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  1. Barbara - I hate to tell you that you are wrong It is unlikely that you'll make only a £1 for a sold image - even some of the distributors sales, and web-usage in the newspaper scheme will deliver more than that. The £1 you are seeing is a return on images uploaded. So for a library of 100 images you might expect to see £100 returned per year. Not every image selling for £1 but maybe 2 sales of £50 each, 4 for £25 etc. The real issue here is that for many of us volume and variety drives that ratio - and so to see the return with any reliable regularity you need 1000+ images, probably
  2. Just to clarify further, ranking is based on activity on your images. Only when you have a certain amount of activity does anything change up or down. So having a small portfolio means you will have a small amount of activity and so stay at a median rank for longer. I know someone with only 15 images uploaded who has stayed at median rank for years inspite of very few zooms and no sales - there just hasn't been enough activity to measure. I hope that makes sense to you Pearl
  3. At my rate of shooting I struggle to produce more than 10 usable images a day. That’s fifty a week. If I earned $1 pipy (net not gross) that works out at $50 dollars per year for a week’s work. The most I can therefore expect to earn, given falling sales and prices is around $300 for a hard week’s work, most of it arriving in several years time. That is around £180. Deduct fuel, snacks, shoe leather etc and it could drop to as little as £100. And that’s an optimum working week. If my pipy drops to $1 gross, then I am really up the creek. I now have to produce 100 usable images week
  4. Hi Kumar Thanks for that. If it depends on sales rather than numbers of photos then I have misunderstood and so will get some photos on here quicker than I was planning to. In Googling 'BHZ', I came across this, which I'm posting a link to because I think it might help other newbies like me: http://www.microstockgroup.com/alamy-com/two-essential-links-to-read-from-alamy/5/?wap2 The BHZ system sounds like a stick to beat yourself with - think I'll be giving it a miss! Jan
  5. I think quality of images is much more important than the numbers. Better to have fewer striking ones and even better to have subjects that have not been well covered. Of course, Jeff Greenberg has been able to put up huge numbers while not losing quality. Not easy to do. I have put up images that I wish I hadn't because they are not my best work. Now, of course, people are going to report sales on images they were about to delete!!! There is no one answer, but I really suggest not worrying too much about the numbers at this point. Paulette
  6. Gross numbers mean nothing imho. It could well be 30% of that number. Sorry, but reporting gross numbers is not telling the story. But of course everyone is free to give the number they feel comfortable with. I am not disputing that. As for doing well here. No I dont think I do well here . I made 4 dollar in 6 months. Its the odd extremely rare good sale that gets me to 1$ per image. Shutterstock gives me 3.5$ per image per year. So uploading there makes a lot more sense then uploading here, no? When I upload to Shutterstock, I actually see my sales and downloads increase, when I upload
  7. Hi Jan, Welcome. You should note that we are in the first week of the year and many people are spending Christmas/New Year not rabidly reading forums and answering questions but with their families or watching the Sound of Music. Had you posted at any time other than this you might have picked up a faster response. A simple "bump" might have been a more suitable technique rather than complaining about the lack of attention . I'm sure you have read the submission guidelines but critically if you haven't already your initial submission should be of 4 images. http://www.alamy.com
  8. I have to follow my buddy Kumar?! I guess it could be worse, I could be following Jeff Greenberg. Just joined Alamy approximately one year ago, in late 2012 so a 'newbie'. Primarily selling stock via Getty and now trying news with Alamy. Had 23 sales for $1,695 with 700 photos uploaded so far. Chasing the news on weekends has really gotten me out to experience events that I never would have dreamed I would have seen. Really like working with the nice folks on the Live News Feed who were really helpful and so darn polite even when I made mistakes.
