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  1. BAD, I have always known September for my best sales figures, not this one though! It must be the worse. Income for September of just over $1700, less commission, on 44 images sold. And, to make things even worse I see yesterday I only had one zoom !!!! Another worse record ! I would like to add that I received the Alamy note informing me that I also was in the top 500. Just look at my picture, I am starving.......have a nice day. peter t
  2. Me too i am amazed. And specially the ones that makes many sales . This can happend when you work efficient and using the knowlegde of authentic photography.
  3. Poor! 3 Sales for $282-must try harder- but slower-achieve better quality rather than quantity-click on. Regards Craig
  4. I finished in the red for the month, which is the first time that has ever happened. I had a $180 refund from a sale the previous month, then 5 sales for $140 gross this month.
  5. 12 - which is half normal average - including a number of these sales to 'groups' - i.e. use by all titles in group for the same price - So, Daily gets it, Sunday can use it for nothing as can the associated mags and any provincial title in the same publishing group......and online and printed versions thrown in, for a payment to me of less than $10 - for a celebrity image which is fairly rare - not far to go for that penny a picture prediction is it ? I do hope my "Ask James" question is selected because I'd love to get the background to that 'deal'..........
  6. Nine sales totalling $450 (none distributor) best aggregate since September last year. Also first sale for October arrived at 9:00 a.m. on the 1st. Thanks Alamy I am pleased..
  7. About average - 2 sales for $130 gross. At least the curve is slightly up in $ terms!
  8. The most interesting thing about this is that the photographer of the work appears to have received over $6m in royalty payments from the US Post Office, which has in turn made over $17m in profit (not turnover) from this one stamp and merchandise based on the image. So they've done cards and envelopes and posters and probably T-shirts as well. I would say Ali's photograph, using the fallen snow and the contrast, constituted a valid new work as it is not simply a copy of the sculpture but uses environmental conditions and light unique to the photograph. And the sculptor does not seem to have p
  9. One of my pics was in the set (Millau Bridge) - will let you know what shows up in sales...
  10. I've just noticed on the "Sept 2013 photographs found" thread a series of bridge pictures reported by Cofiant This is Guardian Online 28th Sept. (10 best bridges) Then I see that SShep has seen the UK Observer review section with the same series of bridges. Has anyone come across this before - what's the tie-up and should I assume one or two sales? Paul
  11. Do they give you a date when they fail you of when you are allowed to upload again? I thought being held in the queue was the punishment time. So its long time in the queue and 28 days. Puts fear in my heart. Jill I think you can continue to upload, just that the images won't be QC'd until Alamy think you've received enough punishment. I still find it a bit weird that they punish you (and themselves) by denying a chance of sales for 28 days from your next sets of images.
  12. Judging by what I see in UK newspapers and their websites, I'd say they have a decent chance of sales.
  13. Thanks David, I've just seen something similar on wiki, sister newspapers and all that. <<....and don't assume two sales, you'll be lucky if one is reported and then for probably about $6...>> The "two sale" question I made was a bit tongue-in-cheek ;-)
  14. Observer and Guardian are part of the same newspaper group - the current newspaper deal seems to allow the same pictures to be used (with the same story) in any newspaper in the group in any form - i.e. print/online for the payment of a single fee. I have posted a query about this in the ask James topic. ....and don't assume two sales, you'll be lucky if one is reported and then for probably about $6......
  15. The Observer review section - September 29th (& Guardian web site). CB9K1J - Archaeo Images - The Millau Bridge One of mine, pleasant surprise to see it on the Guardian web site. Not shown up in sales yet, anyone know how long that usually takes? Several other Alamy pics in the article on Bridges.
  16. Not to get into a spitting match, but comparing the cost of farming to the cost of maintaining camera equipment is laughable. Even the one cow farmer. Oh, by the way, I do both. Upgrade equipment every two or three years is very inexpensive, especially for a lot of the people who sell on microstock. What does it cost to upgrade software - $200 every 3 or 4 years. And even your equipment, a thousand maybe every 3 or 4 years. Everyone has computers, so upgrading those too these days is super cheap. And the average stock photog does not carry 4 or 5 of the most expensive lenses. Even then,
  17. Hi S Shep, CTJRTJ is one of mine. Viewed but not reported "sold" . I'll watch out for it in my sales. Thanks for the posting. Findlay
  18. Ed, I went on a mission to redo all my key wording a few months ago. It's time consuming and although it hasn't made much difference to sales, the views have started to rise, albeit very slowly. Some of my key wording is hysterical and had to be redone.
  19. My experience is that in this calendar year I am already up by about 30% on the last two full years in number of sales, with three months to go. I am not raking in megabucks or talking about huge numbers, but at least the trend is going the right way for me as my portfolio grows.
  20. This thread is for images found in the media rather than details of your sales. It tells us where and how images are being used. In this case, Telegraph website, 18 July. http://www.google.com/url?sa=t&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&source=web&cd=11&cad=rja&ved=0CEwQFjAK&url=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.telegraph.co.uk%2Ftravel%2Ftravelnews%2F10188550%2FFacebook-reveals-Britains-favourite-beaches.html&ei=v_FHUuSRAeKr7Aa164DwCA&usg=AFQjCNFC27-r5nIFevK3tzMc7WgSks_qKQ&sig2=VfDYBgL7Gg16sqM5ksTtRQ and the usual couple of infringements.
  21. You probably need 2000+ photos to see regular sales. It's getting harder for sure with 40 million photos now live. I have sold one or more photos a month for a couple of years now, however despite increasing my portfolio size, my revenue isn't increasing incrementally because average prices have continued to fall. Hopefully they've bottomed out now. Judging by the amount of photos that still get uploaded, I've come to the conclusion that Alamy photographers are masochists in the extreme
  22. I asked the same question back in 2006 when I had just started. The answer I got from the then (Yahoo) Alamy forum members was basically that my pics were OK, and I should start to get some sales when I had about 300 images on sale. At that time Alamy had some 3 million images. In fact my first sale was when I had 144 images and the second sale was a year later when I had about 900 images. In the last three years I have been averaging about 1 sale per month per 1000 images.
  23. Well answered MDM. I haven’t sent across stitched panoramics for about a year so obviously completely forgot how I had created them! I also decided to look up my strictly panoramic sales since I started on Alamy in 2005, sold 5 panoramic images all shot originally on Hasselblad X Pan (long since sold), and only two since which are stitched digital panoramic (and one of these is a still life), so I can’t say that my panos on Alamy are generating much income. More success with them on another site however.
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