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  1. Welcome to Alamy. Be very careful and accurate with your keywords and sales will (eventually) follow. Paulette
  2. Guardian online 5th January 2015 "Brown sauce sales are falling: has Britain finally come to its senses?" BRTFBB Ian Francis BH65FT Clynt Garnham Food & Drink
  3. Totally different. I asked a similar question a week or so ago and after a few people suggested, I used Snapseed, or another phone app, to change the image, I have since found success, last week I had one image on stockimo, with about 15 rejections, now have 19 with only two further rejections. it is a totally different QC I couldn't get my head around it, but now "I get it", whether I gain any sales or anyone else does, I'm not sure?
  4. As Phil mentioned, 25 years is now common for textbook sales. I'll probably expire before they do. Textbook fees are now a mixed bag. Some are low, but I had a number of good ones ($150-$180) last year. The $250-$300 variety are now virtually extinct IME.
  5. Today I had 15 images zoomed which, in my case, is the highest amount ever experienced since I am in Alamy. Let's hope for the best in terms of likely sales in the near future!
  6. Same here. I wrote about it in Dec. that I start to worry. It looks really bad Gladly sales are showing up still.
  7. Thanks Bryan,that's the third one of mine you've spotted in as many weeks, no sign of any change on my stats though, I still have a rubbish CTR and non of those sales reported, I suppose I should give it about 8 months, eh? Cheers Mick, less than 8 months in my experience, the official line is 3, sometimes less, sometimes you have to chase it up. Sunday Times Home 11th P12 CTXPB0 A.P.S. (UK) electric wrought iron gates at a domestic property P22 B8DD2D David Noton a boat passing houses lining the river, Nha Trang, Vietnam
  8. Thanks Bryan,that's the third one of mine you've spotted in as many weeks, no sign of any change on my stats though, I still have a rubbish CTR and non of those sales reported, I suppose I should give it about 8 months, eh?
  9. LOL "I had an eye exam just a few months ago, I'm wearing new glasses and despite looking at the images three times I still can't see the drip...there's no hope for me!" -- Lynn Okay, ladies -- it looks like I'm the only viable visible drip around here. "Aside from that I have no plans for more pseudos since I'm still unable to accurately judge what will or won't sell. I am becoming a little more careful about what I upload but I hesitate to remove many." -- Lynn Yeah. I see no reason to believe in any of the "logic" most of our sales theorist put forth. What sold last month or l
  10. I had an eye exam just a few months ago, I'm wearing new glasses and despite looking at the images three times I still can't see the drip...there's no hope for me! As for pseudos, I have one for some Mexico images taken with an older APC sensor camera. They passed QC but I've never been comfortable with their quality so I segregated the images. If they don't start selling soon I'm going to have them deleted. I also keep a "Delete" pseudo for duplicate images, images I want to replace, or that I think aren't worth keeping. Aside from that I have no plans for more pseudos since I'm
  11. Looks like one, but the keywords show Asian countries. The emerald tree boa is a South American species. So, if the picture has indeed been taken in the wild in Asia, it would probably be a green tree python (Morelia viridis). If it's taken in a zoo, better take a picture of the info board as well.Certainly ain't a pit viper! Cheers, Philippe You are right! I have taken the photo in Asian country - China. But the snake was in zoo. Usually when I take photos in zoo or botanical gardens, I always take photo of the animal, or plant at first, and then I take a photo of the info b
  12. I started in March of ’14 and have just over 600 online. Like the OP I have no sales so far, but CTR for the last month is 2.78 so there’s reason to hope. Previously I was with an agent who rejected some photos for some reason I could not fathom and which they would not explain. So I switched to Alamy. The fact that almost half my clicks come from that particular set of images feels like poetic justice, whether they actually sell or not.
  13. About twenty years ago or more, a b&w photographic paper manufacturer used my images on their calendar and offered - in lieu of monetary payment - free paper for a number of years. It was very good paper that I was using at the time so I agreed. It coincided with a big upturn in my print sales, projects and exhibitions so I ended up with far more in value that reproduction fees would have given me. Not sure they realised at the time quite how much I might use but to be fair to them, they stuck to their agreement.
  14. I find it takes about six months for newly uploaded pix to start selling (though I just licensed a shot I took two weeks ago...). No idea why! It means that it takes a while to gain a bit of momentum, especially when you add in the time it takes for sales to be reported. Patience... and a LOT more pix...
  15. My idea is: - change the 333 into 3333 - first thing! - work on variety, - forget about similarities, no more! - take care of light - many of your images are flat (examples: DTPEWX, E6HN9K, DWE560), - stop spamming keywords, it won't help, really, it can only hurt your sales. I would do some storm in your keywords - delete spam and add more accurate words. Example - DT7X7H background, colorful, country, glass, green, health, healthy, home, house, illustration, orange, pedal (it's just a bike, no details needed), scene, sport, stone, street, texture, transport, transportation, trave
  16. I have 71 images on Stockimo now. Not many get rejected. I try to stay away from people I can't get a release for, or property that isn't mine. Some shots just jump out and scream to be edited a certain way, others take some work. You can tell the ones that jumped out as they have a higher score than others. I have been watching the customer likes area a lot recently and it's a lot more pics that don't have heavy edits to them, a similar view in the thread of stockimo sales.
  17. I made my first - and only, so far - sale in October of 2014. The good thing is that I only had 130 or so images loaded into my portfolio at the time. Selling that one image lit a fire under me, and I have been busy taking images and uploading them. I am looking forward to making sales in 2015!
  18. I'm back in the Top 500 after being dropped last time. My sales aren't great, so people probably need to be in the top fifty to make a reasonable income.
  19. Thanks Mirco, unfortunately Alamy gets their 50% but I can live with that. My problem is that I've only had a couple of sales so far. When and if they start rolling in monthly, I'll be quite satisfied with those dollar amounts.
  20. The money is important Bill ..... If i get sales for 175 like you i would even not care if the image is sold to an giraffe . Well done!!! Mirco
  21. Thanks for the hints Kumar. I've already tried a couple of them but I'll keep at it. I hope that I begin to make sales and reach that mindset that it doesn't really matter.
  22. The fact that Keith didn't get in the top hundred and I did makes me think the whole thing is meaningless. His sales must be 5-10 times more than mine. Perhaps Alamy just assume he knows he's in the top 3 and don't bother sending the email.
  23. OK, found one. Yes, a straight copy down to the locks of hair. That site says he has no works for sale however. Your problem is collecting evidence- IPP don't do that and don't claim to. If they were mine I'd go for a licence fee but that would be all unless I could prove sales in which case IPEC might award damages. I don't believe the IPEC is particularly overstretched. Again a solicitor's letter might work but if he has ignored you so far he might continue to do so. I gather he has your permission for non-commercial use- is that right? He might be able to argue that he hasn't sold your
  24. The bad part of selling subscription rate images it makes it very difficult to pursue copyright infringers and on collecting a decent rate if it's an RM image sold for pennies under subscription. With some agencies I am with,my images are tagged,NO SUBSCRIPTION SALES L
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