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  1. Yes I know I need plenty more images...but I am not expecting a zoom or a sale for a least until the end of 2014...then I might have 2720 images up there.... cheers guys .. all the best for 2014, hope you all get plenty of sales...
  2. I made about 350 sales last year. I opted out of the distribution deal because I cannot agree that the distributor should get a better percentage than the photographer. If Alamy reversed this percentage then I will opt back in again. Distributor and Alamy should get 30% each and the photographer should get 40%. Your thoughts?
  3. BqarbaraL, add one zero more to your portfolio - you have 272 files, make it 2720 files and then you can say this 0 zooms is bad Best in 2014! Besides...
  4. 2013 started really well with numbers of licenses well up during first 4 months but has flatlined since then, mainly due, I believe, to the ever increasing Creative collection in which I only have a small presence. Ended up with 449 licenses (after deducting the 18 refunds and corresponding sales) for a gross of just over $26,000 which includes a couple of four figure sales. I think this is up on 2012 but I didn't actually make a note at the end of last year. I would really like to feel positive about 2014 but, apart from the couple of four figure licenses, the last few months have been
  5. My sales are barely up this year overall but I have not done the calculation over my main pseudos so it may well be better, I hope. My average sales value has increased from $59 per image to $65 per image, including NU's, so that is a welcome improvement, hopefully a trend to be continued. dov
  6. Sorry to drag this up from 2 weeks ago but I have been away for 2 weeks... anyway my measly few views.. from 1/12/2013 to 30/12/2013 was 81.. and no zooms at all.... how sad is that...
  7. 202 sales for a total of just over 10.500 (gross) - including 46 NU for $87.05 total 16 sales (not NU) were under $10 - from developing countries like India, Italy and the UK. I had 11 refunds: 1 real refund (may still come back in the future) 3 sold later for the same amount 5 sold later for (total) $349.97 less 3 sold later for (total) $156.86 more 7 from/to Worldwide 2 from/to World English Language 1 from/to United States 1 from/to Poland wim
  8. Barbara, I'd definitely opt in if I were you. I haven't done the math, but I would say that considerably more than 20% of my 2013 leases were distributor sales. Most of them are low (and some depressingly low), but it all adds up. It's certainly better than the UK newspaper scheme by the sounds of it. I opted out of that. UPDATE: Just did my homework and calculated that 33% of my 2013 sales were distributor ones. Not sure that's good news, but still...
  9. I have also had the same problem with The Guardian and Telegraph, as I suspect have others. It is most frustrating. My understanding is that the newspapers have negotiated a fixed amount payable per month which is divided by the reported sales to determine the Alamy price per image. Question - who pays for the unreported sales? It would make sense for Alamy to charge a penal price to the papers on unreported sales on the basis that they have to administer and chase them up and have to deal with the disillusioned photographers. The all round inertia and rubbish prices I have received after
  10. My best year ever. Number of sales up by 100% over my previous best year (2010), income up by 50%. Alan
  11. Good question. I only managed one major trip in 2013, to the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico. I've started making a few sales from that foolhardy venture, but it's going to take a long time to recupe my expenses, even though I flew on air miles and wrangled some hotel deals in exchange for photos and articles. It was worth it, though, if only to escape Vancouver's soggy winter gloom.
  12. 01 January 2013 to 31 December 2013 (295 sales) $13542.38 gross from about 5,000 images on Alamy. Forgive my griping - the Scheming Newspaper Deals are the real killers - there is no reason whatever for the silly arrangements that allow a single sale to be used for every newspaper title in a group in every type of media for the same single sale fee - the managing editors really saw this one coming and now progressively the online versions become 'paid for' and therefore profit making. There was talk about a re-think of the newspaper deals which also produce those silly $7 fees under a diff
  13. Not as good as 2012 -- had a similar number of sales in 2013 but gross earnings were down. I had 95 sales in 2013 for about $6255 gross. Net earnings will of course be way down this year due to the drop in % commissions. Glad I didn't completely give up my day job.