  9. 2013 not bad - hit a bit by the reduction from 60% to 50% monies to the photographer Stats as follows for those interested: 2012: Total number images average: 11,022 2013: Total number images average: 13325 Increase in 2013 of 21% 2012: Number of views : 216424 2013: Number of views: 314540 Increase in views: 45% (mainly due to the default number of views changing to 120 from 30) 2012 Number of Zooms: 1647 2013 Number of zooms: 2201 Increase in zooms: 34% - perhaps as a result of both of above factors 2012: Number of sales: 381 2013: Number of sales: 456 Increase
  10. If we were talking net income (can be a somewhat depressing subject), I would estimate only about $0.60 an image for me last year since I had a lot of distributor sales. Why would you calculate gross? Isnt it about what ends up in your pocket? Because it's easier to do and less depressing. Actually, nothing ends up in my pocket because it's all already spent -- i.e. there's a big hole in my pocket. If you're averaging $1 per image net, you are doing very well. Time to do some more uploading perhaps.
  11. If we were talking net income (can be a somewhat depressing subject), I would estimate only about $0.60 an image for me last year since I had a lot of distributor sales. Why would you calculate gross? Isnt it about what ends up in your pocket?
  12. If we were talking net income (can be a somewhat depressing subject), I would estimate only about $0.60 an image for me last year since I had a lot of distributor sales.
  13. I also invested heavily in Alamy Live News in the first 6 months of the year trying to evaluate if what I wanted to shoot would sell via the newsfeed, and like Julie dropped off a fair bit in the second half. I'll still be contributing to Live News in 2014 but I'll certainly be more focussed in what I shoot for it and with the benefit of seeing what *has* been successful for myself and others will approach it differently. As for stock I started the year with a culled and re-edited total of only 120 images in the library most of which were added 10 years ago, and which had initially sold bu
  14. Well, in the first half of the year i committed heavily to the newsfeed. In the last 4 months this dropped off for a number of reasons. Image sales count almost tripled. (2.95 times more images sold this year than 2012). Total value dropped very slightly though due to lack of 4 figure sales this year as opposed to 2012. This resulted in the average price per image dropping from $149.30 to $61.7 .
  15. December was a great month for sales - 26 and many over £100. Best December ever. It's been a good 2013. Feeling optimistic! Happy New Year to all. Kathy Kathy deWitt/Alamy: http://tinyurl.com/n9djvmr
  16. Ten sales for $872 in the month of December, with a record low $5.95 distributor sale to India. I'll net $1.79 from that sale, enough to cover the box of matches I'll need to light up my cigar . Happy New Year, everyone!
  17. Despite a serious decline in my Alamy sales I am taking the positive points from Dickens and majoring on hope, wisdom, season of Light with everything before me. I am going to work full time on my photography and writing and make of it what I can. It is surprising how many successful businesses were created in times of despair. I was sort of adopting this approach even before I saw this article on www.entrepreneur.com. It will be a refreshing change after a career with a surfeit of goals, often unachievable! Happy New Year to all, and that is my personal aspiration for me and mine.
  18. A good month for me with 9 sales averaging $56 per sale. It's been a good year too. Also made my first Live News sale although that is not reported yet. Happy New Year to you all. Patrick
  19. 2 sales for $59.95 29 sales first half of 2013, 12 second half. I don't like that trend! John.
  20. Interesting analysis. I just took a quick look and nearly half of my Alamy sales were of images shot with a sub 24mm lens. That might not be too suprising though since I tend to use wide angle lenses as my primary lens.
  21. I've been on Alamy for just six months so my expectations were/are low, but Santa arrived early for me with my first and only sale plus five zooms in the first week of December...then views plummeted for the remainder of the month. Net $30 means no immediate distribution but I'm still happy to see a sale and zooms after so little time here. Here's hoping 2014 will bring many more of both!
  22. no signs of life....I passed the 3,000 mark but no sales... several zoom here and there but of course non of them turned into a sale... I cannot believe sales became so little in the second part of 2013 while keep uploading! What am I doing wrong?
  23. Pretty poor: 3 sales, $62 net, minus a refund from Nov. leaving me with <$47.
  24. Yeah, the zooms were terrible back than. Nikon had a couple of good 80-200 but everything was front-heavy and slow.
  25. As I have written previously, I used the Leitz 21mm f3.4 for many years and it was one of my favorite lenses, but that was back when there were no really great zooms. My NIKKOR 12-24 f4 is a really good piece of glass on an DX body, but won't work on FF
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