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  1. +1 from me as well. My experience from another site proves it's difficult to know what will attract a client's eye and produce a sale. I want to focus future image uploads and possibly even remove non performing images but so far I am not getting enough zooms and sales to effectively guide my decisions.
  2. Don't see the point, would it actually add to your sales potential ? Large numbers of image searches result in zero zooms because the customer has hovered and seen the larger image - so I suppose a 'Hover' box would also be needed...... Basically it ain't broke so why complicate it - the information has a limited value until the client actually buys the image license - and even then it can be refunded ! As a frequent critic of some of the things that Alamy gets up to I would guide you to their advice recently regarding the BHZ stuff - it was a breath of fresh air......
  3. Yesterday's and today's views were down 50% against last week. Zooms have been on a downward spiral over the last three weeks. Sales have so far been better this month. Will have to reflect on the data at the end of the week. Regards Craig
  4. Hi Cristina, Views overall about the same as normal; zooms rather slow and still picking up from Dec/Jan, and sales this month so far are abysmal. Better pick up before the end of the month hopefully! Kumar
  5. I think its working fine. I have found zooms to be a bit slow coming this year so far, its just crawling up to its usual level now. That said, sales have been good, best first quarter on record so far.
  6. It takes at least 6-8 weeks for newspaper scheme sales to report. Yes, it will be a separate sale if outside the terms of the previous licence, but the Guardian are scrupulous and I had a new sale reported on an RF licence nearly four years later.
  7. Even on my blog -- http://edoruan2.blogspot.com -- I use Alamy images with their full watermark. I never use Flickr or the like to display images, so I pay little attention to people grabbing my pics. However, with my sales being as bad as they've been this winter, I might welcome someone stealing an image.
  8. Aaah, yes, that old chestnut. As Philippe says, the most effective way is to add a watermark, which yes, will deter some customers, because it clearly makes the photos less attractive. Up to you, really. The regular options are all there: Add a watermark Add a no-right-click script Add a blank .gif over the top of the image Add a notice declaring your copyright and intention to enforce this as necessary Add a comment in your robots.txt file disallowing robots from spidering your images. Today's browsers make it easier than ever to circumvent image theft prevention methods, so #s 2
  9. I have been trying to grapple with the decline in performance of my portfolio. If I had the information I need I would edit it hard and monitor the performance of my portfolio going forward. It would also inform my future shoots and uploads. What I need is a way of seeing how individual images are performing. How many views, zooms, adds to lightbox has each image had since it was uploaded/ in a selected period? Happy to take it as a monthly download (after getting initial history) and maintain the database on my own computers for detailed analysis. It would be useful to also take a downlo
  10. John, I like your idea, but I think your idea is not a qc question but a significant strategic question. Limiting images on submission means contributors need to think much more about content and which images are more likely to sell. This creates and "edited collection" of sorts. It makes contributors think much more about content and the quality they are submitting. The ultimate feedback are the sales made. While I like almay's relaxed policy, I do think it is too relaxed today as far as volume is concerned. A little tightening up on the contributor side may be a good thing. How the a
  11. Johnny5, This discussion is my attempt to educate myself (with a lot of help from all of you) in the ways of Alamy search and key words. From what I can tell, most buyers use only the most rudimentary of key word searches. As I pointed out previously most searches I see are comprised of just one to three very common words. It's a miracle the searchers don't end up with many thousands of images in their searches. There's someone who's searches are typically as follows: white cat NOT dog NOT person NOT city NOT etc.... Oddly enough, such a specific search ends up pulling up thou
  12. There are many right answers. The best: check your particular subject against real world all of alamy searches. If researchers use U.S. Capitol, use that. If they use US Capital use that, even when you think it's wrong. Same goes for USA or US or American or Amerika. Actually same goes for the whole dictionary. Now comes the tricky part: do the wrong views for all those keywords outweigh all the right ones (or vice versa)? Will all these views, but no zooms or sales drag you down? Of course they will. Will the occasional sale from a wrong or less used keyword offset that? Your call ;-)
  13. Happy Valentines Day from QC Rehab (a.k.a. the Sin Bin), Ed. I've been languishing here since January 15th for reasons yet to be divulged. It's kinda odd because it was a small batch, and I went over each image with the proverbial fine tooth comb and could find nothing wrong with them (obviously someone else did, though). It's also kinda ironic because January was one one of my best Alamy months ever, and February is also looking really good sales-wise. Anyway, congratulations on your early exit and sorry to hear about the mix up. Sometimes deleting the whole batch is the only way to go. I'll
  14. Hi Ed, Glad to know you're out of the sin bin and recovering from the 'flu (there have been some horrible bugs going 'round here too - most of the family have suffered to some degree), but sorry to hear that you're down in the dumps. I'm sure that the sales'll pick up again. I've got nothing to base this on but optimism (rare for me!), but it'll be better in the bright light of the morning! For myself: I ain't no spring chicken, but I'm not buried yet either! The rain, wind and floods in the UK offer great photo ops (and potential rewards) for those prepared to dedicate themselves t
  15. I am still sceptical. I am top of page 3 out of 26. My current CTR is 1.09 but I make many less sales that most here, only partly because I am in a small niche. I am lucky if I make 2 sales per month, more likely 1.
