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  1. I disagree; it may be good for Alamy but it is not good for individual contributors. The pursuit of image numbers is constantly diluting any individual's contribution and reducing the chance of a sale. Combined with a "pile it high sell" it cheap so individual sales go down works for Alamy but not contributors. With a lower average quality and fewer high end customers will bother searching, further driving down average fee value. As others have said, it is a race to the bottom in which the contributor is the biggest loser. Martin has it right. It isn't accepting phone images, its
  2. I disagree; it may be good for Alamy but it is not good for individual contributors. The pursuit of image numbers is constantly diluting any individual's contribution and reducing the chance of a sale. Combined with a "pile it high sell" it cheap so individual sales go down works for Alamy but not contributors. With a lower average quality fewer high end customers will bother searching, further driving down average fee value. As others have said, it is a race to the bottom in which the contributor is the biggest loser.
  3. It won't... for now anyway. It’s iPhone only, sorry Android users. We wanted to stick to one platform and iPhone came out top in our research. Of course we aren’t ruling out an Android version in the future Also, if Alamy pop by, could someone provide some additional meat to the bone regarding this... Stockimo images will be automatically available across our entire sales network, including all our distributors Does it mean you will be grouping these new images with all the existing ones under "Creative" & "Relevant" Searches. Or, will it have a separate search or even better, w
  4. Its not too bad for me. A record number of rolling views for the month and a record number of views in a single day, 1151 out of 4123 at the time, which was nearly 30% of my portfolio viewed on one day! That didn't help my CTR though. Sales are ticking along too after a best every month in January. I've gone down in the rerank though so I don't know if things will stay as good. John.
  5. I'm sorry but I for one am not convinced even slightly that these suggestions are addressing either a problem or a serious need. If my sales are in need of improvement, it's certainly not because of a lack of search categories or search-term suggestion boxes. dd
  6. It takes at least 6-8 weeks for newspaper scheme sales to report. Yes, it will be a separate sale if outside the terms of the previous licence, but the Guardian are scrupulous and I had a new sale reported on an RF licence nearly four years later.
  7. Even on my blog -- http://edoruan2.blogspot.com -- I use Alamy images with their full watermark. I never use Flickr or the like to display images, so I pay little attention to people grabbing my pics. However, with my sales being as bad as they've been this winter, I might welcome someone stealing an image.
  8. John, I like your idea, but I think your idea is not a qc question but a significant strategic question. Limiting images on submission means contributors need to think much more about content and which images are more likely to sell. This creates and "edited collection" of sorts. It makes contributors think much more about content and the quality they are submitting. The ultimate feedback are the sales made. While I like almay's relaxed policy, I do think it is too relaxed today as far as volume is concerned. A little tightening up on the contributor side may be a good thing. How the a
  9. Happy Valentines Day from QC Rehab (a.k.a. the Sin Bin), Ed. I've been languishing here since January 15th for reasons yet to be divulged. It's kinda odd because it was a small batch, and I went over each image with the proverbial fine tooth comb and could find nothing wrong with them (obviously someone else did, though). It's also kinda ironic because January was one one of my best Alamy months ever, and February is also looking really good sales-wise. Anyway, congratulations on your early exit and sorry to hear about the mix up. Sometimes deleting the whole batch is the only way to go. I'll
  10. Hi Ed, Glad to know you're out of the sin bin and recovering from the 'flu (there have been some horrible bugs going 'round here too - most of the family have suffered to some degree), but sorry to hear that you're down in the dumps. I'm sure that the sales'll pick up again. I've got nothing to base this on but optimism (rare for me!), but it'll be better in the bright light of the morning! For myself: I ain't no spring chicken, but I'm not buried yet either! The rain, wind and floods in the UK offer great photo ops (and potential rewards) for those prepared to dedicate themselves t
  11. ^^ Can't really give you a vote as I ain't gonna diss ya, and while I agree with your sentiment ("You need to put your images on the web for people to see to make sales, but at the same time, you are at the risk of image theft."), I ain't giving any greenies to folk who muscle in on my burrow. Now geddout, I'm sleeping 'till March.
