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  1. I have a free membership on FAA, with 25 images up. No sales yet (just a few months). I was surprised to find out how expensive their shipping was for non U.S. addresses. I fancied some artwork on the site and was going to order a small print for myself, for $22. However the cost of shipping to Canada was $23.50. I changed it to a U.S. address to check for a difference and the cost dropped to $4.95. I think that high shipping cost will make it harder to sell here.
  2. If your system works micro and you are happy with sales n stuff then no reason to change. We just prefer working raw all the time. Sure I might build my portfolio slower but each to their own
  3. Hi all - interesting stuff - I am waiting for notification of sales to the Times in January 2013, the Independent in July 2013 and the RSPB Magazine in July 2013. It is only through the posting of the great members on this site that I even know about the pictures being published at all. Well done and thanks to all.
  4. I make occasional sales through FAA, and I received a decent (over $200) payment from them this month. However, the amount of "stuff" for sale there is definitely a bit overwhelming. But what else is new, eh? FAA seems to be taking steps to make their operation more international, which might (?) increase sales. Up until now, they have been very USA-centric. I did have an FAA customer from Berlin recently, though. You also have to play the commenting game on FAA to improve ranking. I don't have the inclination or patience to do this. Most of my sales just come out of the blue -- from Goo
  5. I have sales through Redbubble but not a huge amount but seem to do well around Christmas time. The trick with Redbubble is to get people to view your work to move up the rankings and the main way to do that is to view everyone elses work and comment to get them to view yours If that makes sense Regards Paul Link to my Redbubble below (should get a few more views)
  6. Don't doubt what sells Andrew. All of my sales have been via ALN and the one that baffled me was footsteps in snow only because they were looking for snow pics. I love that aspect of Alamy although sometimes it's short lived when you see the real guys doing their thing on tele outside courtrooms all day waiting then its all fight fight fight and flashing about lol. I'm surprised any of them getting a decent exposure with everyones flash going off lol
  7. I've just had a look at the intro page of FAA - the inspirational sales page - and I'd say about 40% of them are photographic, some brilliant, some not. I have joined them recently and have had a few views but no sales yet. I take the 'it can't so any harm' view. I've also joined Saatchi, with exclusive images, and have had far more views but no sales yet. A girl at the school where I used to work has sold a couple via Saatchi, but she is a VERY good painter.
  8. It all depends on the nature of the photo. For something like the fire that you mentioned then I would put them through Alamy Live News. I have had some good sales through them. If I had something particularly unique then I would go through a specialist agency or direct to the papers. One problem going direct is understanding the true value of the photo. When I had a unique photo, I thought it would be worth in the region of £250 but wasn't sure so approached a friend who ran a celebrity agency. They sold it to The Sun for 10 times that. With the loss of commision, I still came aw
  9. 30 Zooms on bristol balloon fiesta yesterday pushing CTR to 5.40 though not sales as yet http://www.alamy.com/stock-photography/20159DAE-C0A0-496B-8633-67A32D478325/5/Paul%20Chambers.html
  10. My advice: Don't bother with waiting for Alamy to chase it up. I have given up notifying MS about unreported sales, and bill offenders myself- at my own rates. If there are any problems, I send to collection and treat as infringement. I have and will continue to collect sums many times higher than Alamy ever would- And I have yet to have any unreported sales that I sent to MS result in any money in the bank... Frustrating. -Jason Thanks for this info. So that's how effective Alamy is with an extra 10% of commission. Not acceptable really.
  11. My advice: Don't bother with waiting for Alamy to chase it up. I have given up notifying MS about unreported sales, and bill offenders myself- at my own rates. If there are any problems, I send to collection and treat as infringement. I have and will continue to collect sums many times higher than Alamy ever would- And I have yet to have any unreported sales that I sent to MS result in any money in the bank... Frustrating. -Jason
  12. You could join the 2,434,658 other photographers on fineartamerica. Some people report great sales but I think there's too many photographers and not enough buyers. Plus I think art sells better than photos there hence the name of the site.
  13. I have still not sussed out the selection criteria for Creative. I have had one from the outset of an obscure location that has never had a sale or even a zoom! A colleague has one of a very popular location and has continuous sales and zooms. Well Dunn anyway Mark. Its a great feeling if you get one selected. dov
  14. Anybody out there who have some experience with online art sites, e.g, RedBubble / Saatchi, i am with both and not much is happening in regard to sales or inquiry's, thinking of trying elsewhere. Thank's in advance to those who can offer advice. Cheers, Paul.
  15. Well you might be missing out on sales! For example: Subject covered many many times before: check Dull grey sky: check Still, I took the shot, uploaded it to Alamy, and it was licensed to a Japanese magazine. You never know!
  16. I'm hooked on zooms as well. The new Zeiss lenses look wonderful. But as long as my images keep passing QC, I'm happy to stick with the less expensive Sony lenses. They are well made and do the job, especially with the less-demanding 14/16 MP sensor NEX cameras. It's a different story with the 24 MP NEX-7, I'm sure. I also sometimes downsize files as recommended by David K. (many thanks to him for this tip) if they look a tad soft. Most editorial uses are small, so no problem there so far. The 10-18 looks like a really nice lens. Hey, if money were no object...
  17. I like the images. The in-camera processing is brighter and cleaner than most of my careful raw processing and actually they are exactly the kind of things which sell, provided the caption and keywording is appropriate. The captions/titles don't always look to be, so I am not worried about losing sales :-) There's good stuff there which would sell if captioned differently, the captions indicate that you're seeing its uses differently, and may not have keyworded it to sell to Alamy's main markets. But if not, you'll find out and correct.
  18. Well, I'm glad I sprung for the 10-18mm. It's reawakened my wide-angle perspective, and has been passing QC, including at the 10mm end. Also I consider it to be on the smallish and lightweight side. But I've always been one for zooms.
  19. No regular sales just yet. Having a writers block moment with photography. Been burning the candle at both ends with soaking up info and trying to shoot too.
  20. Hello Paul, Thanks for your compliment. Actually i saw your images few days ago and i would expect you to have allready regular sales and if not now then for sure when you will reach a few thousands. You have lots of good people images where they are doing something. Wish you lots of success. Greetz, Mirco
  21. Alex Todd


    In answer to Andrew, I think it was said that Alamy would look at allowing Google bots to scan the library. If so, the watermark should be a bit stronger. I would imagine it could lead to more sales but with a weak watermark the thefts will increase too.
  22. The bottom line is that the market is determined largely by supply and demand. Prices have been dropping progressively over the last few years, not only with Alamy but with all other libraries too. Restrictions will result in no sales. It is up to you whether you wan't something or nothing. There are a myriad of debates on this topic on this forum. Good luck, at least you are selling. dov
  23. Yes, it's low The online calculator is rarely used You have set nothing wrong No, you cannot determine minmum pricing The licence may not necessarily be for 10 years or a full 1/4 page, even though it is described as such iQ sales are set up for repeat clients who may be given special discounts <sigh> Others may have more energy to help you in more detail, but this stuff has been covered multiple times on the forum I'm having a day like yours, but without any sales Keep on plugging
  24. I must have something set up incorrectly and hoping someone can point me in the correct direction. Most of my images are set for Rights Managed yet every-time I make a sale the price is ridiculously low. Example I just made three sales here is the described licensing: Country: Worldwide Usage: iQ sale: Corporate Package Use – Internal use and external non-advertising use Industry sector: Travel & tourism Start: 13 August 2013 End: 13 August 2023 Worldwide ten years of Corporate Usage for $29.00, when I try and plug in the usage for a purchase the cost comes out to be over $800
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