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  1. Update to my original post. The original Guardian sale was refunded and two separate sales for almost half the original appeared. So they must have an agreement that allows them to use an image additionally on another story at a reduced rate. The total of the two separate sales is only marginally more than the original single sale.
  2. Thanks for spotting that one. Not shown up in sales yet but was zoomed by its image reference a week or two ago,.
  3. I hope the sales team aren't having much time off. I certainly can't afford too. Pearl
  4. i contacted a will writer and they said that its part of your estate so does not necessarily have to be mentioned in isolation although its not a bad idea. I contacted the tax man and its not a business you are leaving as the business is the taking / uploading etc etc of the photos so no tax there. Obviously any sales would be subject to tax My wife and kids have the password to my alamy account to change the details (banking etc) and a copy of probate would suffice should alamy make any enquiries with the benefactors Kevin
  5. Danny, with respect, as you understand the operation of IR's business and its shortcomings so well, and you would seem to be well up on the interwebnetthingy there seems to be a great opportunity for you here. I was unable to find a suitable company operating in the UK - the most promising was a dedicated IP lawyer who quoted £300 per hour but clearly told me that because of the prices which agencies offered to license images there would be no chance of any sort of "No Win No Fee" arrangement. There would seem to be an opening here. I am not being flippant about this - if you can get s
  6. lefthand image failed QC - sample returned by alamy. slightly larger greener image passed QC and sold several times over. part of my response to alamy: "Thx for the feedback - the following is not an attempt to get you to change your mind about this particular image but just to share my thoughts as a professional photographer with some $5000 of successful sales(after commission) of similar northern lights images in my alamy collection. Because of the nature of the image I applied some luminance/colour noise reduction which results in some loss of detail but as we are only talking abou
  7. There doesn't seem to be anything in my licence details for similar sales that purports to allow syndication, just use within a group.
  8. Appreciate the clearer indication on how to use Image rights for the times where it's a solid infringement, and the ways in which to go about it. Cheers for that. I'm calm now, I had a mint penguin. I made the decision a couple of weeks ago to just stop uploading to the news feeds. If this is the sort of things you need to put up with, then it's not worth it to me. I'm going down the stock route with particular concentration paid to certain genres that I feel are not as well represented currently. More scope for control I think with pure stock. Newspaper scheme might still bite my behind
  9. Danny, you are referring to their "Discovery" service which simply tries to do what you can do yourself - the major flaw in IR doing it for you is that they are in danger of turning up sales which you would know to be legit through Alamy or whoever else you use. When I tested it most of the discovered uses were in fact legit and I decided that this was a waste of everyone's time and effort. As explained above I use the "Recovery" aspect of their work - sending them the details and letting them get on with it - some of the cases which are eventually settled take months and some from last ye
  10. Thanks, Geoff, for your prompt response. I had already read that information, but still think it is ambiguous and burdensome to the photographer. My other agencies have just a single box selection labeled "Editorial Use Only" which takes care of the situation with a single check. I also got that Alamy message and took the restrictions off 21 images, which I now regret. I shoot primarily travel, but that's a broad field. All too often, there's something in the image field that conceivably could require a property or model release. I always try to get the releases -- have binders fu
  11. This has actually been discussed before but I can't seem to find the thread. The drop in CTR after the revamping of the customer interface is almost entirely attributable to the default search results changing from 30 images per page to 120. This resulted in an increase in views without a corresponding increase in zooms. In fact, on reflection, that would account for views in the week I analysed for last December being much lower than last week, whilst zooms aren't as dramatically different. Ian D I may be wrong of course but I thought the default search results change took place when
  12. Any restriction you add stops useage from that area. This explains what you need to set. http://www.alamy.com/contributor/help/image-restrictions.asp "Editorial use only If you need to restrict your images to permit editorial use only, you should apply the following restrictions. All Countries; Advertising/Promotion; All Medias; All Industries; All Sub-industries All Countries; Consumer Goods; All Medias; All Industries; All Sub-industries All Countries; Direct Mail/Brochures; All Medias; All Industries; All Sub-industries All Countries; Indoor Display; All Medias; All Industries;
  13. Yes, they do. I have made regular sales of Christmas market photos, but not just lights on their own. Christmas shopping sells as well, so would (if you can do them) family at Christmas shots indoors with trees etc. I've also sold wrapped presents - in one case, I spent about £80 or some bath/beauty products for my wife, had them gift wrapped beautifully, did a studio still life while they were perfect and got a $300 fee the next gift-giving season. I also photograph certain seasonal gifts and foods and these have sold well enough. I never care at all about when in the year I put them on line
  14. This has actually been discussed before but I can't seem to find the thread. The drop in CTR after the revamping of the customer interface is almost entirely attributable to the default search results changing from 30 images per page to 120. This resulted in an increase in views without a corresponding increase in zooms. In fact, on reflection, that would account for views in the week I analysed for last December being much lower than last week, whilst zooms aren't as dramatically different. Ian D