  16. ^^ Can't really give you a vote as I ain't gonna diss ya, and while I agree with your sentiment ("You need to put your images on the web for people to see to make sales, but at the same time, you are at the risk of image theft."), I ain't giving any greenies to folk who muscle in on my burrow. Now geddout, I'm sleeping 'till March.
  17. I know that I'm sticking my head up above the burrow and am probably going to get shot down, but as a pro snapper who hasn't entered any competitions for years, for the reasons you've all stated above, I just fancied a bit of fun and have (gasp! ) contributed a couple of images to Photocrowd (although I know I'm nowhere near winning anything with this Circles theme). I feel quite wicked doing such a "rash" thing, because like you guys, I have actually won some good prizes in the past but decided I didn't want to risk my photos going global without my say so. However, I have sorely missed the
  18. I posted this in the wrong thread: I stopped using BHZ some years ago but I juggled my pseudonyms and did a bit of keyword refining a few weeks ago so I am giving it another go. The result is I am at about 80% down the pages - all 4 images from different pseudonyms are in a block of half a dozen images on page 21 (which explains my lack of sales and zooms). Is there less ranking weight by pseudonym and more by contributor or even image than we thought? With new (median) pseudonyms could that be where the median scores range with the randomisation element of search results? Seems wide.
  19. Chuck, I agree, "do it once and do it right". Unfortunately I don't think I have been doing it right and I would like to determine what I should change to make my tags more effective. Over the past eight months I've read the discussions in the forum, Alamy information and thought I had done it right since I get regular daily views and few irrelevant search hits. I've tried to be patient as well although my zooms are sporadic and not sufficient for the size of my portfolio. Based on an Alamy article I utilized quotation marks and square brackets to organize my keywords. I later
  20. Johnnie 5, I couldn't agree more. I check common search terms on All Of Alamy every week and the vast majority of the searches are comprised of three or less commonly used words. Examples from the first page of today's searches include; vector or vectors, car, cat, dog, family, ipad, alamy, facebook, paris, shopping, nelson mandela, Sochi, world map, apple, india, industry, forest, Dubai, couple, skiing--all mostly one word searches. Because of this I've kept my keywords simple and for the most part my images are not being pulled up in irrelevant searches. Thankfully when my images do
  21. yes def this is the right image that was rejected! The point I'm making is, I'm not about to start correcting so called defects ( and maybe introducing others) that none of us would be concerned with if this was a private sale in the real world. 6/7 years ago there was proper reward for the time invested in submitting images here but with the billions of images out there a time comes when its not worth the effort anymore especially in the case of this thread. Its not alamy's fault there are doing their best in an ever more competitive market and as a footnote THANKS to alamy for m
  22. yes this is the image with "interpolation artifacts" and as far as i can tell...i cannot see them, can you? This image has not been upsized ( no need) nor worked upon in any way just exported from the raw file through LR5. For the life of me i just cannot c any problem at all ??!! All of my new images are destined to be uploaded here from now on http://www.buyimage.co.uk Increased commission again and again and alamy income dropping by 90% in the last 6 years.Where was the promised increase it sales? rant over sorry....
  23. Philippe and John, I included my artist website addresses and my name in the keywords not in an effort to redirect traffic elsewhere, but quite the reverse, to bring traffic I'm generating elsewhere to my Alamy portfolio. To this end I put these website URL's in the comprehensive keywords, which until a few days ago were not even visible to clients viewing my images. Whether including these URL's is effective is debatable, but until this week there was no chance they were directing traffic elsewhere. I might also note that unlike many contributors to Alamy, I am for the time being exclu
  24. I'm not quite sure why people are so critical of BHZ, since it does serve a very useful purpose. Sales are obviously the only thing we really care about, but you have to accept that a good rank is essential to getting those sales. Since Alamy don't let us know our ranking, it's the best tool we have for giving some indication of how we're faring, particulary when there's a re-rank. If we move up or down, it means we're doing something right or wrong. The beauty of BHZ is that, generally speaking, everyone has complied with the "rules" and put it in the Esskeys - and thus it provides a
  25. Steady increase, my main psued was middle of page 5 and is now middle of page 2. I'll check my others out later. Happy with that progression, provided it turns into more sales
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