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  1. Congratulations, Diane. The same thing happened with one of my images (BEY87T) last year. Then this year, the same buyer renewed all six licences: twelve sales in total, all fees paid and banked. Incidentally, the image failed QC the first time I submitted it (some sneaky chromatic aberration around the arches). I removed the CA and re-submitted it, and very glad that I did! All the best Rawdon
  2. For transparency, when I queried the six sales Member Services' exact words were "valid and will not be refunded". Oh joy! Diane.
  3. The key question with royalties is not so much the % but more the minimum print runs! I'd rather 5% of 100k than 10% of 5k. On any royalty you should know the following, projected initial print run, will they reprint or is it a case of when it's gone it's gone, the stores in question sound good but are not real volume players in terms of cards. Also beware of licensing to a card co and giving them the rights to license/sell the design on line, you could get a% of a % if you get my drift. In many cases a flat fee is better than trying to monitor sales and track payments. Also bear in mind that
  4. I have had a couple of multiple sales like that - usually two, the record being four - to textbooks. Educational publishers often do different editions to cover differences in the curriculum from one country to another, or different languages. I haven't had one for travel brochures yet - fingers crossed.
  5. Editors don't want to create 'pages that are pleasing to look at' - graphic designers want to do that (even if the result is unreadable and misses the point of the article it all started with). Editors want to find visually strong highly relevant images which add information content, either by better illustrating something mentioned in copy, or by going beyond the copy and providing extra information through captioning (the old National Geographic approach). If you wrote a caption which duplicated information in the main article, you'd be instructed to edit the article or write a different cap
  6. Photographer Dave Ellison http://www.theguardian.com/business/2013/oct/02/sainsburys-sales-outshines-tesco
  7. Anyone submit to Aurora photos? Just wondering how sales were over there.Looks like they are exclusive.
  8. I don't know anything about Aurora. But I would stay away from a five-year, exclusive contract wherever it might be. You run the risk of having zero sales while your images are locked up for five years.
  9. I don't like those 5 year contracts. Hope you make sales over there!
  10. About 20 monnths ago I submitted a small number of photos to the MyPhone Collection. It's an image exclusive 5 year contract. I can market the images myself but can't submit those images, or similars, to other agencies. No sales so far. I believe Aurora uses Alamy as a sub-agent so any images you submit there could appear here on Alamy as well.
  11. With NASA closed perhaps there's a chance to get some space sales? :-) :-) :-) :-)
  12. 4 sales (RM) for $84.97 net. 3 to the same buyer on the 10th, 1 on the 11th, and nothing since.
  13. Disappointing, though not disastrous. First two weeks awful then picked up slightly. Nice to see one on the last day then another two popping up this morning. So October so far is two sales a day - may it continue.
  14. Only one person here is surprised that 416 images aren’t producing regular sales. The pix look fine to me; it's your attitude I'd question...
  15. No sales, equals no money for my moon base. Too bad i cant build it out of views..... I'm just a newbie in big competitive world
  16. Pretty good month number-wise with 11 RM sales (7 non-distributor and 4 distributor). However, the average price was disappointing (only about $41). I usually have a couple of "decent" (i.e. over $100) licenses to help offset the really low ones, but that didn't happen in September.
  17. I had one sale here at Alamy for $152 gross but seeing as it was a distributor sale I got a cut of a cut. Still, a sale on Alamy is always nice. Elsewhere, I had a huge sales report from one of my other libraries at around $2000 gross but unfortunately they take a nice slice of the pie. However, I am pleased as for a couple of months it seemed that things had gone dead. And Ron, don't give up yet. The problem is you have to be like a rabid dog with this game and just going on all the time.
  18. Sort of average. 17 sales (no refunds! Yay!) for $1,268. High $180, low $6.46 and average $75/sale
  19. I was just reminiscing about the good old days when the average textbook sale was over $400.00....6 sales this month for $600.00. I too received my top 500 letter. Thanks Alamy.
  20. Well done John. Hope you get some decents sales out of them.
  21. Poor month to be a Robert. Like Robert Convery, a $180 refund wiped out my few modest sales and only a last second $50-and-a bit sale saved me from being in the red for the month. A little discouraging but a common tale.
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