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  1. On sale 15%, volume up 40%, revenue up 45%. Sales every month. Average unchanged.
  2. Each day I look in the deaths column of the local paper and if my name does not appear there I am a happy bunny. All the best and hope we all have improved sales in 2015. Allan
  3. I wish a great new year to every Alamy's contributor on this forum. May 2015 bring everyone new photos and more sales!
  4. What more can I do concerning the unreported sales?
  5. Katty, the image was never reported as part of my sales, thanks for the notification. I wrote complaining to the Alamy Member Service. hoping to hear from them soon. Thanks a lot. Ayodele
  6. Some of the best advice I have received recently was that I needed to move upmarket into premium channels if want to make money (thanks Jools). I was already thinking along similar lines and it has made me much mor e focussed on what I want to do. Few will make serious money on Alamy, it is just doesn't feel like the marketplace for high-end sales, themed projects or assignment referrals. At least for where I want to go. Some people may make decent incomes or good top ups to other channel or assignment income. I know that to move into the premium market I need to work and think differently
  7. Being wealthy is all about avoiding competition. If you produce photography as a commodity, you have extreme competition both inside Alamy and outside, and you will not be wealthy. If you develop your own unique style you should have a near monopoly, and you will have a chance of becoming wealthy. Here is what a Silicon Valley venture capitalist says about people who look to him for financing for "me too" apps like another unnecessary version of Twitter. He is talking about software, but it applies to photography as well. http://www.foreignaffairs.com/articles/142590/james-surowiec
  8. Ed Rooney: "I'm a Yank who lived in England for a time. I have no ax to grinned regarding the Royals; there are positives and negatives about them", UK Royals don't like the word axe mentioned in the same sentence as them. Especially if they are called Charles............ Left wing republican Welshmen love it however! I did like a number of Snowdon's portraits. However, he always felt he was 'slumming it' being a photographer and was rather dismissive of the profession thinking it was second best for him. (He was a frustrated and failed architect). There was an element of snobbery t
  9. E97KE3 - http://translate.goo...cz/&prev=search Well spotted Kathy - I thought that was a good image - well done Ayodele and congratulations on the sales! Kumar
  10. Congrats on the sales with such a small port, and welcome to the world of being ripped off from the Mail!
  11. Nearly half of my sales have turned up this year, one way or another. Most of the forum ones have been spotted by Steve Sheppardson (SSHEP) so watch out for his posts. Search yourself in the forum in case you've missed any. Text searches turn up book uses which aren't online as well. Keep trying as I dug one up after 3 years. Search by name and subject sometimes bears fruit.
  12. just a chance it might show in the found images by month on the forum, but none of my sales have shown there for a long time. The short answer is NO you van always try a google search with your name and or subject, it might come up; depends on the credit among other things.
  13. The editorial work, whilst you have obvious access to some interesting people, won't bring in many sales outside of the topical news. The model images have some potential but a few issues. They are not models, don't caption as such....woman, businesswoman etc is more apt. Don't get them to pose too much like models, no real money in that. There's money in images that can represent business in W. Africa and further afield but you need to think a little more before you shoot. Makeup in EAFC07 is ideal, a nice neutral 'day makeup', bright fussy makeup is not attractive to international client
  14. It's true that some 'alternative' processes are seen in galleries. It's just that I have no interest in them apart from platinum printing which I have done here. I produced a limited edition portfolio of platinum prints some years ago which sold out. It is probably the only process apart from silver / gelatin and chromogenic colour that I am interested in from my personal perspective. Ed Rooney is also correct when he talks about pro photographers having to earn a living from whatever source. I have always been in that category from age 15 and have undertaken every kind of photographic wo
  15. Before looking over the two links Bryan posted, with the side-by-side tech Sony mirrorless comparisons, I had thought for a minute that I might trade in my NEX-7 for an a6000. I figure that would cost me around $200 to $250. As it turns out the two cameras are very much alike, with each having some advantages over the other. The NEX-7 has a better viewfinder, while low-light is somewhat better on the a6000. They both have 24.3MP sensors. But our other Brian in NJ says about the a6000: "but (it) has a very complex and deep menu structure that I almost certainly won't master until after it'
  16. Think I would need an electron microscope to see the tomato-drip edit. I'm lousy at pixel-peeking, it seems. Personally, I feel that it is better to have more choice available for high-demand markets (e.g. textbooks). I continue to be surprised by sales of images that I never thought would move. Also, I imagine that many buyers turn to Alamy because they can find photos here that no one else has -- i.e. that probably would have been rejected by edited agencies. What I think are my "best" or favourite shots are seldom the ones that lease. It's all very subjective.