  14. Gross of 275 sales - not too bad but the revenue was down from previous years. Added only a few (100 or so) this year and have reached the tipping point of not seeing Alamy as part of my future. I am minded that since the 1980s, Alamy is my only agency which has cut my commission rates, even when others took over agencies....they respected legacy rates. That's been a massive issue regarding revenues, for me. Last two quarters have shown a steady decline in sales balance, it's showing me that Alamy, for me, is not a worthwhile (profitable) agency. I won't subsidize Alamy work from my other
  15. 2013 was definitely better for me, than 2012, with my with image sales up on the previous year. I also reached and passed the 4000 image landmark in my portfolio, and replaced my aging Canon 1Ds Mk 1, with a pristine Canon 5D Mk II and an, as new, Canon 1Ds Mk III. Very pleased with the performance of both cameras! Happy New Year to all at Alamy and all the best for 2014!
  16. 2013 was a bad year for me. Taking out the refunds, I had 128 sales for $9798 gross ($4526 net) this year, compared to 232 sales for $14,140 ($7992 net) last year. I add about 1000 images every year. Percentage net went from 57% to 46%. Combined with other venues stalling or dying, my stock income is down more than 50%.
  17. When I do the math, my 2013 sales and revenue seem to be in step with ManWay and David. In 2014, I plan to double the size of my portfolio (I doubled it in 2013). I also want to diversify my subject matter. Not so easy to do, right? In a policy statement to myself, I said I would not spend money to shoot stock, other than camera gear and software. That means no money spent on travel or on props for tabletop, no taxi rides, no nothing. I know . . . this shows a lack of belief in the future of the stock business. (Yes, I see the glass as less than half-empty.) In 2013 I spent time reg
  18. Good year for me in terms of sales and revenue. Hard to tell compared to previous years as I increased portfolio size with lot of variety in past 18 months. This year; 57 sales for $3072 gross. Good luck to all in 2014. Richard
  19. and as you're opted out } .......Got this mail from alamy... I have opted out of this, would I be better back into distribution sales ?? Barbara
  20. I haven't counted the various refund/resales but they probably account for 24 of my 204 transactions, so around 180 sales and $8700 gross. Five sales in the last two days of December (so far) including a couple of decent editorial fees. Interesting that RF images sold under the newspaper scheme are repeatedly sold, not just once; $85 from repeated uses of one image despite the $7-10 normal fees, even more from another. Also interesting that specific photo opportunities have returned way more sales than others - getting stranded in Turkey during the Iceland volcano business meant we spent a
  21. Each year with Alamy i have seen an increase in unit sales and in 2013 the selling prices were better than the previous years with a number of very simply taken shots achieving 3 figure sales amounts. When I started out i decided to apply a minimalist key wording strategy which looking back was a big mistake. For 2014 I am going to re-keyword my whole collection and spend time researching in depth the content of each image, I have already started this process and I am seeing positive results in searches and learning an awful lot more about the subjects i have photographed. My rank had no
  22. Alamy: sales numbers up 10% on 2012; net income down 17%
  23. Mixed. Starting with Alamy some years ago I set a target net income that would boost my pension. In 2013 I was pleased to have achieved that target for the first time, but, despite increasing my collection significantly, I'm not sure that position is sustainable. I'm seeing many more sales, but generally lower fees. Time will tell.... Having said that, I continue to enjoy my photography, the normally mature and friendly forum, and the challenges that stock shooting presents. I may be in a minority here, but I also enjoy the research involved with key wording.
  24. It's 3 years with Alamy for me and today I can say - it's alive! And I'm alive here... For 2 years I had about 200-500 poor files and 2 sales a year. In all 2013 I surprisingly had sales month by month, wow! From $7,45 to $200... All this time I was reading you here, guys and learning... thanks for help! To long I believed I have a lot of images, then I understood these 500 files is nothing I couldnt imagine to have 1k files in 2013, didn't believe that it's possible so fast... I admired you having 2-5k or more files here. So much work you did. So much work I have to do! Then (in Aug
  25. No Sales for me but then I haven't expected a sale yet... I have only started to upload in November "apart from a dozen or so from 2012..I only have 1 zoom... :-( "yes I do understand about my own zooms now ..but there are still loads of thing I don't understand about alamy... Need to read up more" Well done to all who made sales and good luck for 2014 ..... Best wishes to all.... Barbara
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