  12. I know that I'm sticking my head up above the burrow and am probably going to get shot down, but as a pro snapper who hasn't entered any competitions for years, for the reasons you've all stated above, I just fancied a bit of fun and have (gasp! ) contributed a couple of images to Photocrowd (although I know I'm nowhere near winning anything with this Circles theme). I feel quite wicked doing such a "rash" thing, because like you guys, I have actually won some good prizes in the past but decided I didn't want to risk my photos going global without my say so. However, I have sorely missed the
  13. yes def this is the right image that was rejected! The point I'm making is, I'm not about to start correcting so called defects ( and maybe introducing others) that none of us would be concerned with if this was a private sale in the real world. 6/7 years ago there was proper reward for the time invested in submitting images here but with the billions of images out there a time comes when its not worth the effort anymore especially in the case of this thread. Its not alamy's fault there are doing their best in an ever more competitive market and as a footnote THANKS to alamy for m
  14. yes this is the image with "interpolation artifacts" and as far as i can tell...i cannot see them, can you? This image has not been upsized ( no need) nor worked upon in any way just exported from the raw file through LR5. For the life of me i just cannot c any problem at all ??!! All of my new images are destined to be uploaded here from now on http://www.buyimage.co.uk Increased commission again and again and alamy income dropping by 90% in the last 6 years.Where was the promised increase it sales? rant over sorry....
  15. Philippe and John, I included my artist website addresses and my name in the keywords not in an effort to redirect traffic elsewhere, but quite the reverse, to bring traffic I'm generating elsewhere to my Alamy portfolio. To this end I put these website URL's in the comprehensive keywords, which until a few days ago were not even visible to clients viewing my images. Whether including these URL's is effective is debatable, but until this week there was no chance they were directing traffic elsewhere. I might also note that unlike many contributors to Alamy, I am for the time being exclu
  16. I have just had a sale (still image not video) with the following licence details: Country: United Kingdom Usage: Editorial Media: Television (editorial) Print run: up to 2 transmissions Placement: Use within body of show Start: 10 February 2014 End: 10 February 2019 Rights include use for 14 days from first transmission in trails promos and weekend highlights show not titles within context of original program across any ITV branded or affiliated platform and 30 day catch up on any ITV branded VOD service. I am now approaching 300 sales and never had one for TV use before. Just wha
  17. Steady increase, my main psued was middle of page 5 and is now middle of page 2. I'll check my others out later. Happy with that progression, provided it turns into more sales
  18. My sales are down but I moved up a bit in the rank (using BHZ as a gauge).
  19. When re-rank is going to affect (if) your sales? Since last night's updating or is just the result of a trend started previously?
  20. Despair not. I got my best sales in terms of $$$$ when I was on page 23. Keywording counts at least as much as "rank" in my opinion. Paulette
  21. Could be a good reason - and Google are very strict about trying to place words on pages so that "real people" can't see them so Alamy have no option if they want the keywords in the Google index. But my evidence from sales that originate from my well-ranked on Google website is that people don't Google for images to BUY. Maybe that's changing though... John
  22. Middle of page 2 to middle of page 1 I had a massive cull last year that seems to have paid off. I'm consistently getting around a dozen sales each month, so I'm very pleased with the numbers, not the amounts paid. Tony
  23. Ditto but i've dropped from middle of page 2 to top of page 9! Last 6 months of 2013 were horrendous - a total of 12 sales. This year i've already sold 13 in 6 weeks! Hope the lower ranking doesn't affect me too much. John.
  24. Big drop for me to page 5 - first time outside the first two pages in years. It reflects the last 3 or 4 months of poor sales.
  25. As others have mentioned, Corbis, Getty, etc. usually do the keywording for contributors. Alamy doesn't (fine by me), which means that your own work (rather than the agency's) can now be plagiarized. That's the main concern.I realise that but so can the photo was part of my point.... All I'm saying is I think it is being blown up out of all proportion.. If at some point they add add tick boxes a-la Getty & Corbis to make searches easier to filter which may (May!) lead to more buyers, downloads, sales, would you still prefer hidden keywords? Key wording is a bit of a black art bu
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