  17. Western USA is a big place ;-) Very nice too weather too, if you're not too far up north this time of year. RRS is in San Luis Obispo, half way between San Francisco and Los Angeles. If you're in LA or in SF, go to Samy's. Nothing beats holding a tripod in your hand or giving it a good whack. Samy's is not cheap though. There has been another thread lately about stuff that lasted 20 or more years: they were almost all tripods. A lot were Gitzos. They are expensive to buy, but not in the long run. Having said that I have wrecked a couple aluminum ones: I'm on my third aluminum. I have
  18. Just taken a look at the completed listings on Ebay and the NEX 7 with kit lens appears to be selling in the range from about $550 to around $700. The more expensive deals (than this) seem to include additional lenses. Sales of digital cameras are falling, phones taking over, the market is doing strange things. Sony offloading a6000's due to new model about to appear? I would have bought one but currently hanging on for better viewfinder. Re durability, my NEX 6 has taken much abuse without complaint.
  19. Dear forum members, I am not complaining about sales since my portfolio is only few weeks online but i want to improve my portfolio. Since you are all experienced stock photographers i would appreciate to know what you would change or do better when looking at my portfolio. I thank you allready. Mirco
  20. Commercial site marketing use, company= Airwave (radio communications company for emergency services) https://www.airwavesolutions.co.uk/the-people/resilient/mark/ Graham M. Lawrence Huge waves demolished sea-wall defences and scattering large stones along the sea-front one of mine too (appeared in Sales summary in June 2014) Lots of other pics on site, of emergency scenes - floods, vehicles, people, equipment etc.
  21. OTOH, it's sometimes hard to believe that the British invented English. Well to be truly pedantic, they didn't... British is a term going back pre-Roman whereas the language that became English came via from German tribes many centuries later....we used to be invaded every five minutes in thse days. So in theory, we should be good at learning German but I guess Olde English/Middle English isn't taught much in schools. And as to the OP, sales to Poland are periodic (one a few days ago) and are always of non-country specific stuff. I was being silly of course. But thanks f
  22. Hi Mirco. I've had several sales of images taken in Poland, mainly in Zakopane which we visit every year just before Christmas with my son and Polish daughter-in-law. Regards John
  23. OTOH, it's sometimes hard to believe that the British invented English. Well to be truly pedantic, they didn't... British is a term going back pre-Roman whereas the language that became English came via from German tribes many centuries later....we used to be invaded every five minutes in thse days. So in theory, we should be good at learning German but I guess Olde English/Middle English isn't taught much in schools. And as to the OP, sales to Poland are periodic (one a few days ago) and are always of non-country specific stuff.
  24. Well I've re-sealed the shower, dug up parsnips for tomorrow's dinner, bought and fitted a new switch to a lamp, and done a couple of crosswords, but the weather is awful, so let's find some pics! Mail Online 23rd AW0GYW Jack Sullivan Passengers on a aeroplane BKW2WE Maskot Key in hotel door A6YKM9 John Henshall Passengers in crowded economy class cabin on Boeing 777 aircraft in flight with fasten seatbelt sign illuminated CFKFY5 Andres Rodriguez Friendly air hostesses smiling and welcoming into the airplane CNKN54 Martyn Williams Nottingham County Court, Crown Court, Nottingham, England, U
  25. Hi Mirco I'm relatively new at this game myself so I'm not sure how helpful this will be. All manner of images sell, you will get some sales, however.... I feel that you need to be thinking about the requirements of the customer a bit more, why would they use that photo? What would be the perfect shot for that application? e.g. in crude terms a photo of a particular shop needs to be just that, not containing half the street. Some of your shots look a tad empty to me, your'e not close enough to the subject, e.g. there's a couple of a cyclist in a park and I can't make out the cyclis
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