  15. Hi all. Forget the Zooms & Views... It's sales that matters !!
  16. Prior to "the change" I remember Alamy had an overall CTR of above 65%. This morning when I checked, Alamy's CTR was 49% ...to me, that translates as any of the following possible issues (or a combination, or all of)... Alamy's sales may be are dropping to coincide with a 16% drop in CTR Alamy's sales are not growing at the same pace as the image library The change in the format of viewing images has a direct effect of CTR and that the search engine/priority needs to change to coincide with an update in the format of viewing images that was made. ...those are my thoughts.
  17. I'm usually more concerned with my CTR dropping below the Alamy CTR average than overall zooms.
  18. This fits in with my experience. I have videos on other sites and the USA is a significant source of sales. There was a healthy rush before Thanksgiving and absolutely nothing since. I was coming to the conclusion that the USA had gone home for Thanksgiving and forgotten to go back to work, and that Europe was winding down early for Christmas. This is a significant change from previous years as December is usually quite busy for the first few weeks before dying down until mid January. A poor December for retail is also being reported in the UK press. Recovery. What recovery?
  19. In October I had 56 zooms and in November I had 48 zooms. I tend to get 2 - 3 zooms per working day Over the last 7 days I have had: Total Views for : 1,323 Total Zooms for : 0 I asked member services if there's a problem with recording of zooms, but as usual they are dismissive and not interested. Andy
  20. I had a whopping 42 views and 0 zooms in that same period. I don't think you guys need to worry about little league players much lol
  21. Although the OP's point was a little strange given that not much happens on a Sunday, there is a valid question regarding the trend in zooms and views. In my own case, I have seen a steady decrease in rolling zooms over the past month - from well over 600 to only 475 as of today. Views have also decreased slightly, particularly in the last week. However, I did a quick analysis of All of Alamy, comparing last week to the same week last year and also to 2 periods this year. The figures are as follows Views 09/12/2013 to 13/12/2013 7,237,599 10/12/2012 to 14/12/2012 4,635,489 (I seem
  22. 3 zooms yesterday, but they are the first for a couple of weeks. They were 3 out of 4 zoomed out of only 37 viewed so signs are promising that even a sale might come along! John.
  23. I seem to have a lot of zooms of my pics of homeless people. 6 this week. It's quite amazing what people search for, and equally interesting what they zoom on. One thing I've learned is that, that snapshot of the bike tied to the railings should have been shot better. It's so important to make the shots count. I look back at the shots I used to take and cringe. It's amazing how you develop in a short time. As my portfolio grows, I am seeing a lot of views per day and zooms, but it's images I don't really like now. They worked at the time but now not so.
  24. Zooms down by 50% on last couple of months. Number of sales now at about 12 month average for me, but money very poor, not worth getting out of bed for.
  25. From my stats over the past 5 years December is usually a bit down on views and zooms, but also this december, in addition to the usual Xmas bank holidays, there are 5 weekends so I think it is likely to be a quiet month Kumar
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