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  1. Fewer sales than last month, but better money. Last month my biggest earners turned out to be distributer sales, while the reverse has occurred this time! Good number of zooms, highest monthly total to date, so perhaps a more rosy future.... Just licensed another two photos from the US of A. Proportionally they do much, much better, both in terms of sales per shot and cash, than those from anywhere else I've tried. Sadly not enough in it to justify another trip though
  2. 12 sales, best yet. Average slightly below $20 net which is the worst ever. Kind of like micro pricing for editorial or getting close to it. I'll have to try something different to try and get a bigger sale.
  3. Number of sales, close to average, 14 (after four refunds!)for total gross of $656. The average price has really dropped, now down to $47/sale...an all time low for me.
  4. Early in the month sales were pathetic, but the month ended by being one of my best for many a moon. Very pleased.
  5. 17 sales....Very good $669... That's £12.64 per sale net...very poor Leaving me feeling...
  6. Thanks Bryan, Contrast should have been OK even though I was using a longish (400mm) lens but fairly close. It was essentially a bright clear day (1/1000 @ f8-11 on ISO400). I have just had a thought that if I have the highlight protection setting thingy on that might be doing it. I must find the manual! I wasn't so much worried as wanting the in-camera jpgs to be usable without having to post process - I need to reduce time (and effort) from shot to submission as time oi of the essence if I am going to maximise sales opportunity through Alamy News et al. For instance at sports events
  7. Volume of sales down but value up, avg $100. Good zooms on images and references so looking good for the future.
  8. Nuffink. Views are up, zooms steady but nada in the column that matters. I think I have a couple of pipeline sales coming.
  9. "It was the best of times, it was the worst of times...." Only one sale, but it was for the highest amount this year ($128), but it was a distributor sale. Record number of rolling monthly views (4702), but low zooms so CTR low. I've reached the highest payout ever for September, but low sales mean that I probably won't get another payout this year. John.
  10. I'm not really sure what you are asking but don't hold your breath waiting for poster, decor, calendar and book cover sales. And that is not a reflection on you images BTW. Pearl
  11. Not really looked into it too deeply as I have so few on there, but I found this on the Getty FAQ on Flickr... "Exclusive rights to images are available for some rights-managed products." Also just managed to get into my account for the first time and it was actually two sales, so 2 from 7 images is not a bad return. Wish my Alamy sales were that ratio! Only 20% of the full amount though which is pretty poor. Not sure what Getty pay their non-Flickr contributors.
  12. In five years on Flickr, have sold one pic direct as the researcher couldn't find the subject on Alamy. It was a good sale and I made more than I could have done through Alamy. I have over 1,200 pics on there and have 7 licensed to Getty and made my first sale through them this week, also for a better amount than I'd have received from Alamy. BUT... in the same timeframe I have made far more money from Alamy and made infinitely more sales, so I know where I'd rather be.
  13. Before I get more images up and before university gets crazy, I'd like some generic information on sales. Specifically anything other than newspaper, magazine, and editorial, as I'm not with any schemes. Would like to fix any changes I deem necessary from your replies and not make the same redundancies again. Some time ago before even starting on stock sites I was told with RM images to not sell them as posters, decor and the like, as the money isn't great. Now I'd like to hear from you experienced with such sales. Not looking for actual price, unless your comfortable doing so, but like:
  14. FAA works fine for me. I made 1600 dollar in little over a year in 22 sales. I sell about 2-3 images per month now, making me 100-300 dollar per month. I have little over 500 images there. You keep 100% of a sale plus you get material commission. My images are not art, still I sell there. When they open an official EU office, I expect my sales to at least double. So yes, FAA works fine, they are my 2nd best earner behind Shutterstock.
  15. Hi Maria, I started with the free membership about three months ago but quickly realised that I was not going to get any sales with just 25 images against the many that are on their site. So I changed to paid membership and now have over 370 images up. Lots of interest but no sales as yet but it is early days. As you fairly point out postage costs are a downer for buyers outside of the USA. However I am hoping to hit the American market. Allan I had one sale while in trial mode so used the proceeds to subscribe. Since then 1500 views and no further sales. I think it's a tyre kicking site
  16. Well I thought it was a given that repeat IQ sales were discounted. I've never seen this on previous IQ sales.
  17. Read your post about the Zeiss Touit. (I think they called it by that name as they had finally got around "to it".) I had a Zeiss wide lens for my Canon some time ago but was not happy with the blurred edges and soon got rid of it. Not sure if Zeiss lenses are all they are cracked up to be. Allan Yeah, that was scary. But I wouldn't condemn Zeiss lenses out of hand. Long ago I own the famous original Carl Zeiss Sonnar f/2.8/180mm, a great lens. The Touit line seems to be their attempt at adding AF. I was just looking carefully at the specs on the three newest Sony zooms. Before
  18. As are you, Duncan (+1s and greenies to you both for your effort and positivism). Some great words which are a morale boost for me at a difficult time! Just had a quick look at your images. I believe that when you first joined Alamy, your portfolio consisted of mainly outdoor adventure subjects: I see that it has now broadened considerably (without lessening in quality) and is clearly based upon a pathway to sales. I admire your efforts and work-ethic (ditto Jeff). Well done - you have a fantastic-looking portfolio there which I am certain is seeing increasing sales. If you are not
  19. You've bloody shorted me, you have. (& given me some not mine, have you?!) This is what it is: Images:97020 As to starting from scratch in 2013 --> future full time stock shooter income; yes, if one has all the factors it takes + persistence, this scenario can be real: (am only familiar with nonexclusive unreleased RM occasionally licensed commercially, too) 2014: $3000 net (mostly "gets it" but still learning) 2015: $8000 net (nearing total comprehension, knows limitations) 2016: $15000 net (persistence like a locomotive) 2017: $25000 net (takes camera everywhere but in sh
  20. Hi Maria, I started with the free membership about three months ago but quickly realised that I was not going to get any sales with just 25 images against the many that are on their site. So I changed to paid membership and now have over 370 images up. Lots of interest but no sales as yet but it is early days. As you fairly point out postage costs are a downer for buyers outside of the USA. However I am hoping to hit the American market. Allan
  21. Many thanks to Duncan, Joe, Ed and Bryan for your replies. It appears that the Nex 6 would be the preferred mark from comments above. As for lenses I am a bit of a lazy sod but do find zooms useful. Having said that I like primes for the extra quality too so will have to try some different lenses out should I finally take the plunge. Thanks again. Allan
  22. Got my first 2 zooms in the last couple of days too, fingers crossed.
  23. I bet that its a great feeling. Hope it translates into sales. dov
  24. DAILY FINANCE August 30, 2013 Labor Day Sales You Don't Want to Miss This Weekend D9HGN4 Nevada Las Vegas The Strip South Las Vegas Boulevard Forum Shops at Caesars Palace shopping front entrance for sale retail display Photographer: Jeff Greenberg http://www.dailyfinance.com/on/best-labor-day-sales-this-weekend/
  25. I'm a longtime user of Photoshop, starting with CS through the latest, CS6. Until recently, I had never bought, used, or downloaded a trail copy of LR. In fact, my 27" iMac is maybe 6 months old, so if I had installed a version of LR previously, it would have been on the old iMac, not this one. That's beside the point. I did keep hearing people swearing by Lightroom and finally got a bit interested in it. In March, B&H sent the weekly offering of sales and products via email. One of the things was LR4 for $79. LR5 had just recently been released, so I figured they wanted to clear
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