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  1. I had one Polish distributor sale this year for $92.05. The subject was a painting of a Polish saint, but taken in the US. I've had similar sales to Poland in the past. Bill Kuta (all my grandparents came to the US from Poland)
  2. On schedule to reach my target of 5000 pics from my back catalogue on sale by Christmas - it makes me wonder whether there is a tipping point of some kind, since my sales seem to have become very much more regular since passing the 4000 mark some months ago - as others have pointed out, this is largely a numbers game. Or maybe I will now sell nothing for months . . . Alex
  3. You almost certaily are if you have made UK book or magazine sales. Do a search.
  4. Wow, that seems low - as does Philippe's payback. I would certainly be interested in the admin costs Alamy charged - it must have been substantial. I claimed directly for 34 eligible licenses (although I had 94 in total that I couldn't confirm due to the lack of RF info), and got $179 CAD. Maybe next year Alamy will give us more info with which to claim for RF sales to avoid their high admin costs.
  5. Hi Robert, I am not suggesting Alamy act like an online auction site. All I am suggesting is a dedicated section where members could advertise their Sales/Wants, then everything else would be done through PM's initially then emails between consenting parties. Allan
  6. Yes, I had a tipping point. I fell over after 2012, when I had about 7000 images. Progressive yearly increase in sales every year before that - and downward spiral after that. I add 1000 images every year. Reasons escape me.
  7. My number of sales this year (so far, he said hopefully) is almost up to my high years. Gross $ are about 60% of my highest year.
  8. I am hoping that is what I will see as I did much the same for 5 years or so up to last year. I saw a small burst in April, May, June and then it went quiet until this week. I have now had more sales than last year (Still only tiny though).
  9. Might frequency of new submissions be part of the formula? My sales plummeted about 50% in number and 75% in $ when I submitted very little for a couple of years. (This was after the recession effect.) Have been submitting again for about a year and a half, and have been recovering nicely.
  10. I hit it when crossed 700 files, sales were regular and are just the same after over 2k files. Nothing better nothing worse, just the same as after breaking the line. Funny, ha?
  11. Tell me about it! My wife (GRHS) and I had a convenience store for a while a few years back and the cash and carry warehouses had Christmas stock on their shelves beginning of June. Really made Christmas an anti-climax. Bring back the good old days when the Christmas tree was not put up and decorated until a day or two before. Allan It might be a pain with Christmas being promoted too soon but….it does provide sales opportunities…this was licensed two years ago !!
  12. Have just returned from a surfeit of Christmas. Cologne, Rudisheim, Heidelberg, Strasbourg, Colmar etc. etc. all stuffed with Christmas markets. (No snow this year though). I was too busy with lecturing, exhibition, masterclasses and promoting my existing work to bother with thinking about stock, especially as it only takes a handful of prints sales to make more for me than most make from stock in a year. At least over there Christmas starts in December and not in August as here. I was offered a mince pie in a major store here in August.
  13. Kiss of death - after 3,000 I now have regular monthly sales. Didn't before. Onwards ! Agree with diverse pics.
  14. Worth thinking about, but not an idea we should mention too often, lest defendants find out about it and start referring to it in court, and it starts to look deliberate. As the person who made that comment I have considered this idea ... I want to be a photographer not a lawyer/debt collector though! It was mainly due to low sales and one big infringement.
  15. Same here, although stuck for months because of inexplicable QC fails. My first year with sales every month and 4 or 5 in the pipeliine.
  16. Nice looking site, but PrtSc still works for an image which can be upsized 200% without getting too messy, the watermark is easily cloned out as well. Not trying to be negative but it is easy to do. We might be best off promoting our pics all over FB, Twitter,Pinterest etc, then chasing people for retrospective licences, and making more on those licenses than we do on sales (recently admitted by a member, but not the promotion part of it). Not easily cloned out on my site. I have a no drag setting so people can't use the Microsoft Snipping tool to snap a pic off the site. You need to
  17. Nice looking site, but PrtSc still works for an image which can be upsized 200% without getting too messy, the watermark is easily cloned out as well. Not trying to be negative but it is easy to do. We might be best off promoting our pics all over FB, Twitter,Pinterest etc, then chasing people for retrospective licences, and making more on those licenses than we do on sales (recently admitted by a member, but not the promotion part of it).
  18. I've had 55 accepted and 38 rejected, which is a 59% acceptance rate. I've pretty much processed them (via Camera+) as for regular Alamy, only with stronger clarity and similar adjustments. About half of my acceptances were pretty straight market-stand shots of veggies or fruit. No sales yet, and I haven't submitted anything for several weeks. Bill
  19. I don't know how (or even if) the viewpoint is applied, but I sometimes put "side view" in my keywords. Have no idea if it has helped with sales.
  20. Excellent. This year I have made more from infringements than proper sales! I suspect there is more to come as well, probably in New Year now.
  21. I wonder how these changes will affect sales made through POD sites based in EU countries (or even a certain big one based in "America" that shall remain unnamed).
  22. I think most people feel the same when they see a good sale then realise it's via a distributor and they lose a painful amount in commission. The argument is that it gets extra sales that wouldn't have gone to Alamy. But is that true? Alamy now has 50m images and, thanks to Alamy, so do all its distributors. Customers go to the distributors because they know they can find 50m Alamy images there - so they don't go direct to Alamy. The internet is global, that's sort of the point of it. The picture-buying market is mostly English-speaking, because photographers and agencies alike know th
  23. I have mixed feelings about distribution. I ABSOLUTELY HATE the watered down commissions - especially when I know many picture researchers also do a google image search to see where else that image is offered and they shop accordingly. I don't blame them because if I were int their position, I would do the same exact thing. Distribution oftentimes is counter-productive to rights management. If I were to land one of those "big elephent" exclusive rights big dollar licenses at another agent, and I set restrictions on the image at Alamy, there is no guarantee or control on my end that the
  24. My Photoshelter is embedded in/integrated with my own web site and I have never had a sale through PS. I have had people approach me as a result of my site and buy a print or licence/file - negotiated and then emailed at a suitable size. I would argue that is digital delivery of an individually commissioned image and outside the scope. Such sales are so rare I could manage wiothout them but on the other hand I am actively trying develop my business so all channels are valuable.
  25. Danny, I don't intend to remove images from licencing completely, but am considering trying to place a restriction on personal use. If there is so little crossover, there should be little risk to income, compared to the upside of higher POD sales.
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