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  1. Canny for a laddy. 10 sales grossing $560, thankfully no distributors taking their cut. Expect a refund on a double sale (travel brochure), a nightmare March would be minus 1 sale. Zooms picking up a bit but still appreciably lower than before Xmas.
  2. 8 sales for $560 lowest $34 highest $180. Zooms and views more erratic than the weather. Measures is just not measuring up!. Regards Craig
  3. There is not always a correlation between zooms and sales -- i.e. images that have been zoomed don't always sell, and images that sell have not necessarily been zoomed. By the way, you appear to have a lot of similars in your collection. You might want to think about deleting some of them. It would probably increase the possibility of your making sales. Good luck.
  4. Is there any co-relation between zooms and sales ? Most of images I sold never showed on the 'zoom' update and hence the question .
  5. So far, Zero sales in March for me. But then again it's still February here (about four hours to go).
  6. Well, it's now almost March in Vancouver, so I guess it's kosher to chime in. February wasn't as stellar as January, but it was still a good month. I had nine RM sales for about $1150 gross (thanks to textbook leases). All the sales were 50/50 split (i.e. no distributor ones), which hasn't happened in a long time. Muchas gracias, Alamy
  7. February was about average sales, 16. The gross was $1102 with an average sale price was $69. So kind of an okay month.
  8. I'll let others answer your sales-timing question . . . but if you want to sell pics of dogs you need to be accurate with breeds in both English and Latin. Or also in French, as with that large brown French mastiff, the Dogue de Bordeaux. The black and white dog is a Border Collie not a Collie. If you don't get your key wording right you won't have to worry about sales. Welcome to the Show.
  9. Views through the roof, zooms through the floor (lowest for 12 months) and ctr with them. One outstanding (as in old, not fantastic!) sale reported two days ago. Just finished discussing misreported usage with MS, so am expecting an increased fee.
  10. Good then i say 0 sales in March also . Even if i will have 2 sales or 3 i think i will be very close to my guess. The new monthly challenge...... guess your number of sales. I think i could be a very good player in this....
  11. We could all try to guess how many sales we are going to make in March and see how close we are at the end of the month......?
  12. Hello, This is the correct one and ignore the March topic. We can use it next month . Like i said zero sales in February. Mirco
  13. I just start allready the thread since midnight is passed in Poland . I had zero sales in february. Mirco
  14. I certainly wouldn't complain about having more data available so I could see how my images were performing. While sales are the ultimate indicator, if someone zooms or adds an image to a light box, they do so because they have seen something that interests them or, maybe of use to them in the future. This is always good to know!
  15. We tend to get your American weather over here about a week later, John. Lets hope it works with American sales as well.
  16. Congratulations on the new family member, Mirco. You've sold two beers now? Thanks for the kind words. Now that I think about it, "surge" was perhaps not the best word to use. I'm not exactly talking about a flood of sales here, but it's encouraging to see more textbook leases in the $180+ range. They looked as if they might have joined the endangered species list for awhile.
  17. They have free access to Alamy library and report sales like students downloading science articles from international article databases.
  18. No sales reported, but I did find one of mine in a grade school textbook published January 1, 2014. I sent the information to Member Services and received this in reply: “Some of our editorial customers report usages to us over a period of time. If you don’t see the sale appear in your account within 3 months then please send us proof of the usage…” Would a book publisher have a self-reporting deal? I can understand payment on publication, but I would think it should be reported by Alamy when downloaded. Jerome Wilson
  19. "But what makes a likely textbook shot? That might be a more useful area for investigation", Read the books. As you do so, draw up a list of visual ideas. ________________________________________________ I do this for an agency whose bread and butter is textbook sales.
  20. Perhaps a bit of a (welcome) surge; 9 out of 18 sales over the past two months were descent sums like yours and labeled as textbooks. One over 200, a few a little under 150, but $180 is the usual text book fee. By their nature there should be peaks and troughs fitting with academic term requirements. Setting the search to a full year, there seem to be a good number of textbook sales scattered through the calendar year. Bill Brooks is your man, he used to be in educational publishing. My agent in Japan once told me the Japanese educational publishers take a complete year off and don't do a
  21. I appear to have accidentally turned on my sales protector this month. But zooms have hit a monthly high. I suppose that's a surge. Of sorts.
  22. I was overwhelmed by that same surge...... there's a little more time left but as it stands, Feb = 2x sales at low value.
  23. My first sale was last summer, about 8 months after my first submission, and with around 100 images on sale. I started getting zooms after about 1 year, with around 200 images for sale, and am eagerly anticipating a second sale.
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