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  1. MSN 4 APR 2014 More Stockimo sales… Pao de Acucar and beach of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Javier Etcheverry/Stockimo/Alamy Parc Guell in Barcelona. a_mcilreavy/Stockimo/Alamy http://photos.msn.com/slideshow/weather/new-views-on-famous-cities/232exnun#11
  2. Peter, I was there Friday and Saturday, by lunchtime it`s shoulder to shoulder in the narrow streets; and that`s just the photographers! If they all had lens hoods attached they`d be clashing like rutting stags. With so many agency and news togs in Whitby for the Goth weekend, it`s nice to make a sale via Alamy news: one yesterday in The Star i`m told, also had sales from the two Goth weekends last year via Alamy news. Joe Joe, I was the one using an RX10 with the LH the right way round (I did not see anybody else doing that). I could have put some on Alamy News, bu
  3. Peter, I was there Friday and Saturday, by lunchtime it`s shoulder to shoulder in the narrow streets; and that`s just the photographers! If they all had lens hoods attached they`d be clashing like rutting stags. With so many agency and news togs in Whitby for the Goth weekend, it`s nice to make a sale via Alamy news: one yesterday in The Star i`m told, also had sales from the two Goth weekends last year via Alamy news. Joe
  4. Is it worth it, well you may get one of these $ 6.51 sales but I suspect that would not cover legal costs. For me it is a moral issue, I would not want someone to make images of my kitchen and sell them without permission. I do not see it as any different for a business.
  5. Yep, I've had a few old sales reported recently, it looks like Alamy are systematically auditing customers (at long last!) and finding quite a few instances where "self-reporting" has not worked ...... Marc
  6. Someone reported recently that sales were being reported from older dates due to Alamy auditing some customers and discovering old unreported uses. Could this be one of them?
  7. I broadly agree with Pete, but think the emphasis on 'technical excellence' might make us believe that our work is better than it is. Photography is communication (a lot of people now say art is communication too, that the point of art is to make a statement - otherwise it's just wall decoration). The thing about communication is that it takes at least two: someone to make a statement, and someone to receive it. Without an audience, we are talking to ourselves. Without a response we don’t know whether our work is worth anything. Hence other people are vital to our interpretation of our
  8. Not all sales to newspapers are via the newspaper scheme.
  9. QC Conundrum. Any clues anyone? I now have a 100% failure rate since February (4 out of 4), with a likely 5th, languishing since 21st. Serves him right, you'll say. Useless beginner, should learn his trade. OK, so let's look at the plus side. Been earning money from stock since the early 1970s, Alamy since 2001, told I'm in the "top 500" of Alamy sellers, which puts me in about the top 2%. March sales $1211 gross, April to date $1353 gross. But now in danger of having my "account terminated for 6 months", as the agreement says, for inability to pass QC. So what's happened?
  10. Not permitted by whom, and on what legal basis? This is an ongoing debate. We know what the conditions say, we simply doubt they're enforceable in the UK against stock images. If you have a search of the forum you'll find may threads about this. The only clear remedy a venue has is to ask you to leave and if you don't to eject you for trespass. Doc wasn't even asked to leave. Alamy would have a much smaller collection if every image conformed strictly to the purported terms and conditions of the places they were taken. A fair majority of my sales probably don't.
  11. I am getting to point in life that I am considering stepping back What can I do with my Alamy collection of some 12000 images My sales are good each month. Can it be sold Anyone has any suggestions
  12. I received the same e-mail for 100 photos. I don't have time now for keywording so I'll prefer missing the sales that are not coming. Eastern Europe subjects equal zero interest.
  13. I saw that my latest submission of 14 images had passed QA this morning, but didn't get a confirmation mail. I had keyworded them by 10.00 and they went to "ready" status. Just received a mail from Member Services telling me not to miss out on sales as I have 14 un-keyworded images that have passed QA
  14. 30% of the base price? That's rather low. Can you decide the percentage at Artflakes? Sung I usually choose 40% or 50% markup depending on the image, but then I've never made a sale through Artflakes. Had I realised that it was a percentage of the base price, I would have raised the percentage but that would make prints out of reach of most folk. I prefer the FAA model where you place a price on what you want to actually receive for the print, not on a commission basis. Sheila I started setting my % on Artflakes at 85%, on the basis that they seem to mostly sell post
  15. I dont think there is any correlation at all but just occasionally your work may be added to lightboxes put together by alamy staff on behalf of customers. Dont participate in novel use or newspaper schemes and I have not bothered to upload since June 2010 but have had several 3 and 4 figure sales recently. Regen
  16. I too got the same email for images that I had started to annotate and had only passed this morning without an email to let me konw they had passed Saying Don't miss out on sales "Don't miss out Images awaiting keywording"
  17. I have had a couple of sales on Artflakes but it took three emails to them before they responded to my question regarding the amount of commission they paid on the last sale where I had placed a 30% commission. The full sale price of the print was $290 approx and I received $50.00 approx. Does not compute! I was eventually advised that the commission was on the base price, not the selling price. Hmmmm... Sheila
  18. I'm wondering if anyone out there has experimented with using print-on-demand (POD) websites to make photo books. I used Blurb.com a couple of years ago to put together a photo book. It was easy and fun to do. I've made no sales despite pushing it on social media and blogs, etc., but the book has proven useful for promotional purposes. Plus it "makes a lovely gift," as they say. Has anyone actually made any money with POD books? If so, any secrets to share?
  19. Hi, thanks for the reply. Also needed for commercial sales as well. I've found the form for the release, it appears to be set for one picture at a time (there's a space at the top to put a photo), surely I don't have to have a release for each picture of the same property do I?
  20. Ditto! A distributor, unfortunately, so a painful amount of commission gone, but welcome back to the sales team after their Easter holiday.
  21. Interesting comments. I have used Blurb for some time and always been happy with them; provided you prep the files for Blub (Soft Proof in LightRoom) and their layout options are massive and varied as is the paper stock and print size mix. May be not the cheapest - But do you want your work displayed, printed and published cheap? I have sold many books and it can be a regular income from some events I have covered, and for some time after the event by using the Blurb Marketing system and mailshot to all involved. Finally, if a client wants a large number of prints it almost alwa
  22. I used Apples service (built into Aperture), the product was very nice but the maths of it all did not work out. Way too expensive. I then looked at Blurb and Adorama for their online sales portals but again the costs to produce anything but a pocket book were too high for it to make sense for me personally. I currently have another "book" in preparation but its just a one off as a gift for someone on a project I have been working on.
  23. Do you think it helps sales to have background info in the description field? I hardly ever put anything there since it isn't searchable, but wondered if I should start. For example, I have a couple of pics of the Peterborough LIft Locks to keyword. Would some background history on the Lift Locks be useful, or just a waste of my time? Jill
  24. I don't know if it helps sales directly, especially since the description field is no longer searchable. However, I would imagine that some editorial clients (e.g. educational publishers) appreciate having a bit of background info, etc.
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