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  1. If only all my sales were only 30% off list I would be a happy bunny. dov
  2. Alamy give discounts every day of the week. My sales seemed to have tailed off over the last few months - perhaps this discount will help. (I doubt it though.)
  3. I started doing this just a few years ago and found that, like most things, practice and experience helps. I am very much still learning! You need the courage to stand there and shoot, and you also need to be able to pick a location with good light and have the ability to recognise an attractive pattern formed by the people/objects within the shot. I tend to find a spot and pre-focus, relying on depth of field to get a result. I typically shoot with either a 28mm or 42mm equivalent focal length and generally have to take several shots in order to get one decent result. Sometimes I wil
  4. hi Andy, I had a few sales. A dragonfly pic for a German newspaper, a butterfly photo for a book and a moth picture for a National Geographic children's book called Bugopedia.
  5. He's back. It's the second installment of our "Ask James" feature, where you get the chance to ask the big boss at Alamy anything you like. If your question hasn't been asked before and isn't about the meaning of life then chances are it will get answered. James West will be answering your questions via a video recording direct from Alamy HQ. We'll be recording it week commencing 23rd September which means you've got 7 days to get your questions over to us. Be sure to check the previous installment to make sure your question hasn't already been asked and then fire away in this thread bel
  6. Unfortunately it is.......I tried to raise the interest on this forum in the various newspaper arrangements - including the unanswered question to 'James' which received a certain amount of support but no answer. The arrangements are badly flawed with a single license making the image available to every title in the signed-up group, and further allowing the newspaper to 'syndicate' your images around the world for no additional fee. They have every right to syndicate the articles written by their journalists, but I fail to see that they have the right to syndicate your images for the purch
  7. It's quite normal for the newspaper scheme unfortunately. it's best not to trouble Alamy with queries on pricing. The contract gives Alamy the right to sell at whatever price it wishes. If you don't want these sales, withdraw from the scheme, which I believe you can choose to do each April.
  8. The Master Photographers Association has moved its annual awards dinner to Birmingham (Solihull actually) this year on Sunday October 20th. During the day from 10am-4pm at the St Johns Hotel there's a programme of seminars, some of which need paid access (like Trevor & Faye Yerbury's fine art nude studio shoot) and others which are entirely free, even if you just call in and are not a member or coming to the dinner. There is a small trade show, and MPA obviously would like to meet new photographers too, so all are welcome. There are opportunities for portfolio critiques and and I am sure t
  9. I've been with Alamy for six years and have made hundreds of sales, and they still make me wait 28 days. Drives me nuts sometimes, but I'm slowly learning to grin and bear it.
  10. Anyway the name "street photography" is very general. The one makes sales with that and the other not. It is about the topic. For example a love couple you can capture in the street but also in the mountains for example. You can take a image of a reading person at the bus stop or on the balcony. So go to the streets and find the right topics.
  11. Most of my stuff is street photography and it does sell occasionally, but, you need a lot of it as the market is highly saturated. Turning the question around if I may......have you had any sales from your small portfolio but good quality nature photos? Andy
  12. I my opinion more chance for sales with street photography then macro. Go for it. Maybe stupid question but what you mean with "L"' ?
  13. ". But I am interested in street photography and was wondering if street photographs are good for sales on stock photo sites like Alamy??" yes km
  14. Alamy had to make a choice of reporting currency and it chose USD because that's its main market. The calculator doesn't reflect bulk pricing and other contracts negotiated by Alamy. You are very fortunate to see a discount of only 40%- most are much higher. Most of my sales are effectively discounted by 80-90%. That's supply and demand, I'm afraid. $300 is a very, very good fee for that size in a magazine these days.
  15. I watched it on my phone (HTC ONE) and it was nice and loud. The strongest point James makes for me, was that if we want more and bigger sales we need to submit better work. I have really been guilty of this throughout my whole portfolio. Quick snaps to build a portfolio, because that's what was advised.
  16. Didn't James' video essentially admit that the experiment has failed? Doubling the number of images sold at half the price is not progress. When Alamy slashed our percentage we were assured that increased sales would more than make up for lost revenue. That clearly hasn't happened so can we have our 'investment' back please? Always nice to get an update from the CEO but it might have been better if the promises James made in the previous video update had been delivered before now. The reduced payout threshhold is long overdue and, whilst the reason for this might be "long and boring", I'd
  17. No recent sales , but had a couple in the past, best was $197 back in 2011 for a Japanese travel brochure. Phil
  18. Some nice pictures, you obviously get around abit! Some are a bit on the dark side, don't get disillusioned, it takes alot more than 67 photographs to start getting sales
  19. I have given up on this. Your north American / Canadian autumn leaves are bigger and much more colourful than the Danish. But you have better pastries. Actually, Jill Morgan above lives in prime autumn leaves territory. Out here on the west coast of Canada, we have mainly coniferous trees, but we still do get some wonderful colours. Looking through my sales, this is the only one of my few autumn photos (shot in Vancouver) that has leased on Alamy. Don't know if the buyer was interested in the church or the golden leaves, however.
  20. I only have a few images up made have made 2 sales to date. It is not much of an encouragement for new contributors to contribute more though when at current rates it will be several years before any of my earnings will be paid to me :-/ Also does not encourage me when since my initial submission acceptance I have made 16 successful multiple submissions in a row without a fail and now my 17th submission appears that it will be a fail as it was submitted on the 23rd September and still awaiting QC. But why if you can pass a submission in under 24 hours do you make me wait for such a long ti
  21. http://www.scribd.com/doc/141391187/Bavaria-Magazine-2013-The-Real-Bavaria-An-original-kind-of-holiday I found one of mine in here and there seem to be A LOT of pictures of Bavaria credited to Alamy. I really admire the dedication of those here who manage to find all the pics in the Alamy archives and list the details, but I'm afraid it's getting late and I can't quite summon the effort just now. If you have images of Bavaria, it might be worth a look. Mine came through on 5th June and was over $60, so check your sales first and happy hunting. Country: United Kingdom Usage: Editoria
  22. Hi Alex...Just about all my Alamy images so far have been uploaded via Live newsfeed from home computer on the Alamy newsfeed uploader. I have been covering the Balcombe anti fracking protests however not being able to upload from the field has lost valuable time and possibly sales in some instances. I know an alternative option is to use a wi fi laptop in the field but that is bulky fragile and time consuming in comparison to a camera computer combined like the Samsung Galaxy. Most field work will go to stock, Police at work etc but from time to time something kicks off or a celeb turns up
  23. Hello everyone, I shoot most of al people images with no releases for editorial use. Do you think that images like the one here under has sales potential? I ask you because i am just a few months on Alamy .... Thanks.
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