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  1. What do you mean, Mark? Can you see recent sales using the image search function? How?
  2. Newspapers, magazines and text books make up most of my sales. The calender sales I've had have been equivalent in price to middling magazine sales.
  3. Deepest crisis ever at Alamy... August= 0 sales! 45 days without a single crappy sale...what is wrong with me? I used to have 2-3 sales a month with much fewer images. Very disappointed, i gave a lot of hopes in growing my portfolio al Alamy... Is there another way, other than the net revenue thing, to vheck if you have sales coming? Thanks.
  4. As has already been suggested, Getty own Flickr, some have made big sales from Getty via Flickr. Also if you wish to sell with Getty via Flickr, said images must be exclusive, not Flickr in its entirety, just images you wish to make available to Getty for licensing. In my opinion, there is not a great deal of difference (with regards to potential sales as a contributor) between Getty or Flickr now. As is always the case, high quality innovative images will sell, ordinary stuff will languish for eternity.
  5. Even worse, if that soothes - 1 sale for $13 I think I can trump that with Zero sales lol I'm not unhappy at all by that though. I'm a relative minnow to this, so I don't expect it to pick up until I start putting up the numbers of quality images. However, serving a 28 wait on submissions is killing my flow at the moment. Too scared to add anything to the queue of 65 images I have waiting. With that said, I envy the numbers being thrown about in this thread, Makes me excited.
  6. Down 11% sales numbers and nearly a third in total sales values. A number of 'distributor' sales hit pretty hard, with only two sales above $100 gross. Was under the impression that the silly Scheming Newspapers arrangements (i.e. multi uses on multi stories in all titles in newspaper group for a single image license sale) were going to be looked at .........
  7. I'm definitely seeing more sales in the $20-$35 range. Although I also had three good ones (over $100) in August, which helped bring the average price up.
  8. 5 sales for $415.34. Highest $225, lowest $32.79. The 3 lowest were distributor sales.
  9. If you're looking for sales, I wouldn't bother using flickr. I've been on there for 5 years and have only been approached by a few individuals, who wanted to use my photos for free (and one winery who wanted to give me wine in exchange; ) But I was never on flickr for sales anyways, just a love of photography. I have been inspired and learned a lot from some great contacts and groups with challenges. But it's not a place for sales. And yes, I do believe it's against flickr guidelines to use your account for commercial purposes.
  10. Ed, do you think that removing some of the similars (e.g. the car shots and Lake Powell) might improve matters? Just a casual observation from someone who knows b-all about CTR. Cheers. Both the car shots and the Lake Powell images are newly uploaded...so they should be mid-ranked for the next 6 months and should not be a factor in CTR yet. My other observation (especially with the car shots) is that "similiars" are based on keywords....not on the appearance of images. If one does a search on SCCA Car Race, then yes, I have multiple similars with 428 results out of a pool of 483 images.
  11. Sales stopped for me on the 22nd. A dozen sales for low prices: only $521 gross.
  12. Funny, but (despite Alamy's reassurance to the contrary) the re-rank (in which I slipped a BHZ page) seemed to directly affect my views. Doubtless just coincidence and paranoia on my part! Anyhow, no sales, zooms steady(ish), but a couple of zooms by image ref. code were +ive. Hopefully I'll see some returns from them.
  13. Lisa, if SONY RX-100's small size helped you capture your photos, especially after earliest page, that's a definite plus - strikes me mainly as a good example of how a photographer who gets to STRONG (news) situations, and uses STRONG skills to effectively capture the scenes, can make STRONG sales - even when using a basically adequate camera.
  14. I just looked and my last ten sales were all taken with my SONY RX-100 instead of my neck breaking Canon (nicknamed 'Big Boy'). A couple of decent sales too, $200 two weeks ago and one today for $165.
  15. Excellent sales this month averaging out at $100 each. Sold one pic three times same day for $700. V. pleased. Kathy deWitt/Alamy: http://tinyurl.com/n9djvmr
  16. August started off poorly for me with four refunds (discussed in "Loadsa Refunds" thread). However, things picked up nicely and I ended up with 13 new sales ranging from $21 to $225. Only one distributor sale in the batch. So all's well that ends well. Thanks, Alamy.
  17. Long ago when Alamy still published quarterly or yearly numbers of sales, they gave a breakdown of editorial vs commercial. You may be able to find it in the blog. (I can't) wim
  18. Unit sales up, $ per pic average up, zooms up - it can't last but its a great feeling for the moment. dov
  19. Interesting to say the least. Guess I wrongly thought little sales for newspapers and magazines, but prolly the case for me anyway since I'm not with schemes/distributions. Thanks y'all
  20. Average month with 36 sales but generally poor prices so not very encouraging. Hoping sales will pickup when summer hols are over. Pearl
  21. Average for me - 39 licences for $2200 - average $56, some refunds and then sales of same image at a lower price at the beginning of the month which I think several people noticed Kumar
  22. Fewer sales than last month, but better money. Last month my biggest earners turned out to be distributer sales, while the reverse has occurred this time! Good number of zooms, highest monthly total to date, so perhaps a more rosy future.... Just licensed another two photos from the US of A. Proportionally they do much, much better, both in terms of sales per shot and cash, than those from anywhere else I've tried. Sadly not enough in it to justify another trip though
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