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  1. I will go and count I have a few thousand views only and a few zooms... back soon... Couldn't possibly count them all... I have one images at 11,260 another 9,036 the 8 others go down to 1,320 then loads with 100s views .. could I copy the pages and post it on here ..is that aloud ?? Now just let me get this right am I looking at the right page " Costumer search activity" page... and each day you get the views/zooms from the day before...am I doing this right or looking at the wrong page... Maybe I need help cos I am not sure at what I am look at....
  2. Do you mean in the "customer search page" ..? I have 1000s of views and a lot of zooms since I started back a month ago but no sales.. so they must zoom at my images and go ** yuck** and run.... ..
  3. My first two zooms ever that where in August also resulted to sales. I hope the zooms after also. Mirco
  4. I've just surprised myself - I've checked this year's zooms and I had four direct zooms on Alamy reference and they all resulted in sales.
  5. I've certainly had sales from these searches, I'd say about 40/60 at a rough guess, but it is sometimes hard to tell because the time between the initial zoom and the sale can be many months.
  6. Hello, I'm new here so just wanted to say hi and also ask a question to the forum. In your experience, how often do zooms of pictures that were searched by the six-character Alamy code eventually convert into sales? I got my first zoom where the search term was the Alamy code, so was just curious if it would be reasonable to expect a sale down the road. Thanks in advance for any replies. Cheers, Felix
  7. A total of 11 sales in November bringing in $1,218.58.
  8. As mentioned above microstock and Alamy are different markets. When in the Alamy sin bin a few months ago I uploaded a few pics to various microstock sites and having found myself in a similar position I just checked those sites and found that on one there are 5 sales from a total of 28 images whereas with Alamy I have one sale on over 900. I do the keywording for both and never put model released material on microstock only generic stuff. IMVHO both models have their place just be careful what you put where.
  9. As mentioned, micro and sites like Alamy are often very different markets. There's a lot less impulse buying and using up subscriptions on Alamy when the prices are higher per unit. You have made sales and that's your first guide, look at what you have sold and try to make deductions from it...were they all 'on whites' or scenes with specific buildings etc, was copyspace an issue??? The first truth in stock is that your sales are the only thing that can really guide you. Others have mentioned the poor keywording etc. You have low numbers but if they were model-released, highly styled
  10. You really need to show us the image, or parts of it, at 100%. Then you wouldn't need to try to explain what's there, we could see it with our own eyes. I don't even like submitting photos at 1600ISO. If Alamy accepts photos with high noise, then you will just be seeing refunds after your sales. Not a good rep for you or Alamy. Jill
  11. My sales and zooms have been below average for the last couple of weeks. Based on this I guess that it is your portfolio that is having a boost rather than the market. .dov
  12. Most sales clear in 45 days- in my experience, exactly 45 days. So only sales up to about October 15th. would clear in time to be paid in December. Distributor sales often take longer.
  13. Can anyone tell me how long sales take to be reflected in the cleared balance. I've had several sales in October and November however only sales made prior to 1st October are reflected in the cleared balance at present and not the full balance carried forward at the start of this month.
  14. Yes indeed.... very good images. Poor sales is wrong title. It should be "poor" portfolio in terms of quantity. 3000 of this great images and you will consider your topic . Mirco
  15. I'd be over the moon if I had 3 sales from 300 images in less than a year!!
  16. Hi Phil, Just to answer your question. Also in Microstock you have to add the keywords yourself. 3 sales from that small amount of images is in my oppinion also good. Mirco
  17. Would I be right in thinking that the Microstock sites did the keywording/ captioning for you? That could certainly be a problem. Having said that, I think 3 sales from fewer than 300 images isn't at all bad.
  18. Hello Andy, I am/was exactly in the same situation so i have some experience on that. First of all i learned that Alamy and Microstock are reaching two different markets. I am 3 months on Alamy now and in the last period i start to see growth in my portfolio traffic. I started in the first two months to have doubts because no sale wanted to come in. On the same time i saw many photographers having great succes on Alamy so i kept on going and kept uploading. I reached 5000 images here and in the last two weeks my first three sales came in. Zooms and views are increasing and i am expecting t
  19. I started submitting to microstock sites at the start this year and have daily sales with many agencies. However with Alamy I have had only 3. Unusual thing is all 3 were in July over 2 weeks and these were my biggest earners selling for 175$, 22$ and 10$. But apart from these nothing. Any suggestions?
  20. Yes mine is in too. Up from last year, so a nice little bonus. Lodesmas - I can't get in to DACS to remind me how the banding works as it is closed now, but it is something like 1-3 instances, then 4-7 instances etc etc. I have 5 book sales and 7 magazines in total, so I think that puts me in the 2nd band up in each. P.S. Sorry - I can't get the quote thing to work! Cheers Dave
  21. Got mine this morning as well...... + 2 more sales from Alamy..... good start to the day!
  22. Hello Danny, Always nice to read from you . I dont think i am taking away your traffic since the zooms are most of the times related to Polish subjects. Even the sales looks like the interest is going to Polish area. I hope it is my ranking..... Mirco
  23. In the a/c and up by a £1 from last year - whoo-hoo! Fills the car up with fuel (nearly)! Still, that figure doesn't take into account the commencement of sales for me here, so I'm looking forward to next year. In any case, I view DACS as a nice bonus on top of everything (almost 'unearned' earnings). Surprised, in fact, that the amount didn't go down from last year given the very pro-active promotion of the scheme by DACS on social networks, and thus presumably more togs claiming.
  24. I would suspect that your increased traffic is as a result of your increased portfolio size/sales/customer interest in what you have to offer, etc. I don't believe that there has necessarily been a spike in Alamy traffic (though I have nothing to base this on whatsoever). Maybe you're taking away my traffic ( ), as the past two weeks have been dead for me re:zooms!
  25. Hello everyone! For my statistics i start to get curious about the recent traffic i received on my images. My sales started to come in and i receiced this last period daily zooms and i feel it increasing. Did you also feel especially this last two weeks some increase or is it my portfolio that is starting to rank up? Thank you. Mirco
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