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  1. My first sale was last summer, about 8 months after my first submission, and with around 100 images on sale. I started getting zooms after about 1 year, with around 200 images for sale, and am eagerly anticipating a second sale.
  2. Well spotted Phil - thanks. I have found the same thing. That has bumped up my zooms a bit! That is certainly worth a greenie. dov
  3. "Surge" and "sales" in the same sentence is actually funny in a sad sort of way. Don`t think I have ever seen that before. Good for you John.
  4. An interesting note. I had a batch fail over a month ago. When I emerged from the sin bin, I uploaded a new batch. Again, I had a fail. Turned out to be the tiniest bit of CA in the upper far left of the image, a few fronds of a palm tree that supposedly had it. My old eyes couldn't really see it, I just assume if the reviewer saw some, it must be there. All the rest of the image the fronts were large enough I could see they had no CA, so the offense had to be that corner. I was NOT placed in the sin bin for that tiny oversight. I cropped out the offending corner, re-uploaded the bat
  5. Yes, one more about Stockimo... Surprising even myself as I have been quite content to quietly watch from the sideline thus far, and do not really plan to participate in Alamy's mobile offering (mostly because I have another outlet for this type of work which I feel is more promising). Still I have been watching with interest as to how this will develop, as I believe there is a certain amount of potential in the technological aspects of Alamy's implementation. I was browsing through the Stockimo collection and noticed that almost all of the images are placed as Royalty Free. (Okay, that's
  6. No surge, but two textbook sales this month. Apparently $113 buys 10 years and $180 25.
  7. Is anyone else seeing a surge in textbook sales? I've had a string of them this month ($180+ each), which is very encouraging to see. Last month was similar. For once, I'm actually not moaning.
  8. Have you tried 'Net revenue' to see if that's working? - you may find that you have so many sales it has overloaded the system.
  9. If you click on the pseudo name, to the left, instead of the number, THEN on the number in the zooms column, you get more data - the number of zooms and 'total number of views'. It seems the number corresponds to the views, not the zooms. At least it has for me for the last few days.
  10. Yesterday I had five zooms double counted, so 10 zooms registered. I bet Alamy is rewarding those contributors of good behavior with double zooms.
  11. Ditto here. First time for 2 zooms in measures with only one image zoomed once.
  12. I've got one from yesterday that shows 3 zooms on one single shot of mine, but only 1 zoom in the overall Alamy total.
  13. Yes, I've had it in the past where zooms show up in the main screen but are missing when I drill down into the pseudo.
  14. Dov, I've actually already contacted MS about this and there also appears to have been the same corruption of data for Tuesday's figures. What I've found is that my views for the 2 days are up by 50% above normal - from around 3500 to 5100. This is such a huge increase that can't simply be explained by customer activity. Moreover, I'm seeing the same thing as you with regard to zooms. On my main pseudonym for yesterday, I had 28 showing - but if I click on the 28, I only get 22 images each with 1 zoom against them. With regard to specific search terms, there's one UCO that shows I'
  15. I checked " Your Images " today and had some odd numbers. My zooms for today were 2 and 2. When I drilled down I found only one and one image per pseudo, and the little box lower left showed only one click in each case. I logged out and logged back in only to find the same oddity. I looked at the totals for the month drilling down on both pseudos and found that the images in both cases were one short of the total count. Again the little boxes only showed one click. Confused? Me too. Anyone else had this? dov
  16. I am UK based but took the view that it was better for me to be paid in USD as this is the sales base currency. I have recently moved onto the Skrill USD card and suffer no more bank charges. It works for me. dov
  17. I'm using Chrome on a Windows 7 64 bit PC and it looks OK to me. It shows a blank sheet apart from the header on opening with the statement period set to 1 month (because I've had no sales in Feb), but displays sales from January when I set the statement period to two months. So it all seems to be working normally. Assuming you know you have got sales this month, the only suggestions I have revolve around trying a different computer if you have access to one. Other than that my instinct is to think there may be a minor corruption in the Alamy database, in which case contacting MS is the wa
  18. Perhaps if you have no sales within date range then that would show a blank, change it to a longer period. If not try another browser. Andy
  19. Congratulations Maria!! It is exciting to get a sale here. I was over the moon as well when I saw a sale. Hope we all get loads more sales here. Very nice image too!! Don
  20. First Stockimo sales? http://www.fltrlive.com/2014/02/stock-agency-alamy-enters-smartphone-photography-market/ No Parking sign © Naff_Nuder/Stockimo/Alamy, taken on an iPhone 4 S000AP Hand knocker © Naff_Nuder/Stockimo/Alamy, taken on an iPhone 4 S000BD Opus one vineyard, Napa valley, California © Emily/Stockimo/Alamy, taken on an iPhone 4 S000DH Times Square, New York City, USA © Jamaway/Stockimo/Alamy, taken on an iPhone 5 S0002G Girl sitting in big stripy deck chair © AliO/Stockimo/Alamy Taken on an iPhone 5 S0004W Brooklyn Diner, Manhattan, New York © Glorialeicesterfan/Stock
  21. If some decent Stockimo sales start being reported on the forum, I might consider getting a used iPhone. Right now, I'm maintaining a holding pattern.
  22. So it means that days from the past will be still updated and shown sales of today are only direct sales? So it also means because i am since end august 2013 on Alamy that the most chance for reported sales will be now for me since i am now 6 months on Alamy. Is my thinking true? Mirco
  23. True reflection of sales is if you go back 6 months or so and look at that number. If you just look at yesterday that is sales from zooms on that day and not when a sale is made days after the zoom.If you look at yesterdays sales and record the number , then check that day in a months time it will have grown Regards
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