November sales thread and there seem to be many making a decent number of sales given the amount of images in their portfolios. My question; is it because of the distribution scheme and how many territories are chosen. I have over 8000 images with ALAMY and lucky to license 1 or 2 per month, yes i am in the dist/ scheme with about 10 territories. Dose anybody think it is a good idea to mark them all. Reasons for and against will be appreciated. Paul.
  16. 3 sales for $139.77, lowest $31.41, highest $76.95. 3 sales is the sum of my sales for August, Sept, October so not too bad in comparison. My average was 4 sales a month but the new average is now 3 - so an average month! John.
  17. Average month for me 12 sales better than average $ Tony
  18. 40 sales; several at the $175-180 level, lowest $7.85. In Newspaper scheme, not in NU Kumar
  19. 5 sales making it $ 524 gross minus one refund. Pretty good. Rolf
  20. Looks very instructive as always, David. I've bookmarked your article for later study. Thanks. Regarding black and white, I've found that it does quite well on POD websites. I've made several b&w print sales through FAA. Someone actually zoomed one of my b&w images on Alamy (a first) recently. So you never know, we may be completing the circle.
  21. Congrats to all that keep getting regular sales I haven't had a sale since the end of May, but I realize that having 300 images in among 41M, the chances of getting sales is minimal. I must try and upload some more, but at the moment am working on my own site and trying to get that up and running. Nick
  22. I think you overdid it on several images, all really. You do NOT want to blow out highlights. Do you have Lightroom? Yes, you need to brighten and open up shadows . . . but now you're burning out the highlights, and your contract is flat and unnatural looking. QC does not often fail images for being ideally too dark for stock, but I think sales will suffer. I'm left wondering about your step-by-step workflow. You seem more savvy than I about computers . . . but you are coming to some wrong conclusions. More simply put: the images on the left are too dark, the images on the right are too l
  23. Personally I think with the strides other software companies have made since this insane "RENT" Adobe scheme, they're taking a hit and lowered the price from $49/mo. Their thought process hook them cheap then up the price to keep them using what they think they cannot be without. What happens when you can't pay the buck? You're SOL, cuz it's rendered useless. And if you sign up for CC, do you throw away your perpetual program license you have currently? Never really understood renting/leasing anything myself, sure when a teenager, but have owned everything since then. Surely wouldn't start
  24. Half usual - 14 - with sales values well down - too much time spent posting - not enough coming up with something fresh !
  25. I too have at least 3 unpaid sales to Brazil dating back to June 2012 (probably more since I have many shots pertinent to South America). Would it be cheeky to suggest that, bearing in mind the amount of commission we pay to Alamy these days, that in these circumstances they should pay us what is owing to us regardless of whether their Brazilian distributor coughs up or not? Just wishful thinking, or really a fair thing to do...........?
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