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  1. I had had no sales since August last year but have now had three this month. So there is hope; even so I am spreading my wings into other channels.
  2. Zero sales in many months now. getting a little fed up of looking at the daily report. My images get zoomed but nothing beyond that. Right now, Alamy is the worst performing library that my images are in by far.
  3. But the first day of the bank holiday has bought me two more sales Hope everyone has a good extended weekend!
  4. Number-wise, my sales are about where they usually are by mid-month. Low average price, though, compared with the first three months of 2014. That can turn around, of course. And spring is in the air in this part of the world.
  5. this month is feeling quite positive so far and as others have said, I also find more sales come towards the end of the month. Eleven so far, keep it up Alamy
  6. I think Mr Yeats did get it right, and the poem is appropriate for stock photography today. The poem describes the period between world war 1 and WW 2. In stock photography WW 1 was the period of consolidation of mom and pop photo agencies, the dawn of RF, and the internet. Total we are just before WW2, which will be fought out, on a cheap subscription all you can download basis, between the big 3 joined by Flickr. The internet changed everything. The second coming will be when we all enjoy our photo hobby, and stop worrying about sales.
  7. Does anyone know how long Dagens Nyheter takes to report sales and what a gallery picture pays?
  8. I'm curious as to what percentage of Alamy's sales are RM vs. RF, i.e., whether simply making all of one's submissions RM amounts to much loss in potential income. Don Douglas
  9. I thought I'd try and post something positive early on to see if anyone else joined in. Still going quite well, including a tennis pic from last year, so I've almost paid for the train fare to Eastbourne. Another thing I've noticed is that most of my recent sales are from quite new material - stuff taken in the last year or so, whereas in the past I did best from older reliable bestsellers. John and Martin seem to be finding the opposite.
  10. Glad to hear that things are picking up. Most of my sales are from older material, even some very old material.
  11. DAILY FINANCE 14 APR 2014 DCBCEM Photographer Kevin Brine http://www.dailyfinance.com/2014/04/14/air-conditioning-terms-save-money/ A5ETF1 Photographer Jim West http://www.dailyfinance.com/on/guaranteed-income-how-not-to-need-a-mcjob-in-retirement/ D657W7 Photographer Classic Collection Agency Shotshop GmbH http://www.dailyfinance.com/on/after-market-retail-sales-report-turns-investors-into-buyers/
  12. Geog.1 Student Book (continued) Amazon - books Maybe this was the ‘surge’ mentioned in recent textbook sales? Again, please note I am guessing at the spelling as preview mode is very blurred. p.65 Don. B Stevenson p. 69 Robert Harding Picture Library p.70 Paul Henrich p.73 Ashley Cooper p. 76 Caro p. 77 Galan Rowell p. 80 Robert Harding Picture Library p. 87 Kathy DeWitt p. 88 Rudi Winter p. 88 David Norton p. 90 Steven Dovey p. 90 Foed Dagenharx p. 90 Gary K. Smith p. 90 Roger Bamber p. 91 Paul White Aerial Views p. 91 Peter Titmass p. 91 John Eccles p. 91 Colin Unde
  13. Thanks Lisa; I wonder which image it was - cant see it on the website book preview... Cheers Kumar It's in between a chapter called 'It's all about geography' and 'Maps and mapping'. Did you sell any map photos to a textbook recently with multiple sales? Maybe an aerial view? They have several versions (teacher's book, hardcopy, paperback, student's book, workbook, workbook with answers, etc.)
  14. And which of these fine outlets of imagery is ahead in sales for you, Diane? I'm thinking of cutting off the bottom of a Coca Cola bottle and gluing it to a small black cardboard box. (I'll have some other exciting gizmos inside the box, hopefully.) I think the pictures I can take with this setup will be both avant garde and suitably tacky. I want to be part of the In Crowd. I have a pretend stamp I can put on these pics that says Stockimoment.
  15. Two sales so far in April, but it is still early in the month as previously mentioned above by John.
  16. I'm starting to see more and more sales that have never been zoomed. 3 So far this month and I know of at least another 3 to be reported.
  17. If I could give a word of advice to those stock photographers thinking of uploading to sites such as FAA (and those who already have) - stop thinking "stock" and think abstract, minimalism and even black and white, all of which are probably not great sellers on stock libraries. Before I upload anything to FAA, I ask myself "who would want this on their wall" (and pay for the privilege). Also get Photoshopping!! Use the "flood" filter or any Nik software to change images to "art". Turn an image into a "watercolour" if you have some expertise in this area (and good software). And as Betty d
  18. Worse month for sales so far, with only four low-ish ones, two of which were zoomed only a few days ago. But hey, the month is still young.
  19. Guest

    Stockimo query

    Another snapseed user here, I also tend to use 645pro for taking images as it gives me a TIFF filem - only app I've ever paid for.... tough decision that I tend to send iphone shots to a commercial collection, who I know have had sales, as opposed to stockimo. One image I had accepted on stockimo was rejected on reupload - different day, different result!! Moody HDR is what I tend to have accepted elsewhere but they are generally MR shots - gritty book cover type stuff.
  20. Ok, now I understand, thanks Paulette. Only one of my two sales have cleared, and it was the smaller one so I'm not at the payment threshold yet. The larger one is from a textbook publisher.
  21. Sales take at least 45 days to clear or, if you're me, longer. Dashed annoying to have to wait 6 weeks longer and counting for the Mail to cough up $6, especially with a cleared balance of $73.
  22. Assuming you have filled out the payment details, i.e. how you want to be paid (see link in your 'My Alamy'), you will automatically be paid when your cleared balance hits the magic number of $75. The payment will be at the start of the month providing the clearance is met. It's not like micro etc where you have to request payment. The process is explained in Section 12 of your contrib agreement - the sales/payment workflow etc.
  23. KevinS

    Stockimo query

    I get 30,830 results for Stockimo, not 17,000. My rejection rate is improving; now around 50% on a very small number of images. I plan to spend more time on this as I find it interesting to do and interesting to see what is accepted. The feedback I get from this, blunt as it is, helps me improve as a phototgrapher. If rejection becomes bothersome I'll just spend my time on the regular Alamy collection, where the technical factors are all that matters for acceptance. Having images accepted at Stockimo might just improve my sales, as salability is one of the criterea. Like Edd, I bought an iphon
  24. My definition of acceptable quality depends on the circumstances of the shoot. If this was a brightly lit beach scene, then this image with noise etc would be a personal QC fail. This image of a craftsman in a dimly lit workshop would meet my QC standards, but I would reject it for other reasons. If there had been a single contrasty light cutting across from the right on the craftsman only, then it would have emphasized the craftsman, given him some modeling, and thrown the clutter into shadow. The clutter is important for atmosphere, but it needs to be about 2 stops underexposed.
  25. My pleasure Keith, I suspect that in this game you make your own luck. Mail Online 7th DY54AR Tenereife. 7th April, 2014. The beach where two British women drowned at Playa Las Galgas in Playa Paraiso, a resort in the south of Tenerife. The women - Uma Ramalingam and Barathi Ruvikumar - went into the sea to rescue their two children who were in difficulties. The beach that the accident occurred at is called Playa Las Galgas in the resort of Playa Paraiso (Paradise Beach) in Adeje, Tenerife. The yellow flag warns bathers to be cautious. © Phil Crean/Alamy Live News CR0GAT Frank Fl
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