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  1. Perhaps if you have no sales within date range then that would show a blank, change it to a longer period. If not try another browser. Andy
  2. Congratulations Maria!! It is exciting to get a sale here. I was over the moon as well when I saw a sale. Hope we all get loads more sales here. Very nice image too!! Don
  3. First Stockimo sales? http://www.fltrlive.com/2014/02/stock-agency-alamy-enters-smartphone-photography-market/ No Parking sign © Naff_Nuder/Stockimo/Alamy, taken on an iPhone 4 S000AP Hand knocker © Naff_Nuder/Stockimo/Alamy, taken on an iPhone 4 S000BD Opus one vineyard, Napa valley, California © Emily/Stockimo/Alamy, taken on an iPhone 4 S000DH Times Square, New York City, USA © Jamaway/Stockimo/Alamy, taken on an iPhone 5 S0002G Girl sitting in big stripy deck chair © AliO/Stockimo/Alamy Taken on an iPhone 5 S0004W Brooklyn Diner, Manhattan, New York © Glorialeicesterfan/Stock
  4. If some decent Stockimo sales start being reported on the forum, I might consider getting a used iPhone. Right now, I'm maintaining a holding pattern.
  5. So it means that days from the past will be still updated and shown sales of today are only direct sales? So it also means because i am since end august 2013 on Alamy that the most chance for reported sales will be now for me since i am now 6 months on Alamy. Is my thinking true? Mirco
  6. True reflection of sales is if you go back 6 months or so and look at that number. If you just look at yesterday that is sales from zooms on that day and not when a sale is made days after the zoom.If you look at yesterdays sales and record the number , then check that day in a months time it will have grown Regards
  7. Even that is probably still a fraction of the sales. When the figures were published it was possible to work out the rough number of sales (the posts will still be in the old forum) but they were, IIRC, around 150-170k per annum and I would expect them to be higher now. The sales column in Measures (other than your own) is pretty meaningless due to the way they are recorded.
  8. Hey Johnnie, This results like approx 55 sales per day. Minus Jeff Greenberg and Philippe and other top sellers and there will be not much left anymore .
  9. Hmm - updated, sort of. The page says 7 zooms yesterday - when I click on the little blue seven I only get three images, zoomed once each. It seems Gremlins are at work.
  10. I tallied up November 2013 sales at the end of the month last year using Alamy measures and came up with roughly 1700-1800 sales. I added them up again last week and came up with a number of 5465 approximately. I guess that means that not all sales are immediately reported.
  11. Also need to remember that sales take a while to show up after the search. I picked a day in September last year and that had 312 sales, I would guess that your +/-50 was for a more recent day.
  12. Congratulations Maria. You have great variety and plenty more sales to come. cheers Bill
  13. The Alamy Measures video indicates that not all sales are easily reportable against a search term. Have a watch from about 2.00 onwards:- http://www.alamy.com/Blog/contributor/archive/2008/08/20/3456.aspx
  14. My understanding is that sales are only shown for clients who have an account and then only if the sale can be matched to a particular search. Pearl
  15. Thanks Jools, Hmmmm..... then there are +/- 50 sales per day. So it looks indeed hard to get a piece of the cake. I admire the photographer with several sales per day .
  16. Hi Mirco ALL sales are shown. And don't worry, you made yourself clear
  17. Hello everyone, I am asking myself something. At Alamy measure you can see how many sales there where on a specific day. Are this all the sales or is there not 100 percent shown? I ask this because i am curious what happens if a "non Alamy measures" client buys a licence. Does it means that this sale will be not shown in that area and only in "summary of sales"? I hope i explained myself good. Thank you. Mirco
  18. Alex, I haven't seen any stats in Stockimo app and I don't think they show up in Alamy. We just have to wait for the first sales to see how's the process...days..months maybe.
  19. I would love to participate in Stockimo and seriously considered an iPhone over the weekend. But my current Samsung Galaxy Android phone with an 8mp camera is still in great condition. Later this year I may upgrade but so far I favor the about to be released Samsung Galaxy S5. It looks to offer superior features (including a 16mp camera) and will probably be cheaper. As Duncan pointed out, it will take robust sales to warrant purchase of the iPhone solely on the basis of Stockimo image sales. Since I won't be upgrading my phone for a few more months I will have to sit on the sidelines for
  20. Thanks for you comments so far Guys, I've read them all with interest. Perhaps it is better to wait and see how sales are looking, before making any investment in an iPhone?
  21. You can change tags after they are approved. All activity on your images is available only in Stockimo app. You can also delete photos. Thanks Mihai, I managed to get back on the borrowed iPhone to see I can edit tags etc of accepted images. I would like to see the info in measures and I to be able to edit in "My Images". I wonder how sales will be reported? As it stands you can't move them around into different pseudos unless I missed that on the small screen? Joseph - I wondered about them taking Monday off too since the update still hasn't happened.
  22. If you were planning to buy an iPhone anyway, then ok, but if you are only buying an iPhone to submit images here then I would wait to see what the returns are like. For instance, how much would you have to earn before seeing profit on your investment. Exchange rate $1= £0.61. iphone 4s approx £250 (new) - $409 - Earnings required from mobile sales to cover cost. At 50% comm rate - $820 iphone 5s approx £450 (new) - $737 - Earnings required from mobile sales to cover cost. At 50% comm rate - $1474
  23. ^^John, I'm in exactly the same boat as you (Canon DSLR; no carry-around; been considering the pros and cons re: mobile submissions/used iPhone 4S). I spent a good while researching on eBay this weekend, and there are some good deals to be had, (after all, what donkey wants anything as old-hat as an iPhone4S? !) I am lucky to have a very good monthly deal on my un-smartphone, (gained following in-depth discussion with my provider regarding their, um, 'inadequacies') and so might have been able to justify purchasing an iPhone to go with the contract, on the presumption of some kind of ret
  24. I think buying a new iPhone is a big investment. Wait for the first sales on Stockimo to kick in and see if it's worth getting one.
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